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Planet KONGS

Kong Company has a variety of toys. Planet Kong are great dog toys!

Kong Goodie Bone Dog Toy  (Large)
Kong Goodie Bone Dog Toy (Large)

($11.99)  $8.89
Goodie Ship
Goodie Ship

($9.99)  $7.29
Kong Goodie Bone Dog Toy bridges the gap between treats, play and exercise. This solid rubber toy holds treats and stands up to chewing and gnawing as your dog works for his reward. Dogs stay busy trying to remove tantalizing morsels from the patented Goodie Grippers. Helps curb destructive chewing and promote proper chewing habits. Made of non-toxic, extremely durable natural rubber. Kong Goodie Bone will keep your dog entertained and out of trouble for hours.

  • Goodie Gripper Toys bridge the gap between treats, play and exercise
  • Solid rubber bone bounces unpredictably to make your dog work for his reward
  • Insert treats into the Goodie Grippers™ and watch your dog go wild trying to retrieve them
  • Large size made for dogs between 30 - 65 lbs.

  • 4.40 rating based on 5 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Kong Goodie Bone Dog Toy (Large)
    The Best Toy Ever ! by Maryj03/31/2010

    This toy is the BEST toy we have purchased ! I have a bulldog who destroys everything ! He is a very aggressive chewer and usually destroys new toys within 30 minutes. He has had this toy since he was 4 months and now is almost 2 years. Not one chew mark on it and it is still just like new. He loves it because it is like soft rubber and flexable.

    kong goodie bone by titus10/25/2011

    the treat hole isn't large enough. My dog can't get the treats out. The predecessor bone was much better.

    My dachshund loves this toy! by Daniela&Maxx from West Lebanon, NH02/23/2012

    It is the perfect toy to keep your dog busy for a while. Both bone ends can be stuffed with treats and it is tricky for the dog to get these out. Challenging toy and worth to buy!

    Kong Goodie Bone is GOOD! by Ruby's Mom from Germantown, MD08/03/2010

    This is the 2nd one I purchased. I put baby carrot sticks in it and other small treats in it and give it to Ruby when I'm crating her before leaving the house. She gets so excited about her Kong Goodie Bone that she doesn't even care that I'm leaving! ...and the bone is durable enough that I can leave it with her unattended.

    Great product fantastic price by Custy from Auckland, New Zealand08/17/2012

    Love the Kong, it was bigger than we thought as the price was so good thought it was a smaller one.

    Featured Reviews for Goodie Ship
    NEVER GOT IT! by shelley03/13/2012

    Have smaller one and want big one have tried several times to order and they cancel and claim out of stock only to notify me a week later. I would not purchase anything from this company ever again.

    Wrong photo of product by kwinni06/29/2012

    Photo showing is a larger "goodie ship" w/3 "holes" for treats. Item shipped is a much smaller goodie ship with 1 "hole" to put treats in. This one is meant for small dogs and puppies. It is apx. 3 inches in diameter. Definitely not a toy to give an adult lab. Rather than returning I'm passing it on to a friend with a 5 lb. dog. Please update the photo so others are not mislead. I understand Kong has discontinued the larger goodie ship.

    Kong Goodie Ship by Dundee's partner06/18/2009

    The best toy ever. Hands down beats everything else. They last forever. My 5 other doggie friends spend hours going after the treats. My partner has bought some for the local Humane Society. Very hard to find but well worth it.

    The best Kong made by dee05/15/2008

    This is the best Kong invented. My dog spends a long tyime getting to the goodies. I have had a hard time finding this item....your dog will love it.

    Goody for Goodie Ship! by Jean07/27/2012

    I have raised 4 dogs using the Goodie ship as the evening "settle down" toy. Stuffing puppy dog biscuits in each of the holes, and then letting the dogs chew them out is creative, good for their teeth and provides a calming activity for them. Watching their development from only being able to retrieve ends pieces, learning how to turn the toy over and finally completely cleaning out each hole is great!

    quality toy by weeniemom from New York12/09/2011

    This is the only toy that my dachshund cannot destroy. She plays with them constantly, and we need to keep replacing them,only because she keeps losing them in the tall grass!

    Been a favorite for years by Cody10/30/2011

    Lab's morning and evening treat. Chews good and hard. Able to use some dog foods for treat, holding weight down.

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