• NaturVet Digestive Enzymes & Probiotics (8 oz)

    NaturVet Digestive Enzymes & Probiotics (8 oz)

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    Proflora Probiotics NaturVet Digestive Enzymes & Probiotics with Prebiotics & Probiotics is a concentrated enzyme blend derived from vegetable sources that comes in powder form and helps promote a healthy digestive tract in dogs and cats.

    Cats (over the age of 6 weeks)
    Dogs (over the age of 6 weeks)

  • Strengthens immune system
  • Normalizes bowel movements
  • Slows the growth of disease-causing bacteria
  • There are no side effects

  • Naturvet University Product Education Digestive Enzymes (PDF)

    Usage Information

    Directions: Feeding Directions: For dogs and cats over the age of six weeks.
  • Add rounded teaspoon to each cup of dry or wet food.
  • Each rounded teaspoon equals 1 gram.
  • Give NaturVet® Digestive Enzymes with Prebiotics & Probiotics at every feeding.

  • Tip: This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only.

    Storage: Store this product in a cool, dry area away from heat or direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.

    How it works: Prebiotics help to support your pet's naturally occurring beneficial bacteria. Probiotics contain a blend of live microorganisms recommended to help support a healthy digestive tract and maintain a healthy immune system.

    Cautions: NaturVet Enzymes & Probiotics is only meant for intermittent use.

    Brand Name:
    NaturVet Digestive Enzymes with Prebiotics & Probiotics (Garmon)

    What is this product used for:
    NaturVet Enzymes is a concentrated enzyme blend derived from vegetable sources and not from animal sources. NaturVet Enzymes, a probiotic, contains a source of live/viable naturally occurring microorganisms recommended to help support a healthy digestive tract. Alpha Amylase will hydrolyze starch, Protease will hydrolyze proteins, Cellulase will break down cellulose, Lipase can hydrolyze triglycerides, and probiotics enhance normal digestion.

    NaturVet Enzymes is a non-prescription (OTC) product available as an 8 oz (227 grams) container.

    How this product should be used:
    Give NaturVet Enzymes and Probiotics with every meal. For dogs and cats over the age of 6 weeks give 1/4 teaspoon with each cup of wet or dry food. If you feed your pet less than a cup of food, give 1/8 teaspoon for every 1/4 cup of wet or dry food.

    What are the side effects:
    There are no known side effects.

    What special precautions are there:
    This product is for animal use only. The safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been determined. If the animals condition worsens or does not improve stop product administration and consult your veterinarian.

    In the event of overdose:
    Contact your veterinarian or veterinary emergency room.

    How should I store this product:
    Store in a cool, dry area away from heat or direct sunlight. Keep out of the reach of children and other animals.


    NaturVet Enzymes & Probiotics:
    Guaranteed Analysis per 1/4 Rounded Teaspoon (1 gram): Min.
    alpha-Amylase (Aspergillus oryzae var.) 2320 SKB/gram
    Lipase (Aspergillus niger var.) 210 LU/gram
    Cellulase (Trichoderm Longibrachtium) 75 CMCU/gram
    Protease (Ananas Comosus) 22,100 PU/gram
    Probiotics (Lactobacillus Acidophilus) 100 Million CFU/gram

    Active Ingredient(s): Fructooligosaccharides, Dried Aspergillus oryzae Fermentation Product, Dried Aspergillus niger Fermentation Solubles, Dried Trichoderma longibrachiatum Fermentation Product, Carica papaya, Dried Bacillus coagulans Fermentation Product, and Maltodextrin.

    Customer Reviews

    DISCLAIMER: The results described on the testimonials on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased and used the products. These testimonials are not intended to make any claims that the products can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.
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    Excellent Product by Elizabeth from Victor, NY11/05/2011

    This product delivers! My cat has been sick for quite a while with diarrhea, lose of weight, gas etc. After hundreds of dollars, steroids, drugs, IV's etc... the vet diagnosed him with IBS. The treatment...expensive steroids that may not help. Then I found this site! After doing the research behind this product and the need for it in my cats diet, I decided to give it a try. Much to my delight it works! His stools are firming up, the odor is gone, his appetite has increased, he is gaining weight and playing again. I highly recommend this in combination with Rapid Care -GI. Together these work wonders, they are the dynamic duo. I strongly urge anyone with a pet whose tummy is upset to try these products, they work!

    Probiotics by Glenda the good witch07/31/2012

    I did not like this product. It began dissolving the cat food immediately, leaving it soupy and undesirable to my cat. It made little or no change that I could notice in her excrement, although she was reluctant to eat her food after I put the probiotics in. I would like to send it back.

    Great Product - Great Price by Grammy from Mechanicville, NY10/23/2014

    I have been using this product for several months now with great success. I started using Probiotics in the Spring of 2014 when my 14yr old cat developed some digestive issues. Allie was on both a powder & paste formula (prescribed by our vet) for 2 weeks, it worked great but was very expensive. I also have a 8yr old Shih Tzu mix with a a very touchy stomach and a 22 month old Golden mix who needs grain free dog foods. I have found that this product works very well for all 3 and is very economical. Thank you for a great product at a great price.

    Good for sensitive tummies by dog owner from WA12/22/2012

    Our Cav has always had digestive issues, and these Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics really help him. He no longer suffers from diarrhea or sour breath. It's a great product for a dog who will need this sort of help for the rest of his life.

    Digestive Enzymes for dogs....It's Great! by walldressedup from Castle Rock,CO07/29/2014

    I have used this in my 2 dogs food 2 times a day for 2 years.It helps stop the smelly gas after a meal especially when they get a different food,and I change often because they get bored easily with the same foods. I recommend this to my dog loving friends all the time.

    by from 01/21/2015

    I honestly don't know if this works or not because the animals REFUSE to eat the food I put the powder in. I've put lots of meds into stinky, canned food in the past, but they still won't touch the food with these meds. So, for me, it was an absolute waste of money.

    it by ... from butI


    Digestive Enzymes by Cindy from FL02/05/2013

    I have been giving this to my 5# Yorkie for 2 years. I have seen a great difference in his problems with IBS. He use to have problems every other day..now he has not had a problem for 8 months.

    Pleased so far by Vi10/05/2011

    I have been using this product for about 10 days, along with Rapid-Care G.I., for my cat who has had chronic diarrhea for over 4 months. Previously I had given him other probiotics, various homeopathic medicines, steroids, 4 different antibiotics from the veterinarian, hypoallergenic food, etc. and nothing helped. After only a couple of days on the Rapid-Care G.I. and NaturVet Digestive Enzymes & Probiotics, his stool was almost normal again.

    Excellent Product by Ragdoll77 from NC05/25/2014

    I have used NaturVet Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics with my kittens for a couple of years now and it really helps their digestive systems. I don't have any problems with diarrhea when using it.

    Fantastic pet supplement by tillafrogg from Tillamook, OR06/02/2012

    I received a jar of the digestive enzymes at the 2011 Adoption Options as a free gift. We foster for United Paws of Tillamook, a feline rescue and adoption group. It works wonders with the animals we rescue to help them get healthy. I have been trying to find out where we could get more when we found your website. I strongly recommend this product to everyone I know.

    Works great for my Boxer by Betsy from Ostrander, Oh12/06/2013

    I have used the Digestive Enzymes for years. It has helped my Boxer's digestive system.

    Good Product for Digestive Upsets by Frances from South Carolina06/19/2013

    One of my yorkies has a mild case of IBS so the vet recommended pro-pre biotics. So far since using this product, she has not had an episode. I use it twice daily sprinkled on her food. So far, it's been amazing.

    Great product for happy tummies by Grandma07/23/2014

    I recently purchased NaturVet's Digestive Enzymes & Probiotics for my cats & dogs to help them absorb every bit of nutrient from their food, digest well, have good bowel movements & protect their organs. I'm very pleased with the product, it's easy to use, animals do not notice any difference in their food and they are more energetic, which it's always a good indicator of good digestion and well overall feeling. I highly recommend this product.

    Best for sensitive stomach by laela from socal01/08/2013

    My 11 year old German Shepherd has always had a sensitive stomach. If the weather is too cold or if she gets stressed out from the noise of fireworks or thunder, her stool would be lose for days. We have tried feeding her pumpkin and natural anti-diarrhea formulas. After researching online we came across NaturVet Digestive Enzymes & Probiotics. I was sold on how NaturVet uses Natural Ingredients for their products. I give my dog 1/4tsp in her meal twice a day and she loves it. Ever since putting her on NaturVet digestive Enzymes and Probiotics my dog's stool is for the first time consistently firm. The product worked right away. I suggest playing around with the dosage. If it does not work for you, try giving a little less. Because of how well this product worked for my pet, I have switched all her senior vitamins to NaturVet and she absolutely LOVES them! I recently stumbled onto EntirelyPets.com and they have THE BEST prices. Thanks for making it affordable to keep my dog healthy!

    prompt delivery by cuks from palm beach county florida09/27/2013

    I have been using this product for my two cocker spaniels during a food change, and for optimal digestive health. Our local pet market was out of stock, and we were thrilled to find entirely pets to assist us.


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    NASC Certified

    This product has met all of the stringent quality and safety standards set by the NASC.

    The NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) is a non-profit self regulatory group that set specific guidelines to which manufactures must strictly adhere.

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    • A system for evaluating complaints and adverse events
    • Clear and accurate labels compliant with codes and restrictions for all forms of labeling
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