Summer is a fantastic time for pet owners to enjoy the love and companionship of their pets. Many choose to enjoy the outdoors this time of year by taking their pet to the park or beach. Although we may not think too much about how the heat can affect our pets, they are vulnerable this time of year. Sun burns, various heat injuries, and heat stress are concerns pet owners must take seriously. There are effective solutions to keep pets protected, however. Learn important tips on how to keep your pet cool this summer and check out the products that will make this a breeze.
Sun Protection
The harsh sun can do damage to your petís skin and put him/her at risk for skin cancer. Pay attention to any skin discolorations or sores on your companion. A checkup with the vet is recommended if you see anything unusual on your petís skin. Use these products to keep your pet protected and soothe any skin irritations.
Doggles Pet
Sunscreen (2 oz)
Natural Dog Snout
Soother (2 oz)
Derm Tabs ES Extra Strength for Dogs Bio-Groom Mink Oil Conditioner (12 fl oz)
A hair cut and proper grooming are ways to keep your pet cool in the summer. Choose from these great products to do the job
ALL-NEW FURminator Deshedding Tool Millers Forge Curved
Grooming Scissors
Millers Forge Vista
Combo Brush
Andis Cordless
Pet Trimmer

Portable water bowls, dog sunglasses, and fun summer toys can make your petís outdoor experience pleasant and comfortable. These essential items are great for pet owners who want to bring their pet along for their travel or just enjoy an outdoor adventure.
Lixit Dog Travel Water
Bowl - 3 Quarts
Lixit Dog Water
Bottle (32oz.)
Prestige Pet Road Refresher
Non Spill Water Bowl

Ruff Dawg Flying
Fish - Assorted
Flying Squirrel