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Traveling with Pets

Traveling with your pet can be a rewarding experience for both pets and pet owners. We want to include our companions when we travel because they are members of the family. The first step in making the experience fun and hassle free is preparation.

Be Prepared

After you have confirmed that your hotel accepts pets, find out where the closest veterinary clinics are in case of an emergency. If traveling abroad, be aware of the vaccinations required for your pet. Make sure your pet is tagged properly with identification tags.

Traveling by Car

Be aware of the potential dangers of car travel with your pet. Never leave him or her unattended in a car on a warm today because this can cause heatstroke. Dogs love to stick their head of out of the window but this presents problems with driving safety and can cause harm to the eyes.

Traveling by Air

Traveling on a plane with your pet can be stressful so preparation is important. Find out whether your pet will be allowed in a carrier or whether he/she must be transported separately. Keep your pet’s nails groomed to avoid injuries and make sure he/she is identifiable.

Stress/Anxiety Solutions

While traveling your pets can become stress and scared of their new surroundings. To keep your pet relaxed and calm on his/her adventure, try these great solutions. A calm and comfortable pet is also a happy pet.

Take a Break

A long journey can be difficult on some pets. Use treats and toys to give your pet a break from time to time. These items can also help keep your pet busy for the ride.

Other Pet Travel Supplies

Here are some other pet travel supplies to make your journey easier. Take travel bowls for your pet to keep him/her hydrated on the trip. Dust and UV rays won’t bother your pet’s eyes anymore with Doggles. See All Travel & Outdoors Products.

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