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OmegaMaxx 3 for Cats (2 oz)
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OmegaMaxx 3 for Cats (2 oz)

Item: IWM029310
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This item has been MANUFACTURER DISCONTINUED. We recommend trying Omega-Caps Softgels for DOGS & CATS

OmegaMAXX for Cats is a unique, unprecedented combination of Omega-3 fatty acids, Astaxanthin, Biotin and Vitamin E specifically designed to conquer dermatological, inflammatory, cardiovascular and other conditions affecting small animals.

  • It is formulated and manufactured in an FDA, cGMP and pharmaceutically licensed facility under strict quality control.
  • It's easy for you to use; just measure and use the dropper over dry or wet food.
  • It is cold processed in a liquid formula to ensure higher absorption, plus easier assimilation for full potency.
  • OmegaMAXX is being utilized by prestigious animal hospitals and veterinary specialists across the country.
  • OmegaMAXX is prescribed only through veterinarians to ensure that you receive a proper follow-up regimen.
  • OmegaMAXX is safe, effective and has no adverse side effects.
  • Useful Information

      OmegaMAXX™ Active   Ingredients
    OmegaMAXX for Cats
    (per 1.0ml) 2oz.
    (Norwegian salmon oil)
    180 mg EPA/
    120 mg DHA
      Biotin USP Grade 500 mcg
    (Haematococcus pluvialis)
    250 mcg
      Vitamin E 530 mcg

    OmegaMAXX™ for Cats Daily Dosage Guideline
    up to 7lbs from 8-13lbs from 14-20lbs from over 20lbs
    0.5 mls 1.0mls 1.5mls 2.0mls

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