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Felovite II with Taurine (2.5 oz) by EVSCO
Felovite II with Taurine (2.5 oz) by EVSCO

($9.99)  $6.99
Groom-Aid Spray (7.3 oz)
Groom-Aid Spray (7.3 oz)

($19.99)  $14.99
Methigel (4.25 oz)
Methigel (4.25 oz)

($9.99)  $7.49
SELECT Full Spectrum Antioxidant (60 tablets)
SELECT Full Spectrum Antioxidant (60 tablets)

($35.99)  $26.29
Vet Solutions Lime Sulfur Dip (4 oz)
Vet Solutions Lime Sulfur Dip (4 oz)

($9.99)  $6.99
The Equalizer Carpet Stain and Odor Eliminator (20 oz)
The Equalizer Carpet Stain and Odor Eliminator (20 oz)

($18.99)  $14.99
Nutri-Cal (4.25 oz paste) by VETOQUINOL
Nutri-Cal (4.25 oz paste) by VETOQUINOL

($10.99)  $8.09
Vet Solutions Surgical Scrub & Handwash (Gallon)
Vet Solutions Surgical Scrub & Handwash (Gallon)

($114.99)  $87.99
Vetoquinol Paxon Urinary Track Supplement (30 Chewable Tablets)
Vetoquinol Paxon Urinary Track Supplement (30 Chewable Tablets)

($19.99)  $15.99
Vetoquinol Pill Wrap Oral Paste (4 oz)
Vetoquinol Pill Wrap Oral Paste (4 oz)

($11.99)  $8.69
Hi-Vite Drops (1 oz.)
Hi-Vite Drops (1 oz.)

($14.99)  $10.89
Trifectant - Broad Spectrum Disinfectant (50 tablet)
Trifectant - Broad Spectrum Disinfectant (50 tablet)

($50.99)  $39.19
Felovite II with Taurine is a palatable vitamin mineral supplement for cats in a paste form. The recommended dosage is one teaspoon daily.

Tuna Flavor

Minimum Guaranteed Analysis Per Teaspoon (6 grams)
Calcium 67.0 mg
Phosphorus 52.0 mg
Salt 2.6 mg
Cobalt 0.07 mg
Copper 0.10 mg
Iodine 0.25 mg
Iron 0.68 mg
Magnesium 3.98 mg
Manganese 3.21 mg
Potassium 0.08 mg
Zinc 0.31
Vitamin A 1332 IU
Vitamin D3 131 IU
Vitamin E 5 IU
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 1.3 mg
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 1.4 mg
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) 1.1 mg
Vitamin B12 5.2 mcg
Vitamin K (Menadione) 0.8 mg
Biotin 6.7 mcg
Choline 27.6 mg
Folic Acid 39.6 mcg
Inositol 1.4 mg
Niacin 6.7 mg
d-Pantothenic Acid 1.8 mg
Taurine 90.0 mg
4.93 rating based on 14 reviews
Featured Reviews for Felovite II with Taurine (2.5 oz) by EVSCO
Cats love this stuff by pwurmser07/21/2012

Got this for my older cats, now passed away, and the 1 year old I have now licks it off my finger. Most love this stuff and so good for them. Older cat loves it, kitten not so much, but you know how kids are.

Great product by Punkie from Cleveland, Ohio07/31/2014

This is a wonderful product. My cat loves it and it helps give him the vitamins he needs.

Has taurine and phosphorous by Stanny's cook08/02/2012

I have a cat who will not eat cat food, and it's been hard to find a supplement that has calcium, taurine, and phosphorous. He had rickets as a kitten, and I have looked everywhere to find a supplement that has all he needs-it's been especially hard to find phosphorous, and this supplement has calcium phosphate. Most supplements I've seen are chewable (what is the point of chewable supplements-if they ate they wouldn't need them, right?), or supposedly water soluble. It's crazy to expect to give multiple teaspoons of liquid daily to a nine pound cat. I hope they never stop making this, we really need it. Tip- it's easier to give if you keep it in the fridge.

Vet recommend for FeLV cat by reneeny from long island new york11/04/2012

great company. Dependable you order on line, and bingo it's here a few days later. Mailing package great. I would use this company again and again

by from 12/22/2011

Great company to buy from, delivery fast, no problems. If you have a question a "real" person answers your e-mail.

a by product from myFellovite


Only Vitamin for Zoey by 4 Felines10/22/2013

Zoey is one of 4 cats and is an extremely finicky eater (and that's an understatement!). As such, our vet recommended introducing a vitamin/mineral regimen into her diet. After trying several liquids and pastes with no success (she would hide under the bed), I tried Felovite II with Taurine. Success -- readily licks it off my finger!

Felovite II with tuna flavor by usha from ann arbor, michigan12/27/2013

My male sphynx cat loves the felovite II, and also I cat recommended this vitamin supplement for my female sphynx cat, as she is very fincky eater. I am happy with the product and recommend to other cat owners.

Fast Shipping by Jill06/20/2014

Product was just as ordered and was received on time.

Great vitamin product for fussy cats by seafree from Santa Monica, CA09/28/2013

My cat won't eat canned cat food so I squeeze an inch of Felovite on his plate, mix it with a little water, then mix in a jar of Gerber beef baby food. He cleans the plate!

Great for FERAL CATS by reneeny from new york11/04/2011

My vet gave me a tube for my feral cat that had FeLV. to help boost his immune system. Since we have very cold winters here I started to give it to the other cats. The vet said an inch on your finger is the dosage. 2 of the cats lick it right off, another one I have to add to his food. But that's ok, their fur looks great and it gives them more energy. Entirely Pets is a great company to deal with. I ordered and a few days later my package comes. I have used them many times.

The Best Ever by louise04/21/2013

We have a gracie, she want eat cat food.so the meds.we give her gives her vitamins that she misses in her food. She loves it ......

Cat likes it by Aimza01/09/2014

Cat used to love it, now only likes it. Easy to give to cat though since they usually lick it right out of the tube. I like knowing that he's getting a bit of extra vitamins daily.

Silly Question by cbpsych from Deltona, FL03/09/2013

"Was I happy with my products?" That's a silly question. This was a repeat order for a finicky cat that's much healthier thanks to this tasty vitamin paste. She likes the product, I like the price. So far I also like this company and intend to do business with them again......and again.....

Got it for an aging cat by mocomment11/14/2012

Got it for an aging cat, forget how it got recommended, probably the vet, but now I give it to the new kitties to keep them healthy. Good for their fur. Easy to give it to them as they lick it off my finger.

Featured Reviews for Groom-Aid Spray (7.3 oz)
Groom Aid Spray by Puppy Love03/07/2012

I love this product! I've used it for years in my grooming shop. The scent is fabulous & all my clients rave about how wonderful their dogs smell after being groomed in my shop.

Groom Aid by Missie09/19/2009

I love groom aid for my Rocky. I coat is smooth like silk and he smeels great.

great product by roe02/27/2012

first saw this at my vet's office and fell in love with it there. so glad you carry the groom aid.

Excellent product by MONTANA03/26/2011

We have a chow/retriever mix with a thick coat and a love for stinky. One day after going to the groomer, she can smell like a dead fish. This spray completely eliminates the odor. We first purchased this from the vet and always keep it on hand.

Great Product by 24 Fanatic from Ocala, Florida07/05/2012

This is a great product. Our almost 15-year-old Golden Retriever, who has since crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, had bowel incontinence due to disc disease. He laid on Chux underpads and when he had a bowel movement, we sprayed this on his bum, which alleviated the bowel odor.

Forever customer by Deb from South Carolina07/11/2014

I was introduced to this product back in 1991 at my first veterinary practice I ever worked in. As I was promoted and moved to other hospitals, I carried the word with me. This spray has the best smell and actually aids the coat. I will be attending vet school soon and I fully intend to ask my groomers to use this only as well as offer it to all my clients. I love it.

Groom Aid Spray by Artsydogue from New Milford, New Jersey02/09/2013

This product has been a staple in my grooming shop as well as veterinary hospital for many many years. Entirely Pets has it a terrific price and super fast shipping. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! A++++++++

A bit pricey but smells good by Rayv09/25/2013

My shitzu-poodle smell like from a salon after using this product . Although it only last for a day , you'll need to apply it maybe twice a day so you maintain a sweet smelling dog. A little pricey but you'll appreciate your dog with this product.

Awesome Product by 24 Fanatic from Ocala, FL03/03/2012

Our 14-1/2 year-old Golden Retriever has bowel incontinence and sometimes his feces gets on his fur. After cleaning him up, we spray this on his bum and he's the sweetest smelling dog in the neighborhood!! Great, great product!!

Featured Reviews for Methigel (4.25 oz)
Methigel by Westie04/29/2014

This product is quite effective in stopping the formation of deposits in the kidneys of our cat. We use this product in conjunction with a diet of canned food and occasional dry treats. I recommend this product in consultation with your vet for dosage to help eliminate kidney stones in cats.

It works and my cat begs for it! by Simy's Mom from Asheville, NC09/21/2014

My cat has had serious UT problems and surgery. Methigel (1/2 tsp. after each meal) and D-Mannose (1/4 tsp. mixed with each meal) has helped to stabilize his condition resulting in fewer flare-ups.

excellent product by boo boo from florida12/29/2012

I have given this to my cat daily for several years. He had developed a serious urinary tract infection that required hospitalization and the vet recommended this product to prevent a reoccurance. The cat has never had another episode of the infection. the cat likes the taste (and the dogs try to get to it before the cat does!)

Use of Metigel by Dottie from Western Kentucky03/30/2014

Of my 6 cats, 3 have urinary problems when they eat foods that are not specificly made for cats with sensitive urinary tracts. The vet recommended Methigel to help maintain the PH balance, and it works great. I put just a tiny amount (a small pea-size dab) in the cats' soft food at each serving and have had no more urinaty problems since using the Methigel. The dry food that I use is specifically made for cats with urinary tract problems, but all the cats enjoy a treat of soft food, too. The Metigel makes that possible.

Excellent! by Bob from TN03/17/2012

I first learned of Methigel when my cat had serious urinary issues. It did wonders for him. I learned that I could buy it over the internet for much less cost so I began doing it. I've been giving it to him every day for several months now along with Wysong Uretic and distilled water and no more issues.

does the job by Luxor03/15/2012

Our cat had to have treatment including several nites at the vet. for kidney stones. Vet suggested Methigel plus special food and the cat has been several years now with no further problems.

very good by the mebus family+julchik and mau-mau04/26/2008

we have 2 cats that were of the verge of being opareted for their condition and now after using for more than a year we are (and so are they) very happy with the results! have a good week.

excellent urine acidifier by sandi from South Carolina01/23/2014

we use this on our 28 pound cat currently and have used it for years on another cat. this is a urine acidifier for cats who tend to create stones that block urine. as cat owners know that kidney stone blockage can be fatal within 24 hours in particular in a male cat whose urinary tract is thinner than a females. our vet recommended giving a thumbnail size amount twice a day to Bret and so far in the last year his urine test show he is not making kidney stones. Bret also takes other medication that relaxes his bladder and lessens his tendency to make kidney stones. I order three tubes per time I order since at twice a day I usually need one tube per month. Always check with your vet but for us, this is inexpensive effective method for acidifying the urine and reducing the chances of your cat making stones.

A medical necessity for our cat by JG05/14/2013

Smooth, speedy transaction Item in date A+++

Methigel by Frefa08/22/2014

Love that I can just squeeze into their mouth w/o fighting to get it down. They seem to like the taste of it

the best indeed - a life saver by nana12/11/2012

methigel is saving my cats lives every day i like the way i order it, get it, and my ability to track its shipment. bless you all and have a wonderful new coming year nana wertheim-mebus israel

My dog's all better by Dee from Sacramento, CA05/30/2012

My dog is finally free from recurrent bladder infections. I tried other products to help acidify her urine, but she kept getting bladder infections, nonetheless. Methigel however worked. For the first time in 2 years she is free of recurrent bladder infections!

cheaper than vet price by irene from yonkers, ny01/23/2012

The product is the same a vet recommended and sold but much cheaper

This is a great product by Kytti from Liberty, NC05/05/2012

My vet recommends Methigel for cats prone to crystals who don't respond to prescription diets. He also recommends giving the cats distilled water to drink. The methigel acidfies the cats' urine, and in many cases allows the cats to eat a regular food and yet not have problems with cystitis or crystals. It has worked great and I have recommended it to friends!

thank you by nana from israel, qazir06/10/2014

your new cap and opening process of the tube is finally an easy task. for years I had to struggle with is and now it's easy-peasy, so thank you for that and for keeping my cats alive with this product. nana

life saver by nana from qazir - israel (a small comunity on a high hill)12/26/2012

the lives of 4 male cats and we also have one female are saved with METHIGEL. this is a wonder paste and we thank entirelypets everyday for it.

it works, and my cat likes it! by farmgirl from North Texas02/16/2014

My UTI prone male cat will literally sit in the kitchen each morning and ask for his medicine. He licks this straight from the tube. Without it, he has chronic UTI issues, and would be prone to peeing (in inappropriate places, I might add) ALOT. If you've got a similar problem, give it a try (with a diagnosed UTI issue). The other nice thing is that I am on autoship, and I just order several tubes at once, and then they automatically ship me another batch every 4 months. Love that!

by from 03/29/2014

I give Methigel to my dog with every feeding. My veterinarian recommended it because this breed is prone to developing bladder stones and so far she hasn't had any. She is 3 1/2 years old and I hope she achieves a ripe old age without needing surgery for stones. And thank you for the prompt service, and for having this product in stock. I like the auto ship option also.

Methigel by to from severalI


good reliable product by bo from laquey,mo05/14/2013

my sister and i have used methigel for years for any cat experiencing kidney problems. works wonders!

prompt service by gary b04/13/2014

product and price are excellent. saved 50% compared to buying locally.. ordered on Thursday, rec'd on Saturday.

by robin02/05/2012

easy to administer gel , my cat seems to enjoy it

Methigel has worked great! by Chow Chow Mom06/14/2014

I started using Methigel about 5 years ago. My female Chow has a history of developing struvite bladder stones. I give her Methigel each morning to keep her bladder well balanced and to help reduce her production of bladder stones. It is my belief that the active ingredient DL- Methionine keeps my chow's acid bladder level normal so she doesn't bladder stones anymore.

Much More Affordable... by RBoyken from Holdrege, NE01/07/2012

Our vet wants our dog to have this to combat bladder stones, but it was really expensive buying it from them. Found it on this site and it is way more affordable and shipping is very fast!

works as it says by valerie from erie,pa06/11/2013

My cat loves this! She gets her special treat every morning and haven't had any reoccurrences with her urinary problems.

Excellent product by elke from Arkansas05/29/2014

My male cat has had this for a couple of years, vet recommended for urinary tract difficulties. I know it has definitely helped keep such problems in check and would recommend it for all male cats.

Methigel easier than a special diet by Frangram06/28/2014

After my Dachshund had to have surgery for bladder stones, the vet wanted us to give her a special diet. When she absolutely refused the special (very costly) foods, the vet said to give my pup a teaspoon of this each day to make sure her urine was adequately acidic. It has seemed to work well. My girl has had no further problems with stones. Although this medicine was rather expensive at the vet' s office, it is much more reasonable in cost at Entirely Pets.

Excellent by Barney from California06/26/2013

This has worked wonders for my male cat. No more expensive vet visits.

Excellent supplement for urinary crystals by PL from Maui, Hi01/29/2012

This is an excellent supplement for cats who tend to develope urinary crystals. I use a small amount of Methigel every day in an only wet food diet for my two cats. Thank You Entirely Pets for carrying it.

Featured Reviews for SELECT Full Spectrum Antioxidant (60 tablets)
Highly recommended by Jola12/02/2009

After reading up on the care of my elderly cat, I bought this product because it contained all the vitamins and antioxidants he needs to prevent kidney failure. At his advanced age (22 years) he had been showing a severe decline in his health and massive weight loss. After only one month on Full Spectrum, he seems to have reversed the aging process. He's put on weight, has an increased energy level, and looks and acts like he did a few years back when he was younger. He can jump up and down on furniture and run up a flight of stairs again. This is a miracle mixture in my opinion. I waited to see the results before writing a review and I would highly recommend this product for every pet.

Excellent Vitamins by Kbob11/01/2012

Select vitamins are the best vitamins I know of and the purchase and expiration date were excellent.

Recommended by my Vet by Kerry07/21/2009

These tabs were recommended by my Vet. My dogs love them and they have not been sick since they have been on them which is almost 2 years. I take them to the dog park regularly.

Great Product! by milo08/18/2012

The Select Antioxidant was recommended by a Vet when I lived in Texas for my cat with FIV. It was expensive, but it seemed to be a very good supplement for her. I was so happy to discover them at Entirely Pets at a much lower price. I live in TN now and have 3 cats with feline aids and I give the Select to all of them and now I can afford to since I order it online from Entirely Pets. It is also for dogs, it is a wonderful product!

Fantastic! by Deanna05/09/2008

This product restored my 14 year old dog's hearing!

Best supplement on the market by Jan from South Florida06/12/2012

I Have a small dog and this supplement has helped keep my 13 year old Pom healthy for years. Her blood work has always been excellent. They must taste great as my baby is always very eager to get her special treat

Great product by abbyshouse06/18/2012

I have a Welsh Corgi with lymphoma and my vet recommended these. All my dogs use them and they seem to love the taste as well!

Wonder pill for an old stray by Tommy from Downey, CA05/30/2012

Tommy, a black boarder collie type dog, wandered into my yard a year ago and we couldn't find his owner so he is now part of the household. He was at least 12 years from what the vet said, had shaky back legs, cloudy eyes, hearing loss and ribs that you could count because he was so thin. A friend told me about SELECT and how it helped her 10 year old dog. I gave it a try and a year later Tommy still is thin, but his eyes are much brighter and not cloudy, the shaky legs are not so much as pre SELECT. He seems to hear better because he comes trotting in from the yard when he hears the cupboard door open when I am getting his treats, and he does a little "happy dance" in the yard every once in a while. He is still an old dog but acts younger than he did a year ago. I think the reason for this is the SELECT tablets and I plan to continue with them for the remainder of his life.

VERY EFFECTIVE by JCMARLTON from Oklahoma01/07/2013


tasty supplements by zara08/23/2014

tasty supplement that is enjoyed by dog. does not feel like feeding medication has seem to keep skin healthy and slowed down aging



Best Purchase Ever by Nana from Oregon01/01/2013

Excellent product. I have been using for over 3 yrs. I purchased for my yorkie with a skin condition, which is cleared up now. I also gave it to my toy poodle and was suprised it cleared up his inflamed gums. I was told by vet and specialist some dogs just have inflamed gums even with regular teeth cleaning. Select Antioxidant along with a good dog food cleared up both conditions

Excellent Product by Di from Ft. Lauderdale, FL01/29/2012

Have been using this product for years on all my dogs (3)

Full Spectrum by gentlman4u from Mississippi03/19/2013

Vet said needed Spectrum and has no problems since started. Also great value

by Judy11/07/2012

I added Select Full Spectrum Antioxidant to my Sheltie's diet along with her vitamins and antibiotics, after she was diagnosed with terminal Bladder Cancer. I truly believe the Antioxidant played a strong roll in her hospice care. She lived 7 months longer than the specialist anticipated. Select Full Spectrum Antioxidant is now a preventive daily part of my new Sheltie's diet.

Great product by Kathy from St. Louis, MO01/26/2012

Select was recommended by our Dr. several years ago as Abby has severe hip and back dysplasia. It seemed to help at first but she was also on cosequin at the same time. Since then we have had to add several more medications, but I assume it is still helping.

Featured Reviews for Vet Solutions Lime Sulfur Dip (4 oz)
Works like Magic but Smells Terrible by Daisy12/17/2012

This product smells exactly like it sounds! However, it works magic! My cat has struggled with ringworm for 9 months and would not heal. She was on three different medications and nothing helped her. She had lesions all over her skin and her fur fell out in chunks. I have used this product twice so far and she looks worlds better! Her lesions are starting to heal and no new ones are forming. Admittedly, she HATED the treatment. Everyone in the house hated it due to the smell. The smell almost completely dissipates after she is dry so I recommend drying your pet with a hairdryer to speed up the process. Also, wash any towels the product gets on with a little white vinegar and the smell will disappear. The vet recommended 6 treatments to me because of the extent of her infection. I am confident, based upon the preliminary results, that this product will finally cure her!

Very Sick Kitty by lobezno from Garden Grove, CA08/16/2014

This product smell horrible, but it really works wonders on a kitty that I rescued. With just a few applications, she is doing so much better. Also the delivery of the product was very fast.

Helpful for Ringworm by Linda from North West Arkansas05/17/2014

I am a foster home for Fabulous Felines NWA. We rescue kittens and cats from all sorts of situations, many times from the local shelters and take them into our foster homes. We make it a matter of practice now to dip each new kitten and spray the dip on the adult cats when they are first rescued as ringworm can take up to 10 days to show up. If a kitten does have ringworm, we dip them every five days and this dip really helps keeping it from spreading and it does heal faster. I usually divide this bottle to dilute only a 16 or 32 ounce bottle at a time as the dip doesn't keep well beyond a week or two. I also put the cat in a bucket when I do it so any runoff can be reused on the next kitty.

by from 08/02/2014

I have two foster kittens that came to me with ringworm. Lime sulfur is such a great product to treat it. Personally, I would prefer this was an 8oz bottle because the dip I use for ringworm I always do 8oz to the gallon, but you can buy two or go elsewhere and buy an 8oz bottle. Great product, has helped the kitties a lot.

to by use from aJust


Great buy by Cat Rescuer10/21/2013

Gentle on the skin, very mild smell. My cat loved it and is at last getting a relief from the itch caused by cheyletiella mites. We tried prescription medicine, it irritated his skin and failed to resolve the problem. This is definitely the way to go.

Use with caution by Tami08/16/2014

This is a easy to administer treatment but if you need to treat around the face make sure you put in an eye ointment first to prevent it from irritating the eyes. Also be careful with the location you use it- it will corrode the metal in your sink. Use in a well-ventilated area as it is very smelly.

by from 10/23/2012

Awesome!!! by Roxstar10/17/2013

I will always have this on hand for skin infections (both fungal and bacterial). Our dog had a slight case of ringworm and one dip cleared it up. We did do a second dip 2 weeks later as advised by our vet, but there was no reoccurance within that time. It does stink, and you have to keep them in a confined area until they are dried, but it is very effective alternative to pharmaceutical therapy.

Awesome by J Dillon04/26/2013

Works great for mange and any other unexplainable stuff your dog is itching about. Do this once a week for four weeks and as long as it's not allergies, it will kill anything on the dog. got my dog as a rescue, had real bad itching. vet said they didnt know what it was. i knew it was mange, she was losing hair. used this stuff. mange gone. but, by a bigger bottle or at least two of these. i have a shepherd and one bottle of the four ounce was only two treatments.

Featured Reviews for The Equalizer Carpet Stain and Odor Eliminator (20 oz)
Amazing Product by Mr. Buddy12/17/2012

This product NEVER fails to cleanup after Mr Buddy's embarassing accidents. Less expensive on-line than the price offerred by my Vet. Mr Buddy is very sick and will expire here at home with me in his familar environment. It can be a hassle taking take of him now, but he was my friend when I had no friends. He was a smart,obediant and affectionate feline who deserves the best care I can muster. Have a similar situation? BUY this Product!!!

by Carol from Seattle, WA02/12/2013

This really eliminates the odors associated with messy cats.

Outstanding Equalizer by JMF from McKinney, TX07/20/2014

I have used this for several years, through 3 different dogs, buying it from my vet in Ohio. I am now in Texas and you became my source. This is an amazing product which does exactly what it says it will do.

Equalizer by Mr. Gnome from Neenah,Wisconsin05/02/2014

This is the best stain remover ever to take out, blood,puke,urine. I use this all the time and have tried others, but nothing compares!

Very Poor Substitute by Diane from Nevada08/13/2014

I used See Spot Go for 20 years. It was THE product ever. The product "Equalizer" that was to replace See Spot Go doesn't even come close. It almost takes away the odor but doesn't even start to remove the stain. I own a dog groom shop and have tried to remove urine, fecal, and vomit from the carpeting and it DOES NOT WORK. I even tried it in my house and it doesn't work there either.

Life saver by Jacky from Orlando FL09/16/2013

I am disabled, on a walker and cannot bend over. I cannot do without having lots of Equalizer around as my Mandy,who is getting old, forgets herself quite often. It is also great for any stains I have used it on.

The Equalizer by judy from Hobe Sound, FL12/28/2013

After trying numerous products to remove dog vomit from my white carpet, my daughter told me about The Equalizer. She buys this from her verterinarian in Ohio. I live in Florida, so I started calling all the local vets, mine does not carry this product, and finally found one who carries The Equalizer, but only had one can. I then started an internet search and found your website. I absolutely love this product! We have two pets and can't imagine being without it. Thanks for carrying it.

Works like a charm! by Stuffedwhitedog from Greenville, NC01/01/2013

One of my cats has a wall spraying problem, so I needed some help quick. This stuff virtually eliminates the odor and the urine itself in seconds. The directions say to vacuum it up, but I have nearly given up on changing my cat, so just spray it and leave it until I use my steam cleaner. I follow it up with Felaway to discourage the behavior. My little guy is a hard head though. He keeps coming back to this same spot by the front door.

Tried them all.. This is like magic!!! by 3 doxies06/09/2012

I've tried SO many "stain/odor removers" in the past and this stuff is the absolute best!!! Today I tried it on a frest red wine stain and it worked like magic. I can't give enough stars.

Great Product by Suzyy from Wisconsin09/24/2014

My Sweetie has canine dementia and he sometimes mixes up his inside and outside. This is the product that his vet office uses and it works wonderful. It removes the stain and odor and Entirely Pets sells this product so much cheaper than the vet does.

Works Well by Roz from MD11/07/2012

Works as described on lable. Works well.

The Equalizer does not work by karen04/02/2012

I have tried this product on old stains and fresh ones and it does not work. I followed the instructions every time and the stains did not even fade much less go away. I would like a refund on this product.

The Equalizer is a great product! by Margaret10/15/2013

We have used The Equalizer for over 5 years. It removes pet stains quickly and permanently. It has a slight petroleum smell, but I can stand that, given how well it works. It has been much more effective than any other pet stain product we have used. When our carpets are cleaned the company is amazed that there is no residue from The Equalizer.

Totally impressed by Thankful from New Hampshire11/07/2012

This is the only product I've found that truly gets rid of cat urine odors.

We love this product by 5 dogs and a cat from Baton Rouge, LA12/06/2012

This product is a must have in our home. We don't often have accidents but when we do this really takes out the smell even with vomit. We find that once the ordor is gone then the babies don't try to go to the same place. It really works well. Thanks for such a great product.

The Equalizer! by dramsey633 from Azle, TX06/10/2013

Nothing works better - this is great! Even works on old stains and odors. LOVE THIS PRODUCT! (I have a multi-cat and dog family!)

It's The Best by Rubendenny from Chicago, IL08/28/2014

I've been using this product for years, and originally learned of it seeing the vet use it when pet patients made their displeasure (or fear) known. It works great for anything that comes out of a pet orifice onto flooring where it shouldn't. Amazing on carpet, and I also use it on hard surfaces. It goes deep to clean out all traces of stain and smell.

always keep this product handy by KateM10/24/2012

If you have dogs and cats this product is a must have, I have used it for years. Worth every dime.

Simply Amazing !!! by scoutmom from Orlando Fl08/21/2012

This is a great product !!! I have used on tile and carpet for pet accidents and everyday spills such as coffee...It's NOT falsely advertising " no scrubbing" The spot literally disappears before your eyes...a second treatment is sometimes required to neutralize odor ... Well worth the money..

by Giggy from TX06/07/2012

This product was amazing! The best I have found and even worked on hard spots. Highly recommend.

The Equalizer is unequaled by Dober Man01/01/2013

This is absolutely the best spot remover on the market. We have cats therefore we have hairballs and other assorted regurgitated products deposited on the carpet.. This product has not failed once to eliminate the spot.

The Equalizer Carpet Stain and Odor Eliminator by Pamela06/19/2014

The Equalizer is by far one of the best products I have ever used. If you own a cat you know how they throw up hairballs and things. The Equalizer totally cleans our carpet. Never leaves a stain. It will also clean up red wine. We spilled red wine on our new carpet and immediately we grabbed The Equalizer and it did the job. Absolutely no trace of the wine. I love this product and recommed it to everyone.

Just Great by Jacqueline from I am 82 yrs. old, live in Orlando, Fla09/17/2011

This product is really what it claims to be. It really works the way it is advertised. I adopted a 5 1/2 yr old rescue Yorkie who was really not trained at all. I have had my hands full trying to teach her. At 82 yrs. old, it is just great to have this product. I do not have to bend over and try to clean my carpet. When she does "forget" I just zap the stain away. No fuss, no muss, no sign at all that anything ever happened. THANK YOU!! It also works on other stains such as a spill over from my coffee cup

AMAZING PRODUCT by Miss Molly from Port Orchard, WA11/07/2011

This stuff is amazing. One of my veterinarians recommended it to me when one of my dogs had diarrhea in my car. I've been using it ever since. You can spray it on any stain and immediately see the enzyme action working to lift the stain. Even works on old stains. Most of the time I only have to apply once, but sometimes a second application is necessary. Important to point can straight down when applying. Saturate, to ensure carpet padding is also treated. Allow it to work for a couple of minutes, then blot with a towel. Works on urine, feces, blood, wine, EVERYTHING!

by from 03/18/2013

I have several animals of all ages and this comes in handy in so many ways! Of course it works great on the house-training accidents, but it also works great on hairball and vomit stains.

the by one from whoMy


Miracle worker by Relative of pampered pet12/17/2012

My mother asked me to order this online because she does not use a computer. I checked with her again and she says this is a miracle worker. It really works. Removes stains and odors from the beautiful Oriental rugs which the pampered pet insists on using.

by teach from New Jersey12/05/2013

The Equalizer was recommended to me by my vet. It eliminates odor in carpeting from pet accidents. I have been using it for a long time.

Incredible Product by pansybelle from Olathe, KS07/19/2012

I have used this product for a couple of years now and it gets out every stain I try it on, not just pet stains.

Just Like Magic! by Pat01/18/2012

This product is truly 'magical'! It dissolves stubborn stains in an instant ~ right before your eyes!

Love This Stuff by Nutmeg from Marietta, GA12/20/2012

My name is Nutmeg and sometimes I can't get outside in time and I don't like going out in the rain at all. So when I have an accident, my adopters reach for a towel and the can of Equilizer. They love this stuff!! In fact, after they use it, I can't tell where my accident was. I recommend that all of you tell your people to use this product. You and they will be happy with the results.--Nutmeg

Mr Buddy did it again! by johnny mo05/31/2012

Mr Buddy is my cat. He is dying now. He has brain cancer. Even though I medicate him w/ ever increasing doses of medication, he still has daily seizures. Poor fellow is often incontinent because of his seizures. He acts embarrassed about soiling his apartment environment after he regains consciousness. THE EQUALIZER has saved my Persian Rugs many times over the last couple to months. It has done everything it claimed it would do to cleanse and prevent staining. Thankyou... John Motyka

Best Cleaning Product I've Ever Used by linda06/08/2009

I have used almost every cleaning product on the market. With two "old timers" and a fairly new stray, the amount of cat vomit can be impressive. This is the only product that takes out the stain and leaves no trace behind. Other products may get most of the vomit (or urine/feces) out, you can usually still see a faint mark on the carpet. Not with this. I will never be without multiple cans in my house!!! Best ever.

Best Carpet Cleaner Ever!! by Spotless from San Diego, CA04/10/2014

A friend of mine turned me on to The Equalizer a few years ago, and I can honestly say what an amazing find this stuff is......not to mention, Entirely Pets has the best price around! The carpet cleaner is easy to use and works like no other carpet cleaner. The instructions on the can are easy to understand. I keep several cans in the house as you never know when you will need it.

Something that finally works! by laurie09/30/2008

I have purchased so many products over the years for pet stains and orders but nothing works like this. Its awesome. Last week the dog cut her foot and blood was all over my carpet, her foot was fine but the blood had all dried by the time I found it. Just 15 minutes and it was gone. The pet marking stain we had in the corner is no more and no one has visitied that area since we cleaned with the Equalizer. I love this product no matter what stains we had they are gone and the carpet is good as new.

by Jack01/24/2012

When you need a spot remover for carpet, wood floor you need it to work! This is great!

by from 01/07/2013

I started buying The Eliminator ten years ago. We have six cats and without The Eliminator I'd be in a sorry mess, literally!

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works really well by Patti07/31/2013

I use it to help clean the litter boxes especially when one of our cats pees high. Keeps it fresh and eliminates the odor.

Great product! by Judy09/30/2014

I have used this product for years. It works very well!

Best Product I have used by Penny04/25/2012

Gets odors and stains out right now. Very effective.

The Equalizer Rules by Happy Rescuer from Doylestown, OH08/02/2012

The Equalizer spray is awesome at treating pet accident areas. We have adopted a rescue dog that is not fully house broken. The spray is wonderful for removing the stains and smells.

Best purchase in pet cleaning products ever by green eyes11/05/2011

This is the best cleaner I have ever used not only for areas from my pets but anything I have ever spilled or got onto my carpet, bedding and floors. This product I would recommended to anyone. It works great.

It really works! by Sharon from Columbus, Ga.11/07/2012

I have used this product for years for accidents by an older dog and a puppy. I would have had to replace my carpet a long time ago if not for the Equalizer.

Beyond my wildest expectations! by Absolutely from Texas09/14/2013

Originally purchased the pet Stain Equalizer from my vet several years ago. But during two moves it was lost and did not resurface until a few months ago when we moved again into a 40 year old home with carpet stains - SO bad - I just knew there was no hope - but I gave it a whirl anyway and much to my surprise, this 3+ year old can of Equalizer was more effective than any other product I had tried in 40 years. Ordered 2 more recently. Formula is still the same - fabulous. Never be without the Eliminator !

by from 04/16/2013

this product is poisonous and i already told u that i want my $$ back aso why r u asking me what is think gagaoin of this lousy product?????????????????

ME???" by 2ndrequest to this lousy product from edHOW


The Equalizer by squid12/24/2012

Cleans oily stains, best prduct for this. I do not have pets and it works wonders

So far....so good by pams cats12/12/2011

I had a cat with many health problems who started urinating on everything :( My vet recommended this product, so I got 1 can from them to try, and it seemed to help, so I ordered from Entirely Pets which was $7.00 a can less than the vets. Well I must say this stuff is absolutely amazing! It seems to work on the carpets really well. My shoes, not so much :( Good excuse to get new shoes? Depending on your situation it may take a few cans.

Best Product on the Market by ellbee from Magnolia, TX05/25/2011

Have been using this product for a long time. It is fantastic!! Better than any "miracle" products on the market. Even removes liquid makeup from carpet.

by Keichmom05/11/2013

We have multiple pets and The Equalizer is the best product I have found for getting pet stains out of carpets.

by from 07/24/2014

The Equalizer product definitely removed the odor from my dog urinating on the rug. However, it did not remove the stain.

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The Best by PeGe from Ft Lauderdale, FL:01/23/2012

Having tried everything on the market this is the best product. Having a 16 year old dog we are experiencing many "accidents" and truly have tried all products from the groomer, vet's office, grocery store, pet store and everything over the internet. This product is the best and better yet someone finally figured out you don't have to stand on your head to spray the product, you can actually stand up like a person. Highly reccommend this product to anyone with an animal and a carpet. Thanks.

Best puke cleaner by Susie from Wisconsin08/12/2013

I use this cleaner in conjunction with a heated electric SpotBot. It cleans cat puke off the carpet. Absolutely the best cleaner of serious pet stains. And buying it in bulk is much cheaper than from the vet.

Appears to work by fax11/14/2012

It's very expensive for how quickly it gets used up.

service and product by miki from Pawleys Island, S.C.12/25/2012

I was totally satisfied with the quick service and the product, the Equalizer, and I would definitely recommend your store to all my friends with or without pets. Thank you!!

it works! by caren from new jersey05/05/2014

i've been using this product for 15 years or so. it was originally recommended to me by my brother who is a veterinarian and had tried many different products before landing on this one. it's easy to use and, unless you have a really awful stain, there's no scrubbing involved. take it from someone who has a two dog household for a total of 150 lbs. of dog. and one of them just loves to throw up.

The Best Carpet Cleaner--Saved Our Cat's Life! by MoA from Sarasota, Florida03/05/2012

My very elderly cat was soiling our rugs and carpets and I was beside myself. When I found The Equalizer carpet cleaner, my stress level decreased to normal! The cleaner is so easy to use and so effective. Pick up any solids, then spray the stained or soiled area. Vacuum when dry. After this simple process, there will be no stains and no odor remaining. Therefore, the cat will continue to live (he was on a fast-track towards kitty heaven!)

Always works. by sjh06/14/2013

This product has always worked for us. Planning to take some on a road trip just in case.

by from 03/23/2014

A miracle !!! by Buddy Valley01/15/2008

we have 4 cats 1 of which has a serious bladder problem. we have tried an uncountable # of products to help with our problem. we were at our wits end contemplating the worst that a pet lover could think of, giving up our beloved Bengal Simba. numerous vets we went to gave us no hope until our last one, I'm talking years here and over 7 different vets. I've spent thousands literally on removing repainting resanding you name it I did it to resolve and to fix the problem. the EQUALIZER has fixed it all no odors, he does not go to the area anymore the house smells fantastic again. we are just ecstatic and really thankful that we found this product . Now I can pet Simba without thinking of strangling him .. wonderful product and my thanks to whom ever invented it Buddy Valley St. Cloud, Florida

Excellent! by DF100107/08/2012

Removes the smell of cat urine fantastically well. Would recommend it to anyone with cats that miss the litter box!

by from 02/12/2008

We have used this product with purr-fect results for years. It works on all kinds of stains -- even old, unkonwn stains on the carpet in a new-to-us house.

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Pretty good stuff! by Breezy's Mom03/02/2012

This spray is decent! Works especially well on my blue & white berber for getting out our various calamity stains. I just wish the can would last longer!

Featured Reviews for Nutri-Cal (4.25 oz paste) by VETOQUINOL
by from 09/05/2012

Vetoquinol Nutri-Cal is awesome. My vet recommended it at 1st, and with the very 1st tube I saw a big difference in the health and vitality of my senior kitty. I highly recommend this to anyone who will listen to me rave about it. Thank you, Vetoquinol for making such a wonderful product and thank you, Entirely Pets . com for making it available at such an affordable price.

Liza by Jane" from Absolute BestCindy


Affordable Alternative! by Savannah Cat Breeder from Pensacola, FL04/03/2013

I've been giving my cats/kittens Tomlyn Nutri-cal for years as a great high-calorie supplement. I recently switched and this is the most affordable and comparable brand I've found out there. This product smells the same, and although I haven't actually tried it (yuck!), my kitties haven't noticed I changed! I recommend this to all of my customers.

Great product! by kitties4me from Sparks, NV09/04/2014

Nutri-cal keeps my tiny, little girl kitty nourished and feeling good! She is a very dainty eater and this provides the extra supplement she needs in her diet. It adds shine to her fur and gives her pep in her step ;)

Great purchase by Snuggles from Shreveport, LA12/30/2012

Love this product! Will order from you again!

Love this product by Bkrekos from Moreno Valley, Ca11/13/2012

We have Yorkies . And at times they are a little picky when eating. Instead of just trying to give them anything to eat, I would rather use this product until they are ready to eat their regular food. When our mama dog has puppies this is just up there as the thing I always use, to help keep her healthy.

Nutri-Cal for our cat by RSBJr from Pottstown PA07/20/2014

The vet recommended Nutri-Cal (4.25 oz paste) by VETOQUINOL, because our 19 year old cat has low blood sugar. Mixing it into his meals didn't work out well. Since we started putting it on our finger and scraping it onto the roof of our cat's mouth 4x/day, he seems more active and has a much better appetite.

by Tin10/15/2011

One of my bottles was cut open and leaked all over the other bottles, so when I opened the package it was a huge mess! I love this product and I usually buy it through Entirely Pets through Amazon, and I will just stick to Amazon from now on.

Nutri-cal by Ginnynyc03/28/2014

My cat wouldn't eat another brand and he will eat this one. He is ill and that's important.

A Must Have by BG from Texas05/27/2013

If you have little ones like me ( Yorkies) and they get down in the dumps for whatever reason, and won't eat.....this is a must have. Will save your little one from have a low blood sugar attack that will send you running to the animal hospital. I make sure I have a tube at all times. They love the taste and so easy to give.

Calorie Load by Dog Angel from Snellville, GA06/11/2012

Recently 2 puppies came to me literally out of the trash in our neighborhood. One was starved and very near death. The vet was not sure he would survive. Nine weeks later he is 22 lbs. and a real star. Knowing he needed calories but could not eat enough in his state to put them on. I started searching for Nutri-Cal or a similar product having used it 10 years ago to save my Doxie in a similar situation. Nutri-Cal is fantastic. It loads on the calories when an animal cannot consume the calories needed daily. Nutri-Cal has saved two lives that now bring joy and love to everyone's life they touch.

Great for older or ill dogs. by Jordana Capra11/10/2012

This was recommended by my vet and I have a 20 year old Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix. 20! And she still scampers up and down the stairs and jumps into the car to 'go for a ride'!

fantastic product by Marieke from Columbus, OH05/10/2012

my vet gave me this for my 17 year old cat who was losing alot of weight. it works great and he loves the stuff! i wanted to find someplace i could get it other than from my vet who was charging 13 bucks a tube for it. on entirely pets its less than 6! awesome product at an awesome price!

Palatable Yes but Dosage? by Hcacres04/23/2013

Bought this as Tomlyn brand not available. Dog likes taste though I am guessing you feed about the same as Tomlyn's because couldn't find recommended feeding amounts on tube and not mentioned in online description of product. I need to supplement calories for an older dog having trouble holding weight.

best purchase by steph from hebron ct03/14/2012

excellent product. would recommend this especially for pups that need a few extra calories

Great Product/Great Price by Soph from MD01/02/2013

Vet recommended when my cat was sick and not eating much. He doesn't mind the taste of this at all. Great price. Easy ordering. Quick delivery.

by from 06/26/2012

This wonderful product has saved more than one kitten that our family has rescued.

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One of best products by kittyrescuer from Atlanta, GA02/07/2012

This product has pulled many kitties through illness, old age, poor condition when rescued, and just health improvement in general. Would recommend to anyone to keep on hand even for the healthy ones.

Energy boost by cookie04/06/2012

Field trialing for springer spaniels is a high energy, stressful sport, especially in these unusual times of high temperatures and dry climate. Nutri-cal is easy to dose; one finger full to the roof of the mouth, following a hard run. In our experience it is much better for the dog than karo, which is all carb. Nutri-cal is complex and provides extra protein and fats as well as carbs to sustain the blood sugar.Thanks to our vet Dr. Long, for the recommendation.

nutri-cal by polly from Kansas03/22/2012

The dogs love the treat. Which is good for them. We buy this all of the time for the dogs.

Really helped my cat by jz01/27/2014

Chloe is my 15 yr old cat and she seemed to have lost her appetite completely. In desperation I purchased this supplement and within one week she began eating again. At this point, she is actually waiting for me to serve her breakfast and dinner. It has really helped.

Excellent product by hisss03/21/2012

I have used Nutri-cal for years in my cat rescue and was very happy to find that you have it available at a good price and with fast shipping. I will be ordering it from you again.

Nutrical by ShareMarie from Texas11/16/2012

Fabulous product. Have used it for years. My finicky eaters love the taste and I have no problem getting them to eat it.

nice if they ship the right thing by bjp07/19/2012

I ordered 4 and only got 2. the other 2 they sent were menthigel which I can even use.Its a urinary acidifier. Can't sent back because I don't have a receipt. will not order from entirely pets again.

They Like it Too Much by Susan G from East Palo Alto, CA02/17/2013

My cats like the taste so much that one tube does not last very long. It must taste like candy although it is full of nutrients.

Cats favorite by pvsquare04/03/2012

Our cats love Nutri-Cal. We give it to them everyday at the same time. When that time comes up they are waiting for it. It has really helped their appetite and well being.

My yorkie loves it! by Lucy02/23/2012

My yorkie loves it. I give her a pea size amount every day and she is very healthy and a very active little girl. She is full of life. Thank you for carrying this product.

Dogs go crazy for this stuff by Laurie from Memphis10/23/2012

makes a huge difference in the small dogs. They need a little boost now and then as they wear themselves out and bonk.

Successful by gemcat from Brooklyn, ny07/29/2012

Working very well for my 6 lb Persian who is a picky eater. She needs all the calories she can get and she enjoys the taste. On the second tube already. No small feat. Would recommend this to anyone who is frustrated at feeding time with their pet child. Vet is very happy with outcome as she is eating more and gaining ounces.

Vetoquinol by SD03/02/2013

This product has been instrumental in assisting one of our oldest cats continue to receive proper nutrition as he fights his battle with CRF.


We rescued Ambar from the street 5 years ago. She was 15 years old and was about to lose the battle. After hospitalization, she was prescribed to take 1-spoon a day of Nutrical. Thank God and this great supplement she is still alive, healthy and happy.

Vetoquinol Nutri-Cal Awesome stuff by RidinInTheWind from Clyde,NY10/24/2012

I HIGHLY reccommend this product. I believe it is exceptionally beneficial. Awesome, awesome stuff. I believe it is life saving for pets who need these nutrients.

by Toni from Belleville, NJ01/30/2013

I am entirely satisfied with the Nutrical I purchased from your company. It is the best product of its kind in the market and the price will make me come back and always purchase from you. Thank you.

Is giving more time to my aging cat by KenubeKat from Winchester, VA07/13/2013

Dex, a Main Coon I rescued 15 years ago, is not doing that well. Four days ago, he hadn't eaten in 2 days and was only drinking water; he'd lose his balance when he walked and had stopped meowing. (An avid talker up to now). I got some Nutri-Cal from my vet and Dex took a little 2x that day. The next day he ate a little, and I gave him more of the Nutri-Cal. Yesterday, he seemed much better, and ate some in addition to which I gave him Nutri-Cal 3x during the day. Today, he's up and walking well, jumping onto window sills and meowing - demanding to be fed, and he's eating everything I give him (small amounts more frequently) And he got a small amount of Nutri-Cal again today. I thought I had lost him 4 days ago. Now I have high hopes we'll have a lot more time together. Thank you Nutri-Cal!!

Great Price by Dianne D05/30/2012

I usually pay $10.00 a tube from my Vet.My cat loves it and she needs it because her kidneys are failing.Ever since I put her on it she has been doing well.I get 4 tubes at a time for $25.00 including shipping.

Energy Boost by Emma Kolanich02/20/2008

I Find that just a small amount of Nutical gives my 13 year old Pom a vitality and zest that he hasn't had for years. And he really loves the taste. He licks it right off the tube. I recommend keeping the open tube in the refridgerator to keep it from becoming runny. I deducted one star for price. Those small yubes don't last very long, but, all in all, a good product.

Nutri-Cal (4.25 oz paste) by VETOQUINOL by Kathie from manchester nj03/30/2012

great product great price,my puppy loves it

didn't like by jacksmom from Montana04/20/2014

I bought this for 2 18 year old cats and they don't like it. Mixed it in with canned food and they wouldn't eat it. If you want to force feed it to them then they will get the calories, but that is the only way that my cats will eat it. If your cats aren't eating at all I guess this would be ok for you to get them the calories but mine will eat, they are just skinny and I was hoping this would be a good way to get some weight on them by adding to the food.

Kitty likes it! by Polyanna from Grass Valley, CA01/20/2014

My 19 yr old cat has trouble keeping weight on. I mix this product with her food and she gobbles it all down. She has gained a healthy amount of weight.

The best miracle out there by Dragon22801 from Franklin, NJ07/02/2012

We have a cat that is nearing his last days due to cancer and old age and after trying this to give him some nurishment he has been eating, drinking and coming around as if he was just givin an iv fluid treatment. He is comfortable and is playing with our other furbabies. This gave him a boost of energy and we are happy to have tried this as it was sad looking at him getting frail due to cronic weight loss thanks to this our spirits are lifted

Nutri-Cal by Dee Van Winkle from Garland, Texas10/23/2012

We have used this product for several years and in the past have purchased it from a retail pet store. I found it at Entirely Pets Ebay store and was amazed at the great price! My daughter and I have a small non-profit cat rescue and when we have a Kitty who needs rehab the first thing we do is start it on Nutri-Cal. The cats love the taste and they start to respond very quickly feeling better and having more energy. I recommend it to any and all as a great product to perk up their pet...Cat or Dog.

Best price by Carol from Newport,tn.12/12/2011

I must say I have never found nutra cal this cheap any where. i use it all the time. It is great to help pills go down easily and a tube goes out with all our frenchy pups.

Great vitamin!! by Roxy from Allentown, Pennsylvania04/08/2014

I most definite recommend this product to any dog that needs that extra boost of nutrition and energy.

My puppies love it! by Kaysweb from Houston, TX03/29/2013

My vet recommended this to help with the Hypoglycemia that the chihuahua breed gets. I have two puppies and they both love it. If I forget to give it to them, they bounce around in the kitchen until I pay attention and get it for them.

Great Product by Miss Myra from Ogden, Utah04/11/2013

I have a 12 yr old Maine Coon who has chronic upper respitory problems. He doesn't want to eat when he is congested and that is constantly. Getting him to eat is very important and Nutri-Cal helps stimulate his appetite. He loves it and it is great to see him excited about eating. Thanks!

Wonderful product by ediec from Eustis, Florida05/30/2012

Recently, our 3 yr. old cat became quite ill, among other things, the vet gave us some of this Nutri-cal to try and put some weight back on him, as we couldn't get him to eat catfood. He started out by licking it off his paw , but eventually we achieved great results and now add this to his food. He loves it, so I purchased more and feed it to him regularly. It's easy to use, and just gives him nutrients and calories he needs right now.

Helpful by LikesArt from Atlanta07/16/2013

This product helps my older dog get some extra nutrition. She likes the taste and sometimes we use it to "glue" a pill to a dog biscuit.

2 different prices on website by Yahu07/20/2014

Your sell price on Google & Amazon web is $5.49 but on your own site is $6.39. Why?

Nutri-Cal' by lee06/03/2012

I order this because I was looking for an appetite helper. I really don't think I did anything for that but they do enjoy it.

Great Tasting Product For Finicky Dogs by roadrunner04/08/2013

I give my diabetic, 15 yr. old Toy Fox Terrier insulin injections twice daily. It bothered her so badly until I began giving her a capful of Nutri-cal to lick to distract her while giving the injection. Now she barely notices the needle. It also helps to get her sugar back up when it drops because of the sweetness of the molasses- like gel. The fish oil in the product helps keep her heart and circulatory system more healthy. It's good temporary nourishment for sick puppies and there is also a Nutri-cal for cats.

It's saving my cat's life by KenubeKat from Winchester, VA08/10/2013

I've already reviewed Nutri-Cal and told Dex's story of how we were about to take him to be put down because he couldn't eat, could barely walk, was missing the potty pan more often than not, he stopped meowing, and he was miserable. An employee in PetSmart suggested Nutri-Cal, and the Bancroft vets sold me a tube to try. They sold it to me as a prescription and it cost me more than 3 times the cost Entirely Pets charges. But, it worked. Within 3 days, Dex was improving enough that he could eat, potty correctly, and walk around, jump into window sills, and meow as usual. I immediately purchased 2 more tubes from Entirely Pets (which, even w/ mail charges, still cost less than one tube from Petsmart). I use it daily to augment Dex's food. He seems almost like himself. We know we're fighting a losing battle: Dex has kidney disease. But as long as he's comfortable and happy, we want to be with him. We're SO grateful for every day more we have with him thanks to Nutri-Cal.

Get Your Cat Eating by Kitty from Northeast Georgia Mountains05/06/2013

This is a great high nutrition product. Just rub it on your cats paw and lower leg when your cat refuses to eat. Your cat will lick it off and get the nutrition it needs. This will help get your cat eating again. You can stop using it once your cat is eating normally.

by from 04/10/2010

I have been buying this product, now produced by two companies in the same city and sold by the same name, for over 30 years. For many years, it consisted of a homogenous paste and I swore by it. For some reason, in the last several years, both companies, first one and then both, have changed the formulation. I do not know if the formula has changed, but the paste is no longer homogenous. The oil of which the product is partially composed now separates from the rest.

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by kobano from Moscow, Russia01/12/2014

very good product, i use for cats and they are love it.i recommend it.

by from 03/09/2014


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Now I don't have to rely on my vet by Owen from Alabama04/19/2012

I've been trying for two days to find out if my vet has even ordered nutri-cal for my 18 year old cat. He eats but is under weight and nutri-cal keeps him going. It also helps with his bowel movements. Thank goodness I've found entirelypets.com! I'm so glad I don't have to beg my vet again!

My Vet recommended it. by CatMomDo09/08/2014

My little Hyperthyroid cat, recently diagnosed, is thin. Her Vet handed me a tube of Nutri-cal and told me to give it to her twice a day. I think it probably helps because of the ingredients but she very much dislikes getting it. She yowls and growls and tries to claw me. She spits it out if she can. But I think it helps her. I wish it really was palatable for her, poor kitty!!

Just What the Doctor Ordered by CatLover from Northern Michigan03/02/2013

If you find that your aging cat is losing an interest in food or is listless and suffering from low energy - this may be the solution. We truly believe that this product has added years to the life and life to the years for our cats. This product also works wonders for cats recovering from illness - as it helps to build them up after suffering appetite and/or weight loss.

Nutrical by Laurie from Nesbit, Ms.01/30/2012

my Chihuahuas absolutely beg for this stuff. They are adult dogs now and still enjoy it and I always keep some in the house for special treats to them.

by MariaT from Deltona, FL05/29/2013

Actually, MariaT is the one who purchased the Nutrical for Irma Santiago. I give it to my dogs. Irma called me and told me her dog did not want to eat, I told her to take him to the vet and in the meantime to give him Nutrical. She did, and from now on I will order it for her so that her dog will remain healthy. He is well now and eating regularly. I recommend Nutrical to anyone who has a dog (just like a vitamin pill for adults). I purchase from Entirely Pets because I get good service and great price!

by Elena03/30/2014

Very good product especially for kittens recuperating after/during the illness.

agree, why, why did they change formulation by Debbie09/21/2010

I agree so much with the former reviewer. I have been using this product for over 14 years, and agree, not only is it thin and not the thick paste that it used to be, it is lighter color. My elderly cat will not even lick it up any more. & he has wonderful taste!! He can definitely detect the diff. We even see more of a difference in the last formulation lots since they changed the packaging of product. It must have gotten even thinner and lighter in the last few months. Please go back to the original formulation.

Nutri-Cal by Ronnie from Cottonwood Heights, Utah02/20/2014

Recommended by our vet for our small dogs our 9 yr. old is having problems with soft bones in her lower legs. we are hoping this will help

Best purchase ever by Debra from Corpus Christi Texas07/09/2013

I have some really picky eaters...so in order to keep their weight and health up, I have found this to be a good supplement. Very tasty !

Great price & free shipping too! by Nani from Wood Dale, Illinois02/14/2012

Our new pup is a little fussy sometimes when it comes to eating. Our Vet suggested Nutri-Cal & hooray she likes it. So I checked on line & the price was soooo much cheaper then at the Vet, that I will be a returning customer.

Good product. by daHawk from ODESSA, FL12/28/2011

My dog Daisy has renal failure. Her vet prescribed Nutri-Cal as a necessary diet suppliment. Daisey likes the taste and is gaining some valuable weight. I am continuing Neutra-Cal in her medical regime as it has been obviously beneficial.

Love this Product by Katie may11/20/2012

Makes giving meds so easy, plus she likes the taste.

Great Product LOVE it !! by katie may from scottsvile,KY07/05/2012

Make's giving meds. so easy plus she love the taste. She will have to take meds. the rest of her life has liver issues. So I'll be using nutri-cal long as she alive!!

Great Product by SD from South Carolina10/23/2012

Not all my cats like it, but it's a great product that I have used for years. Use it for a few extra calories on show cats/kittens. Also give it for added nutrients.

Excellent Product by Mr.Guys from San Antonio, TX04/23/2012

Hi Calorie, product to supplement new borns and nursing mothers when those extra calories count. We recommend it for all people who whelp pups.

Price triple at Pet Smart-BanfieldPet Hosp by Sandy09/01/2014

Since A year ago, I have paid from $15.00 for my pet Nutri-cal to now I'm paying 22.50 for the same 4.25oz at Banfield Pet Hospital #1121 in Pearland Texas, when I asked why the price has gone up 7 dollars within the year and I'm getting only half of the tube, I was told to write the company. I'm very shock I took the advice of the vet to go on line and can not believe the same tube of Nutri-Cal is 15.00 cheaper when I order it on line. What A RIP off.

Helped a sick kitty by Spydie from Canton, Ohio06/07/2013

Lots of vitamins and nutrients, great for a kitty who is not feeling on top of the world.

20 yr. old cat loved it! by Susan C. from San Diego06/01/2014

Mr. Finicky finally responded positive to something. This product is wonderful when you're trying to get a stubborn, old cat to eat. Try it, you won't be disappointed.

It's Life-Saving!Nutri-Cal4.25 oz paste-VETOQUINOL by ronrox05/27/2014

Doc sent me home with this for our Matty, a long hair Siamese mix - who is in renal failure.....He was in bad shape. That was 5 months ago! I give 3 tsp daily. He used to eat it for me, but now I mix 1 tsp w 1/2 tsp water, & give it to him thru an oral syringe. This gives him vitamins, as well as calories, and combined with the A/D & K/D wet foods, he is doing pretty well - and has only lost 1 lb to date. Much better than all of us, including the vet, were expecting.

by Joy03/12/2013

Great product ! I use it for my baby rabbit, since my vet saved her life with this great product ?

by Km from Georgia05/05/2013

Our puppy has to take pills and she never refuses to lick them off our finger with this paste on it! Plus, it's good for her.

by from 09/13/2013

I have a cat who was recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder-- (IBD). In her particular case, her entire alementary canal is affected, from her teeth and mouth to the end of her colon.

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Pill Slider! by Joan Dredge05/04/2009

Our dog takes a handful of pills in the morning and at night. We went through cheese, peanut butter, any of the usual items to get the pills down. She always got tired of these items and we spent "hours" getting her to swallow. Animals LOVE the taste of Nutri-Cal! Put a little in your hand and cover the pills, and the Slide Right Down! She runs to me to take her pills for the last year. Don't use a lot unless the dog needs to gain weight.

Miracle supplement by Cat from Warner Robins, GA09/12/2013

I've been giving this product to my ferrett for about 2 years now after he almost died after a bout with the ferrett Green Slime disease. The quack of an exotic animal vet which I took him to nearly killed him after misdiagnosing his ailment and starting him on a steroid cocktail treatment. When his health continued to degenerate, I decided to try this product. After two years of giving "Gizmo" this supplement he is in wonderful health and as energetic as can be expected for his age.

Fed to cat with broken/wired shut jaw by Tina08/06/2013

Years ago one of my cats was hit by a car, breaking her jaw. It had to be wired shut and all she could manage to eat was a tiny amount of soft food. She was also in advanced pregnancy, so we were very concerned with keeping up her weight. This highly nutritious food was all we fed her for the first couple days as she was only able to swallow a tiny bit due to swelling and soreness, plus jaw wired shut. We'd just take about a a half-inch squeezed directly into her mouth onto her tongue so she could swallow it easily, several times a day. She recovered great, and had a litter of healthy kitties except for one born with back injury. Have also given to underweight/sick cats/kittens to perk them up.

Chihuahua Treat by Laurie G06/24/2008

My 4 Chi's love this stuff! As tiny dogs their energy levels drop during the day between feedings and a little Nutrical gets them back in action again. They are addicted to this. If the price was a little lower I would buy it by the case. Great product!

maltese favorite treat by yvonne m07/02/2008

my maltese go crazy when she see it in my hand she love the taste of it . great product and excellent price. my vet charge me the first time i purchase it $15.00 for it. you guys have a excellent price for it. thank you.

by from 02/04/2013

good stuff by cat lady from manchester, ct04/25/2014

the first time I bought this my 17 year old (finky) cat, she loved it. she ate it like it was candy. she's very frail and has a thyroid problem so she can never gain any weight and that's why I was very happy when she was taking her vitamins. It really did/does make a huge difference, her coat looks better and she has more energy...however, for some reason, the 2nd tube isn't going as well...she wants nothing to do it...so instead of wasting the product I'm putting a little on her nose and she's licks it off. at least she's getting it into her body.

Dogs love this and it is good for them by polly from kansas08/23/2014

Our dogs love this as a treat. Of course this is healthy We buy this product all of the time. We give this as a treat. If your dogs cannot eat or has a problem eating, you should give them this for all of the healthy nutrients. Our dogs are older and they like this Nutri-Cal not the one they have for senior dogs.

Great product by tennisnojomom from Newburgh, Indiana09/12/2013

My older cat loves Nutri-Cal, which pleases me because I know that he is then getting the nutrients he needs to keep up with the 2 younger cats in our home. I use a small syringe and squirt into his mouth. He gladly accepts it this way (because he didn't like when I tried to put it just onto my finger and give it to him.)

My cat loves this! by Reenie from Oregon03/26/2014

My renal failing cat, who is also a very picky eater, loves this supplement! He licks it right off my finger. After being diagnosed with kidney disease two years ago I switched him to a KD food and he ate it well but he was still losing weight so I asked the vet about a high calorie supplement that wouldn't cause other problems. This Nurti-Cal gel is what he recommended...it's working.

Vitality by Princesa from Puerto Rico10/21/2013

Great diet supplement. My dog like so much.

great supplement by heather from rhode island02/23/2013

This product was recommended to me by my vet. Works great for my 15 1/2 year old dog. She loves the flavor. Great price & fast shipping.

Featured Reviews for Vetoquinol Paxon Urinary Track Supplement (30 Chewable Tablets)
Great product by Jamie from Florida11/06/2012

My vet prescribed this medication for my Basset Hounds because of their recurring UTI's. At her office it was twice the cost of what this site charges. I want to give my wonderful Basset's the best, but this was way too expensive. I am grateful I found this web site and can give them the meds they need. It really has helped them!!

by nicky from new zealand06/19/2014

Seems to be helping a bit but it turns out my dog isn't having uti's, she's urinary incontinent at under 2 years old!!! So not really what the product is designed for. It's still a fraction of the price on this site than what I'd pay here in New Zealand that's why I'd recommend people to try it as it won't do any harm to their dog or their bank balance.

WORKS by missy07/28/2014

My female dog suffered w/ recurrent bladder infections, eventually needed surgery to remove over 20 bladder stones. My vet recommended this product. It has been 2 years with NO bladder infections and no stones!!

Very Happy Customer by jamie from Florida07/29/2012

My two aging Basset Hounds have recurring uti's and the vet recommended this medication to help. I was paying double the price of what I paid on this web site and am so happy I found you!! It is too early to tell if the product works but I am getting ready to order some more.

Aids in bladder health by Pamster from Chicago12/14/2012

My disabled dog has a chronic bladder infections, taking Paxon along with prescribed anti biotic has removed multiple strains of bacteria down to one manageable bacteria. We find the Paxon has aided in minimizing the multiple offending bacterias.

Paxon Urinary Track Supplement by MaryJo from Nanaimo, BC, Canada03/26/2014

Our vet recommended this product because our dog kept having urinary track infections. She has been on this for four months now and we haven't had a problem since. Coinsedense? Maybebe...but it seems to help!

Featured Reviews for Vetoquinol Pill Wrap Oral Paste (4 oz)
Max Loves It by CattyPatty09/20/2014

Our 10 year old Max is on daily blood pressure medication. He gobbles up his wrapped pill every morning like it's a treat. Did try on one of our other cats that needed short-term antibiotic and he refused it. I guess it just depends on the cat! I do think a fish flavored wrap would be more enticing to cats.

dogs love it, cats not so much by tia from Rochester, NY01/03/2013

This works great for my dogs! Even the finicky little ones who sniff everything first will gladly eat anything wrapped with this. I've even put tiny balls of it on new food to tempt little dogs to eat. Very neat and clean to use -- not sticky or gooey. A little goes a long way. My cats were not interested in the least -- maybe they would like a different flavor better.

by Anja B. from Sarasota FL12/26/2012

Great product! My cats love it. It is a much better value than pill pockets.

Great stuff by Jimc from North Carolina09/18/2014

My Bichon needs to take pills every day. I wrap his pills in this pill wrap and and wrap a piece of ham around the pill wrap ball containing his meds. He is a bit of a pain, but most times the wrap works,

great stuff by big dog from Northern California06/09/2014

Our dog is a very picky eater, she loves taking her pills now!

Pill Paste by RHouse from San Antonio, TX10/23/2012

This is a terrific product. Our dog is on several medications, and before we started using Vetoquinol Pill Paste, we were lucky to get any of his pills down his throat without a fight (or he would pretend to eat them and we would find them later hidden in a couch cushion). With the Pill Paste he gobbles up any pills we give him like they are his favorite treats.

Dogs love it! by Chris10/17/2013

This product makes giving pills so easy. My 4 dogs can not have cheese or peanut butter and just a thin layer of this wrap gets them to eat their pills. Wonderful and lasts a very long time.

Vetoquinol Pill Wrap by Auntie to two toy poodles from Southern California11/11/2012

Mimi loves this pill wrap. Skipper hates it. So my suggestion is to try it and go from there. I have to wrap Skipper's pills in Velveeta cheese while the pill wrap is molded onto the pill for Mimi. My cat doesn't like the pill wrap either. But then, she doesn't like much of anything that is supposedly good for her. I suggest you try it because each pet is sooo different.

This stuff is good by Chris from Jacksonville, Fl05/11/2013

Pill paste is great for making tiny or not so tiny "pill pockets" for meds. Most of my cats love it but a few are not consistent with regular use. I use it daily for one of my cats & he never gets tired of it. Very economical if you need to medicate daily or have multiple cats/meds.

Forget the Pill Pockets, this stuff ROCKS by Jack's Mom from Woodbridge, VA02/07/2012

My dog gets a daily pill, and I had been using Pill Pockets to administer it for a long time. They were obviously yummy to my dog, but there was so much excess product in each pocket, and the cost was outrageous. The Vetoquinol pill paste is the greatest invention ever! I can use just enough to cover the pill, Jack loves the taste, and I am spending a fraction of what I used to spend. I highly recommend this product!

Excellent Idea but they need more flavors by Jen12/17/2012

Tried using this for my adult cat, and while the concept is great (I think those pill pockets are too large in size - this you can mold the amount you want) my cat didn't show any interest in it. Maybe because it was bacon flavor, maybe because it wasn't fish flavored...(it only comes in bacon currently). At any rate, great product, just wasn't liked by my cat.

Pill Wrap paste by JODEYE from Pennsylvania10/17/2012

I was going to order this product UNTIL I read the ingredients. Any one that is up on pet food knows to avoid BHA and BHT at all costs. This is a known cancer causing agent. I will not buy this product because it contains BHA. Please look this up on the internet and always check your pets food/snacks. These are used as preservatives. Stay away

Not good for cats by My 2 cents11/13/2013

This product has a heavy molasses smell. It might work well for dogs but I have three cats who all refused it. They showed no interest in it at all. Pill pockets has flavors more suitable for cats.

Excelllent product by Nete,pronounced Neat from wernersville,Pa.12/13/2012

I have a f inniky dog who won''t take chewable medicine of any kind, A friend !gave me a jar of the pill wrap and my dog loves it.! I would recommend it to one and all.

Great Product by DKF09/12/2014

The pill wrap works wonderfully. You can use as little or as much as you like to wrap the pill. It smells like bacon. I just put the pill(s) on the floor and my dog gobbles them. I highly recommend this product.

He rejects to swallow and taste it. by Kutluay from Turkey12/15/2013

I have a cat 19 who is CKD. We are using several pills together. I bought this product to make the administration easy. I trusted its brand and so its taste. But my cat rejected to swallow it, althought the pill is in very small caps. Its taste should be better. Rather than using this product, i give the pills with a little mayoneisse.

by from 04/02/2012

I give my cat a maintenance medication two times daily, usually with half a Pill Pocket. I like this product because you can pinch off as much or as little as you need. It has a strong bacon odor, which the cats seem to find appealing also.

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Good, but... by SH10/23/2012

This is a bacon flavored wrap that my dog loved at first for her twice-a-day pills. Now she won't touch it. She IS pretty picky, so it would probably be fine for most dogs. It is a fine wrap- it does not crumble like some wraps do.

LOVE THIS STUFF! WELL, THE CATS DO! by LindaSabat from Cape Coral, FL02/12/2014

Used to used "pill pockets" to administer my cats meds, but they went off it! THEY ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS STUFF! Will eat anything I put in it, and it's cheaper per use then the Pill Pockets!

Not recommended for cats by DebbieB from Austin, TX02/10/2012

I bought this as an alternative to Pill Pockets, which two of my cats who got daily pills seemed to be getting tired of. They were even less interested in the pills when covered in the Pill Wrap Oral Paste. This product has a very smoky aroma, which I'm guessing dogs might be attacted to, but the cats seemed very turned off to it.

Featured Reviews for Hi-Vite Drops (1 oz.)
by Kitty Karegiver12/07/2012

Easy to add to canned cat food,good supplement for older cats

Awesome Medicine for Dogs with Liver ailment by Perrito#1 from Northern Virginia11/10/2011

Our Min Pin Max has had chronic pancreatitis for several years - a condition that is potentially fatal and often very difficult to treat. However, our vet has prescribed an amazing cocktail of vitamins, supplements and medication that has not only helped him to live longer, it has made him strong and healthy and at age 16 Max has the energy level of a much younger dog. Hi-Vite is one of the supplements that he takes twice a day and it is essential to protect the liver and pancreas and support their functioning in dogs whose organs are not working properly. these medicines, combined with a low-fat diet and exercise have helped to give Max a new lease on life. We LOVE Hi-Vite!

Hi-Vite Drops (1 oz.) Dr. recommended by Yorkie Mama from Alabama07/20/2012

Good product, recommended by Vet. Cheaper than at Vet's office

HI - VITE Drops by Deb from Henderson, NV10/23/2012

My Sweet Pug loves HI-VITE Drops - she happily enjoys it straight from the Dropper or as a topping mixed in with her morning meal! She is such a joy!!

by Judy04/06/2012

Very palatable. Just put it on canned food. They love it. I add a little water to thin it out.

by from 10/25/2011

Hi-Vite Drops was recommended by my vet years ago when my dog was having skin problems.

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by anne04/18/2013

my dogs actually don't turn their nose up at this vitamin supplement

easy administration by Dan06/24/2013

My 18 yr old cat requires a liver vitamin supplement and she takes this in her food daily with no problem.

Good vitamin by Jabie07/06/2013

Great for skin and hair coat! Also a good vitamin for an ill cat/kitten or one who isn't eating well. Always check with your vet first!

by southaustinative from Austin, TX03/18/2013

Excellent product. I was recently told that my senior cat is anemic, and this vitamin, high iron supplement has made him feel much better.

BHA? by Doggie Friend04/08/2014

Unfortunately, there's BHA in this product. No matter how much I want to like the product, I will not allow BHA in my pets' diet.

Hi Vite Drops by lw09/10/2013

This product is helping my cat with leukemia have better quality of life.

Excellent vitamins by tam10/28/2012

Hi-Vite Drops were recommended by my vet. I was able to find them cheaper online. I just mix them with my furkids' food. The only problem that I had with my order is that one of the bottles arrived completely shattered and the drops, which are very sticky, leaked over everything in my order creating a mess. Entirely Pets appologized for the problem and agreed to send a new bottle.

Hi-Vite Drops - worth the money by Lynn from Ventura, CA03/05/2013

Definitely improved the skin, coat, eyes, and joint mobility of my Dachshund and Maltese. The dosing is easy with the liquid dropper. Just don't put it in the refrigerator, it makes the viscosity too thick. I mix it with the dog's food and they never even noticed it was added. I will keep using Hi-Vite drops, they made a noticeable improvement in my dogs' health.

Love these vitamins by Dog Lover from Lakeland, TN03/22/2012

My yorki poo has been sick for awhile with what the doctor think is Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Haven't gotten the tests results back to know for sure. She became very lethargic and wouldn't eat. I started giving her these vitamins and she started perking up with more energy and eating good again. She is a picky eater but they must taste good because when she sees me with them, she runs to me and always want more. Would definitely recommend these.

by from 01/08/2013

Really happy I found this! I'm an avid vitamin and probiotic supplement taker and believe in the power of them very much. When I saw 2 of my kittie's fur looking, "bleh", I thought to myself, "Why of course! Kitties and doggies need vitamins, too! Why didn't I think of that sooner for them?"

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Good product, fair price by Dave the cat from Virginia, USA, Earth, Milky Way07/17/2013

My vet recommended Hi-Vite for one of my cats. I bought my first bottle from the vet, but Entirely Pets has a much lower price. One caution: the bottle is pretty full (which is good), so you need to dispense some before there's room to insert the dropper completely; otherwise, it'll spill over. That extra is a day's dosage or more.

Maximize Your Pets Health by Annette from Amesbury, MA02/11/2013

This is an amazing vitamin. Our 15 year old cat lost half her body weight before it was discovered she had a thyroid problem. The thyroid meds stabilized her but she still needed to put on weight. Finding the right soft food she liked helped but the Hi-Vite drops are what truly made the difference. Thank you, Hi-Vite!

Keeps my Maggie May healthy by Margaret from Georgia08/04/2014

My Basset hound Maggie May had a reaction to her seizure meds and so my vet put her on this product to help boost her blood and help her anemia. it did a great job and so i have continued to keep her on it. she is a happy strong girl.

by from 06/15/2011

We live in the country and we have a stray cat that started coming around and he looked so scrawny and frail. I started feeding him good food and then I also found this Hi-Vite Drops on your website and decided to give them a try. You should see the difference they have made in the looks of this stray cat. We call him Rags because he did look rather ragged when we first started feeding him, but he looks wonderful now! His hair is shiny and he has put on weight. I will continue to give him this as long as he keeps coming around. Thanks,

Country Girl by from Country

Really makes a difference!

Vet Recommended by Richard9705/24/2014

Effective, readily accepted on food. Good price and service at EntirelyPets.

simple is the word to describe by cat lady from Amarillo, Texas12/31/2013

My two cats are very individual with one eating a vitamin tablet and the other one acting like it was poison. The liquid Hi-Vite was perfect for the picky cat. She takes it without a major production! Both cats are FIP positive so maintaining their health is imperative. Keeping the "good health" scales balanced is VIP. They may be corona virus positive but are currently healthy, happy cats with no signs of virus conversion or other outward signs of illness.

Hi vite by Smoky03/15/2014

This stuff is much cheaper then the vet, my puppy love this stuff. For now on I will be purchasing my pet items from here.

cat didn't like it by cat lady from manchester, ct04/25/2014

I have a very picky kitty so it's hard to go by my review, she doesn't seem to like the taste at all as she freaks out when I put the drops into her mouth. however, with my boyfriend's help we both hold her and we manage to get it into her mouth. so as far as my cat liking it, not so much, but I felt i really needed to write a review for the not so picky kitty owners because it really is making a big difference with her health. her coat is nicer and she has more energy. I'm seeing a huge improvement, however, I will not be repurchasing this only because I have to find an easier way to giving her vitamins but it's good stuff it does help with their well being!

Great vitamins by Jim from Raleigh, NC01/26/2013

The cat loves them. Just a drop on her evening meal.

Hi-Vite Drops (1 oz.) by DoubleDoxie from Philadelphia09/22/2014

Just like humans, animals need vitamins too. Using Hi-Vite Drops will help my pets to live a longer healthier life with vitamin supplements such as A, D, and E, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Iron. My dogs are happy and have beautiful coats.

Sgt. Fancy Pants gives 2 paws up! by Chichina13410/11/2013

I give my cat 1/2 dropper full twice a day with her food. She loves it! Her coat is very shiny and very soft. She looks extremely healthy and I believe the hi-vite drops play a big role in that. Not only that, but this website sells it 3 times less than my vet does! I buy three bottles for the price of one! It's a win win!

Iron deficient cats by Lee Colby03/31/2008

Our sedentary cat was at least 15 years old when a routine examination revealed that she was iron deficient. The vet prescribed Hi-Vite drops and we could get them everywhere. No local pet store stocked them so we bought several bottles from EntirelyPets.com, their service was prompt and we are on the third shipment. Now the cat 'plays' with our Miniature Schnauzer and races through the house.

use by alfred papillon01/27/2009

excellent product even though my dog does not like the taste.

HI VITE DROPS by Norma05/04/2013

my dogs just love them-and i can tell the difference in them when i run out.

Excellent Product by barbd01/10/2011

My 18 year old cat, Daisy, was diagnosed with liver cancer last month. I took her home from the hospital so she can live her last days comfortably with me. My vet gave me Hi-Vite drops and they are making a HUGE difference. I skipped giving them to her for two days, and during those two days her health seemed to decline. I started giving the vitamins to her again and she is back to eating a lot, running around, etc. It seems crazy that a vitamin could do this, but it's working. Maybe it's the iron. All I know is it's helping and I would highly recommend!!

Wow It Works ! by Cindy03/31/2009

My Cat was not eating his food. He would just lick the juice from his food and walk away. We tried every name brand and flavor they made. The Vet told me to give him vitamins. I gave him this vitamin and he is eating a lot better. He likes the taste. I'm back to order another bottle.

Great buy! by yn17071 from Shelbyville, TN11/29/2011

I tried these on a suggestion from my sister. I've been giving them to my 13 year old Great Pyrenees. She acts like a puppy again!! Not sure what's in these, but I'll keep giving them to her because I can definitely tell a big difference in the way she feels!

by from 04/25/2009

My 7 year old kitty was not eating much and now she eats well. She loves the taste of these vitamins drops and the Barley Cat herbal greens. So do my other 2 kitties age 8 months and 10 months - Star, Gabby and Maggy respectively.

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by from 05/12/2009

Missie, our dog, acts like Hi-Vite drops our the best thing ever. She sits patiently and then runs and jumps for them.

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Hi-Vite drops work by Julien08/10/2009

Peta, our beloved cat has contracted feline Leukemia from the shots. She very quickly went from healthy happy 10 pounder to a weight of 2 pounds. The Vet said take her home to die nothing more they can do. We could not give up on her. We found Hi-Vite drops as a possible help. It is now two years later and she weights 12 pounds and is full of energy and life. We also have a diet containing lots of liver and beef. I believe Hi- Vite drops and God saved her life. Thank you to both!

by from 01/25/2012

As the President of an animal rescue that specializes in special needs, senior and injured animals we use a lot of this product.

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Hi-Vita helps vitamin deficient 18 yr cat by Lee Colby08/30/2009

Our cat Sophie was low on iron three years ago and we started her on Hi-Vie Drops. She responded al,most instantly and has continued to be a loving member of our family.

Not so sure about this stuff - smells bad by Valia from Chicagoland area05/01/2013

Only 2 out our 5 cats will eat their wet if this stuff is in it. It does smell bad. A shame. I will continue to grind up vitamin pills that they don't mind.

Terrific vitamins! by AggieB from Burlington, NC11/19/2012

My vet recommended Hi-Vite Vitamins for my cat who was diagnosed with Leukemia along with a regimen of meds. He has more than outlived our expectations - he has thrived. His energy level has improved measurably and his coat and eyes are wonderfully healthy-looking. He loves the flavor of Hi-Vite and I've started giving Hi-Vite to all my cats. Their energy and appearance have improved, too. Thanks for this terrific product!

My dog leaps for this by Marizee from GA04/17/2013

My neighbor was taking care of my dog for a few days. I told her to be prepared for her to jump for her vitamins. When I arrived home my neighbor said you mean, "She literally flies for it"

Vitamin Bargain by Skew06/18/2012

We've been buying this vitamin supplement from our local vet for two years. When I saw the same thing on your website, I purchased it. I will saving a considerable amount of money for the same product using your website from now on. Thank you!

Great Stuff! by Beth from Clements, Maryland05/30/2012

My dogs love this gravy-flavored vitamin mix. I give the drops to my geriatric dog Daisy and it really seems to make a difference in how she feels. She was a rescue dog and is estimated to be between 12 and 15 years old.I've bought Hi-Vite for years now, and plan to keep using it.

Easy Great Vitamin Supplement by Dog's Best Friend06/07/2012

I use these every day half strength on top of my dogs food. SHe loves the taste and her coat, which is thick and black, is even shinier and deeper black than ever. This is easy product to use and at an excellent price.

Better than other I used. by Marie from North Las Vegas, Nevada12/15/2010

I did not think they had liquid vitamins for pets until I inquired at Entirely Pets. I used to give my Sheltie vitamin tablets he would not chew them with Hi Vite Drops he is eager to take his vitamins. Thank You Entirely Pets..

Dog loves her "memacine" by Smitty from Granger, Indiana01/14/2014

She can be any place in the house or even outside. All I have to say is COME GET YOUR MEMACINE and she comes to the kitchen to get it.

Vitamins by AMAZING GRACE from North Las Vegas, Nv11/17/2012

I had ordered the vitamins from you before with my first SHELTIE, he passed and now I have two more and they are on the same vitamins. I have no problem with any products from you that is why I have come back after retaining my two new SHELTIE'S..

Featured Reviews for Trifectant - Broad Spectrum Disinfectant (50 tablet)
easy to use by Cordova Rose from Cordova TN07/26/2010

I purchased this product to disinfect my home. I recently lost a kitty to FIP. Studies recommend waiting at least two months before introducing another kitty into the home. I will wait three months, but because this is such a deadly, contagious virus, I wanted to do more to be sure. I received my order quickly. Just drop the tablet into a sprayer with 16 oz of water and let it fizz. Then just spray. I have, so far, sprayed upholstered furniture, carpet, wood, cushions, drapes. I tested several things in inconspicuous places first and no problems, no discoloration. I am very pleased with this product.

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