• Pala-Tech Cranberry Plus Chewable Tablets (60 tabs)

    Pala-Tech Cranberry Plus Chewable Tablets (60 tabs)

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    Try Cranberry D-Mannose Urinary Tract Support Tablets
    Pala-Tech Cranberry Plus Chewable Tablets (60 tabs)
    Pala-Tech Cranberry Plus for dogs and cats is a natural dietary supplement formulated specifically for the maintenance and support of a healthy urinary tract in dogs and cats.

    Each chewable includes the following key ingredients: Cranberry Extract: Helps to minimize the bacterial colonization of the bladder mucosa. Sourced from the American Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon), Echinacea: Helps support the pet's bacterial resistance and boosts the animal's immune system. Oregon Grape Root: Contains the alkaloid berberine, known as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Beneficial and effective anti-oxidant. Sodium Ascorbate: Beneficial in boosting the pet's immune system to improve resistance to infection. Flavored with a highly palatable chicken liver flavor dogs and cats love to eat.

    Administer 1 chewable tablet per 45 lbs (20 kg) body weight daily for a dog or cat. For best results during UTI occurrence, administer the recommended dose every 12 hours. Does not interfere with the veterinarian's choice of antibiotics.

    Each chewable tablet contains: Cranberry Extract - 210 mg, Echinacea - 105 mg, Oregon Grape Root - 34 mg, Sodium Ascorbate - 34 mg

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    Good support, but not amazing. by LRose07/14/2011

    My dog has been taking this ever since her first bladder infection a year and a half ago. For several months she did not have another infection and I think it was thanks to this, but now she has had a few more despite taking this daily. I would say it helps, but it's not miracle-working. Maybe if your dog has mild bladder/urinary issues it may be all you need but for my older dog it is not enough by itself. I don't want to stop giving it to her though because she has been taking it for so long, but I am starting her on another bladder support supplement as well now as she keeps getting infections.

    Love the value by angieg05/09/2013

    My boxer has been on cranberry tabs since the day we got her. I would defiantly recommended this product you get a great deal on it and it is no different than any other cran tabs.

    Best I have found! by Savanna from Waterford, Mi.07/28/2012

    My 12yr old English Springer Spaniel was having constant urinary tract infections and sometimes he just had the urge to urinate with no infection. Tryed this product because I liked the ingredients. He has been on it for 2 months and no infections or the urge feeling. There is 1 problem with the chewable tablets, he doesn't like the taste so I just crumble in his food and that works.



    Works for me.. by Millie06/24/2012

    I have a 14 yr old insulin dependent diabetic husky who is prone to bladder infections. I purchased these from my vet at their recommendation at a much higher price. Since using this product, I also noticed that my dog's glucose seems to be more stable. I will continue to use this product at the much better pricing through Entirely Pets.

    Great Product by Ciro04/29/2013

    This product works great and on the same day given to my dog.

    Great savings by mechanicgirl from California08/01/2013

    Great product, same results as prescription but without prescription cost

    First Time User by Maro from Houston, TX01/27/2012

    It's an easy product to use, and the dog loves it, :)

    Cranberry tabs for bladder stones by SSI Chick from St. Simons Island, GA06/26/2013

    When my female Dachshund came down with bladder stones for the second time, I refused to allow another surgery. My vet did some research & recommended pure cranberry extract to keep her urine more acidic. I started her on Cranberry Plus Chewable Tabs. over 3 yrs. ago and haven't had a problem with bladder stones since. Always check with your vet before starting your dog on this product.

    Eliminated dog's UTIs by macroes from New York, NY06/13/2013

    Since my dog was started on cranberry tablets and the D-Mannose tablets has eliminated the occurrence of UTIs.

    still waiting for arrival by shadow's human02/18/2014

    I ran out of tablets yesterday. Placed order 1/21/14. Hoping my dog doesn't get a UTI. Please send soon.

    Dog Likes the Taste by Laura10/20/2011

    My dog gets frequent urinary tract infections. Since using Pala-Tech Cranberry Plus, the infections are much fewer and far between. While cranberry is not a cure for infection, it sure keeps her from taking antibiotics so much! And dispensing is easy because she likes the flavor!

    Vet agreed that this one good by BostonLover from Oviedo, FL01/03/2014

    I had one dog that had already had a UTI and another one that got some type of service bacteria which affected his urination. I told the vet I was going to start both dogs on this and she said WONDERFUL! It will help them greatly! Crossing my fingers that it keeps the infections away.

    Pala-Tech Cranberry Plus Chewable Tablets by Tinypup09/25/2013

    Cranberry Tabs help keep crystals from forming in my Shepherd's urinary tract to keep him healthy. FYI: If pet won't chew his pills.hide them in a bit of liver sausage then, no problem

    by Lanukvi from Buford, GA11/28/2011

    This product has basically stopped by dog's reoccuring urinary tract infections!! I would highly recommend this product!

    Effective by Di from Montana07/18/2014

    Vet recommended 1/4 tablet daily to treat and prevent urinary tract infection in my cat. That was 3 years ago, and cat has had NO recurrences. Now I give it to both cats daily.

    Really Happy by Tuesday Lady from Pennsylvania04/15/2013

    Very pleased with this product. Really seems to help my dog. And it is very easy to take.

    So far so good! by Corgilove from Seattle, WA03/26/2014

    I don't want jinx anything but our 11 year old corgi has been taking this product for a month now and so far so good. She had two bladder infections within a month of each other and our vet let us know that there were cranberry supplements for dogs on the market. This one had great reviews and so we tried it. They came right after she finished her antibiotics and have been giving her one a day since. She loves them so they must taste good because she is really picky.

    This product works! by Sally12/03/2013

    My dog was having problems with urinary tract infections, so I tried the cranberry tablets on the advice of my vet. It has not only helped with the infections, but I've noticed that it has eliminated the "brown spots" on our lawn!

    best vitamin by blur of fur04/29/2014

    cranberry helps to keep urinary infections down. was able to get pet off of anti-biotics once we started using this product and the infections did not come back. Plus they are natural and can cause no harm

    BEST PURCHASE EVER by MM. from BELLPORT NY01/19/2012


    Recommended by Vet by Sally from Maple Grove, MN01/10/2012

    This item was initially recommended by the vet because my dog was having problems with urinary tract infections. Since she started using this item, she has not been bothered. It has even reduced the burn-out spots in our yard!

    Hoping that it is effective by Marie from Maple Grove, MN09/24/2013

    We have been giving our Boston terrier the pills for about a month and there haven't been any new bladder infections so we are hopeful. Thank you.

    Best tx for prevention of bladder stones by mtg02/24/2012

    Several years ago, our female dachshund developed a large struvite stone in her bladder, which required surgery for removal. A short while later she had them again; this time smaller and more granular. I refused to let my vet do surgery again, so we placed her on a special diet, short term, & started these tablets @ one a day. We've had no return of bladder stones & she's been completely healthy. My vet suggested cranberry tablets after doing some research on this problem. She'll take them for the rest of her life.

    Cranberry Tabs by Anne from Raleigh, NC11/27/2011

    I have been using these tabs for just about 2 years now. My labrador eats them with her food with no trouble. She is prone to UTI's and as long as she is taking her cranberry tabs there is no trouble with the UTI's. These tabs are great!!!

    Great purchase by nikkii05/30/2013

    My vet told me to use these, my rottie has cronic UTI"s and these do help. She doesn't have the problem when she takes them.

    Seems to really help by The Woofer from Michigan02/07/2014

    I have a Cushing's dog and she has a weakened immune system; before I tried these she was getting one UTI as soon as we cleared up the last one...she had 5 in as many months. She's been on these for over a year and has only had two in that time, so they must be helping.


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