Pills Pals

Pills Pals

Pill Pals Canine for Smaller Pills Chicken Flavor (3.2 oz)
Pill Pals Canine for Smaller Pills Chicken Flavor (3.2 oz)

($7.99)  $6.09
Pill Pals Canine for Larger Pills Chicken Flavor (7.4 oz)
Pill Pals Canine for Larger Pills Chicken Flavor (7.4 oz)

($9.99)  $6.49
Pill Pals offers a tasty solution to get your pet to eat your veterinarian’s prescription. Pill Pals covers your pet’s pill medication in a fresh chicken treat. There’s no added flavorings, and these treats are corn syrup free. Simply mold two treats around the pill and offer to your pet as a treat. Making your pet take their pills has never been more convenient. Smaller size ideal for smaller pills.

  • Dogs love the taste!
  • Fresh chicken is the #1 ingredient
  • Corn syrup free
  • No added flavorings
  • Easy to use –simply “sandwich” two treats together around the pill
  • Directions:
    Mold 2 treats to completely enclose the pill, then feed to your dog as you would a treat.
    Chicken, Chicken Liver, Wheat Flour, Glycerin, Chicken meal, Propylene Glycol, Phosphoric Acid, Salt, Vegetable Oil, Methycellulose, potassium Sorbate and Citric Acid and BHA and Calcium propionate (Preservatives), Iron oxide

    Guaranteed Analysis:
    Crude Protein … not less than 22%
    Crude Fat … not less than 8%
    Crude Fiber … not more than 2%
    Moisture … not more than 26%
    4.40 rating based on 5 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Pill Pals Canine for Smaller Pills Chicken Flavor (3.2 oz)
    Apparently not as palatable as Pill Pockets by ArlGal from Arlington, VA08/04/2014

    I had hoped these would be an economical alternative to Greenies Pill Pockets, which my son's dog will eat without hesitation. Unfortunately, these Pill Pals are spit out just about every time. So I mix it in some canned food and hope for the best. Sometimes he eats it, sometimes he doesn't. So unfortunately these are a disappointment. :(

    Pill Pals by Cat Lady from Illinois04/23/2014

    This product makes giving pills to my kitties easy. One kitty will eat the pill on his own (most of the time), the other kitty will not eat it. However, Pill Pals holds the pills in the treat that I can push the treat pretty easily to the back of her mouth to swallow it. I only use one treat that I break in half and put the pills in and press it back together. Two treats together is too big of a treat for the kitties to take.

    Pickiest Eater by Frank Conetta from Sarasota Florida11/03/2011

    The White Pom is Bella she puts her noise up to everything thank you for Pill-Pals she loves them. They are inexpensive so I use them for a snack also.Thank You so much Frank Conetta

    Best pill treat by Genie032511/08/2012

    These work better than any I have tried. My yorkie-poo spits the pill out with all other pill treats. These are great!

    life saver by bernie from pittsburg new hampshire08/26/2014

    My cat Charlie has asthma and we tried several other brands to no avail.The wifes daughter who is a vet sent us some small chicken flavored PILL PALLS. What a relief Charlie gobbles them down like there is no pill inside.Thank you for such a great product.

    Featured Reviews for Pill Pals Canine for Larger Pills Chicken Flavor (7.4 oz)
    Pill Pals by Viv from San Jose, CA06/19/2012

    I use Pill Pals to help my dog take many of the drugs he needs. They are a life saver to say the least. It makes it easier for him to palate the pills and I don't have to force him to take them. It's very easy to form them around the pills and eats them like they were a treat. (This site also has these fresher than my vet does so they don't crumble).

    They work! by Huskerbp from Lincoln, NE11/24/2012

    I have an Eskie with health issues and an ever-changing taste preference. These pill pockets have definitely eased the stress of making sure she takes her meds without either of us feeling like they were forced on her.

    Great Product by Picky Poodle from Cincinnati, OH02/28/2013

    I have a 13 year old Mini Poodle. He takes this with no problem, in 3 months of 2xs daily dosing he has only spit out one pill. We get the large size and put 3 small tablets in it. They are soft so it's easy to hid the pill in it, you can just mold the treat around the medication. It will not fall out and you don't have to make any cuts like you do in regular dog treats to hide the pills. They have even stayed soft even though my husband and son don't always close the bag. He will even go over to the counter where the bag is and whine for a 'treat'. In the past we have had so many problems giving him medications, we tried all kinds of food, we had a pill plunger, ect. I am just so thankful that we have found this. Giving him his medicataion to increase his quality of life in his old age is doing just that. It is no longer a stressful event full of fustratrion for us and fear for him.

    Pill Pals by Cher from Hamburg, New York01/28/2012

    My beloved Doberman, Eric, has been in renal failure for some time now and requires multiple meds. He stopped liking the Greenies Pill Pockets so in my desperation to find a replacement, I came across the Butler Schein Pill Pals. He absolutely loves them and barks for them as treats. Thank heavens for this alternative. Entirely Pets were very efficient in shipping my order. I recommend the product and this company very highly!

    Dogs love them by KLKS from Baltimore, MD04/03/2013

    I have to give my elderly dog 1-2 pills every night. I cut the treat in half and sandwich the pill between it. I also give my other dog a treat at the same time and he is always quite excited when he hears the sound of the bag being opened.

    A Great Alternative by Emma's Mom from Carlisle, PA11/21/2011

    My dog is on a ton of meds, and started spitting out the pill pockets available in the pet stores. A vet recommended these, and the dog loves them. They've been a lifesaver.

    pill pals by DavC from FL05/26/2014

    as with anything .. these will work great until the dog figures out what's going on .. !! ha ... if your dog is a chow hound , there shouldn't be any troubles ... sadly , we had to put our 9.5 yr old Aussie down after his rather sudden cancer diagnosis ..

    Great product! by Baloo from Knoxville, TN12/08/2012

    These are perfect for pilling my dogs. They mold easily around any type of pill. I've been using these for about a year now and wouldn't go any other route. GREAT!

    Works Good by sandyd from Leavenworth WA.07/29/2014

    The best I have ever found to give to your pet when they need pills.

    Pill Pals by Bill from Endwell, NY06/22/2014

    I have purchased Pill Pals for over three years, but my last purchase of 5 Pill Pals turned out to be a disastor. When trying to use them, they would grumble apart and it was difficult to put a pill in them,. I believe that the packages had been exposed to freezing temperatures and thus change the Pills from soft to flacky mess. After this experience I donot recommend them any more.. All 5 packages were the same

    hide the pill - get rid of the ill! by kathy11/24/2012

    Having a dog that will not swallow any pills - I tried this product and he never knew a pill was inside - PERFECT!

    Great wrap by SH10/23/2012

    My dog LOVES the flavor, and that make pill time into treat time, which is MUCH less stressful on everyone. Great wrap, not crumbly. Easy to wrap, as the wrap comes in little blobs that are easy to wrap around the pill. The poodle says "paws up!" on this one!

    I like Pill Pockets better by Mutt Mom from Missouri04/23/2014

    These are chunks of malleable treat material. There is no opening or depression in which to place the pill. You use two and press them together over the pill. You could use one with a small tablet. I found them to be too dry or stiff and it took longer to get the pill ready to give. My dog scarfs either brand down, but he is not picky and is a gulper/swallower, not a chewer. I just really like Pill Pockets better because of their softer texture.

    no problem by teddy07/29/2013

    As good an on-line ordering experience I have ever had.

    My dog loves them by Liz from Long Island, NY01/01/2014

    My dog is taking about 20 pills a day. This is the only way I can get her to take them. If the pills are very fresh (most times they are stale) I can wrap 3 to 4 pills in a treat. When they are stale I can only get 1 pill in a treat. The last batch were on the way to being stale so I was able to use 1 1/2 treats for wrapping 3 pills. I've tried 3 or 4 other pet out lets for these treats, so far you have semi stale treats. I will be trying you again in a few weeks when I need to reorder. If my order is stale I won't be back. Thanks for listening.

    by mba from Wisconsin11/22/2011

    Have always used Pill Pockets and wanted to try a different product to give pills in for my dogs. Pill Pals were a bit dry and not very good to squish a pill in. Although the product itself was attractive to the dogs, I was concerned the pill would not stay in. I will go back to Pill Pockets when Pill Palls are gone.

    These have made life so much easier! by macbeccam01/14/2013

    I have been using these with our elderly Lab for about 4 months now and they work every time. They are the best thing we have found for giving pills.

    Excellent title and product by Pat10/23/2012

    I have a small dog that was ill. She is very good at eating a piece of meat and leaving the pill on the floor. With Pill Pals she gobbled the whole thing down and we were both happy. She didn't have me sticking my finger down her throat trying to give her the medication she needed and I didn't have the stress of forcing her to take the pill. This product is great because it encases the pill and the pet doesn't realize that medication is being administered. I highly recommend Pill Pals.

    Great help! by Nala's mom10/30/2012

    I like these better than pill pockets! And she loves them!

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