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An Olympic Celebration

As the summer games begin, you and your pet can also get into the olympic spirit. Having the olympic spirit goes beyond competition. For your pet, having the olympic spirit is being able to perform and being at their very best. Although your pet might not be training to jump over hurdles or run a marathon, there is no reason why they shouldn't get the championship treatment.
Ensure that your pet is making the most of the nutrients from their food by giving them a probiotic. Probiotics products such as 1. FortiFlora, 2. Geneflora, and 3. Proviable contain bacteria and yeasts that are beneficial to your pets digestive system. Use of these products result in a strengthened immune system, relief from diarrhea, regulation of bowel movements, increased energy, and better absorption of the nutrients present in their food.
Similarly to probiotics, plant derived 4. Syner-G aids in digestion and nutrient absorption by supplementing enzymes in your pet that may be lost regularly during the digestive process and because of old age. These enzymes help break down cellulose as well as hydrolyze starches, proteins and triglycerides so that your pet can easily absorb their nutrients.
Another way to ensure that your pet receives the essential vitamins and minerals they need to perform at their best is to give them a daily multi-vitamin such as 5. Vita-Tabs or 6. Nu-Cat. Vita-Tabs are highly palatable chewable tablets that provide your pets with the nutrients they may lack in their diet alone.
During vigorous activity and exercise it is important to support your pet with adequate fluids. Giving your pet sufficient water along with 7. K9 Hydration Tabs (a hydration effervescent supplement that is formulated to help restore body fluids) will allow your pet to enjoy their activities for an extended period. A performance supplement such as 8. K9 Performance Tabs can provide your pet a combination of sources for a quick boost in energy that is sustainable during their your pets activities.
Should your pet suffer from degenerative joint conditions, joint supplements such as 9. Joint MAX TS, 10. Cosequin DS, and 11. Glyco-Flex can help keep your pet's body a well oiled machine. These supplements contain a combination glucosamine, MSM, EPA, DHA that will lubricate joint fluid and help with the repairing and rebuilding of cartilage in your pets joints.
Finally, to ensure that your pet is performing at the best of their ability you need to keep them active. Besides the morning or evening walk, playing with your pet can be a fun way to keep your pet active. A toy such as the 12. Ba Da Beam Rotating Laser Toy will get even the most aloof cat moving.

Swimming is a low impact activity that may be easier for pets that suffer from joint conditions. To keep water activities interesting throw in a few water toys such as those from 13. Kyjen H2O Toys. These toys are designed to be fun in and out of water and are soft enough to easily catch while remaining durable.

Have a pet that can do it all? The 14. Dog Agility Starter Kit Obstacle Course is easy to learn and will test your pet to the best of their ability. The kit includes weave poles, an open tunnel, and high jump your dog will enjoy.

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