• Pet Naturals L-Lysine Chews for Cats (60 count)

    Pet Naturals L-Lysine Chews for Cats (60 count)

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    Pet Naturals L-Lysine Chews for Cats

    is a tremendously tasty feline L-Lysine Supplement. L-Lysine chews support the ideal health of your cat and supports healthy tissue and respiratory and ocular health.

    chicken liver flavor, starch, L-Lysine, water, soy lecithin, canola oil, brewer’s yeast, glycerin, oat flour, barley flour, rye flour, oat meal, calcium sulfate, maltodextrin, sodium alginate, sorbic acid, propionic acid (a preservative), mixed tocopherol blend (a preservative).

    Usage Information

    Feeding Directions:
    Give 1-2 chews daily


    chicken liver flavor, starch, L-Lysine, water, soy lecithin, canola oil, brewer’s yeast, glycerin, oat flour, barley flour, rye flour, oat meal, calcium sulfate, maltodextrin, sodium alginate, sorbic acid, propionic acid (a preservative), mixed tocopherol blend (a preservative).

    Guaranteed Analysis per Chew:
    Moisture (max) 18.6%
    L-Lysine 250 mg

    Customer Reviews

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    by ABrock11/15/2012

    Very Easy Transaction, Great Price and Wonderful Product!! Thank You Entirely Pets!!!

    Not as affective as hoped by jaluvka from Garner, NC11/07/2012

    I bought the L-Lysine chewable cats treats with the hopes of having my asthmatic cat get the same benefit from them as from the powdered form. I was skeptical because I read a few reviews where peoples cats would not eat them, but my cat loved them. They just did not help in cutting the frequency of his attacks, or helping to keep his lungs clearer as did the powder. My cat is an extremely finicky eater, and doesn't always eat the food/powder mix, so the treats would have been the ideal solution.

    by DK from vt08/20/2012

    Great stuff. The cat loves the flavor and they are good for her

    Tasty! by HarpoVal from Saint Louis Park, MN11/24/2012

    My vet recommended L-Lysine for my cat. I was surprised that the local pet stores didn't carry these. My very picky cat gobbled these right up. They do seem to be helping with her icky eyes. I gave the remainder of a bag to a friend how has a kitty with the same issue.

    Useful Product by CCRinNYC from New York City07/14/2014

    My adopted cat has herpes, which gives him a goopy red eye discharge. As soon as I started giving him one chew daily the discharge cleared up. Makes me feel better; hopefully he feels better too.

    Great option to tablets! by Ziva's Mom from Fort Lauderdale, FL12/28/2013

    These chews are for my rescued Manx, Austeyn. I adopted him seven years ago (he is eight) and he arrived with every type of parasite, a severe upper respiratory illness and herpes in his eyes! His holistic vet prescribed Standard Process Feline Enteric and 250 mg L-Lysine tablets daily. The tablets had to be broken for the appropriate dosage and were bitter, but Austeyn is a little trooper and took them anyway. I was initially unaware of Pet Naturals chews until we inherited Ziva when her daddy died. She is a rescued feral and does NOT like our 19-year-old Hemmingway, Digit, or Austeyn and gets very aggresive toward them. After some research, I found and purchased Pet Naturals Calming; she loves the "snack" style and they do soothe her. When I discovered L-Lysine chews were also available, I got them for Austeyn -- he absolutely loves them! I believe the chews are a much better choice for him -- the tablets were made for humans and hard to swallow because of the taste. I am extremely pleased with the quality and results of both products from Pet Naturals and so grateful that Austeyn actually enjoys something he has to take every day for the rest of his life.

    They love it! by Kitty luvR03/31/2013

    L-lysine was recommended to treat one of my cats that presented with swollen and irritated eye problems, probably due to herpes. I use this product for both cats. It is an easy way to deliver the drug to them in a fun treat environment they enjoy. And they love it.

    Very Good Product by kittenysoft from Fairfax Station, Virginia01/28/2015

    One of our furbabies has had feline herpes since birth. She has been on these chews for about 30 days now. She loves them! They are alittle large and chewy, so I cut them up into smaller pieces. I have noticed that her sneezing has seized, her watery eyes are clear and even her breathing is not as heavy. I give her 2-3 chews per day...Each chew is 250 mg, I believe it's one of the highest supplement of lysine per chew. I'm glad I purchased 6 packages.It will always be part of her diet now.

    My cats like them by Lori from FL06/12/2013

    I have multiple cats, all adopted from a local rescue, all which have been exposed to herpes upper respiratory infection. They tend to get symptoms sporadically, and we give them one of these treats daily to prevent symptoms and twice daily to treat them. It really seem to help to get them over outbreaks faster and they all like them and eat them without a fuss, and they are a better value than most other Lysine treats I have used.

    L-Lysine by df1657 from OK04/01/2013

    My cat has the Herpes virus and needs to take L-Lysine to help with her immunity problems. In the past, I've purchased the powder, treats and gel from the Vet's office. This product has the same content as the one at the Vet's for substancially less money. My cats are not big "treat" eaters, but they love this product.

    waiting to receive the order after months by ds10/25/2012

    I ordered this product months ago and have still not received it. As soon as you send it, i'll let you know how mycats liked it

    Great Lysine-Pet Naturals L-Lysine Chews for Cats by Gorgie06/29/2014

    My kitties all love these Lysine chews. It's especially helpful for FIV+ and other immune compromised cats.

    L-Lysine is excellent by luvmycat from Chicago03/04/2013

    Katie loves the taste; she thinks its a treat. The price is good and it arrived quickly. Thanks.

    Good product for feline herpes by Suebg from Maryland11/16/2013

    We adopted 2 beautiful cats from a rescue group who had them in a foster home, but they were in a shelter previously . Guess that is where they caught the feline herpes. It doesn't really bother them except their eyes can get red. These treats help with the condition; they love them! They get 1-2 every morning and gobble them up!

    Llysine chews by Jackolantern from New Jesey06/04/2012

    I tried these on my 3 cats. None of them liked them. I gave a few to my friends so her cats could try and they didn't like. Then gave the rest to the rescue and none of those cats liked them. Apparently they are not very tasty if so many cats refused them.

    Works for Eye Virus by MG11/27/2012

    Have been giving these to my cat for six months or so. Has reduced runny eyes caused by virus.

    Disgusting by Anonymous08/12/2013

    These chews are not chewy! They are like bricks. My cats were unable to chew them without me pounding and breaking them first. They choked and coughed up most of it. Whatever they were able to take in, did help to reduce their cold symptoms. I will never use this product again.

    tasty morsels by DustyJ from elgin tx06/15/2013

    some cats love them - others present intermittent interest ( I have nine indoor cats). Overall it works and between the chews and the powder - we are good!

    great for herpes virus by Anita10/24/2012

    Most of the cats like these....we have a few that don't so I use the powder in their food...but we have rescue kitty's ,,,,28 of them so most of them is a lot...The only problem I am having is these being back ordered the last two times I ordered them....for almost a month...

    My Two Cats LOVE it!! by jaxx from Cleveland, OH12/15/2012

    One of my cats has the herpes virus, since I've been giving her the L-Lysine chews her eyes are better, less eye discharge.

    by from 01/11/2013

    I never received my order and I called to cancel it. I still have not received the refund to my account either. When I placed to order there was no delay in charging my account but I'm still waiting for the refund.

    Lisa Gemmel by from Thank

    Didn't receive

    good flavor by vikka's mom from upstate New York12/14/2012

    One of our rescues exposed our other cats to herpes so we have 4 cats on L-Lysine. It is so much easier to use the treats rather than pills or powder. It is not always easy to get them all to like the same brand but they all like the Pet Naturals.

    My kitty likes them and they're good for him by Sharkwil from Incline Village, NV06/15/2012

    My vet recommended L-Lysine for our cat, so decided to try these chicken flavored chews since he loves chicken. He's at the cabinet meowing for them quite often, though he only gets 1 or 2 per day (recommended dosage). I haven't seen much difference in his goopy eye yet, but hopefully these will help his immune system.

    good buy by Katie from Woodridge, IL02/18/2014

    My cat is there twice a day waiting for her lysine treat. She really loves this brand of lysine. I feel good about the natural ingredients because she is a cancer survivor.

    Cats love these by Donna from Tampa, FL10/28/2013

    My mom told me about Lysine for cats and it helps her cat with allergies. I tried these which I had purchased from a pet store at $10.99. They are much less expensive with Healthy Pets and same good brand. Thanks.

    The Cats won't eat these by Judester from California06/25/2013

    Out of 4 cats, none will eat these as treats or when mixed with food.

    love this item by C.C.L.12/06/2012

    The L-Lysine chews have been a great help. I do put Lysine powder in the cat food but Angus can be a little difficult some times. So when I bought the chews, he loved them. So now I know he's getting the lysine in him to help his nasal condition from the feline herpes. Thanks to entirely pets for suggesting them. I also love the ease and convenience of ordering online and getting it mailed to me. Thankyou.

    Bad Purchase by skiestwo from New York03/25/2014

    I have two cats, one I call the goat because he eats anything including things like duct tape, paper and who knows what else. Well neither cat will touch this stuff. I gave it to them and they didn't even think about it, just sniffed it and walked away. My neighbor has three cats and we tried it on them and the same result. Waste of money!!

    For herpese by Hjr from Pakistan05/13/2013

    I bought a new kitten had no idea what to do with his herpese problem had to take him to vet every other week for antibiotics but pet naturals has kept the problem in control

    Good Product. Great Price. by LaurensZoo from Mobile, AL09/19/2014

    I would have given this product five stars if both of my cats would have readily accepted it. Though it is probably a "cat issue" and not a product flaw, I had one cat who gobbled it down and the other who won't touch it. I LOVE Pet Naturals products, but I guess I will have to look at other brands for the pickier cat. Definitely worth the purchase regardless.

    My Cats LOVE these by LPcatlady from Bentonville, AR10/15/2013

    My cats follow me around when I have a bag of these in my hand. I do break them in half but they are soft chews and very easy for them to eat. They think they are getting a treat. Since we are a multi-cat household, we use them to keep flare ups away and to treat any flare ups. They are the most reasonably priced lysine treats that I've been able to find.

    Good purchase by andy from Bay City, MI03/02/2013

    It has helped my Ragdoll a lot her eyes are less watery and she loves eating them.

    helps a lot by petsitter05/30/2013

    His eyes are so much better. And he loves them, takes them out of my hand.

    good treat by gloworm from Alabama01/20/2013

    Another good way to give their medicine to them

    Favorite Lysine Purchase by catwomantrollin from Fort Myers FL07/30/2012

    I have a house full of herpes positive cats. I have been feeding lysine treats for over a year and these treats are their favorite brand.

    Easy! by dduck from Knoxville02/21/2013

    Great way to get my cats their daily dose of Lysine. It was always a battle to give them all pills. Now they come running to get their snack!

    L-Lysine cat chews by Lylah from Castle Rock, Co11/01/2012

    My kitty loved the taste. Thanks for selling this product, could not find them locally.

    mixed results by Katcon from Lake Orion, MI10/23/2012

    Little Cat refused them and she was the one I got them for. Big Tom gobbled them up. I probably won't order them again. I buy Lysine tablets and grind them up for her. What a drag! She won't eat pill pockets either so it's probably my cat not the product.

    Lysine Cat Treats by Michelle0527 from Coeur d'Alene ID04/12/2013

    My cat really likes the taste! Was afraid that he wouldn't eat them but he loves them.

    An easy way to give your kitty lysine by Eliza from Denver, CO05/23/2014

    This is much easier than fiddling with supplements or dosages for cats that need lysine. One of my cats eats these with no problem and considers them a tasty treat; my other, the picky one, needs encouragement (or subterfuge). Entirely Pets has a great price on this product. Recommended.

    My cats wouldn't eat this by cat lover 1959 from Ohio05/28/2013

    They will only eat the Lysine chews of another brand:Vetri-Lysine Plus from Vetri Science

    Good, but... by remlind from Falls City, NE04/21/2013

    This product is 250mg L-Lysine per chew, recommended twice a day. My cat has herpes and recently went to the clinic at the University of Kansas. They recommend 1,000mg per day for herpes cats. They gave me a sample of a different L-lysine that is 500mg, recommended twice a day. My cat likes this product better than what they gave me, but he needs 4 a day dosage, so this product only lasts 15 days, therefore not very economical.


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