• Pet Naturals Hairball Chews for Cats (45 count)

    Pet Naturals Hairball Chews for Cats (45 count)

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    Pet Naturals Hairball Chews for Cats

    is a breakthrough formula to support skin tone, elasticity, and hair health. Hairball focuses on factors in cats such as healthy skin, G.I. tract, and urinary tract health issues. Pet Naturals Hairball Chews comes in a delicious chicken liver flavored soft chew that cats love the taste of.

    Pet Naturals Hairball Chews:
    Is Not a Laxative or Lubricant
    Laxatives and lubricants should be used
    sparingly as they can disrupt normal feline
    Contains No Mineral Oil
    Mineral oil disrupts normal digestion and blocks nutrient
    absorption in cats and should be used with caution.
    Contains No Herbals
    Diuretic herbs in some hairball products may actually
    dehydrate your pet, reduce skin moisture, cause skin and
    coat dysfunction, and increase hairball formation.

    Usage Information

    Feeding Directions:
    General skin and coat health:
    Give 2 chews daily.
    Hairballs: Give 4 chews, twice daily, for 2-4 days or until results occur.


    brewers dried yeast, natural chicken liver flavor, glycerin, safflower oil, flaxseed oil, whey, lecithin, psyllium powder, cranberry extract, maltodextrins, sodium alginate, calcium sulfate, zinc proteinate, propionic acid (a preservative), biotin, mixed tocopherols (a preservative).

    Guaranteed Analysis Per 2 Chew (3.0g):
    Levels represent minimums unless otherwise stated:
    Moisture (max) 8.53%
    Zinc (144 ppm) 0.4 mg
    Biotin 0.026 mg
    *Omega 6 Fatty Acids 150 mg
    *Omega 3 Fatty Acids 30 mg
    *Lecithin 100 mg
    *Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO Cat

    Customer Reviews

    DISCLAIMER: The results described on the testimonials on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased and used the products. These testimonials are not intended to make any claims that the products can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.
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    Good for Picky Eater by farmpair511 from Port Angeles, WA07/17/2012

    We've had a heck of a time finding a treat she finds enticing enough to eat. Our little cat really likes the liver flavor and she is motivated to actually chew these rather than lick all the flavor off and leave it. Will be re-ordering as she also struggles with hair balls being an indoor cat.

    Works by stormsl from Marquette, MI07/31/2013

    Give it as recommended but hairballs still a problem but not as bad.

    Gizmo loves these by Flo from South Bend, IN10/23/2012

    Gizmo, our long hair cat loved these treats. I intend to order more

    Great for Hairballs by Melissa from Maryland12/16/2012

    My cat Lily goes nuts over these treats and gobbles them up at lightning speed. Plus, they really do help with her hairballs! If I make sure to give her a couple of these every day or two, she stays hairball-free, however if I run out and she goes a week without them, it is likely that I will find a yucky mess waiting for me.

    Amazing improvement in coat & digestion by Katy from Los Angeles, CA12/05/2012

    I first bought these in May when my cat had a giant hairball that lasted 7 days. It was her first ever at age 4--obviously she'd been building hair up inside. She loves the taste. Then I just gave them occasionally. A month ago she had some distress, trouble going to bathroom & constipated. So we started giving her 4, then 2 a day once she felt better. Since then her poops are healthier, more quantity and more robust, and her coat has become incredibly soft and even shinier. She is back to her spry self and has developed a special meow over the last 2 weeks specifically to ask for these treats. We'll continue with them as long as she asks for them. We also switched her morning wet food to a raw one, Stella & Chewy's, after reading how some cats with lots of hairballs get better after switching to raw and/or grain free food. Seems the grain can slow down the intestinal motility, hair can then build up and not be digested as normal. Enzymes in raw food also help with that. And these treats are obviously helping lots as well. After just buying a new bag at Petco for $7.99 (!), I will purchase them here where I get other things.

    Great hairball manager! by Grandma01/22/2015

    I give my cats Pet Naturals Hairball Relief daily, after their dinner. They get one per day as preventative treatment & have never been constipated from a stuck hairball. When they do spit one, they do so easily and with no hassle. I have heard many a story of cats with hair ball problems and I count on this product to not know any such troubles. Excellent product.

    by Jan01/11/2013

    1 of my cats won't eat these. The other that needs them the most ate them the 1st time, but won't eat them by themselves now. They need to be mixed into food. I do like that they are natural ingredients.

    Great cat vitamin! by Jenn from St. Louis, MO06/18/2013

    My cats love this vitamin and it really helps cut down on their hairballs!

    Sparky's Favorite Treat!! by FluffyDeb from South Florida07/21/2013

    My Sparky has a LOT of hair and is shedding like mad! To prevent hairballs I found these treats and he just LOVES them! Plus they keep his coat looking great and keep things inside moving along nicely! No hairballs! I highly recommend this brand!! I give him 2-3 daily and he's one happy cat!

    Works well by reani11/06/2013

    Just enough to help my cats not toss hairballs! I give them each one per day and it even works on my long haired girl. Less expensive here than else where too, by a LOT.

    good stuff by Robin from Minneapolis, MN03/20/2013

    These really work - they are wonderful and inexpensive; I recommend them highly.

    Easy to Use by Kasidee from Bowling Green, Ohio04/16/2013

    I have a long hair cat who does not like to be brushed and does not like the gel type of hairball prevention. She readily eats the Pet Naturals and it has been working well for the two months she has been on it. I dispense two daily as recommended.

    Hairball Chews from Pet Naturals by Cat Woman in MA from Boston Area11/06/2012

    I checked on the contents listed and my vet approves of this product to assist my cats (2) in naturally moving the hairballs through their system. We see to be having fewer problems with hair ball hacks.

    by from 06/15/2013

    Great for Cats with Allergies by Happy Pet Mom07/02/2013

    My cat is highly allergic to a variety of foods and environment allergens. In the course of refining her foods and treatments, Pet Naturals Hairball treats proved to be both an excellent solution and a popular treat!!

    Really works by Dee from NY01/23/2013

    Have been using this product regularly for several years. My 8 year old cat has not had one problem since starting it and he loves them. Before using these he had some terrible episodes. Would highly recommend as a maintenance medication for hairball problems.

    Super product! by Nanabaker from Pittsburgh, PA09/20/2013

    Both of my cats absolutely love these chews! They come running when I ask if they'd like their treat. They've had no problems at all with hairballs since I started giving them this product.


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