• Ourpet's Play-N-Squeak Tail Spin Teaser

    Ourpet's Play-N-Squeak Tail Spin Teaser

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    This item has been manufacturer discontinued. We recommend trying Thrill of the Chase Cat Toy

    The Play-N-Squeak Tail Spin Mystery Tail toy is great for engaging Kitty's "killer" instincts in a healthy, happy way. The wee mouse's tail appears at random, sending your cat into fits of predatory bliss, pouncing and pawing for joy. Electronic RealMouse sound is the same frequency and loudness as a live mouse, which really adds to the fun.

    Product Features:
  • Squeaky mouse peeks out and dangles inside stump
  • Tail pops in and out unexpectedly, keeping cats interested, keen and on their toes
  • Top sisal panel for comfortable, satisfying scratching
  • RealMouse electronic sound activates at even the softest tap for hours of fun
  • Great for indoor cats
  • Provides mental stimulation and reduces boredom
  • Promotes predatory instincts in a positive manner
  • Encourages stalking, pouncing, exercise and solo play

    More Info To activate sound: Remove tab from mouse.
    To activate play mode: Slide the switch on the side of the toy to "Play" and press the button in the branch to start "Tail Spin". To turn off, press the button again.
    To replace batteries: Twist knob and open battery compartment door. Remove tail assembly by pulling it up and away from the motor shaft. The battery door may now be opened.
    To replace tail assembly: Align it with motor shaft and press firmly so that it is properly secured on the shaft.
    To replace the tail material: Press down on the clamp on the tail assembly and remove the tail. To replace, lay new tail material between the clamps and let the teeth grip the tail material.
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    Doesn't work by jcoombes from nm01/05/2014

    The first one didn't work at all. They were very nice and sent another. Unfortunately it worked for about one minute. Then the tail no longer spins. It seems to bind up internally. You can shake the tail back out and it immediately binds up again. Too bad because the cats liked it for the short time it did something.

    Worth the price by Connie from Owensboro, KY06/06/2013

    Got this toy about an hour ago, and my 4 cats have been sitting in a circle, absolutely fascinated, taking turns grabbing at the elusive tail. Many times they catch it, only to have it escape them, but sometimes they pull it across the floor by the tail. A few times, they turned it over trying to get the mouse out. Seems like it runs longer than 7 minutes at a time to me, which is good. I am very happy with it. They will probably soon become bored with it and ignore it, but for now, it has captivated them and engaged them. The mere fact that it has sparked some interest and brought something unusual to their usually boring lives is all I can ask for. For that alone, even if it only lasts a little while, it is worth it to me. Their favorite toys will probably always be the wand toys, which means I have to play, too, LOL, but it is hard to play wth 4 impatient, jealous cats at the same time. They don't like to share, and if they can't play long enough at a time with it before another gets his turn, they usually walk away. They are pretty easily bored, so I am surprised they are still encircled around it, with deadly-serious demeanors, waiting for their prey to pop its tail out again. Guess I'd better re-start it! :-) I recommend this toy!

    poor poor design, waste of money by Jemima02/25/2014

    I hate this thing with the passion of a thousand burning suns, it is a waste of plastic and a waste of money. Unfortunately one of my cats likes it. I bought it because a web site recommended it, unfortunately I later realized that that web site was little more than a paid advertisement. The tail gets stuck all the time and has to be pulled out again, and the toy is so light my cat carries it around the room in her mouth. I am trying to change the batteries, which is a ridiculous brain teaser, and find that there is a message inside that the toy contains small parts, is a choking hazard, and should be kept away from children under three years old. Please explain to me then why it is safe for a cat? This is going to end up in a landfill. Ugh.

    Not worth it by CatsRus from Amherst, NY10/10/2011

    Cats were intrigued for all about a few minutes. Not alot of activity to keep their interest. It's teases them at first but because the program is so slow they loose interest quickly. The mouse is just a spring activated squeeker (i.e. not motorized). We returned it.

    This is a big hit by Lovemelovemykitty11/04/2013

    Our 2 boys love this one. They are big kitties and we were worried they might destroy it, but we found by putting it on bare floor, they can't trap the tailpiece. On the carpet, Smudge was able to pick up the toy by the tail and carry it around. Yikes, but it proved strong enough to take it. We've been through a few sets of batteries on this one, but so far, no broken tails. (It comes with a spare tail and arm assembly) This has been worth the price so far and is still in good shape.

    So much fun!!! by Petal from Pgh Pa12/11/2012

    I bought this for my "boys" for Christmas, but couldn't resist letting them play with it immediately. They LOVE it!!! The random action of the tail whipping around gets them in attack mode. They tumble over each other to get at the whipping tail and have great fun with it- and I have fun watching them!


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