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Pet Solutions RX (8 fl. oz.)
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Pet Solutions RX (8 fl. oz.)

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This item has been manufacturer discontinued. We recommend trying ChloraSeb Antiseptic Flush

Pet Solutions RX (8 fl. oz.) by. Earth's Balance
Pet Solution RX can be used for ear problems, eczema, hot spots, mange, ringworm, gingivitis and to maintain good oral hygiene. It is also great for pain management, it promotes healing of cuts, scrapes, burns, helps stop bleeding and effectively reduces swelling and insect bites. Soothing to the skin, it discourages biting, scratching and nibbling that may cause further injury. Helps minimize scarring. Great for neutralizing odors in pet bedding, cages, water bowls, toys or other equipment.

The active ingredient in Pet Solution Rx is Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water. The 100% natural solution contains no alcohol, no added chemicals, and no other harmful ingredients. It is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-allergenic, biodegradable and environmentally safe. If condition does not improve in 5-7 days, contact your veterinarian.

Spray the infected area, thoroughly wetting the hair and skin. Allow to air dry. Use as often as needed: two or more times a day is recomemended. Soak or applying a wet dressing, with or without bandaging may speed healing of some conditions.
  • Cotton Balls or gauze squares saturated with the solution may be used to wipe eyes, ears, genitalia, or to gently scrub teeth and gums.
  • Spray cages, bedding, sleeping and food preparation areas. Allow to air dry.
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