Pegetables Dog Treats

Pegetables Dog TreatsPegetables are nutritious dog treats made from low-fat natural vegetable ingredients including carrots, celery and corn. Pegetables will help your dog stay healthy. Each treat provides a flavorful source for the essential minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and proteins. The texture of a Pegetables dog treat also promotes dental hygiene due to the natural brushing action which occurs as your pet chews. Pegetables are available in three styles - carrot, celery and corn - each providing its own unique color, shape, flavor and nutritional value.

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dog treats chews Antioxidants
dog treats chews Vitamins & Minerals
dog treats chews Essential Fatty Acids

Mixed Pegetables Small (8.4 oz)
Mixed Pegetables Small (8.4 oz)

($12.99)  $9.99
Mixed Pegetables Small (18 oz)
Mixed Pegetables Small (18 oz)

($25.99)  $19.89
Mixed Pegetables Medium (8 oz)
Mixed Pegetables Medium (8 oz)

($13.99)  $8.99
Mixed Pegetables Medium (18 oz)
Mixed Pegetables Medium (18 oz)

($25.99)  $19.89
3-PACK Mixed Pegetables Medium (24 oz)
3-PACK Mixed Pegetables Medium (24 oz)

($36.99)  $25.99
Pegetables are delicious dental dog chews made with natural vegetables. Pegetables chews help reduce plaque and tartar build-up and grant fresher breath. No artificial colors, flavors or animal by-products are used. Pegetables are enriched with antioxidants, complex carbohydrates, omega fatty acids, amino acids, protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Each chew features a fun vegetable shape that is easy to feed. This mix includes:

  • Carrots: Offering an excellent source of antioxidants, carrots help maintain a healthy heart. Carrots are also a rich source of vitamin A, which assist your dog's vision and provides nutrients necessary for energy.
  • Peas: This important source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are essential for your pet's health.
  • Sweet Potatoes: This rich source of fiber also provides ample vitamins and mineral, including beta-carotene.

  • The small sized treat is ideal for dogs 15-25 lbs (6-12 kg).

  • A natural vegetable treat that helps freshen breath and reduce plaque and tartar build-up.
  • No artificial colors or flavors, No animal by-products
  • Features antioxidants, omega fatty acids, protein, fiber, and vitamins
  • Directions:
    Feed the correct size Pegetables according to your dog's weight 1-2 times daily as a treat.

    Small: For Dogs 15-25 lbs (6-12 kg) .6 oz = 57 cal

    Pegetables are not meant to substitute a complete diet and are intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only. Pegetables are recommended for dogs over 6 months of age, who chew their food sufficiently. Make sure your pet does not gulp, as gulping can be harmful or fatal. As with all pet products, watch your pet's intake and provide plenty of water. Pegetables are manufactured in a facility that processes peanut products. For dietary concerns seek advice from your veterinary specialist.
    U.S.A. hydrolyzed wheat protein, glycerin, dried celery, corn meal, carrot granules, carrot powder, parsley powder, water, natural poultry flavor, powdered cellulose, sunflower oil, mono and diglycerides, wheat bran, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate, calcium hydroxide, flaxseed oil (source of omega 3 fatty acid), vitamin blend (vitamins A, D3, E and B12 supplements, riboflavin, niacin, d-calcium pantothenate, folic acid, menadione sodium bisulfate complex, pyridoxine, thiamin, biotin), turmeric extract, annatto, preserved with sodium metabisulfite and Tocopherol, beta-carotene

    Guaranteed Analysis:
    Crude Protein (min) ... 40%
    Crude Fat (min) ... 4%
    Crude Fiber (max) ... 5%
    Moisture (max) ... 12%
    Calcium (min) ... .25%
    Magnesium (min) ... .05%
    Vitamin A (min) ... 200 IU/kg
    Vitamin E (min) ... 200 IU/kg
    Leucine (min) ... 3%
    Phenylalanine (min) ... 2%
    *Omega 6 (min) ... 1%
    *Omega 3 (min) ... .1%
    4.00 rating based on 2 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Mixed Pegetables Small (8.4 oz)
    Shipping too fast, too good by eunhaee11/30/2012

    Puppy too am pups I first started to bleed. Weak teeth We gotta eat well Beginning

    small pegetables by dee02/01/2013

    I have two little dogs, spoiled of course, they love the smaller size pegetables.

    cute flavors by Margie from Chicago area08/14/2013

    My two dogs liked them. Shapes were cute. Owners could tell what flavor they were giving their pet(s). Mine especially liked the carrot ones.

    Featured Reviews for Mixed Pegetables Small (18 oz)
    awesome by Debek6005/20/2014

    My dog loves these. He is a picky eater and these suit him just fine.

    This product is very good. by TOMY from Seoul11/06/2013

    My dogs love this product. I will gladly purchase I am love it.

    Items keeps getting back ordered. by vb03/15/2014

    Entirely Pets keeps back ordering this item, and then they cancel my order. I've been trying to order some since November without success.

    He eats his veggies! by Doggie Spoiler07/18/2012

    Riley goes crazy for these & I think they are a healthy treat.

    pegetables by Sonnie06/05/2012

    these are my dogs favorite treat--cannot keep enough in stock in his treat jar- don't ever discontinue

    Love Those Pegetables!! by BonBon from Woodbury, MN.10/14/2013

    My two dogs love Pegetables!! They are small dogs so I split them in half. They are moist and chewy and a bit hit with them! Give them a try!!

    by from 01/03/2014

    I have used both pegetables and forti-flora many times and in fact, regularly order forti-flora from Entirely Pets. However, when I placed the order for the above items, I was told that they were back ordered. I received no further info on these items. I later ordered a 3 pack of forti-flora and received them promptly after also receiving an email telling me that they were shipped. I still never received any email regarding my first order so I called Entirely Pets on the phone. When there was no one there to help me or even knew anything about the order, I cancelled it. I still have received no notification relating to this incident so for that one purchase, I would have to say that the experience was negative.

    Sandy by from Sandra

    Poor Customer Service

    Featured Reviews for Mixed Pegetables Medium (8 oz)
    my dogs favorite treat by marge01/12/2012

    if there's one thing my dog likes it is pegetables

    best dog treat by sherry from Branson, mo10/04/2013

    my dog loves vegetables and loves treats, but gets tired of treats quickly so I am constantly having to buy something new to keep her satisfied. With pegetables she can get that plus her love of veggies. Her favorite is the corn

    by muddy 208/29/2014

    these new pegetables are horrible...we have given the original pegetables (corn, carrots and celery) to our dog for about 6 years with no problems....when we placed our last order it came with sweet potato wedges, carrots and peas...they are hard as rocks and our dog actually got a pea caught in her mouth and chocked on it…we threw all the peas away and then had to cut the sweet potatoes and carrots in quarters so that would not happen again! I will never use this product again and would not recommend it to my worst enemy!

    My Dog Loves Them by Robin Rose03/14/2009

    My bulldog loves these treats, which is surprising, since she usually doesn't like dog treats that are good for her! LOL

    Wonderful Treats by Pam Mullendore07/05/2008

    these treats are wonderful, they are not only recommended by my vet, by my Yorkie loves them!

    My Dog Loves Them by Robin Rose03/14/2009

    My bulldog loves these treats, which is surprising, since she usually doesn't like dog treats that are good for her! LOL

    Featured Reviews for Mixed Pegetables Medium (18 oz)
    My Dog's favorite treat by Miss B07/01/2012

    My Buddy loves pegetables - especially the celery. Keep them coming.

    Pegetables by P.07/30/2013

    My dogs think these treasts are great. I like them because they have to chew them and not swallow whole as they do with other treats. This helps their breath and as you know bad doggie breath is really bad! Thanks Entirely Pets for running great sales that beat the pet store pricing.

    Pegetable Purchase Satisfaction by Pampered Pups01/10/2013

    The four legged crew at our house loved their Pegetables. They are a treat that takes more than one swallow, but not so tough that the one with fewer teeth can't enjoy them. No grease or stains on the carpet. We'll purchase pegetables again.

    A necessity in our home by Marshmallow's mommy from Houston, TX10/24/2012

    My golden retriever LOVES her peggies, as we call them. She now expects one every evening after her "snackins" or we will face a mutiny!

    Great product by scottiemum from Hartland WI12/14/2012

    My senior" I'm-never-going-to-eat-anything-that-might-be-good-for-my-teeth" Scottie cross just loves these!! My younger dog goes mad for them as well - huge success all round!

    Featured Reviews for 3-PACK Mixed Pegetables Medium (24 oz)
    by from 11/11/2011

    my little doughter loves this.

    expensive by than from otherBut


    great alternatives to greenies by arianah from santa cruz, ca10/22/2012

    My dog loves Pegetables, not just because of the gimicky shapes (carrot sticks, celery sticks, and mini corn cobs) but because they don't seem to have all the disgusting slaughterhouse/rendering plant ingredients that Greenies and other chewy edible dog bones have. That is, the ingredients, flavor, and texture are perfectly suitable for the sensitive palate of my discerning vegan dog. (My brother's non-vegan dog loves them too!)

    Pegetables by Donna from North Carolina04/23/2010

    I have 3 dogs that dance in circles when they see the pegetables bag. They just love them and prefer them over any other treat.

    Pegetables by soozeeque from Blanchard, OK01/25/2012

    My pupsters love them. I cannot keep enough of them in the house.

    Gentle on stomach by Christina D. from Rhode Island07/05/2014

    I bought this because it was recommended by another dog owner who also has a dog with a sensitive stomach. My dog liked it. I didn't give it 5 stars because it isn't grain-free.

    Dog loves them by barb from California11/05/2011

    Great treats......Mallerie loves them. She looks forward to a nightly treat of a pegetable.

    Pegetables by ALLI10/24/2012

    My dog loves these and apparently they are pretty healthy too. He ate these pretty fast. The only downside is it's a little pricey but your dog will love them.

    If I ever receive the products by soozeeque from Blanchard, OK11/02/2011

    I had to pick these up locally, apparently you are unable to get them.

    Pegetables by tlp143 from HOLLYWOOD, FLA.10/20/2011

    My dogs love them, a bit pricy$, But I love the smell and they turn circles for them when they hear the bags. A HEALTHY AND ASSUMABLY TASTY TREAT.

    Healthy treat by dee from Southern New Jersey02/12/2012

    My dogs love them, and would eat more if I would give them to them. They act as though they are real vegetables.

    favorite treat! by Emily10/30/2008

    This is my dog's favorite treat! She loves them.

    pegetables by jerschef from waldwick, NJ02/25/2014

    my dog loves these and at this price it is alot better to buy, since most food products are expensive. great product good price

    great product, great service, good price by Hagans mom04/06/2012

    My 4 legged child has tried pegetables before and really enjoyed them. When I tried to get some more they seemed to have stopped selling them anywhere. The other day I googled them and found this site whith a large supply and a good price. Ordered some and within a week I have a very happy 4 legged child who loves to eat her pegetables

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