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Pet Appreciation Week
This year, Pet Appreciation week is June 7 - 13 and what better way to show your special pet you love them than to pamper them. You can show your pet you love them by spending a couple of extra hours a day with them or even a special treat before dinner. With EntirelyPets' fast shipping, make this week special by pampering your pet a little more than usual.


Keep a toy chest for all your pet's play things:
Rotating your pet's toys is a great way of preventing them from getting bored. If you leave all your toys out for your dog to play with, you'll soon learn they won't want to play with any of them. Keep some of your pet's toys hidden and when they get bored of the ones they have out, simply rotate them back into your toy chest.


The Art of Massages:
Everybody loves a massage and pets are no exception. Pet massages may sound funny at first, but there's substantial therapeutic value in a properly applied rubdown. Massages help reduce pets suffering from arthritis, slipped discs and even more serious conditions.


Brush their teeth:
Pets love their teeth brushing sessions. There are many toothpastes with different flavors like Beef, Malt and Poultry with their own special pet toothbrushes (made for their softer enamel). Once done brushing, let them gnaw on their brushes a bit. Also give your pets tartar-control biscuits and flossy-thread rope toys. No one should have to deal with bad dog breath.


A Walk:
Taking your pet for a walk can be the best bonding experience you can have. Incorporating different activities such as fetch can give your pet the exercise they need and also give your pet something to look forward to. It is safer to exercise your pet in the morning or evening, the cooler times of the day to help minimize the risk of heat illnesses.


Buy doggy/kitty accessories:
Accessorizing your pet will not only have your pet looking great, but also draw the eyes of other envious pets and pet owners everywhere. There are many pet accessories available both for dogs and cats like dresses, glasses, neck tags and stylish carriers.


Play with your pet:
A nice activity with your pet will make your pet's day. Cats love to play with moving objects, pretty much any small light weight object. They will chase it, stalk and pounce on it, bat it with their paws, practicing the necessities of life. Dogs love to run and fetch, so it's quite easy to give them the exercise they need. Dogs are very prone to arthritis and swimming is a no-stress sport.


Upgrade your Pet's Bed:
A place where your pet can rest and enjoy a beautiful nap. Special beds are made for pets that fit with their personality. Every dog/cat needs a quiet place to call their own. Create a comfortable area, whether a crate, a mat or a pile of blankets, for your dog/cat to go to when they need rest or privacy.


Special treats made with great ingredients and lots of love will find a special place in your pet's heart. Whether for treats on the road, a picnic or just hanging around the house. Treats help promote healthy skin and coats. There are many treats that include Glucosamine, Creatine & MSM that help keep joints healthy and dogs happy.

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