Omegaderm EZ Dose Packets Under 20 lbs. (28 packets of 4 ml)

    Omegaderm EZ Dose Packets Under 20 lbs. (28 packets of 4 ml)

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    Allerderm Omegaderm is a potent nutritional supplement providing the best essential fatty acids (EFA) from the omega 6 and omega 3 families. Omegaderm is formulated in an ideal 5:1 ratio of omega 6 to omega 3. Omega derm helps in the control of various dermatological conditions in dogs particulary in allergies.

    Administration and Dosage: For use with a dermatological condition, give one packet per day mixed with food. For maintaining healthy skin and hair coat, give one packet every other day mixed with food.

    Ingredients: Sunflower seed oil, cold sea fish oils, evening primrose oil, tocopheryl acetate, butylated hydroxyanisol, retinyl palmitate.

  • Highly Palatable for SMALL DOGS & CATS

    Linoleic Acid (LA) 364 mg
    Gammalinolenic Acid (GLA) 7.6 mg
    Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) 44.8 mg
    Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) 30 mg
    Vitamin E 3.8 IU
    Vitamin A 114.8 mg

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    It worked by Britt from Kansas01/16/2015

    I gave this to my long-haired cat after his skin became dry, itchy and flaky due to allergies. While it did take him awhile to get used to the flavor (he could smell it in his wet food and didn't want to eat it at first) once he did, he ate it very well. He has been given 1 pouch per day for the past 3 weeks and his skin and hair are looking shiny, moisturized, and healthy. I would recommend this this product to anyone with pets suffering from dry, itchy skin.

    Omegaderm by Linda from Cut and Shoot, Texas11/06/2012

    We started using this product at the advice of our Vet. My dogs hair was falling out and his skin was very dry and itchy. We have used it for about 2 months now and his hair is coming back in and he does not scratch as much.

    Beautiful Coats - Happy Dogs! by Linda from Elk Grove, CA02/28/2013

    Omegaderm is fabulous. Both of my dogs, a cairn and a skip have beautiful coats that I accredit to a good diet that includes Omegaderm. The vet at the nearby university clinic recommended this product when one of my dogs was having problems with his nails. My sister also uses it for her dog whose skin was itchy and red w/sores from allergies and Omegaderm has helped to alleviate the problem.

    Very Pleased by Nell08/12/2008

    My dachsaund has had a very bad coat since we got him 7 years ago. Recently he as started licking his leg so badly that he had to go to the vet. She suggested we try this. He has only used it for one month so far and the vet told us we would not see changes for two but his fur is glossier, he has tons of energy, and for once his fur under his chest is coming back and is fuzzy. I will continue to use this and have been thinking about getting the larger size for our lab.

    by from 11/19/2013

    We have used this on a dog that we lost a while ago. He had black skin disease (alopecia x) He lost a lot of hair and his skin turned black. We tried a lot of things and then heard about Omegaderm. After giving it to him for a month his skin started to turn back to normal color and his hair started growing back in. After a couple of months on Omegaderm he was back to the healthy little guy he was a couple of years before. We lost him to something unrelated to his skin problem. I am posting a photo of him after he was on Omegaderm for several months.

    a by new from puppy.We


    Omegaderm EZ dose packets by NK02/08/2014

    Ordering from Entirely pets is easy and efficient. These packets I need for my westie and he has sensitive and allergic skin and it seems to keep it under control. Paired with Virbac Genesis Spray and Virbac Shampoo it all works well together. Would definitely recommend this to a friend.

    My Cats Love it -and so do i by Crazy Cat lady03/30/2014

    I have 6 rescue cats- each with their own tale of heartbreak and woe. Arny has fur and scalp problems along with constipation- Omegaderm took care of skin problem and the contstipation, Adrain would get huge clumps of mangled fur all over - until Omegaderm- not completely gone but we are down to just one or two. The other cats coats are like silk and they are not scratching. 3 of the 6 cats are feral so having a product that can go into their food is a life saver. Thank you for such a great product.

    Resolved Problem by Pepper from Torrance, CA02/12/2014

    Prroduct helped Pepper with her skin and fur problem. Hair is now long and shiny.

    Great Stuff! by weinerpups from Raleigh, NC03/20/2013

    my little 11 year old mini doxie was diagnosed with an auto immune disorder for older dogs and vet prescribed this omega 6, along with omega 3. His nails are falling off from the disorder...up to 9 gone so far! This oil combination, along with unflavored gelatin powder sprinkled over food once a day has worked great in reducing the chewing, and making the regrowth a little healthier. We have been on this regimine for a month so far....and I am hopeful. This dog has serious lower GI sensitivities and has tolerated this combination well. He likes the flavor too! Perfect dose size. (4ml)

    Excellent Purchase by Rusty1 from Hampstead, NC11/07/2011

    Vet recommended this and we have been using this product for appr 4 weeks. The greatest improvement seen within 2 weeks. Copper has food and skin allergies that required a change in food and skin treatment. We've seen such improvement we plan to keep him on omegaderm and we're using Wellness 5 for his food. He gets the omegaderm with is morning feeding of 1/4 cup of food. Omegaderm has helped with scratching and licking and ear infections. Great product.....Wish we had known about this several years ago when he was adopted from the Humane Society.....

    Best Price Ever by Debbie from Tinley Park, IL12/27/2012

    I have been purchasing Omegaderm EZ Dose Packets from my vet for double the price at Entirely Pets. They are the exact same packets. Because of that purchase I started purchasing the Adaptil collars for my other dog and saved about $10 on each collar. Thank you so much for the money saving products and high quality.

    The best by smonteverdi from Portland, OR03/13/2013

    Great product, works extremelly well. Our beagle had been scratching himself crazy until we started giving him Omegaderm every morning with his breakfast. Now he's at peace, as are we!

    by Jackie07/26/2013

    Its been two weeks since I've been adding this to my dog's meals and her allergies are so much better

    the best by rue04/05/2010

    This stuf works so well But i can't seem to get it any more

    by shudy07/25/2012

    I have a 9 year old Jack Russell Terrier. He had always had trouble with dry skin until I started using the Omega EZ Dose packet oil over his dry dog food each day. It has cerainly helped. His coat looks better than it ever has. And, if he gets ant bits or something like that in the summer, it heals right up. I would highly recommend this product. Shirley O'Daniel


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    Omegaderm EZ Dose Packets Over 20 lbs. (28 packets of 8 ml)Omegaderm EZ Dose Packets Over 20 lbs. (28 packets of 8 ml)
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    Sale price: $17.49

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