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Plaque Attack Spray Economy Size Refill (8 oz)

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Plaque Attack Dental Spray

Plaque Attack

Plaque Attack is a natural human grade dental spray for dogs and cats that breaks up bacteria, plaque and tartar which cause bad breath and gum disease.

Safe and Saves Money
smiling plaque attack dog

Plaque Attack uses all natural ingredients that are human grade. These ingredients combine safely with your pet's saliva to clean and protect your dog's teeth and gums. This is a cheaper solution to professional cleanings which may cost hundreds of dollars. Plaque Attack only costs pennies a day!

Prevent Gum Disease

Poor oral hygiene is a huge problem for dogs. Four out of five dogs get gum disease in their lifetime. This can cause serious medical problems for dogs, including infections in the heart, kidney and liver.

Easy to use

Simply spray into your dog's mouth and the quick acting formula will safely mix with your pet's saliva and coat the teeth and gums. The ingredients continue working by breaking up bacteria, plaque and built up tartar.

Plaque Attack Spray (8 oz)
  • Remove plaque & tartar
  • Great for dogs and cats of any size
  • Control bacteria
  • Freshen breath
  • All Natural & Perfectly Safe
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Usage Info

Spray in pet's mouth 1 to 2 times per day, until teeth are clean. Mornings and evenings are best. No food or water 30 minutes before or after application.

Pet under 12 lbs: 2 -3 sprays
Pet 12 lbs: 35 lbs: 3-4 sprays
Pet 35 lbs to 60 lbs: 4-5 sprays
Large breeds: 5-6 sprays

Maintenance: To keep teeth clean, apply once every 3 - 4 days


(Concentrated formula) A proprietary blend of all natural ingredients includes: Grapefruit seed extract, Grape seed extract, Neem oil, Rosemary oil, Thyme oil, Peppermint oil, Natural grain alcohol (stabilizer)
Plaque Attack Spray (2.2 oz)Plaque Attack Spray (2.2 oz)Reg price: $22.99
Sale price: $13.99
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Customer Reviews

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4.25 rating based on 4 reviews
Minty Fresh! by Deanna from Moriarty, NM11/22/2013

This product keeps my little dog's breath minty fresh! I used the little spray bottles and then found a way to refill them using this large bottle. Great little product! I am happy to find a way to refill my little spray bottles!

Excellent product! by MTMS04/15/2013

I have been using plaque attack for well over 1 year for my two dogs. Now they don't need annual dental cleanings! Best purchase ever! My husband told me to give it a try after he saw an infomercial. It certainly was worth trying.

Fab product by Juliet from New Zealand11/08/2013

Hasn't completely got rid of my pooches bad breath but to be honest nothing else I've tried ever has either - however the plaque on his front incisors has diminished significantly! Really easy product to use/apply

Plaque Attack seems to work! by Itty & Gizmo's Mom07/03/2013

Plaque Attack seems to work for both of my dogs. Itty is a little Maltese that had a lot of tartar build up on her little teeth. I have been using Plaque Attack for about a month now. Gizmo is a Shitzu and even his back teeth look good now too. I think we can save the $300.00 it costs to have the vet clean their teeth every year, by just using the Plaque attack on a regular basis.


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