PhyCox Soft Chews (120 Soft Chews)

    PhyCox Soft Chews (120 Soft Chews)

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    This item has been MANUFACTURER DISCONTINUED. We recommend trying Phycox ONE Soft Chews (120 count) and Hylox Nutritional Supplement Soft Chews

    PhyCox® Soft Chews

    (formally known as PhyCox JS soft chews) are a joint support formula to help reduce inflammation and discomfort due to normal daily activity.

    PhyCox® A novel patented* support matrix containing phycocyanin, an extract of blue-green algae, found to function as a COX-2 inhibitor and antioxidant.

    PhyCox soft chews provide a means and method to address and alleviate* pain and inflammation without some of the harmful side-effects seen in other products.

  • Is a naturally derived extract of blue-green algae that is grown in the USA
  • Offers joint health support
  • Relieves joint discomfort
  • Provides scientifically demonstrated health benefits, including*
  • 1. Anti-inflammatory activity
    2. Antioxidant activity
    3. Improves joint mobility

    PhyCox® is a naturally derived extract of wild blue-green algae grown in the United States. Blue-green algae are a rich source of phytonutrients including Phycocyanin, a biliprotein that has scientifically demonstrated health benefits. They PhyCox® patented process produces a highly concentrated source of Phycocyanin, offering strong joint support and relief of discomfort in two ways:

    1. Proven Cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) Inhibition: Numerous studies demonstrate the high concentrations of Phycocyanin found in PhyCox® specifically inhibit the COX-2 enzyme, blocking the synthesis of inflammatory eicosanoids, the natural mediators of imflammation in the body.

    2. Dynamic Antioxidant: Phycocyanin has powerful free radical scavenging properties. It can help enhance the body's defense against the degradative effects of free radicals that cause cellular damage and play a role in a host of degenerative conditions in dogs.

    Turmeric is a natural botanical extract from the roots of the Curcuma longa plant with well-researched health benefits. Due to its ability to inhibit leukotriene biosynthesis and modify prostaglandin production, Tumeric has demonstrated antiinflammatory and antioxidant capabilities.

    Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)
    MSM provides dietary sulfur that aids in the efficient function of cellular membranes and supports healthy muscles and joints by reducing inflammation.

    Omge-3 Fatty Acids
    Omega-3 Fatty Acids help reduce inflammation by altering the production of inflammatory mediators and support joint health by inhibiting enzymes involved in cartilage matrix destruction.- Promotes healthy coat condition

    The Phycox®-EQ formula offers a joint support matrix for healthy synovial maintenance as wells as bone and muscle support.

    Glucosamine HCI
    As a precusor for glycominoglycans, glucaosamine supports joint health by stimulating GAG production. Glucosamine rduces the activity of inflammatory mediators and damaging anzymes that can degrade cartilage.

    Normal bone metabolism requires the mineral Boron. Boron supplementation increases bone strength and the mineral content of the bone organic matrix.

    Creatine Monohydrate
    Creatine is a significat amino acid found in skeletal muscle and it plays a role in muscular energy and may have value in improving muscle strength enabling the horses to feel more energetic.

    The PhyCox® formula also contains a special blend of antioxidants to complement the potent protection from oxidative damage offered by Phycocyanin and Tumeric.
  • Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E)
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
  • Citrus Bioflavonoids
  • Grape Seed Extract
  • Selenium
  • Zinc

  • Arthritis is a painful condition
    There are two major forms of arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is a common form of arthritis which involves inflammation of the jonts, swelling, pain, and loss of function. The primary sympton of rheumatoid arthritis is inflammation of the synovial membrane. The membrane thickens and synovial fluid accumulates. The resulting pressure causes pain and tenderness.

    The most common form of arthritis, osteoarthritis, is a degenerative joint disease that is far more common than rheumatoid arthritis. It is characterized by the deterioration of articular cartilage and the formation of new bone in the subchondral areas and at the margins of the joint. The cartilage slowly degenerates and as the bone ends become exposed, small bumps of new osseous tissue are deposited on them. These bumps decrease the space in the bone cavity and restrict joint movement.

    It has been discovered that a blue-green algae extract and, more particularly, phycocyanin functions as a COX-2 inhibitor that is effective in treating arthritis and other inflammatory conditions in animals. The use of phycocyanin is now patented and effective in reducing inflammation in animals through its ability to selectively inhibit the COX-2 enzyme.

    PhyCox® has all the joint support benefits od many commonly used products, plus scientific research has shown Phycox® to be effective at reducing pain and inflammation in dogs.

    More Effective alternative available for only $32.99

    Usage Information

    For use in dogs only. A patented formula with Phycox®, a natural source of phycocyanin with proven health benefits. Recommended to support joint mobility and healthy bone structure. Provides enhanced antioxidant protection and Omega-3 Fatty Acids in a palatable soft chew.

    Directions for Use:

    Initial Administration (4 to 6 week period)
    Weight Amount
    5 - 15 lbs 1/2 chew daily
    16 - 30 lbs 1 chew daily
    31 - 60 lbs 2 chews daily
    61 - 100 lbs 4 chews daily
    Over 100 lbs 5 chews daily

    Maintenance Administration
    Weight Amount
    5 - 15 lbs 1/2 chew every other day
    16 - 30 lbs 1/2 chew daily
    31 - 60 lbs 1 chew daily
    61 - 100 lbs 2 chews daily
    Over 100 lbs 2 1/2 chews daily

    WHY Phycox®?

    PROVEN SAFE FOR DOGS* Clinical safety trials with dogs showed Phycox® to be safe when administered up to 16 times the label dose for 120 days. Trial parameters included:
  • Body Weight
  • Feed Consumption
  • Physical Exam
  • Daily Observation

  • No dose-related adverse effects were seen

    PROVEN HIGHLY EFFECTIVE IN DOGS A clinical study of arthritic dogs reflects the impressive efficacy of Phycox®:
  • 83% showed improvements within 60 days of beginning Phycox®
  • 94% responded after only 120 days!

  • Specific conditions that were monitored in this study included:
  • Mobility
  • Playfulness
  • Alertness
  • Activity level
  • Ability to rise
  • Pain level
  • Enthusiasm to run outside

    100% palatability guaranteed that your dog will love Phycox®.

  • PHYCOCYANIN - a naturally derived extract of blue green algae with proven Cyclooxgenase-2 Inhibition and dynamic antioxidant activity

  • TUMERIC demonstrated anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity

  • METHYSULFONYLMETHANE (MSM) Aids in the efficient function of cell membranes and supports healthy muscles and joints by reducing inflammation.

  • OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS - helps reduce and support joint health

  • GLUCOSAMINE HCL - reduces the activity if inflammatory mediators and damaging enzymes that can degrade cartilage.

  • BORON - increases bone strength

  • CREATINE MONOHYDRATE - plays a role in muscular energy while improving muscle strength enabling dogs to feel more energetic.

  • 1. Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E)
    2. Alpha Linolenic Acid (Flaxseed Oil sourced)
    3. Alpha Lipoic Acid
    4. Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
    5. Citrus Bioflavonoids
    2. Grape Seed Extract
    2. Selenium
    2. Zinc

    Warnings For animal use only. Keep out of reach of children and other animals. In case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately.

    Store at room temperature.
    Phycox® is a registered trademark of PSPC Inc.


    Active Ingredients per soft chew:
    Glucosamine HCL 450 mg
    Methylsulfonylmethane 400 mg
    Creatine Monohydrate 250 mg
    Alpha Linolenic Acid 200 mg
    Proprietary blend of citrus bioflavonoids
    Calcium phosphate
    manganese sulfate
    Ascorbic acid (vitamin C )
    zinc sulfate
    alpha lipoic acid
    grape seed extract
    132 mg
    Tumeric 50 mg
    Phycox 30 mg
    Elcosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) 9 mg
    Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) 6 mg
    Boron 100 mcg
    Selenium 10 mcg
    Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E) 25 IU

    Inactive Ingredients: Flaxseed Oil, Hydrolyxed Vegetable Protein, Magnesium Stearate, Marine Lipid Concentrates, Natural Liver Flavor, Sucrose.

    Cautions: Safe use in pregnant animasl or animals intended for breeding has not been proven. If lameness worsens, discontinue use and contact your veterinarian.

    Customer Reviews

    DISCLAIMER: The results described on the testimonials on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased and used the products. These testimonials are not intended to make any claims that the products can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.
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    Really works! by TBD from Pelham, Alabama08/11/2013

    Our 13 year old black lab has shown lots of improvement with walking and getting around since taking this product. Our vet gave us a few samples and within 4 day we saw small results in our lab - enough to continue the tablets. We now give this to him on a daily basis. He has a lot of arthritis in his joints and this product has definitely eased his pain and allowed him to get around a lot easier. I highly recommend this product.

    good for joints by Sherry from Sparta, Tn06/04/2013

    Psycox seems to have helped my dog with joint problems, she is moving much easier now.

    Keeping my doggies healthy by Lucy01/08/2012

    There are 3 seniors in my home - my dogs are 12+ and 13+ (and I'm way 'over-the-hill' myself). They both are ailing for different reasons and giving them Phycox, with my Vet's recommendation, seems to help with limping and soreness. We walk regularly (off leash on flat land which makes it easier on their joints). It's one more way to keep them in better shape.

    by BobB from Winchester, VA01/16/2013

    Good product that helps our senior dog; great pricing and service!

    Joint Relief by Dog Lover12/19/2013

    Phycox soft chews give my 15 year old dog relief for stiff sore joints, particularly on cold winter days. Highly recommend.

    A Great Product by lk from New York07/26/2011

    My 11 year old lab woke up one day and could hardly stand up. When I took her to the vet, he recommended Phycox (and niacinamide) to help with her arthritis. I started her off with 4 a day and she now takes 2 (sometimes 3) a day. What a difference it has made! She is able to get up and move around without discomfort. I really feel that this product truly works - the proof is right in front of my eyes.

    Phycox by puglover from Cutler Bay, Florida01/12/2012

    Been using this product for my Pug dog for over a year.. Great Product.

    Phycox for canine arthritis by none12/04/2012

    My appx. 9 Yr old rescue daschund has severe arthritis that I attribute to leading a hard life. Believe me she doesn't have a hard life now! About a year ago she moved slowly as if it hurt and no longer even attempted to jump. She was also crying when we picked her up and crying out in her sleep. I got some Rimadyl from our vet, Dr. Gil Green, Byram, MS and he told me then to order online Phycox and to let the Rimadyl and Phycox overlap for about two weeks. She has been on Phycox and only one time has she had break-through pain that required Rimadyl for about a week and that was after the first frost in November. I'm giving Phycox to my 7&1/2 Yr. old shelter daschund at 1/2 strength as she is having the first symptoms of arthritis. Thanks for the good product.

    Phycox Tabs by vince from Austin Tx02/09/2013

    Same reliable product as obtained from other sources at a much reduced price. Came on time and in good condition.

    Great Product by Kathyjb07/24/2013

    Yes.I am happy with the supplements I purchased. They were a good price and came in a timely manner. Thanks

    Works well on my 13 year old 100 lb dog by cal from Florida11/06/2012

    Works well on my 13 year old 100 lb mix breed...He is doing pretty good !!

    by Cricket from IL12/13/2011

    I have been giving my Australian Shepherd Phycox since she was 9 years old. She is now 12 years old and still very active. Phycox is helping her enjoy life to the fullest.

    by QZBean from New York05/30/2012

    My vet recommended Phycox and I have two dogs who have benefitted greatly from its anti-inflammatory properties. But if it's going to take 11 days to arrive, shipping ought to be free. I don't know what changed about your shipping program, but it was not in favor of the customer.

    Easy to administer by Patti from Anderson Creek Club, Spring Lake, NC01/10/2012

    My dog considers these chews as treats so that works out well. He receives his medicine without a struggle!

    For your aging dog the best! by Brent03/27/2013

    Have used this product with our Chow mix for years. He has lived a great life and made it to 16. Currently using it for our daughters St Bernard, who has hip displasia. Again this product is great and never found a replacement that the dogs would eat.

    GREAT STUFF by abby from SHIRLEY NY07/09/2013


    Works Wonders by Dave K from New Egypt, NJ11/14/2012

    I was recommended by a friend who is a vet tech to try phycox for our then 10 year old German Sheperd we just rescued. She was beginning to show signs of hip problems. Once we started her on the phycox I noticed a dramatic improvement in her abiltity to get around. She is now 13 years old and acts like a dog half that age, she is able to move about freely with no signs of any hip problems. I have told many people about this product and can say that it does work.

    great product by mjay from new york04/25/2014

    Vet recommended this for my rottweiler because her hip was clicking ,shes overweight and wasn't getting around to good. Started and within a month she was out chasing the rabbits again (she never catches one)She has been taking for about a year and still no clicking in her hip. I am Extremely happy with product. I recommended to a friend who's dog has a bad knee and they also have great results do not hesitate to buy. Entirely pets has the best price.

    Dog Turns Nose Up At This Product by Jim from Florissant, CO04/21/2012

    My friend swears by Phycox and I bought it on her recommendation. But my Lady will not eat it, even with peanut butter on it, or wrapped in a melty cheeseball, or crushed and mixed with her kibble with homemade beef broth mixed in. Luckily, my friend bought the remaining (most of them) chews because her German Shepherd loves them.

    Lucky Find of Great Supplier by Alrac from Cincinnati, OH12/24/2012

    My Bernese Mountain Dogs, ages 4 & 5, were recently prescribed Phycox Canine Joint Support soft chews for arthritis. The initial "loading" period was proving to be quite expensive in that they were combined taking 12 chews a day. They are down to the normal dose of 6 (combined), but purchasing these chews at the vet was costly. I "googled" Phycox and found ENTIRELY PETS offered the chews at half the price my vet was charging. WOW, WHAT A SAVINGS! I checked other competitor websites, and ENTIRELY PETS had the lowest price. Thank you for the savings, ENTIRELY PETS!

    Critters love them by lakeacres from Central Oregon07/12/2012

    We haven't had our dogs on them long enough to tell if they will work, but they love to eat them. We have also had many of our local vets highly recommend them.

    As described by Pip from Fredericksburg Va04/27/2014

    Saved a good amount of money buying direct from Entirely Pets on these dog chews that our vets introduced to us. Arrived in timely manner. Well packaged. Good condition

    Phycox by grandma from Statesville, NC03/14/2014

    I purchased this product or one similar at a vet clinic then starting getting them from Entirely Pets because it was more economical. We have two German Shepherds and am pleased with the results from this product.

    by jg from Northern Wisconsin11/03/2012

    Our Springer is 12 years old and using Phycox has made a significant difference in his mobility.

    Great service by Maureen02/28/2013

    Every time I order from Entirely Pets, I get my order in a couple days. Also the Phycox does help with my dog's arthritis.

    Great Money-saving Deal by Karen10/27/2011

    Our border collie puppy was recently diagnosed with hip dysplasia (breeder issues, alas). Our vet said she needed lots of supplements and a special diet high in glucosamine and omega-3 oil for her joints. We were looking at paying a TON of money through our vet, but then found PHYCOX at ENTIRELY PETS. Wow! An incredible savings over other providers, especially for a long-term solution like this one. Happy puppy; happy owners.

    Great product by Azdogmom from Coolidge AZ06/17/2013

    I have used this product for 3 years! It is natural way to keep a dogs joints healthy, without harsh pharmaceuticals. My dog is 7 years old and has arthritis in his wrists from bailing out if a 1ton truck when he was a young dog, this helps him a lot!

    Glad to Find This! by doggeeegal06/30/2012

    I received this item in about a week after ordering. I paid $84 at the vet's office (who first recommended my dog take this for her hips) . So glad to find it here for much less, I think it was between $35 and $40 I paid, including shipping and tax. I have just begun to give to my dog so can't comment in that regard but it appears to be exact same product as my vet sold and I don't anticipate any problems.

    Good product by Chinomom01/02/2012

    This product was recommended to us by a vet tech for our older lab who has arthritis problems. We have been using it for over a year, he loves the taste and knows when it is time for it. Does it work? Don't know, not going to stop it to try. I know he hasn't gotten worse, so I would say yes, it works.

    by Maggie04/25/2012

    I saw improvement in my dog the first week using Phycox. I wish they had a human version of this product.

    great product by Glacier01/29/2013

    highly recommended by our veterinarian, our six year old and three year old labs have been on this for at least three years - the six year old jumps around like a puppy... both are very active dogs and appear to have zero joint issues.

    Top-Notch Alternative to Prescription Drugs by twelvegates from Colorado03/01/2011

    My 7-year old German Shepherd was recently diagnosed with advanced arthritis in the hind legs. She was started on a well-known prescription anti-inflammatory medicine, went through the loading dose period and on to maintenance. After searching for a natural alternative, I chose Phycox. I followed the dosing instructions, and am very happy to report that she is no longer lame. The results with Phycox are just as apparent as those from the prescription medication, and the monthly maintenance cost is about $20 per month, instead of over $100 per month! And I found the best price at EntirelyPets. Best of all, Indie is again racing back and forth at the fence with her Australian Shepherd friend.

    Great Product by Nettie from Cleveland, Ohio09/17/2013

    my vet used to sell Phycox, but then cut back to just selling Dasequin. A month of 2 on Dasequin, my 13 year old beagle mix just wasn't the same...I searched the internet for a reasonably priced Phycox and found your website. A month or 2 back on Phycox, she was back to her old self. Definitely a noticeable difference.

    Phycox for arthritis in dogs by purrfactor06/11/2013

    I use this for my 12yr old Alaskan Malamute in conjunction with his previcox, it really helps him out.

    Can't go without it by Dogmom47 from Benson, AZ03/25/2013

    I have two dogs on Phycox. If I ever run out I can tell that I let a bad thing happen. Now I order when I am down to one unopened bottle.

    Seems to work great, dogs love the taste by DebinGA from Atlanta, Ga05/23/2014

    Give this to all three of our senior dachshunds. They love the taste and can't wait to get their "nummy" every morning after they come in from their morning duties. If they seem extra sore (since they are ages 13, 16 and 18 in human years), we can give them an extra half at night and not worrie we are over doing it. Great stuff and the price here is one of, if not the, best on the internet.

    best purchase ever by abby from shirley ny07/29/2014

    i used this for 5 years and it is great and then they changed it to phycox ONE it does not work like the first one. i am going to try joint care,bring the first one back.the ONE is to strong in one shot.

    Phycox Soft Chews by Dawn from Bethel, New York12/16/2012

    Thanks to this product Murphy is able to get up, walk..... and at times even run.

    Great Product by psp from NC10/23/2012

    This really seems to help my senior dogs leg strength. And she gobbles them up!

    Great Product by JRJ from Winter Springs, FL06/29/2014

    I purchased the Phycox for my 15 and 12 year old dogs. It has helped them both stay active and health.

    Recommended by the Vet by doglady from Vancouver, WA04/07/2014

    As my dogs aged, my Vet recommended Phycox to keep their joints flexible. One of my Standard Schnauzers died last year at 15 1/2 years old - she had no trouble walking and was active up until the last 6 months. One of my guys is now almost 14 and the other is 10 years old. I believe the Phycox has been beneficial for both of them.

    Phycox by kooter04/25/2012

    Makes my 15 year old German Shepard more comfortable and able to get around. He thinks it is a treat and loves it. He has arthritis in his back legs and has done much better since I started the Phycox.

    Works Great by rugar03/21/2013

    My boy has arthritis in his hips and since I bought Phycox for him, he runs around again and is not having problems with his hips. Also every morning he knows he gets one and if I don't get it to him then he bugs me for it. I am so glad I bought this for him. I definitely recommend it.

    lexie is like a new dog by mjay24 from long island ny01/30/2012

    I have a 100 lb rottweiler mix who was just lying around she had trouble getting up to go outside. We took her to the vet and she gave us Phycox to try well after a couple of weeks she is chasing the squriells again and running around. We will not take a chance on trying anything else the product works too good.

    MIRACLE MAKER . . . by Nan from Rayne,LA02/08/2012

    This product has quite simply saved my dobie's life. . . I was trying to prepare myself to put down one of my Dobies. .. Three years ago she had been bitten by a water moccassin . . she had immediate energency medical treatment and did recover but just as my vet had predicted .. she developed what seemed to be sudden severe arthritis (a result of the venumous bite). She was unable to lift her head and walked with obvious difficulty with her front legs very stiff in the mornings. If the weather was good it seemed to improve but when cold fronts began moving in it was awful for her. She has been too good afriend to make her suffer for my sake. I had made up my mind that I had no other option but to put her down. Then I happen to see the add on line ( Facebook to be exact) and decided I would try it and if it didn't help her I had to do what I needed to do for her sake. The second day I thought she seemed to be more comfortable but the weather was nice so I wasn' t sure if it was Phycox helping her or just good weather. By the end of the week she was no longer having any signs of pain even in the mornings I was relieve. .. we have had some horrible weather these past few weeks . . . she is actually acting like a young healthy dog!! Even in need of correction for running through muddy water splashing it all over me!! She is doing wonderfully running and playing. . . amazing!! She is taking half the recommended dosage .. every morning she waits by the freezer in the utility room before going out for her morning run she gets her daily dose of Phycox - she loves them! Thanks to Phycox I have my old girl back again happy and pain free

    Very good prices by auntmo21107/19/2012

    The vet prescribed Phycox for my staffie who has a problem with her leg. She started out with 2 a day and then after 6 weeks, one a day for maintenance and it has helped her. Very good product and Entirely Pets' prices are the best.

    Awesome product! by beagle buddy03/18/2010

    This has made an amazing difference for our pet's luxating knee. She has no problems with agility now.

    phycox by goldendogs from Pennsylvania06/26/2013

    good price. The dogs love the taste eat them right down. They seem to help our golden with his bad hips.

    Works great by Annonymous03/14/2012

    I've got a little Beagle who just turned 8 yrs old and was nearly immobile about a year ago. We started her on these Glucosamines and she did a complete turn around. She is running around like a little puppy keeping up with our younger dog who has just turned 3. Our 3 year old, in his growing spurts has snapped, crackled and popped since he was a pup, these definitely help him as well. Definitely recommend.

    We love our PhyCox by 1catluver from Tucson, AZ12/19/2012

    Not only is this a treat, it has good stuff for pet health inside. Our dogs looooove them. They line up when it's treat time. (They get treats twice a day and they know when it's time.) These treats were recommended by the vet when one of our dogs tore a tendon in her knee. With acupuncture and water therapy, we were able to forego surgery. I have no doubt these treats provided the necessary nutritional support to ensure a speedy recovery.

    Phycox by Gina07/30/2013

    I have 2 dogs who have not been able to supplement with glucosamine chondroiten due to allergies. Both dogs are responding well to Phycox with no noted allergic response, think the pills are treats, and appear to feel better.

    by mom of kitties from Alvaton, KY08/19/2013

    I have used this for years for my ageing dogs. It was recommended by my vet years ago. My dogs get it every day.

    This works! by Deb from Pensacola, FL06/09/2013

    Our Great Pyrenees mix is 10 going on 11 years old and has been slowing down. A friend of mine suggested Phycox for him because it had worked so well for her mothers dogs. When we started giving him 2 soft chews per day we saw a remarkable difference in the easing of his joints. Having been on this for a year now he comes to me each evening and reminds me that it is "Time for my Phycox, Mom!" We're believers! He's happier!

    by from 08/02/2013

    This product has done wonders for my dog since her knee surgery. The product arrived in a matter of days and was literally HALF the price of anything that I found at any local Vet. Entirely Pets has definitely found a new loyal customer.

    by from Thanks

    Moe by from Maurice

    Phycox soft chews

    Helps! by Baby's mom from Cambridge, NY08/06/2013

    My Shih Tzu is arthritic, and Phycox helps her get around better.

    Best Joint Formula by Jeff01/29/2013

    I've tried several different joint formulas and this one seems to work the best.

    Good Ingredients by timy from Mississippi06/22/2013

    Unfortunately my dogs don't find the chews as palatable as other brands.

    Great Joint Supplement by Hilites from Arizona01/05/2012

    I have four senior golden retrievers, ages 15, two that are 12 and one 10. As expected they have been feeling their age with weakness and arthritic joints. After adding Phycox to their daily regiment their overall mobility has greatly improved.

    Best Deal! by Deb from Ohio11/19/2012

    My dog has been using Phycox for about 3 months. I was previously buying Phycox at the vet for my dog. I saved over 50% by going through Entirely Pets to purchase the 120 soft chews.

    She likes to play again by 4 Dogs11/23/2012

    Our 13 year old lab mix was getting creaky. She frequently walked with a limp and our vet gave us a trial sample of Phycox. After about a week of daily doses she was running after discs and chasing the younger dogs. They must taste OK because she reminds us to give her one in the morning.

    Great Treats for Dogs with Arthritis! by DoggyMom from Mesquite, NV08/08/2013

    My 15 year old Alaskan Klee Kai is having problems with his hips and our vet recommended these treats and my dog LOVES them!

    Amazing stufff! by Boxer Mama from Oklahoma City03/28/2011

    I put my 12 year old Boxer girl on this and my 8 year old Boxer boy who had knee surgery. Both tolerate it well, but the change in especially my girl is amazing! She is sassy and ready to go for long walks every day. Her limping from arthritis is much less noticeable and she feels terrific!

    Great purchase by Dan12/23/2012

    I was very pleased with the prompt delivery of the phycox that I ordered for the dogs. It is exactly the same product that I get from the vet, only at a much cheaper price. Great service!!

    Great Product and great value by annak from Des Plaines, Il12/02/2011

    My 13.5 year old golden will not go out unless he gets his Phycox. Currently, he gets 2 per day as maintenance. I recommended this item to a friend whos dog could hardly walk and very arthritic. After a few days of this product, he was running and he is a16 year old Beagle. Best item I have ever found and the animals love the taste. My vet introduced me to this product and I found the best price at Entirely Pets.

    wonderful by rooroo from long beach10/23/2012

    this product works wonders, it has done great great thing for my dogs leg and hip problems

    Speedy Shipping by tinacg from Colfax, NC06/10/2013

    I have been ordering this product from another online source for the past couple of years. I will now order from here for the great prices and SPEEDY shipping!!!

    Great Product by Deedee06/30/2012

    I have used Phycox for several years now and it works great. The dogs love it too~I just drop it on top of their food or give as a treat.

    Excellent Product by Mocha from Long Island, NY11/13/2012

    Excellent product, saw immediate results, dog loves them.

    Dog review by LWest from Indiana10/23/2012

    Our dog loves these....would probably eat the entire canister at once if she could! She recently had surgery on her ACL and I believe this product has helped with her recovery. She is moving around much better than anticipated.

    Phycox by Reba05/09/2014

    I didn't realize how much this product helped my dog until she stopped taking Phycox for one month. The difference was night and day! I will keep her on Phycox from now on.

    Change for the better! by karen from Somewhere, Texas03/16/2011

    My vet recommended Phycox and the stuff really does help. I have a very vital German Shep that is almost 12 years old. He stills runs and plays and acts like a much younger dog than he is . After about 2 weeks I noticed the difference. He gets up easier and goes longer. We still go for walks several miles at a time!

    Phycox Soft Chews by willow03/01/2012

    My dog is 15 years old and has had two knee surgeries. This product was recommended by my vet. I believe it has helped his quality of life.

    This Works Great by Cardinalc from Manassas, VA07/10/2012

    I have used this with my 13 year old lab. I did not realize how well it worked until I shamefully forgot to get a refill before she ran out. She truly showed unwillingness to move, but when I got the refill and started her back up she seemed much more mobile. I believe this works and makes her feel better. I throw one in with her food in the morning and the evening and it works great. I will never miss a refill again!

    My Dog Will Not Eat These... by beagle261 from Port Saint Luce01/01/2013

    I've tried putting it in Ginger's food and also just giving it as a treat and she will not eat it. If I just leave it in her bowl my 4 yr. old dog will eat it but not the 15 yr. old that needs it :(

    dog deserves the best by arliedog05/04/2012

    My Seeing Eye guide dog is now 12 years old and enjoys her work. Started her on this product just a month ago and will continue using it to ensure her joint health.

    Bouncy Steps by Gracieks from Lexington, SC04/02/2014

    I have (2) aging Beagles and both seem to be doing so much better with taking the Phycox, spring in their steps and back rolls in the grass and love the taste. That speaks volumes in my book

    Phycox Soft Chews by Kim10/29/2012

    Our dog has a new lease on life. These work better than any we've tried. Thank you, thank you!!!

    by from 03/09/2010

    I have a rescued Chesapeake Bay Retriever who came to us nearly 8 years ago with a severely injured knee. She was approx. 4 years old at the time.

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    A God Send by RedNick from Walden, NYThank


    Great Product, Fast Ship by JP04/19/2012

    I've been giving my dog these chews for about 6 weeks. He is a great dane and turning 7 soon. These have been helping him with energy and getting up when laying for a while. I definitely recommend these.

    My dog can MOVE again! by Merry from Bakersfield, CA12/20/2012

    My vet recommended Phycox for my Lab, Bean, who has difficulty getting up and standing for any length of time. I bought my first jar from the vet and started my dog on the therapeutic routine. She loved the taste so I was also able to hide her Proin pill (that I purchase here, too), of which she hates the taste, in her Phycox. Success! After a few weeks, Bean was able to get up without difficulty and even pranced for a bone on occasion! She was perkier, it seemed! I was sold on the benefit of Phycox, so I went searching to find Phycox at a better price than my vet's office. I found Entirely Pets and comparing them to other pet suppliers, found them to have THE lowest price for the exact same item I use. I purchased several jars at one time knowing that this will be my supplier for years to come. Very happy that Bean is enjoying her life more now!

    Pet Supplement by hb09/20/2013

    Item arrived in expected amount of time and in good condition. The price is the main reason I order from this company. My veterinarian is charging over twice this amount for the same product.

    works well by mamie06/18/2014

    Our dog was born with hip problems. At a year old he was limping. Our vet recommended PhyCox Soft Chews. Our dog is now six and running all over the place. Rarely, the dog will limp. So far this product has helped him to lead an active life. It was expensive at the vet's office so I was glad to find Entirely Pets.

    Best Product for Aging Dog by Laurie Z from Cleveland, OH01/01/2010

    My 13 year old golden mix has regained mobility while on this product. I tried another product when Phycox was back ordered and his physical/joint health declined immediately. Back on Phycox he now goes for walks and can jump on the bed. He's perky and feels great.

    Mobility Plus by Von from Maplewood, Minnesota12/01/2013

    Great stuff. My Vet recommended this along with Cosequin Regular Strength and my old dog can get up from lying down with ease and swiftness then can move and trot like a young dog!!!!!!!

    Pet-rific ....... by Wayne03/19/2013

    Web site easy to use. Located wanted product quickly. Product delivered very soon after ordering. I will definitely recommend this site to all my friends ..... that's how I found out about

    Great Product by DogLover13 from Florida10/19/2011

    My vet recommended Phycox for my 10yr old Golden boy. (Heavy arthritis). I really didn't see a difference with them until I ran out of them. My boy is a happier more agile dog taking Phycox and his hips don't appear to be so clicky. I now give my 12yr Dachshund a small piece too - he needs all the help he can get with those little legs. Entirely pets made it more affordable - $30 less than my vets!!

    Amazing life changing product! by Maddy02/19/2013

    This stuff changed my goldens life. Found she had arthritis in her knee @ age 4 due to maybe an injury. This stuff makes her a puppy again before the arthritis. It is a miracle product. Thank you pyhcox for making my dogs quality of life better!

    Keeping Whopper Active by sunny from Bonny Doon, CA04/25/2014

    Since ACL repair a few years ago, I have been using Phycox soft chews. My dog has seldom needed to take his prescribed rimadyl and has remained happy and active. He loves his soft chew which is crumbled into his dry food everyday. Whopper says, "Woof woof" which is thank you for keeping him healthy.

    by Jim from Colorado08/21/2013

    Our vet recommended this for an aging dog, and it seems to help him maintain his mobility and agility quite a bit. Before using Phycox he showed signs of stiffness and some discomfort, but those have gone away.

    Great Product by Shampoo from Fort Wayne, IN02/19/2014

    My 11 year old dog had an ACL repair and has developed arthritis in this leg. It's getting harder for her to walk and she has a noticeable limp. I feel strongly if she didn't take this product she wouldn't be able to continue on her daily walks. She takes (1) chew at each feeding and gobbles them up.

    Great stuff!! by Dogsmybabies11/08/2012

    I have a 60 lb German Shepherd mix who's been popping and clicking since he was a pup. This helps a lot for him. I also have a 9 year old Beagle who had severe back pain almost 2 years ago. So much so that I didn't want to see her live in pain anymore. With one last option I tried Phycox soft chews and in about a month I saw a HUGE comeback from her. She was RUNNING around like a little puppy. Running circles around my German Shepherd mix. I would definitely recommend this! I hope other people have good luck with this stuff as we have. :)

    Good Product by JO JO from Palmer, Alaska10/24/2012

    I switched to these chews from another brand on the recommendation from my vet. Both of my dogs love them and it seems to help with the arthritis in my Rottie.

    Senior Pet Superlative by agenda from Corbin, KY01/31/2012

    Rascal, our German Shepherd, will be 12 years old Feb. 25th. Although he has moved into the geriatric stage of life, Rascal enjoys life. Yes, he has joint problems associated with his large breed and his age. Yet he continues to enjoy light exercise, such as walking, catching a ball, and climbing on the couch to cuddle with his people. PhyCox helps make this possible. I give Rascal one chew in the morning and one in the afternoon. He loves the taste and thinks he's getting a treat. Phycox helps Rascal enjoy his golden years and allows us to enjoy the company of our furry best friend!

    Helping tremedously. by Lorraine02/20/2013

    My beagle was having back issues and these seem to have helped her tremendously. She has a lot of her spunk back.

    Wonderful product by Normal1f from Salisbury, N.C.05/10/2014

    My Akita will not willingly take meds. The Phycox chewables do really well when put in canned dog food, he actually eats every bite.

    Good investment in your pets aging process. by Dana from Angola, Indiana08/14/2012

    Recently a friend suggested PhyCox soft chews for my aging Lab. Abby is twelve (12) years old and I was noticing that she wasn't getting up as easily as she used to. He offered me a couple weeks of the chews to see if it would help. I decided to go ahead and order and give it time to hopefully make a difference in her movement. She has now been on the PhyCox for about five (5) weeks and we see a marked difference in Abby. She does better on her walks, as well as getting up and down. I took her in last week to get her toenails cut and even the Vet noticed that she was getting around better. I think anyone with a large animal should consider PhyCox in maintaining their animals health.

    EXCELLENT product! by jenh43 from North Ridgeville, OH07/09/2012

    My vet recommended this product for my 3 year old English Bulldog who has severe arthritis in his hips. She wanted to try the supplement route prior to going on arthritis meds, since they are so rough on the organs. It took about 3 weeks to really start to notice a difference, but it has DEFINITELY helped! He is no longer favoring the one hip, hes putting pressure back on the leg, and getting around really well. Im honestly really impressed with this product. Ive also been giving the supplement to my 10 year old English Bulldog because hes been still and having a little trouble getting around. Ive also noticed an improvement with him; hes getting up steps better and moving a little quicker in general.

    Nothing short of miraculous! by Deb from Euless, TX09/05/2013

    This product has done wonders for our 10-year old Old English Sheepdog with significant arthritis/hip issues. Without Phycox, we were looking at having to put her on daily anti-inflammatories and pain meds just so she wouldn't yelp and cry out in pain whenever she had to get up. Within one week of the initial loading dose, and now on the maintenance dose, she no longer yelps when having to move and even wants to run a little and chase balls with our 1-year old OES. I recently ran out and she was without it for two weeks and was back to that constant pain. As my son says, "This stuff is da bomb!" And, Entirely Pets has the best price on the web at 50% off. We would have to spend over $130/mo on prescription meds from the vet with all those nasty side effects.

    phycox soft chews by mike from boston ,ma.03/04/2014

    very good product with a very good price. They have helped my older dog immensely.

    Great product by Malamute Mom06/04/2013

    My vet wanted to put my 9 year old Malamute on Rimadahl, but I was leary of starting her so soon on something that has side effects. A friend recommended Phycox and I was amazed at how quickly her mobility improved. I now have her and her daughter on 2 chews a day and will continue to do so.

    by Weber from New York08/02/2013

    This product is the best I have ever used. I've given this to my dogs for about 5 years now and it keeps them off Medication until they are quite old. They love it as a treat!

    Phycox by Susan from Felton, DE03/20/2013

    A very good product! My Basset no longer shows signs of a slight limp. I think Phycox gave him just the boost he needed for shows.

    It works by crickett from Austin, TX08/03/2010

    I have all my working Border Collies on PhyCox-JS. I can see a remarkable difference in the older dogs. Highly recommend this product. Also the dogs love it.

    Worth the Money by Debbie from Louisiana11/30/2013

    These seem to really help my aging arthritic dog. When I ran out of them for a week I could really see a difference.

    Best priced/versus Vet price! by Q'sMom from Brookville, OH12/18/2012

    Works great for my beagle who has had a knee joint problem since birth. Best price I have found since my vet office charges $45 for 60 ct. Recent sale I got Phycox 120 ct buy one get one free plus free shipping so you can't beat that deal!

    My Dog can move much better. by Penny Girl from California05/09/2013

    My lab is 16 years old and with using this product, she sometimes can run around like a young dog for a couple of moments. It is wonderful to see her get a little spunkiness now and then, Thank you.

    Best Joint supplement by GSP lover from AR11/21/2013

    My 13 years old GSP have nice silky coat and she still jumping around. She likes eat PhyCox and PhyCox makes her healthy. I use PhyCox as pill pocket when she need take medicine.

    Good Product by Jenny from Louisville, KY05/20/2014

    Working very well. Rufus, who is 13 yrs old, is getting along quite well. Much more energy and back to playing. I didn't give it 5 stars for two reasons: 1) he doesn't like the taste so I have to hide them in his food and 2) he has only been taking them for about a month so I have not had a chance to see what the full beneficial effects may be.

    by from 03/25/2010

    My local vet introduced me to this product. I purchased it several times from him, at a much higher price, I should add. This sis the ONLY product that my 2 OLD dogs (9 year old Siberian Husky and 8 year old lab/golden mix) BEG for.

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    this by product! from IfI


    Worst Shipment ever by Pyrhouse from Oregon04/12/2013

    On 3/19 we emailed Entirely Pets that the product box was intact but the product itself was smashed in over 3/4". Resulted in product itself being badly damaged. Obviously they had PACKAGED a very badly damaged product. On 3/19 Entirely responded "our request was being reviewed". On 3/28 we emailed them again. To date absolutely NOTHING from Entirely, and we had been long term customers. Where do you think we will get this product the next time? Hopefully from a company that still believes in customer service.

    Very Easy by toeggy from Pensacola, Fl03/15/2013

    GREAT price, quick shipping .... Perfect purchase. Thanks

    Phycox by RC4510211/21/2011

    My 12 year old dog has been on Phycox for the last 3-4 tablet a day. He previously moved slow and gingerly due to a spine problem. Since receiving Phycox, his mobility is amazing! I now have a 12 year old puppy!

    Helps for the old dogs by DogMom from Tampa, FL10/24/2012

    Dogs love them and eat them up when offered. Supplements for the joints to ease the discomfort of aging bodies. Super fast shipping and conveinent and safe packaging.

    Excellent Product by critter keeper10/04/2011

    I've used Phycox for my elderly basset for the past 2 1/2 years. It works better than anything else I've tried (Science Diet JD, Deramaxx, Glycoflex). The only problem is that he won't eat the chews whole, but he will if I crumble them into his food.

    Still Crazy After All These Years by Janice09/11/2013

    My little girl, a lab mix, is almost 14 years old. I started her on Phycox several years ago, and she is still able to go on daily walks and occasionally chase a baby rabbit. She likes the taste, so it is no problem to get her to take her "vitamins". I have tried several suppliments, but have been most satisfied with this product.

    Excellent price!!!!!!!!!!!! by suzysmom02/13/2012

    I know this product was good since my vet had sold them to me but the price was $38.00 for qty of 60 and Entirely Pets price was $42.99 for qty of 120. That is a great savings for me since my dog takes one a day. Glad I checked pricing online. Shipping was fast to even though when I ordered they were on backorder. Will order again.

    Tasty treat he enjoys nightly by MLaz03/19/2014

    I give my dog two chews along with his night time cookie. He is a 70 pound lab mix, almost 11 years old and has no joint pain. Initially, he did not like them but after a while I tried them again and he loves them and has had them for several years now. I will begin giving them to my younger dog as well.

    Worse purchase ever by Kathy from Stacy, MN10/23/2013

    I've been ordering from this website for years with success... But DONT buy phycox products. I got the joint supplement and my dogs hated it. My one dog got sick. She eats everything. I have been buying joint max for years and I'm going back.

    Great stuff by Tony06/24/2013

    We've been giving this to our now 12 yr old Lab for four years now and we can really tell the difference

    by Indy & Cos's Momma11/12/2013

    Great product - it has really made a difference in the lives of our senior labs!

    by thurt from St. Clair Shores MI12/07/2012

    My dog loves these and they really did improve his mobility. Price through Entirely Pets is awesome.

    Great for Arthritic Dogs by Sandraelaine from Upstate NY (Adirondacks)12/14/2012

    I have a very old dog that is lame and arthritic. Phycox has helped my ole girl feel better and move about more freely.

    really helps by molly from Texas07/02/2013

    So far, this medication has really helped our dog, Molly, who is at least 12 years old. She is still frisky and alert.

    phycox by Rob08/15/2011

    My 10yr. old chocolate lab was limping around, getting tired very easily due to an old tendon injury.My regular old school vet advise was oh he 's getting older and will slow down, just part of the aging process. Went for a second opinion and the vet prescibed phycox along with metacam. I now have what acts like a 2yr. chocolate on my hands. Great Stuff

    Great product by Thistles Mom from North Carolina03/29/2013

    Phycox has really helped decrease my 11 yr old German Shepherd's arthritis discomfort. Very pleased with this product. He loves them also. Easy to fighting with pills or capsules.

    Phycox by retiredmongoose08/08/2012

    Great mail TIME, Product works just as fast as other NSAIDS, yet no lab work for liver is needed.

    My dogs say they taste Great! by Joee from Blairsville, GA11/22/2011

    Both of my big dogs love them in their food or as a treat.

    Does wonders by nmoreman10/23/2012

    I looked at several products for my dog. She had 2 broken legs from a truck, 11 years old, and this was really affecting her. I compared tis to another product, called the manufacturer, picked this, and have seen immediate results. Within a week, she was walking, and now running better, seems out of pain, sure of herself. I highly recommend this and will keep her on tis forever. The manufacturer promised results, and they were right.

    by Pudgie07/23/2012

    Seems to help my old boy Pudgie with his joint problems.

    Glad to find these again! by Stonebay from North Carolina07/09/2013

    I used to give these to one of my older dogs on the advice of my vet. After Abby died, I didn't have the need for them until now. Her daughter, Piper, turned 14 last month. She still moves beautifully and I want to keep it that way. Found Phycox online and purchased them immediately.

    Wonderful product! by Brandy from Reading, PA06/01/2013

    We have a 2-1/2 year old Red Tick Coon Hound who loves to run and play ball. We started noticing a slight limp after she would play hard and it would always be there even the next day. One of our friends recommended this product since he gave it to his Black Lab and it worked wonders. We've been giving it to our dog for almost 2 months and she shows no sign of any type of limping. It's a great product and I would recommend it to anyone! Thanks for helping out our special friend!

    Vet Recommended by CJ10/22/2012

    My vet recommended these for my 12 year old Malamute. What an improvement! (they also hide her thyroid pills)

    by from 10/10/2011

    We got the Phycox soft chews based on a recommendation from our vet. Our 14year only sheppard mix thinks they are "treats" ans we are not going to burst his bubble. He seems to be getting around much better

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    Great Product by pj from Arizona06/16/2010

    These work just as well as any perscription my husky has been on in the past but with no side effects of any kind! Love the natural alternative!!!

    Phycox Soft Chews by christy598 from NC04/01/2013

    AWESOME product. I tell everyone that I can about this stuff. Completely helped my 8 yr old lab regain his puppy playfulness. Has no trouble getting up or down any longer. It took about 1 -2 months to see the positive results. We've been using this for probably 4+ years.

    Excellent Product by nomad619dc from Murphy, NC08/19/2012

    My 90 pound dog was suffering from hip problems and limped a lot. We put him on Phycox several years ago and he has not limped since.

    Great product at the right price by Tim07/17/2012

    Well done. I like the auto reorder option

    GREAT by hounddog from Colorado04/13/2012

    These Phycox are great, a bit on the high $$$ side but very good

    Great Product & Great Price! by lucy's mom from Cincinnati, OH11/15/2011

    I have a 13 yr. old Collie with severe arthritis. Phycox is a great addition to her daily regimin along with her pain medicine. She seems to be getting up and down alot better since we've been giving her the Phycox. The price is also alot less expensive than getting from our vet.

    Phycox by mike from ohio10/25/2012

    My 8 year old standard poodle was having trouble standing up and rear legs shook when standing. She now can jump and the legs no longer shake.

    Super product by Joncy from Delaware10/24/2012

    The 8 year old is back to competing and got her CDX !!! Thanks and keep it coming !!!

    by Linda from North Carolina07/24/2012

    Very efficient ordering, shipping and we like the product//

    Great joint supplement by Rmsmith1976 from Arlington, TX02/08/2012

    My Boxer has chronic shoulder problems and this joint supplement has made a world of difference since being on this. The praice is about half what I would pay at my Vet's office. It's a great flavor and has him waiting by his bowl at feeding times waiting for his treat to be added to his food!

    Amazing Results by Judy from Bellingham, WA06/09/2014

    After a friend recommended PhyCox Soft Chews for my 10 year old Lab with arthritis, the results were pretty amazing. While she is still over weight, she is walking better than she ever did and it's not so hard for her to get up and down. I tried other "chews" but they didn't have the same results so I'm sold on PhyCox Soft Chews.

    Mollie's favorite treat!!! by Jerry from North Carolina09/24/2013

    Phycox has helped Molliewith her arthritis. She takes two steps at a time and gets up on the furniture without help.

    Good Bargain for continual use product by louie01/21/2013

    This is identical to the product sold by my vet at a substantial discount from his prices. Phycox is expensive on an on-going basis - 2 chews a day, 365 days a year, 4 - 6 more years....I was very glad to find a less expensive source!

    Yum, Yum by pat from Dearborn Heights, MI12/05/2011

    My dog autumn who is 12 years old just loves Phycox. The price is right I am so happy that I found this website.

    Great product by Pam from Mooresville, North Carolina10/25/2012

    I have purchased Phycox from Entirely Pets quite a few times and it always arrived promptly. It is exactly what my vet prescribes for Sam and he loves them! His arthritis is much better with the Phycox than without.

    Phycox by puglover from Homestead, Fl.01/23/2013

    Very Excellent Product... Been using it for 3 Years now...

    Vet Recommended by Randy4 from Michigan's UP03/05/2014

    My Lab has been treated by the vet for arthritis in his mid-back and rear joints. I asked the vet if there was a supplement he recommended and Phycox soft chews was his recommendation. After initially buying from the vet I found the same product at Entirely Pets for half the cost. I occasionally give my dog a vet supplied pain medication (Rimadyl) if he has been running a lot, but have not had to have him to the vet for another shot or laser treatment. I believe the Phycox helps my dog.

    Excellent Product! by Vickey from Medina, Ohio08/07/2013

    I have been using this product for almost a year now and have definitely noticed a difference in the comfort of my 11 yr. old Great Dane. This product really does work and the price at Entirely Pets is hard to beat.

    A helpful supplement for my dogs authritis by zsalady from VT07/27/2012

    I believe Phycox helps my 12 year old dog with her swelling and pain in back legs and hips.

    Dobie loves them by Luvadobie from Texas02/07/2012

    My Doberman Pincher absolutely loves these and won't let me forget to give them to her! She just turned 13 which, for a Dobie, is quite an old lady. I have been giving her the Phycox soft chews for about 3 years now and I really think they do make a big difference. She is pain free and I don't see any signs of joint pain beyond the expected short-lived stiffness if she's been lying on the couch for a long time and just gets off. I will definitely continue to use Phycox and Entirely Pets has awesome prices!

    PhyCox Soft Chews (canine) by CodyYost from Pennsylvania02/28/2013

    We have been giving these to our 10 year old lab for about a year now. He loves them, and they seem to be helping with his joints and his limping.

    Wonderful Product by puppymom from Greenville, MS11/18/2012

    I have a Lab that is going on 13 and a German Shepherd that is going on 9. This has my Lab moving like a dog half her age. I didn't realize how slow my Shepherd had started moving until I started her on the Phycox. I just don't think you could go wrong with this. It did take about two and a half months to see full results - but I have seen a great change. I will continue to use Phycox.

    Great for the price by Sam10/25/2011

    Great product and you were the cheapest of anywhere.

    Vet Recommended by dkksp04/21/2013

    Have 2 senior dogs and a Lab that had knee surgery. Vet recommended daily dose of Phycox. Dogs love taste and beg for more. I love the price!

    Amazing Results by Dog Lover from Kingsland, GA02/06/2010

    We have a 13 year old Dalmation-Mix with arthritis in her back. She could barely stand up and would drag herself across the floor with her front legs. After using Phycox and Rimadyl together on the recommendation of our Vet she now has no problems getting up or moving around. She even takes nightly walks with the family. We also give Phycox to our 1 year old Toy Fox Terrier that has a subluxing patella.

    Dogs all say, "Yuk!" by Karen11/18/2013

    We have 5 large dogs and not one of them will eat these. Even tried hiding them in their food. No dice! They will move them out of the food bowl and leave them on the floor.

    supplements for dogs by Sherry from Tennessee03/05/2013

    received quickly, good service, waiting to see if they have an effect on her, it's too soon to tell yet, but was happy with the service.

    Great product by rc45102 from Cinti, OH03/27/2012

    Keeps my 12 year old dog up and active! No more back trouble!

    Good Stuff by Sue07/26/2012

    My vet recommended this because my large GSD has had two knee surgeries. I didn't want to go to NSAIDs just yet but he is still really active. The Phycox has improved his recovery time after a big day at the lake and he doesn't creek any more on those chilly winter monrnings. Better still, we have the option of moving to bigger guns as he ages.

    Great Product by Pam04/17/2013

    My Vet originally prescribed this for my Rottweiller who is now 10 years of age and has had several surgery's hips, knee. Morgan my beautiful Rottie uses this product every day. Without it she struggles with her hips and knee after surgery. Only wish I could get coupons from Entirely pets to help ofset the cost.

    Good formula for senior, arthritic dogs by Mia from Arizona08/13/2013

    Our big old boy has suffered a lifetime of dysplasia and the Phycox formula supplies him with the glucosamine and chondroitin his joints need to function along with creatine which keeps his muscles strong enough to hold those worn out joints together. He wouldn't be mobile without it at his ripe old age of 12 1/2. Phycox is a life saver for him.

    Helps by S&D;s Mommy from Woodland Hills, CA05/02/2013

    This helps my dog to feel better, thanks!

    PhyCox Soft Chews by Ed02/04/2014

    Our Sheltie is getting old and likes to stay outside, even in very cold conditions. At times she could barely get up in the mornings. We have been using the Soft Chews for a couple of years and her arthritis appears to be lessening to a large degree.

    Great Product - Fair Price by Annie'sMom07/08/2012

    Phycox has really helped our aging Border Collie Mix, Annie, get the most out of her life, and Entirely Pets has made it so much more affordable for our family to give Annie this great supplement. We save $40 over Vet's office prices on every 120-chew container. Thanks!

    excellant by Jen04/16/2013

    I love this product, my 12 year old lab has been on the phycox for the last year or more and he is doing great. I think it has really helped him get around alot easier. I have recommended this product to many others.

    Great Product by Debs from East Troy, WI04/22/2013

    Saw a distinct difference in our boxer who has a problem with her hip. Great product & best price!

    It Really helps! by MsNick from Ohio04/24/2012

    Our vet recommended Phycox for our 14 year old labrador who was having a difficult time getting around. Phycox really has helped her. Kahlua has even begun playing again with the younger dogs. I would definitely recommend it.

    Great Product by Lacy from Thomson, GA06/25/2012

    I have used this product for my senior dogs for several months. It has worked well. My 14 year old white German Shepherd has arthritis in her back hips and could hardly get up and down. This has helped her tremendously. Thank you so much for your great service. I can order from you and within 3 days, I receive the product.

    phycox by cindy08/08/2012

    arrived on time, exactly what I ordered.

    by No nickname10/15/2011

    Our sweet old dog has had great results with this product! She was originally put on a prescription med for her arthritus and had to have her blood tested due to possible complications that the med would cause and she still had no relief from her pain. After our vet suggested trying Phycox, because it has NO side effects, or need for blood work we thought we'd try it and it has been wonderful for her! She is back to running around and we are greatful that his product exists!

    Awesome Product with Great Results by iozlvir from Los Angeles, CA05/14/2014

    2 years ago my GSD was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and was in serious discomfort. The vet prescribed pain meds, anti-inflammatory drugs as well as a recommendation for a TPO hip replacement surgery. Due to her physical drive, which is high, I chose not to do the surgery because it would hinder her quality of life, so instead we treat with hydro therapy, lasers and medications including the Phycox which has ingredients that help reduce her pain and inflammation. She has had significant improvement on the Phycox even after taking her off the prescription anti-inflammatory meds she has maintained her same flexibility and pain management. I am very happy with this product and how my dog has reacted to it.

    great product, poor customer service by lori07/11/2013

    Love the product, but unhappy with customer service. Product received was damaged, I attempted 3 times to contact customer service through chat online - they never answered. Will buy product again, but with different company

    Good stuff by Smackdown32 from Indiana03/13/2013

    This worked wonders for our old dog. When we told our Vet. this, he laughed and said he eats them too.

    Phycox Soft Chews by Fall Moon Mom from Michigan04/13/2013

    Within days of starting Phycox with my two Malamutes I saw improvement! My old girl is walking with a little lighter step these days and that makes me happy.

    Great product by Sissy12/18/2012

    Have been giving this to my dog for several months on the advice of vet. The price is much better through Entirely Pets. Very happy with results. Has been very effective in helping my dogs joint problems.

    My dog loves it! by Dylan from Rochester Hills, MI09/03/2013

    My dog loves the taste and it has helped improve his mobility.

    Natural alternative to Rimadyl by Chris in Cary05/06/2013

    Several years ago our vet recommended that we try Phycox for our dachshund with back trouble, since the Rimadyl that she had been taking could have some adverse side effects with long-term use. She has been on Phycox for four years, and has not had any recurrence of back issues. She loves the taste, and considers her Phycox as the best treat of the day.

    by Squirt06/21/2014

    I have had my canine on this product for the last 3-4 years and it has made a difference. There have been times that I have run out and my canine has had more joint difficulties when not taking Phycox. I would highly recommend this product.

    Works great! by Bostonboys02/07/2012

    I use this for my boston terrier that has had knee surgery, this has really helped his leg!

    Great Buy by Pam Rocks from Richmond, VA09/11/2013

    PhyCox Soft Chews are a wonderful product and a terrific value when purchased at Entirely Pets. We have a 14-year old German Shepherd/Black Lab mix, and this product has helped him stay mobile. Thanks to Entirely Pets for making this an affordable product for a beloved family member!

    Great Product by skdoolittlegirl from Florida and NC05/10/2013

    My vet put my ACD red heeler on these chews about 3 or 4 years ago and she is doing wonderfully well---and yes, she is VERY ACTIVE!!!! She actually thinks her daily chew is a treat!

    Absolutely Works! by Angela10/28/2009

    I got this on the recommendation of a vet for my Sheltie's arthritis. He has been suffering for almost 2 years now and we switched vets. This new vet gave us Phycox and said they have really good luck with it. I am amazed! In just two weeks our dog is a new man and keeping up quite nicely with our energetic toddler! They must taste great too because he gets so excited at just the sound of the container coming down off the fridge!

    Phycox soft chews by capsmom07/28/2012

    This product is AWESOME! Our vet recommended it when our 5 yr old lab began to sit/stand slowly after heavy activity. It took about 4-6 wks to see the benefit, but WOW what a difference it made for him. Now, 2 1/2 yrs later, we're still giving the phycox & he's still going strong. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

    GREAT STUFF by KBROWN10/06/2011

    I have an elderly lab and phycox has given her a new energy that I have not seen in a very ling time. Really really great stuff.

    What a difference! by Aleta10/12/2009

    My 12-year-old collie was having trouble with stairs, limped through walks longer than an mile, and couldn't get into the car without help. I switched him to Phycox about four months ago (on the advice of a vet). It took a month to see a difference, and the difference is amazing. He races up and down the stairs, and can go about three miles before he starts limping. I'm so grateful for this product and the difference it has made in his quality of life.

    Best Price & Best Service by dozer from Vermont01/19/2012

    Was glad to find this product online as it's way more costly thru our local vet. The cost and shipping time was incredible. Thanks so much!

    Works magic! by rc45102 from Cinti, Ohio07/25/2012

    Super 13 year old dog with a sensitive spot in his backbone acts like a puppy! He's been on it for 2 years...I'd never switch from Phycox.

    Amazing! by Jim08/24/2009

    My Vet recommended PhyCox for my 13 yo Dalmatian. The difference it has made in her mobility, in just 2 weeks, is truly amazing!

    excellent supplement by hound fan from atlanta02/05/2013

    Our oldest hound has hit ten and was slowing down a bit. This supplement has helped put a spring in her step again.

    Vet recommended this brand by Vanna from Waterford, Mi.11/07/2011

    Give to our three dogs who are all over 7yrs. for joint support. They think they are "treats".

    HUGE help to my dog!! by LJ from Orlando, FL02/22/2011

    One of our dogs is a 45-lb mixed breed with arthritis in her hips. At the age of 12 she started slowing down and not being able to jump onto the furniture or into the car. Our vet recommended this product and after taking it for about two weeks, she was almost like a puppy again! She was running and jumping all over the place! It's AMAZING what this product as done for her. She loves the taste and thinks they are the best treats! I would highly recommend to anyone whose dog is slowing down.

    What a deal!!!! by specialtyscents08/06/2013

    Bailey is a 22 pound dashund and he was having a lot of pain in his back hips and these soft chews have helped him to be mobile without pain. He is so happy to be able to go on his walks again! And being on a fixed income, the soft chews came in a large size and also on sale. We are so pleased with Entirely Pets. Wish we could give them 10 stars.

    Phycox works wonders by Lori McCabe08/17/2009

    My 14 year old dog has been taking this for several months. It is not her favorite treat, but she takes it willingly and the difference it has made in her walking and being able to get up and down is amazing. I won't let her go a day without it.

    So Simple - So Quick by Sunshine from California11/25/2012

    Love the product, works wonderful for my 14 year old Yorkie-Romeo. I am sure he is very happy also, he is not limping anymore. Once a day a sprinkle over his food and thats it! Delivery of the product was quick also, actually I was surprised how soon it arrived.

    Amazing Stuff by Nancy07/14/2009

    This product was recommended by a vet tech. My 104 pound rescue had a torn cruciate and was hobbling around on 3 legs. Just when she appeared to be getting better, she'd reinjure the leg. The vet said surgery would be expensive, recovery would be long and involve therapy and there were no guarantees that, because of her size, she wouldn't reinjure herself. I started her on 3 PhyCox a day for 2 weeks. Improvement was noticable within the first week. Honey now gets 2 soft chews a dayfor maintenance. She moves beautifully and you would never know this dog had a problem. PhyCox is great! I have recommended it to several people. People have said they've noticed an improvement in their older dogs who have started to have mobility issues.

    A great product for my rescued rottie by Animal Author from Upstate NY12/10/2012

    I rescued a young rottie with very severe hip dysplasia. My vet recommended these chews, which have certainly helped Bosco (along with gold bead implants, exercise/massage, raw food diet, plus tons of love). Entirely Pets has the best price, too!

    Amazing by Brenda12/15/2008

    My dog had been on Rimadyl for over a year because of his hips. I put him on PhyCox on 5-31-2008 and he has not had any Rimadyl since. With this product there is no need to test for liver or kidney functions as everything is natural. I give it thumbs up.

    by from 11/14/2012

    After the first month of consuming 4 PhyCox soft chews each day my observation is that they are beneficial to Maisy, our 10 year old yellow lab.

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    flavor by and from clearlyMaisy


    it really works by darlene covell11/24/2008

    This product along with gycoflexIII has kept my 8 year old lab off rimadyl. Thank you for a quality, affordable product

    great product by ln from dallas,tx07/16/2013

    I love this website. Not only are the prices unbeatable, the shipping is fast and best of all this product helps my dog walk with less pain.

    Seen a difference in one of my dogs by Bobbie from York,SC04/26/2012

    I've alternated this product with joint max triple strength. My dog was limping on front paw and that cleared up with product usage. However, bobbie with advanced arthritis doesn't help as much. I've added resources pain plus along with his metacam and seen an improvement. I've bought some cytl m advanced and will compare that to resources pain plus. Will continue to give phycox..has to be helping somewhat.

    Great Product by Dottie from Dodge City, KS01/04/2012

    I have basset hounds that are 10 years old and after giving them this product I can already tell a difference in the way they move! Great for older pets and I have already started giving to my basset hound that is 5 years old.

    Great for Older Dogs! by DogTrainer_7 from Chicago, IL04/30/2013

    Great product, my vet recommended it (at twice the price at her office). Found it online (in several stores) at similar low prices. Ordered from Entirely Pets because I didn't need it right away - orders are extremely slow to turn around.

    Dog likes them by Susan from MA10/29/2013

    Dog sees these as yummy part of his therapy program, his hips/mobility has improved greatly.

    Good Product by Dancecard from Baton Rouge, LA12/10/2011

    My 11 year old shepherd has taken this product since he started having ouchy problems and, if I miss a day, I can tell. Phycox really works.

    Always Satisfied! by Barb from Byron Center, MI12/17/2012

    We have been using Phycox for quite sometime. But Entirely Pets is the least expensive and has prompt shipping.

    by Dave from Texas01/28/2013

    My wife and I saw results within a week. Our dog is getting around better than he has in a few years. Phycox was recomended by our vet who said it was the best joint supplement she has used, and I believe her!

    My Dog likes these by Pony Lady2 from North Carolina06/04/2013

    My vet gave me a large container of these, and it took several weeks but I think my 14-16 yr old chihuahua cross is more mobile and happy, and pretty much pain-free. I have had her on them ever since and probably will until she crosses the rainbow bridge. A little pricey, but I buy the big container and give one each day. She really likes them. I mean she will go out in the rain to get her treat!

    by from 02/04/2014

    My 11 year old dog tore her ACL a year and a half ago. A vet told me to put her on Phycox giving her 1/2 chew each day. She runs with the best of them now! You would never know there was anything wrong with her leg.

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    Too Early To Tell by Michelle01/28/2013

    Chloe has sever hip dysplasia and has been taking Phycox for 1 month. It is too early to tell if it is helping. She does seem to have alot of energy. Will keep her on Phycox to see how it goes.

    Great Product by Yvette Winchester12/21/2012

    This product has helped our dog with his joint problems. He moves around much better with the product.

    Great Product by Yvette01/01/2013

    Our dog has joint problems. This product works great. The product is half the price through Entirely Pets.

    by from 01/10/2012

    My dog is a great old friend and at 14 1/2, a black standard poodle his hip had just about conpletley giving out.

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    things by around from and2


    Phycox by piggie from Mpls.Mn.09/27/2013

    My Vet gave me these for my dog 2-3 years ago and when they stopped selling them I had to find a place to buy them. I found you and will buy from you. Its really the only ones he eats out of my hand.


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