Orijen Pet Food

  • Biologically Appropriate™ food mirrors natural diet.

    Dog Food

  • Prepared in award-winning kitchens.

    Cat Food

  • Fresh ingredients grown and raised locally.

    Dog Treats

  • Never frozen, exposed to heat, chemicals or preservatives.

    Cat Food

Orijen is dedicated to making high-quality food and treats for both dogs and cats. Each product made by Orijen has ingredients that have been carefully selected to serve your pet's biological needs. Once the formula has been decided, only the finest ingredients are selected for the final product.

Ingredients are raised or grown at approved locations with pristine conditions and are each approved for human consumption before being used. The final product is then made and delivered fresh daily straight from Orijen's award-winning kitchen.

Dog Food

Dry Dog Food

Orijen produces a diverse array of dry dog food formulas that are each made with quality ingredients to ensure that they're both palatable and healthy. Each formula caters to specific needs that are right for dogs of different ages and breeds, including formulas for puppies, large breed puppies, adults, elderly dogs, and more. Find the right formula for your dog below and order today!


Freeze Dried Dog Food

Orijen produces three formulas of freeze dried dog food to provide your dog with food with locked in freshness and flavor. Orijen freeze-dried dog food includes Adult Dog, Regional Red, and Tundra formulas which include all natural ingredients that have been formulated to mirror your dog's natural diet. Your dog will love the natural goodness and long-lasting freshness of Orijen Freeze-Dried Dog Food, so order a package for your dog today!


Orijen's line of cat food includes fresh ingredients that have been regulated to reflect a cat's natural diet. Two varieties of food are available to give your cat the choice of poultry or fish with two formulas that offer well-rounded diets to your feline friend. Though both formulas include a modest amount of fruits and vegetables, Six Fish Cat Food contains six varieties of fish while the Cat & Kitten formula offers three types of fish, chicken, turkey, and eggs.

Orijen Dog Treats are made from natural meats and freeze-dried to lock in their taste and nutrients. These palatable treats feature a wide variety of meats- including elk, duck, boar, lamb, beef, bison, turkey, and more. Each ingredient is raised in cageless and free-range environments or caught locally to ensure that Orijen Treats are healthy and fresh. Your dog will love these natural treats, so order now!


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