Pet Greens Treats for Cats

Pet Greens Treats for Cats

Pet Greens Self Grow Pet Grass (3 oz)
Pet Greens Self Grow Pet Grass (3 oz)

($3.99)  $2.99
Pet Greens Semi-Moist Cat Treats Roasted Chicken (3 oz)
Pet Greens Semi-Moist Cat Treats Roasted Chicken (3 oz)

($5.99)  $2.99
Pet Greens Semi-Moist Cat Treats Savory Salmon (3 oz)
Pet Greens Semi-Moist Cat Treats Savory Salmon (3 oz)

($5.99)  $4.19
Pet Greens Garden Green Self Grow Kit let's you grow your own luscious, healthy organic greens right out of the bag. No green thumb required! Contains only the finest quality seed in custom-blended 100% certified organic wheat grass soil to enhance nutrients and flavor. This kit grows in just 7-10 days. Unlike most self-grow kits, Pet Greens Garden is developed for all pets!

  • Cats - Place by feeding bowl or window as a healthy alternative to potentially harmful houseplants.
  • Dogs - Add fine clippings to wet or dry food as a nutrient-packed alternative to chemically treated lawn grass.
  • Birds - Place near perch for a tasty pruning and juicing treat.
  • Reptiles and Small Animals - Add fine clipping to feeding bowl for a powerful source of calcium and antioxidant vitamins.
  • 4.42 rating based on 12 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Pet Greens Self Grow Pet Grass (3 oz)
    Easy to grow, our cats love it by Catowner10/18/2011

    Very convenient, easy to grow. Our two cats love it. EntirelyPets has the best price on this item.

    Grows well by NRP04/16/2013

    I've tried numerous other cat grasses and this one actually grows well and grows very full. The only downside is that the pouch makes it difficult to stay standing up in order for my cats to eat it.

    Waste of Money by DexterDareDevil from Fort Lauderdale, FL04/01/2014

    Waste of money.. Only sprouted about 10 blades of grass and smelled funny.. Buying at health food market better and less expensive.

    by lab & rott08/06/2013

    i would rate this a five if it lasted longer....or if they gave more seeds.

    They use to love this by kath from Full time RVer's01/21/2013

    I have two cats that I bought this for quite a while ago, who liked it. This time not so. They are attracted to the smell. They've both been throwing it up after eating it. I keep it out anyway just in case... They sometimes eat it. I don't think I'll buy it again.

    Excellent by dtollst02/03/2013

    I love Pet Green Gardens. I grow them year round so my dogs can have wheat grass. I just trim it in their food and they love it. Very easy to grow and ALWAYS grows. Never had a package that didn't. The greens are so good for your dogs! This really helps with digestion and stomach issues.

    pet greens garden self grow kits by john from Hockley, Texas04/03/2012

    Everything was fine from ordering to shipping. Even arrived before I expected, nicely packed and the price was best on internet. Will buy again when I need more kits. Thanks for everything and keep up the good work.

    My Cat Loves it! by Lani07/26/2012

    I'm a vegan and was reading a new book on the benefits of drinking green smoothies, daily. At the end of the book there were recipes for dogs & cats that called for wheat grass. I never purchased it before so began to look online. When I found your website, it looked so simple and the cost seemed very reasonable so I thought I'd try it for my overweight cat. It grew quickly just like the package stated and it was so simple to prepare. I worried because I don't exactly have a green thumb. I placed it by her food bowl when I was in the kitchen with her and she just went to town. Haven't seen any negative side effects and I've read house cats can benefit from a little green once in a while. So Thanks!

    Best there is by Lsk246 from Florida11/10/2012

    A "no mess, no fuss" product. Clean setup, thick and long lasting growth. Very tidy when used with Pet Greens Garden ceramic planter

    best purchase ever by John from Hockley, Texas03/04/2013

    Ordered 10 ea. and they were on backorder from entirely pets as soon as they came in they were shipped and e-mail was sent. Never had customer service this good. Best price on the internet. Package arrived on time and every think was boxed correctly. I will always use them for my pet supplies.

    it works by pet lover from boulder, co03/10/2013

    This kit really works. We've used many of them with great success. Our cat helps herself before we think the grass has grown enough, and the budgies love it, too. Fresher, so it lasts longer, than pre-grown grass.

    can this grass be grown outside by ycarreon from Berwyn Illinois03/30/2014

    can ths grass be grown outside in sun does anyone know I have bought ths but I think I droned it so it died but it grew very quickly and very full

    Nice and easy to use by Larry from Singapore10/23/2012

    Great kit for growing grass for cats. All done in the pouch and results in quite large patch of grass.

    Featured Reviews for Pet Greens Semi-Moist Cat Treats Roasted Chicken (3 oz)
    Worst Customer Service Ever by Tzania05/17/2013

    Good product, but my order was a mistake. I wrote right away to cancel - no response. I received a shipping notice and I replied asking what part of CANCEL do they not understand? NO RESPONSE. Plenty of good sites to order from, I won't be ordering from here again.

    The Picky Cat likes these by oldhouse from Maryland11/30/2010

    I have three cats: Leon will eat anything, especially treats of any sort; Ivan will eat many, but not all treats; and Pushkin, who liked only one sort of treat. Because that one treat had wheat and gluten in it, and Leon couldn't have those, I was buying multiple varieties of treats. But I kept trying to find one they'd all eat, and this is it! ALL THREE cats love these treats! They have no grain, and the chicken flavored morsels even appeal to Pushkin, who doesn't even like wet food. Hooray!

    My cat with bad teeth by Inuyshathebom07/06/2013

    My cat Sam has lost a few teeth as of late and can't eat any fish besides a little fish oil. He would not eat the other treats I would get him because they were to hard. But now with this he is happy and I know hes getting something healthy.

    Fun Treats by Jerrie from Kerens, TX05/19/2014

    My cat LOVES the Pet Greens Cat treats. She likes to bat and chase them (they are round, and roll quite well) around the house and then pounce on them. After she is "satisfied she has killed her prey" she enjoys her treat.... and she starts over with the next treat. It is really hours of enjoyment for us both.

    perfect for stealth pilling! by MDE05/25/2014

    At a fraction of the cost of pill pockets for cats - this semi-moist treat is the perfect size and consistency for hiding a small pill - and a godsend for chronic daily pilling for cats. Taste is OK too - apparently :). My cats love it.

    Featured Reviews for Pet Greens Semi-Moist Cat Treats Savory Salmon (3 oz)
    another great taste for stealth pilling by MDE05/25/2014

    As with it's chicken "relative" - the salmon treat works wonderfully for hiding a pill in a treat. Thumbs up!

    Yummy! by Lizzie04/08/2013

    Hi...My name is Lizzie and I absolutely love these treats. If I had my way this is the only food my masters would serve to me!!!

    my kits love it by taz from oshawa, ontario08/10/2012

    my cats love this treat and it's good for them

    Good Find by Ashamalee12/04/2013

    I have sort of a mixed review on this treat. I have 2 cats. One cat loves them, the other not at all. I guess it just depends on your cats tastes! Give them a try!

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