Pet Botanics® Healthy Omega Treats

Pet Botanics® Healthy Omega TreatsCardinal Laboratories NEW Healthy Omega Treats allow your pet to indulge in a five layer treat that is packed with omega three and six fatty acids and essential anti-oxidants to help you pet to look and feel healthier.

Pet Botanics Healthy Omega Treats - Chicken (3 oz)
Pet Botanics Healthy Omega Treats - Chicken (3 oz)

($4.99)  $2.99
Pet Botanics Healthy Omega Treats - Chicken (5 oz)
Pet Botanics Healthy Omega Treats - Chicken (5 oz)

($9.99)  $5.49
Pet Botanics Healthy Omega Treats - Duck (5 oz)
Pet Botanics Healthy Omega Treats - Duck (5 oz)

($9.99)  $5.49
Pet Botanics Healthy Omega Treats - Salmon (5 oz)
Pet Botanics Healthy Omega Treats - Salmon (5 oz)

($9.99)  $5.49
3 PACK Pet Botanics Healthy Omega Treats - Chicken (15 oz)
3 PACK Pet Botanics Healthy Omega Treats - Chicken (15 oz)

($19.99)  $14.99
3 PACK Pet Botanics Healthy Omega Treats - Duck (15 oz)
3 PACK Pet Botanics Healthy Omega Treats - Duck (15 oz)

($19.99)  $14.99
3 PACK Pet Botanics Healthy Omega Treats - Salmon (15 oz)
3 PACK Pet Botanics Healthy Omega Treats - Salmon (15 oz)

($19.99)  $14.99
Pet Botanics Healthy Omega Treats Chicken (12 oz)
Pet Botanics Healthy Omega Treats Chicken (12 oz)

($24.99)  $18.99
Pet Botanics Healthy Omega Treats Salmon (12 oz)
Pet Botanics Healthy Omega Treats Salmon (12 oz)

($24.99)  $18.99
Pet Botanics Healthy Omega Treats Duck (12 oz)
Pet Botanics Healthy Omega Treats Duck (12 oz)

($24.99)  $18.99
Cardinal Pet Care is a division of Cardinal Laboratories Inc, a 100% solar powered company.Pet Botanics Healthy Omega Treats - Chicken (3 oz.) by. Cardinal Laboratories, Inc.

NEW Cardinal Laboratories Healthy Omega Treats allow your pet to indulge in a five layer treat that is packed with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and essential antioxidants to help your pet to look and feel healthier.

  • Made with real chicken, layered with cod fish & sweet potatoes
  • Packed with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids
  • Has essential antioxidants
  • Low in fat
  • Easy digestible proteins
  • No by-products
  • Low calorie treat

    Feeding Directions: Serve at room temperature. Depending on your dog's weight and activity level you may feed him anywhere between 3 and 5 treats a day. Always have fresh water available for your pet.

    Ingredients: chicken liver, sweet potatoes, cod, chicken, cane sugar, glycerin, salt, potassium sorbate, mixed tocopherols (vitamin e).

    Guaranteed Analysis:
    Crude Protein...10% (min)
    Crude Fat......3.0% (min)
    Crude Fiber....6.0% (max)
    Moisture.......1.0% (max)
    Omega 3*......0.15% (min)
    Omega 6*......0.40% (min)
  • 4.90 rating based on 20 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Pet Botanics Healthy Omega Treats - Chicken (3 oz)
    good eating by zoey from GA08/21/2014

    My dog likes these treats. Great for a small dog. I trust the name and have bought an assortment of treats from them.

    by from 05/20/2014

    My yorkies love this by ch774 from Texas12/04/2011

    Since I have given these to my dogs there coat and energy level has improved. To bad my local pet store does not carry to many or other people think the same and buy many because when I go there is None left. That is why I have decided to buy on line.

    Love at first bite ! by Mariah from Wisconsin06/26/2014

    I love theses treats and my dogs love them too !

    Product was ok. by DogTrainer_7 from Chicago, IL04/30/2013

    These treats were only ok. Tough and hard to break into smaller pieces. Did not smell particularly tempting - my dogs were only mildly interested in them.

    Convenient and quick! by Rick from New Jersey10/22/2012

    I found Entirely Pets while looking for an online supplier for our dog's needs. I saw the best prices by far, and the convenience of not having to trudge out to the pet store really makes it worthwhile. I was surprised at how quickly the shipment came, making my choice the right one!

    dog got very sick on these treats by star4k301/03/2013

    when we first got her these treats and used them for a training session, the following day she came down with a fever and her skin was red and hot all over, and she was lethargic. I wondered if it was the treat. About 3 weeks later she came down with the fever, red skin and lethargy again, and sure enough, my daughter had worked with her and had given her many treats the prior day. Throwing away the rest of this large package - and wondering what is in it that triggered this terrible reaction. She is a 1 year old dog.

    Healthy treat by lynn from AZ06/11/2013

    My finicky Chihuahua doesn't like any treats except this one, and I am glad because it is also good for her.

    Love this brand! by Bh12/18/2012

    This is definitely a quality treat brand. This particular flavor stinks a bit compared to the beef or bacon flavors but nonetheless, the dogs loved them. Would definitely recommend!

    Featured Reviews for Pet Botanics Healthy Omega Treats - Chicken (5 oz)
    Threw it away by Rusty from Austin, Texas10/22/2013

    Made one of my dogs sick; vomited on more than one occasion. Checked package. Made in China!

    Pet Botanics Healthy Omega Treats - Chicken by Breeze04/03/2013

    My dogsd all like these and they seem healthy for them. Rather costly but fine for a special treat.

    Featured Reviews for Pet Botanics Healthy Omega Treats - Salmon (5 oz)
    Great healthy treat by JT from Buckeye, AZ05/15/2013

    My dog loves it and is satisfied after one treat!

    Strong scent excites my dog by nealmedia from Pacific Northwest03/08/2014

    These salmon treats are strongly scented and really catch my dog's attention. The problem is the size and consistency. Too large for using as rewards when walking or training. And too crumbly -- I ended up with a pocketful of salmon dust.

    Dogs love, But made in China by Kris04/07/2012

    I was using these treats as training treats for my Rottweiler that I compete in agility. My dogs love them! Unfortunately with all the news reports of pets becoming sick and even dying from unregulated pet food that is made in China, I looked at the fine print on the back of the bag. And Yep, A Product of China! I will never buy these again.

    Great Snack by BJ from Chandler, AZ06/09/2014

    Our little dog has a very touchy stomach and can eat a couple of these a day and does just fine.

    Great to cut into bite sized treats by BLM01/04/2013

    Good healthy product. I can break into smaller pieces so as not to "over-treat".

    A Pet Favorite! by valuhunter from Ft. Lauderdale, FL09/23/2013

    Our picky shih-tzu just loves these Salmon treats. He looks forward to them every day. They are a great reward for good behavior and as a training tool. We would highly recommend them.

    Expired Treats by Jas11/17/2011

    Received 3 bags of expired treats. Horrible customer service.

    Tastey by GreenBee from East coast of Iowa01/16/2013

    These really must be the best tasting treats EVER. I think the dogs would clean my house or climb trees for these babies!

    by from 10/31/2013

    Do I need to say anything else?

    to by reach from theAdding


    Extra Special Treat by 4DogMom from McKinney, TX02/04/2014

    My 4 dogs love this treat. This is the special one that they go crazy for. When I need a reward for extra good behavior, this is my go to. Also, I cut the larger pieces in thirds and they are great for training. When the dogs turn their noses up at other treats, they quickly respond if these are brought out. I guess they have me trained too.

    Pet Botanics Healthy Omega Treats - Salmon by sonnysmom from Colorado04/19/2012

    Alias "stinky cookies!" My little guy absolutely loves these, and would like to get more than one per day. After several years of being given these he still gets so excited when I give him one that he pounces on and plays with it prior to eating it (which is a sure sign of his approval)!

    Dogs love these, but.... by Bpihg02/27/2013

    makes their breath smell like a fishing dock! Whew!

    Salmon Omega Treats by LLearner from Lansing, MI10/23/2012

    Our dog loves them and they are a great natural product. I have even introduced other pet lovers to this product and they, too, say their dogs really love them. They are bite sized and great for smaller dogs, soft, and easy to chew for older dogs as well.

    by from 04/14/2014

    My 3 dog is Meat Allergy, Salmon The Best snacks to them.

    lot by of from helpSalmon,


    chewy by texture from feelingthumbnail


    to by be from agood


    My dog loves this treat! by Jay from Ohio09/06/2014

    My dog just loves Salmon Pet Botanics Healthy Omega Treats! The smell of Salmon and Cod really attracts my dog. She will definitely work for this treat so I use it for training.

    Fun Treats by GoPete from Phoenix AZ11/06/2012

    These smell horribly and are quite small, but they are big enough I break one into three pieces and my dog works on tricks for them. She thinks they're wonderful.

    Made in China by wdc5440 from Washington, DC09/29/2012

    Nothing in the product description indicates these treats are made in China. Customer service gave me no problem refunding me the full cost.

    great by chatterbox from Keystone Heights, FL02/26/2013

    my babies can't get enough of these, they love the taste, the size is good for their little mouths and the smell is enticing.

    Made in CHINA!! by SALandry from The South10/24/2013

    With the recent pet treat recalls/deaths...I checked all of my pet treats --- these are made in CHINA!! I had 2 unopened bags and I threw them in the trash...I will be watching very carefully before purchasing any pet products and if I find it is made in any place other than the U.S., I will not buy it.

    MADE IN CHINA - NOT GOOD! by AZBAM from Phoenix, AZ11/04/2012

    I was horrified to discover these treats are made in China - I do not give my dogs anything to eat that was made in China - there have been WAY too many problems with pet products from that country.

    by from 03/12/2012

    Omega treats by la10/25/2012

    Dogs really like them. Crunchy, so don't break into easy little pieces.

    Not What was Expected by Eco10/16/2013

    Product is made in China. My dogs love them but I worry about any food product, especially one for animals, that is made there.

    Yummy Treats by Thor from St. Louis, MO10/23/2012

    My dogs love love love these treats. They get sooooooo excited once they start smelling the bag. These treats make training very easy.

    Product of China by Kulagal06/25/2014

    This is a tasty treat and great price, but no more for us. The bag states it is a product of China. Entirely Pets should clearly state this in their product description so we can make informed decisions.

    Featured Reviews for 3 PACK Pet Botanics Healthy Omega Treats - Chicken (15 oz)
    Healthiest treat by Petita from Montreal, Quebec, Canada01/26/2014

    My chihuahuas have never been able to enjoy any dog treats because of their sensitive tummies. This Pet botanics grain free treat is perfect. It has no ill effects in their digestive systems and they love it. I recommend it to all dogs. My chihuahuas perfect reward. Thank you to whoever invented this treat.

    Healthy Omega Treats--Chicken by Tn Ducki from Tennessee05/17/2013

    Our dog Bo loves these treats. The flavor doesn't seem to matter but he seems to like the Duck flavor the best. That's our Lab for ya!

    Omega Treats by Westie Mommy02/18/2011

    These are wonderful. We have a 3yr old Westie who, as a lot of Westies do, has skin issues and allergies to wheat and corn. He loves these and with the Omega vitamins it helps his skin so much! Excellent product, great value

    Awesome by LynnSpratt from Japan12/12/2011

    I have a Westie and they are known for skin issues. These treats are wonderful for him. They are full of Omega 3 and 6 which is just what he needs. And they are my dogs favorite treat. We were unable to get them for a while when we first moved overseas and our dog suffered. Then we found them on Entirely pets and found they ship to APO overseas. He is so much better now. I highly recommend these and Entirely Pets. Both are fabulous!!!

    Easier than getting at the store! by Teri from Phoenix, AZ12/24/2012

    Pecto kept running out of my dog's favorite treat, so I went online and purchased the three pack. It's great.

    My dogs love them by teresalp1 from lakeway tx12/30/2013

    I have three dogs- one has health issues, one won't eat and the other is overweight. This treat is good, healthy and tasty and all three dogs love them.

    Pet Botanics Dog Treats Chicken by Carolyn from Virginia10/24/2012

    My mini dachshound simply LOVES these treats. I would probably have to move away from home if he could not get these treats.

    Deceptive pricing of product by Judy from Orlando, FL04/14/2012

    This price is a ripoff. As I analyze my recent order, I see that I should never have placed it. Pet Smart regular shelf price (not sale price as you call it) for this same product (6 oz) is $4.99 and there is no shipping cost. My fault, my failure to check $ and oz more carefully, my last order!

    omega chicken treats by binky12/07/2013

    These are the best treats! They're healthful, and the dogs will do anything for one of these treats.

    Dog treats by Teri04/13/2012

    These treats were a very good chose, our dogs really like them & I also believe they are very healthy for them as well

    Best Purchase Ever by Jan from Mesquite, Tx.11/18/2012

    My dog loves the Omega Chicken treats. She takes her allergy shot willingly knowing a chicken treat is waiting for her. Perfect size for bedtime snack and reward for good behavior.

    by lynne from Columbus, Georgia05/10/2014

    My dog enjoys the chicken omega treats very much.

    Featured Reviews for 3 PACK Pet Botanics Healthy Omega Treats - Duck (15 oz)
    Waaaay overpriced by Bob06/18/2010

    Actually, the treats are awesome, my dog loves them. But has way overpriced them. Try Petsmart and get them for less than $5 for a 6 oz bag.

    Great Product by Carolyn from Virginia10/18/2013

    Pet Botanics are my pet's favorite treat.

    Tasty treat by tomomom11/13/2010

    Received a bag as a gift and dog went head over heels over it. Was happy to find great price for 3 bags. This is the training treat I've been looking for!

    botanical omegas any flavor by pepper from Bethel Park Pa10/07/2013

    one of mine like the chicken one likes the duck they also have salmon-I think its best to start the dogs early on the omegas- if they are going to have joint problems it usually starts age 6 and on I have mine on them now they love them and I like the energy and mobility they have had noticeably since taking these treats I give them one in the morning and one as a night time snack (a bit pricey) but they are worth not having another vet bill(alot pricier) very good product wish it came in larger sizes so the price could be knocked down a bit I would certainly buy more at a lower price or if they had deals once in awhile. note- if your dog isnt one to eat treats right away and stashes the salmon can be stinky.

    Duck Omega Treats by Queenbeas21 from San Jose, CA01/23/2015

    My Chihuahua absolutely loves these treats. Has been his number one favorite of all time. Made in the USA and very healthy for our puppy dogs. His favorite is the duck, and Petsmart had me thinking I was making it up about Pet Botanics having the Omega treats in duck. So happy to have found Entirely Pets! Will be buying them from them from now on.

    Featured Reviews for 3 PACK Pet Botanics Healthy Omega Treats - Salmon (15 oz)
    by Miss Melly02/22/2013

    These are the only treats I trust to give my puppy! I've been giving them to her since I got her when she was 2 months old & she LOVES them! They're the only thing that can get her attention when she's distracted in the yard! They're my secret weapon! :) I would recommend these treats to any dog owner!

    Healthy Omega Treats--Salmon by Tn Ducki from Tennessee05/17/2013

    Our Lab loves Salmon treats. His most favorite is Duck but Salmon ranks right up at the top. His coat is beautiful thanks to the healthy treats he gets everyday.

    Healthy Treat Dogs Love by Val from Baltimore, MD01/28/2012

    Our pet sitter brought these for the dogs over the holidays. I like the treats as they are natural without added chemicals and the dogs love them. I bought three more bags when the gift bag got low.

    Truly best purchase ever by Carolyn from Virginia10/24/2012

    This is one treat that everyone should have on hand for their small dog. My dog, Max, literally jumps off the floor when he gets these. He knows exactly the time of day that he is due salmon treats and there is no peace at my house until he gets them. These are his favorite!!

    Great Product by W. PA Dog Lover06/25/2009

    We've had our dog on these treats for a while now, and have tried other fish-like treats with Omega3 and Omega6...nothing compares. These are one of the few types of treats out there that do not have any fillers: no wheat, corn, or soy.

    Mixed feelings by Wandering Wanda from Colorado07/25/2012

    This product looks great & my dogs love them. BUT they are made in where in the information on the website did I find they were made in China. I first of all find products made in China potentially scary with all the animal deaths that are reported. Second of all the breeder told me to stick with made in the USA items. Third of all, I PREFER to buy USA made products rather than out of this country products. I'm very careful about what I buy in any store for my dogs, but it is hard to find information on where things are produced on line at times. It is doubtful I will buy these again even if my dogs love them. I will look for made in the USA products.

    Incentive Training Treats by Nancy Jane from Lincoln, NE03/10/2013

    I use the Omega Salmon treats for training my Golden Retriever in Competition Obedience. He stays very focused on me just knowing his reward will soon be the salmon treat. It is good for his skin too.

    Pet Botanics by Nuts4 from Orlando, FL12/10/2013

    Excellent product. My picky dog loves them and he is not allergic to them. Hurray!

    Momma loves Fiona by Momma loves Fiona from Indianapolis, IN.10/11/2013

    I love the big bag, but the little bags do the trick!!

    My dogs love these treats! by vhouck01/08/2013

    My dogs became allergic to almost everything, but he can have these. All my dogs love them!!

    Botanic healthy omega salmon treats by sue07/25/2014

    Tess & Jake (mimi schnauzers) love them. Knowing that these are healthy treats makes it even better.

    6 weeks on Backorder by Charles06/26/2013

    The product has been on backorder for 6 weeks with no explanation.

    Well liked by my fussy Biewers by Dee from S. California09/27/2013

    Well liked by all my dogs from 9 months to 9 years.

    Backorder by Jill05/28/2013

    Haven't received all of the items but I like what I got.

    Made in China ???? by Fred from Massachusetts05/06/2012

    I wish that I was told or it was written some where that this product was made in China. I don't give my dog anything to eat that's made outside the US. Putting it in the Trash.

    Omega Treats-Salmon by GBuck from Toledo, Ohio02/28/2012

    My dog loves them, I purchased six three packs so I would not run out. I had a hard time finding treats that did not affect my dogs allegies. He loves them and they are good for him and best of all No iching night and day.

    by sue from alabama02/09/2014

    my minature schnauzers love them plus it's all good for them. will buy more on a regular basis.

    Good low fat snack by BJ from Chandler, AZ11/04/2013

    Our little dog loves these for an after dinner or mid-day treat. :)

    made both of my dogs sick by jfh88 from Seattle, WA04/25/2012

    I bought a 3-pack of this stuff, and just shipped back the 2 unopened packages for a refund. After feeding both of my dogs these, both were vomiting and had diarrhea the next day. There were no other changes in diet, and when I stopped feeding them these, symptoms disappeared. Also noted that product is made in China, and I have had similar problems with a chicken jerky product made there (not purchased at

    i don't remember by Ellen from Herrin,IL02/25/2013

    I do not think i ever bought these.Sorry

    What a GREAT Product! by Harv from Mitchell, SD05/30/2012

    My dog's, Boomer (a Pek) & Scooter (a Shu-nez), absolutely LOVE the Omega treats. It helps with maintaining their smooth coats and seems to give them lot's of engery.

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