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Why Pets Don't Make Good Holiday Gifts

Pets thrive best where there is a loving atmosphere with proper care and attention. At first it might seem like a good idea to give a cute puppy or a kitten as a gift to your children or loved ones, but please think on the following points before giving a pet as a gift this holiday season.
Does the family have
adequate space for a new pet?
A lot of dogs and cats are not
suitable for apartment living. They require a decent sized backyard to exercise or run around. If you give an inappropriate pet, they will end up living in cramped spaces and this often results in destructive behavior inside the house.
Do they even want a pet as
a gift? They might have expressed
a desire to get a pet, but it does not mean they
want one now. A pet is like a child, and comes with just as much financial responsibility. Are they willing to pay for basic pet necessities like food, toys, leashes, collars, bedding, veterinary care, spaying, neutering, medications and emergency care?

Children may be too young
to understand and accept pets
as gifts. To them, a pet might look like a cuddly soft toy and if he's small, children might accidentally hurt it. Before getting a pet for your child, discuss this topic with them. Make them understand that it is not a toy but a part of the family and explain the responsibilities that come with owning a pet.
During Christmas a new pet
in the house might seem like a
great idea, but post-holiday, the pet will not vanish. It is now a part of the family for life. Most people are not prepared for that kind of commitment and invariably end up either giving the pet away to an overcrowded shelter or abandoning them.

Adapting to a new house is always
difficult for a pet, it needs time, love and attention
for it to trust you and adjust to the new household
and family. Introducing a new pet during holiday season will only bring stress. Pets, like babies, need routine; with the constant comings and goings of holiday guests, parties, and other chaotic factors, you might not be able to stick to that routine. This can result in serious anxiety in your pet and can result in delays in training and result in behavior and trust issues.

Since pets are lifelong commitment, take your entire family to a nearby shelter. Discuss the pros and cons of owning a pet. Discuss the different breeds and if they are suitable to your environment or way of living.
If any of your neighbors or family members has pets, ask your child/children to spend a day with those pets to understand the responsibility involved.
Instead of gifting a pet, put together a gift box of items such as pet food bowls, collars, toys etc. and explain that the live pet can be adopted after the holidays, once the family has enough time to devote to it.
Volunteer at your local dog park or humane society during the holidays. This will not only give you a chance to understand pets, but also give you a chance to figure out which type of pet best suits your household.
Buy a stuffed animal for small children instead. Or better yet, take them to a petting zoo for the holidays.
               any people have received pets during holidays that became great companions. We just caution you to do some research before adopting a pet into your family. If you think that you and your family are ready to accept a new member, even during the holiday hustle and bustle then we urge you to choose a pet from a shelter or a local humane society. Better yet, donate to these organizations during the holidays and adopt a pet from them after.

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