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Petzlife TickZ - Tick Repellent (4 oz)

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Petzlife TickZ - Tick Repellent keeps your pet from becoming a tasty snack for biting bugs, ticks and fleas.

It’s safe for all pets of all ages and is free of chemical insecticides. Petzlife TickZ - Tick Repellent is perfect for pets that are allergic to chemical sprays as well as pet owners who are allergic to chemical sprays.

Controls Ticks and Biting Insects

To use Petzlife TickZ - Tick Repellent, all you have to do is sprinkle a dosage on their food twice a day for five days and you’ll both enjoy two to three months of relief. You’ll notice results anywhere from five to ten days and the dosage can be repeated if necessary.

  • Offers two to three months of protection
  • Free of chemical insecticides
  • Perfect for dogs with allergies
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