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    Mystery Motion, formerly Panic Mouse Undercover Mouse, is the toy that introduces your cat to new heights of excitement at play. The concealed-mouse moves silently; randomly speeding and reversing direction under its durable nylon cover. The hidden mouse skitters furtively just out of your cat's view. The movements are so real you and your cat will swear there's a live mouse in the house!

    Mystery Motion allows for easy speed adjustment and will provide hours of interactive fun powered by 3 AA batteries.

  • One (1) Concealed-mouse electronic cat toy
  • One (1) ripstop nylon skirt
  • One (1) mouse wand

  • Requires three (3) AA batteries (not included)

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    Mystery Motion by Sandy from Harpers Ferry, WV01/22/2015

    4 of my 9 cats liked this, with 2 especially interested. The problem was that the mouse disconnected way too quickly; then the cats lost interest. But the motor kept running so I had to monitor it constantly. I didn't think they would really like it, but they wanted to play more, but the mouse coming loose made it difficult to play very long.

    by from 06/14/2013

    I have a 18 month old 9.5 lb. Selkirk Rex. He's not a giant nor overly powerful when playing.

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    $$$$!!" by A Piece of Junk!! from FluffyDebDon't


    by from 03/23/2014

    I'm sorry to say that the products never arrived. Please advise what to do next.

    gd by from Gina

    Product never arrived

    Wonderful cat toy by kittydad10/26/2011

    Brought new life and energy to our 10 yr old cat. He can't get enough of the hidden mouse. Both cats spend hours stalking and catching the "mouse".

    Excellent by Mountainkatt from Tennessee06/22/2012

    The first toy they actually like. They will play with it for hours. The only negative is that it likes batteries. It operates best on quality batteries otherwise they wont last long.

    disappointed by Shari01/23/2013

    My cats were afraid of the Panic Mouse because it made too much noise. I called about your return policy and found it is considered used because I removed it from the box although the cats never went near it. I'm very disappointed because I could have returned it had I bought it at PetsMart.

    Older cat loves it by Docwaters from Butte, MT09/20/2013

    Our 10 yr.old cat was hesitant to play with the game, but now he love it. He goes and pats the game for us to turn it on.

    May be worth buying by LAY03/12/2012

    The motor sounds little loud. This toy really did not hold my cats attention for a long time. I think my cats love toys where they get to play with us and not by themselves.

    Cats actually play! by TennesseeJen from Tennessee08/10/2010

    We have three cats and all three from ages 2 - 10 are interested. The noise of the motor running is very low. This does work better on the carpet than wood floor or tile with grout lines. The only con is I wish it had a timer! They'll play for an hour and then the young one flips the entire thing over.... did I mention they REALLY like this toy! Nothing at PetsM ever really enticed them. I'm glad to have found something worth the money!!

    A MUST for cat owners! by Jane01/09/2012

    Undercover Mouse is an absolute MUST for every cat owner. Our cats cannot leave it alone. I have never seen anything that continues to amuse, fascinate and encourage play like this toy. Even the 14-year old that never plays is swatting and trying to catch the "mouse".

    Great Enertainment by minum1312 from Bethel Ohio12/13/2011

    The Undercover Mouse is not only entertainment for my two cats (Abby and Mindy) but watching them is a blast. They look like kittens again. My terrier mix (Louie) loves it also He thinks hes a cat too. My rottie (Hannah) just picks it up and tries to steal it but the cats chase her down. Too much fun!!! The cats anticipate playing when I bring the toy out.:)

    Major Con by Unhappy12/31/2012

    Ordered item weeks ago. It still hasn't arrived. Not just poor service. How about no service at all.

    by from 12/11/2012

    DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THIS TOY. It is not the Undercover Mouse and really is not nearly as good. The mouse is a hard plastic mouse that only goes about six inches from the base (that's only to the middle of the cover). Original toy had a nice long wand (which could be replaced) that had a "tail" that stuck out from under the cover. This toy does not.

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    So Much Fun by RC from brunswick, OH03/11/2012

    I have 2, 3 year old cats and absolutely LOVE the toy. I would recommend it.

    Keeps her mesmerized by DLK from NYC07/28/2013

    My one cat runs to this toy every morning, waiting for me to turn it on. She sits and watches it, hypnotized (what can I say, she's a bit of an observer) until I turn it off.

    by rhonda_lg207/16/2012

    This thing worked for about a minute and a half, then would not move. I tried everything. I threw it in the trash and gave up.

    Loud but entertaining by Debs from Charlotte, NC09/30/2012

    I have had this toy for a couple of years now and my oldest cat claws at the closet handle every evening wanting me to pull it out for playtime. The only cons are battery life: always putting new batteries in it and the plastic wand is so thin it has broken off twice, but my two cats don't play gently with it. Sometimes they lay on top of it trying to keep it from moving. I wish there were more varities of the repacement wand. Could use a sturdier cover as well.

    Hilarious by AmyCatLady12/28/2012

    So glad we bought this for our cats, they love it and we have had so many laughs watching them play. Yes, you will have to reattach the mouse often ~ we just call it being interactive with our pets!

    Worked for 3 minutes then broke by Colorado Pearl07/23/2013

    the on/off button got stuck almost immediately. Returned via mail and still waiting for credit from Entirely Pets, 2 weeks later. Not pleased with the product or the customer service.

    they like it but.... by madmom from oregon01/02/2014

    my two cats both are in love with this toy but the mouse does not stay on its connection. after minimum play time, they have the mouse off and are sitting there looking at it thinking "what do I do now?"

    Waste of time and $ by djboy09/19/2013

    Don't bother with this toy. If it breaks down before your 4 weeks are up (and mine did) then Entirely pets won't exchange it. Instead they tell you to call the manufacture and to get them to answer the phone is impossible. If you have to try out this toy then get it from a local dealer like petsmart or petco where they will work with you as long as you have kept your receipt.

    ordered quite for a while by maddog1 from Enid, OK11/08/2012

    This order has been backordered since the first time we sent the order. We have not received any thing but notices that is is still not available and is still on back order. Order # is 7793874. Please address this problem.

    Excellent Entertainment! by SherylM from Conroe, TX03/15/2012

    I have 3 cats ranging in age from 7 years to 3 years & they all love the Undercover Mouse! They will play with it tirelessly, sometimes one of them at a time & sometimes they enjoy playing with it simultaneously. This is the best cat toy I've ever purchased & will be purchasing another one after they tire this poor mouse out. =)

    Lazy Cats by Besmad12/29/2011

    I bought this for my two, three year old rescue cats. I had hoped that it would get them up and moving. However instead of chasing after the "mouse" the two sat and watched it go around. Additionally the motor made a loud clicking sound and the "mouse" got stuck when it went around. I think this might work for some cats, but for mine it was not a success.

    build it yourself by Glorybe05/02/2012

    This is a sensational idea for a cat toy and my cat loved it...as long as it was working. The design and execution are so cheaply done that the lifespan of this toy will be short. Problems: the skirt doesn't actually fit properly and I had to cut it to make it stay on, the battery case requires a tiny screwdriver, not easy to find, the motor cannot cope with the cat seizing the toy and it sort of jams, it eats batteries, the batteries won't stay in place and continually become dislodged, causing the toy to stop.

    Happy cat by Purrkins from Michigan03/26/2012

    1 out of 3 cats love this keeps him entertained for daily play . It's not exactly what I thought it would be there is no mouse it is a stick that goes around under the cloth. He does pull the stick off but it is rugged enough just put back on its fine. Would be nice if it had a timer so it wound shut off after a period of time. Would recommend for a energetic cat.

    do not buy by disappointed01/07/2012

    It worked for maybe 10 off and on minutes,,just enough time where our kitties liked it then quit.They kept a vigil for an hour waiting.It nver worked again.

    Never received this order by Chemgirl from North Carolina03/03/2014

    I cannot rate this product as I never received this order. I thought this order was cancelled but evidently it was delivered somewhere....just not to me. No more shopping on this website for me.

    Don't buy by Cat woman12/28/2011

    We bought this thinking that our kittens would love it. Well it broke not one day after we received it. Plus the arm keeps coming off. I don't think I would purchase this item again.

    by Maree02/19/2012

    A great buy. I have 4 cats and they all just love this game. The price was very good, and the shipping service was very fast. Thank you

    Interesting cat toy by Cindy from Bristol, RI01/26/2010

    This toy interested my cats for a long time and continues to interest them. You should purchase rechargable NiMH batteries for this toy though. It drains them really quickly. But it is worth the purchase if you are going to use them . It does entertain my cats for awhile. Even my semi-feral cat who catches real mice outside thoroughly loves this toy. she is the one who actually hogs it and the others have to fight to play.

    My cat loves it! by 1Peterbald from Pittsburgh, PA03/19/2014

    The different settings are great. It keeps the cat interested in the toy - at least for a while. And allows me to do other things - clean, cook, etc.

    Great stimulation by Rakfell from Oregon06/02/2012

    The product provided hours of stimulation for our cats.

    Not exactly the best purchase by Skarlet from WV07/22/2013

    I bought this item to replace undercover mouse toy that my cats loved to play with. This was a few dollars less and I wish I had spent the few dollars more and repurchased undercover mouse. My cats play with this toy, but it makes a lot more noise, is harder on batteries, and the undercover mouse comes with mouse and feather toy, this item comes with mouse only and tail does not stick out under the scarf, which really intrigues my cats. This item is not as well made as undercover mouse. My suggestion is spend a few dollars more for better product.

    poor quality by squasch from Illinois01/11/2012

    put the batteries in, it went around about 2 times, piqued the interest of both cats and it stopped running before either even got to it. still haven't rec'd replacement but imagine it will likely not last long at all as the motor/mechanisms is like dollar store quality. ugh.

    Eats batteries by xena from New York01/24/2015

    My cats love this toy. It was using 3 batteries ever 2 days. I got rechargeable ones and charge them daily. It is worth it as 5 of my 5 cats show some interest.

    OMG! by D02/13/2009

    Have to say I didn't think our cat would go for this, but she loves it and sits in front of me until I get it down off the shelf. She jumps on it and stalks it at all the speeds. She's still not tired of it after months

    by Lucy from Maryland01/24/2013

    Works just as it says it does on carpeting or flooring which is helpful. Unfortunately, one of my cats is afraid of it (14yrs) and the other sits on it when its not in motion and ignores it and walks away when it is (16yrs). Tough customers. Wonder if kittens would be more enthusiastic.

    Undercover Mouse by Cheryl Chuprun03/26/2009

    This cat toy is terrific. My cats Tootsie, Jingles and Bubba love the undercover mouse, they play with it evey night for an hour. Also, I got one for my sister's cats Spotina, Tumblina, Nick and Nack, they are just eight months old and they are having tons of fun with this toy. I highly recommend the undercover mouse for cat owners.

    PURRfect by Debbie03/12/2009

    As a busy mommy, I'm always looking for automated toys to keep my cat happy. This one was the cat's MEOW. Jasmine played with it for three hours straight without getting bored. And as a bonus, she didn't try to attack my feet under the covers!

    by andy02/12/2013

    Cats do not like this toy. They seem afraid of it. The noise and jerky movements seem to throw them off. None of my 4 cats will play wilth this toy.

    My cats love it! by Lucinda07/08/2014

    My two Siamese just love this toy - they run to it and sit by it, waiting for me to turn it on. It will fascinate them for an hour or more - just watching it or patting it or grabbing it or pouncing on it over and over and over. I got the kind that has the string/feather on the end, and they seem to like that better than the mouse.

    Cool toy! by dogwood_springs from Winnsboro, TX01/15/2012

    We have 8 cats and have found in the past that most toys are ignored almost immediately. This one is different. I would recommend getting it out of the box and letting your cats see it, smell it and get used to it before turning it on. Our cats are all adults (5 or older) and were afraid of the moving "mouse" and the noise at first. Now that it has been out for about 3 weeks we have a couple of cats that ask to have it turned on! We've already replaced the batteries once! All but two of our cats have experienced the fun that this toy provides.

    GREATEST TOY EVER by Esther Mack08/25/2009

    I have three house cats and bought this toy for the youngest in hopes that it woud provide the exercise the cat desparately needs. I couldn't have been more pleased with it. Not only does the youngest cat love this toy, the older cats have come alive again with it also! This is one of the very best investments I have ever made. BTW. Entirely Pets is the best site I have ever found and I tell everyone I meet about Entirely Pets!!! Thank you for all you provide for my pets!!!

    Awesome cat toy! by Chris from Wilson, NY10/23/2012

    From the moment I put batteries in the Undercover Mouse cat toy all of my kitties came running! They will play with this non-stop and as soon as I turn it on they will immediately come running from wherever they are to start playing with this. One problem is battery life. Be sure to get rechargeable batteries since this toy eats up batteries very quickly. Wish it could be put on an adapter somehow because I believe my cats would run up our electric bill with this toy!

    My Cats love this! by bb from Delaware, OH02/03/2012

    All 4 of them love this one, It's a winner!

    Fussy Cat Loves! by DMyers from Colorado01/07/2012

    My Ragdoll is extremely fussy. He doesn't play with much of anything, but he absolutely loves this toy! He stays inside, and this makes him feel like a predator, and with the little catnip we put on it, he chases the "mousie" for hours and hours. Thank you so much for carrying a toy an 11 year-old plays with like a kitten. :)

    Very disappointed by kittycatlady01/07/2012

    Product failed to work after all assembly instructions were completed and double checked. Contact was made with the company and a replacement was promised, and that was weeks ago. To date no replacement has been received. Will not shop with this site again.

    Super - Even for a Lazy Cat by vierannie from Viera, FL10/10/2011

    By far the best toy I've ever bought my cat! She's a lazy Exotic Shorthair, but she always comes to life when Undercover Mouse is turned on.

    Best Cat Toy Ever!!!!! by Spoiled Cats Live Here from California06/05/2012

    My boys absolutely love this toy!!! I have a Flame Point Siamese who is 4 years old and a Lynx Point Siamese who is 1 year old. At first they didn't really know what to make of this toy.... when I turned it on they just watched it go around and around for a long time. Then when one of them "attacked" it they started going crazy!! Running, jumping, stocking, rolling around on their backs...this toy makes them very active. They love it soo much they play with it when its not even turned on! LOL :)


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