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Pill Pockets for Cats

  Hold the Pill Pocket with thumb and forefinger. Insert the pill.   Using the other hand, squeeze the top of the Pill Pocket.   The Pill Pocket is now sealed. Feed to your

Pill Pockets for Cats CHICKEN 1.6 oz (45 pockets)
Pill Pockets for Cats CHICKEN 1.6 oz (45 pockets)

($6.30)  $4.39
Pill Pockets for Cats SALMON 1.6 oz (45 pockets)
Pill Pockets for Cats SALMON 1.6 oz (45 pockets)

($6.30)  $4.39
6-PACK Pill Pockets for Cats CHICKEN 9.6 oz (270 pockets)
6-PACK Pill Pockets for Cats CHICKEN 9.6 oz (270 pockets)

($46.99)  $23.89
6-PACK Pill Pockets for Cats SALMON 9.6 oz (270 pockets)
6-PACK Pill Pockets for Cats SALMON 9.6 oz (270 pockets)

($37.99)  $23.89
Every day millions of pet owners are faced with the task of medicating their pets. How many ways have you tried to trick your pet into taking medication?

Like most pet owners you've poked them down, ground them up, hidden them in any number of unhealthy foods and pleaded with your pet to swallow its medication, only to have your pet spit it out, eat everything but the medication, drool and foam at the mouth, and resist you, tooth and claw! Now there is a better way. Pill PocketsŪ are healthy treats with a patented pocket to safely conceal the medicine - it's as simple as that.


Chicken Flavor: Wheat Flour, Chicken Liver, Glycerin, Chicken, Corn Syrup, Pregelantized Corn, Turkey Fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols and rosemary extract), Water (sufficient for processing), Gelatin, Natural Flavor, Wheat Gluten, Starch, Soy Protean, Brewers Yeast, Salt, Lecithin, Lactobacillus Lactis, Lactobacillus Casei), Potassium Sorbate, Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin E Supplement.
4.92 rating based on 25 reviews
Featured Reviews for Pill Pockets for Cats CHICKEN 1.6 oz (45 pockets)
Greenies Pill Pockets by Jules05/30/2012

My older cat has to take a pill twice a day and giving his medication was a nightmare until I discovered this product. He comes to me now begging for his pills!!

convenient by Mika from Omaha,NE07/29/2012

Love these pill pockets. They make it much easier to give my cat her pills.

These are a blessing by Leslie in NOLA11/06/2012

I have one cat that eats these and giving her small pills is much easier now. She'll still spit out the pill if it is too big, so I'll break in into smaller pieces and give her two treats.

by from 04/03/2013

Pill Pockets have changed my relationship with my cat, who needs a pill twice daily and was becoming frustrated with the pilling process. He loves Pill Pockets, and I can just tuck the little morsel in with his canned food and 85% of the time he gobbles it right down. Now and then I have to salvage the forgotten little pill and do things the old fashioned way :-) but rarely! I buy a 6-month supply at a time, we are hooked.

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No Response From You by Chili12/02/2012

I ordered 3 packages of this item which my cat has been eating every single day for 2 years. She would not eat any of these treats from 2 packages which I opened. I wrote a few weeks ago to ask if there had been a change or problem with the product. I have never received an answer.

Greenies Pill Pockets by Brinks from Perth, Western Australia07/31/2012

These are an absolute must for giving your cat a pill. You don't risk damaging their mouth, teeth or throat trying to poke a tablet into them. Our cat just chews them up and goes on his way - mission accomplished. This is a huge advantage for anyone with a cat that requires regular medication with pills. Fabulous product. Thank you!! Newton family, Perth, Australia.

by from 12/06/2011

My one cat has to take heart medication. Its not easy to give pets pills.. Well luckily for my husband and I my one cat loves these pill pockets (both flavors) we put in 2 half pills into one pill pocket and give it to the cat daily as a treat.

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by from 05/06/2013

My cat is on thyroid medicine, so my friend recommended using these because that's what she pills her cat with and has success. No way, wouldn't touch the pill pocket with the pill inside no matter what.

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Work Like a Charm! by temphier from Vancouver, BC06/21/2012

These are incredibly helpful! Pop a pill into the pocket...lay it down in front of my furry baby...and voila! No fuss, no muss!

best thing ever ! by patsdelsol from florida01/02/2012

I found them too late for my last Cat but now we use them all the time as tigger is on med twice a day would not be able to get the pills in her with out them they are great.

Easist way to give your cats pills! by Show kitties from Cleveland, OH10/23/2012

I have to give my one kitty 3 pills a day. Using the pill pockets is the best way to give cats pills. You simply put the pills in the pockets and squish the treat around the pill, so easy! My cat takes it right out of my hand!! This was the best invention ever!!

Saved so much money! by MJ12/13/2011

The pill pockets are a whole lot cheaper here than in the pet stores or at the vet. I am very pleased.

Taking Pills by JJ04/01/2012

This makes it so easy for Empress Lilly to get her medicine. She chomps them down with ease

Dogs and Cats LOVE them by Sandraelaine from Upstate NY (Adirondacks)12/14/2012

I use these for my dogs and cats alike. No problem with pills when I use these Pill Pockets. Make giving pills easy with Pill Pockets.

Helpful with Medications by Sndbrown from California11/27/2012

This products works well if you have to give your kitty daily pills. Make sure to keep package sealed up tight, if pills get stale they don't work as well. Follow instructions on inserting the pill into the pocket. I use a pointed spoon and never touch the pill.

Great product for getting a cat to take pills by Janet from Stony Brook NY12/16/2012

Please give these a try if you have to "pill" your cat. So simple, so easy, and my cat takes his medicine. I simple wrap the pill in the pill pocket toss it on the floor, cat chases it, and bingo.....pill taken!!! One word of caution....do not handle the pill with both hands as the smell gets on the pill pocket and cats smell this immediately. Worth the money to end the "drama" of pilling your cat.

they just didn't work by rohbot01/07/2013

I tried the pill pockets on two cats I needed to give tapeworm pills to. I broke the pills in two so they would fit into the pill pockets. One cat nibbled one corner, the other one wouldn't even try them. Even tried coating the pill pockets with their favorite wet food, but no luck.

Pill Pockets by trailwaif from Elizabeth Lake, CA04/26/2012

The only way to go, and you don't have to use a whole one!

Easy to give pills by Sue10/23/2012

My cat needs to take pills for hyperthyroidism and these pill pockets are great. I no longer get bit or scratched.

by roni11/01/2011

My almost 19 year old Siamese requires multiple medications. The pill pockets help immensely. She loves them !!!

Great Help by Sandy from Glendale Heights, IL03/20/2013

My one cat has to take pills for the rest of his life and these pill pockets come in so handy. He'll be sitting there watching me get his pills ready and he stll eats it with no problems.

Essential for cats taking pills by Betsy12/12/2011

Makes giving pills to cats an almost easy process (depending on the day, they frequently just eat when placed in front of them).

Great for giving pills! by PRMPLS from Minneapolis. MN10/23/2012

We use these to give our animals pills that they need to take and they work great! They think of them as treats so it makes giving them their medicine MUCH easier.

great by Sharon08/12/2009

I have a very spoiled can an only likes crunchy treats and is not the easiest cat to handle .When we found out we had to give Sox meds twice a day we didn't know what we were going to do. The vet told us about these and they work great. Sox comes to the same spot every morning an night to get his treat which has the med inside the pill pocket.

Fantastic Product by Chili08/10/2012

I had to give my cat pills for quite a while, and hiding them in a Greenies pill pocket was the only way she would take them. As a matter of fact, it was the first thing she wanted every morning. When she was finished with her medication, she still looked for the pill pocket each morning, so she still gets one every morning as a treat!

If your cat likes treats it a great thing by catlady16603/06/2013

My three cats sniffed the pockets and walked away. I loved the idea but my cats didn't.

Very useful and effective! by Heklacat from Auckland, New Zealand10/23/2012

Makes giving my furry friends their pills a breeze! Really, really works. This is a great product.

Absolutely Loves This by Sandy from Glendale Heights, IL04/03/2013

My Angel absolutely loves these pill pockets.

fantastic by Chipat01/13/2012

cats are so hard to give pills to. wasn't sure they would work but was desparate so I tried them. It worked great they gobbled up their pills.

Featured Reviews for Pill Pockets for Cats SALMON 1.6 oz (45 pockets)
Pill Pockets by Diana07/18/2012

Thank goodness for pill pockets! One of my cats takes prednisone 2x a day and chemo 3x a week. These have really saved us and made our kitty much happier!

Giving Meds Made Easy by KItty10/22/2012

The pill pockets make giving my cat medications a breeze.

These are Super! by jude01/29/2008

These are working super for my older kitty who takes Tapazole twice a day. He gobbles it up in his pill pocket. =^:^=

What a great product! by ellen22831 from Rochester, NY11/21/2011

My cat has to have a pill every morning and it was so much trouble trying to get him to swallow the thing. With these pill pockets all I have to do is to insert the pill into the pocket and the cat can't wait to gobble it up. It's a relief to start the cat off with something he likes in the morning!

Absolutely Brilliant! by Min Min08/12/2008

Bought these as a last resort as even the vet couldn't get my mog to eat her deworming tablet! Split the pill into two pockets and it worked a treat!

Pill Pockets for Cats is wonderful! by cobebu8 from Largo, FL05/04/2010

My cats, like most cats, hate pills being pushed down their throats and then my friend told me about pill pockets so I tried them. I male cat LOVES them! He thinks it is a cat treat and eats it completely and wants more! Doesn't even know there is medicine inside the pocket. I highly, highly recommend it.

Best Pet Invention Ever!! by 6cats from CA07/20/2010

Let's just say I have 'a lot' of cats and giving them medication is a nightmare--despite years of experience, pill poppers, etc. My neighbor recommended "Greenies Pill Pockets" (she uses the dog variety), and although I was skeptical, I figured I should give them a try as I was sick of wasting expensive meds, and my cats do like Greenies treats. Well, these are *fabulous.* They are a soft, malleable consistency, so you can insert the pill and mold the pocket around it. All of my cats--except one--ate them right up!! A couple of the cats even begged for more as though they were just kitty treats. Thank you, Greenies! No more stress, scratches, or freaked out kitties :-) Buy these. Now.

Indispensible :) by Betsy12/12/2011

Very little persuasion required to give pills to cats.

Greenies Feline Pill Pockets are GREAT by FLGal from DeLand FL03/20/2013

Pill Pockets are so easy to use and my cat has NEVER rejected a pill during the 9 months I've had to give her meds. They are easy to mold to the shape of the pill and I use 2 for a large bullet shaped pill... My cat actually looks forward to getting her meds each morning! Entirely Pets has terrific pricing too -- much less expensive than pet stores or the vet's office!

Life-saver! by suegirl from Lorain, OH12/28/2012

only way to pill a cat! if they like treats, that is. I still have one cats who won't eat these, but the other cats are happy to have a "treat" anytime it's necessary.

Pill Pockets for Cats SALMON by drwho4u10/31/2012

Unable to use product because package was bloated. All the other packs of treats in same order were ok. If I had returned to dealer, cost would have been almost as much as purchase price.

Pill pockets by Cat lady from Milwaukee, WI10/07/2011

After struggling to give my cat his pill every day and spitting it out when I wasn't looking and making it soggy so I can't reuse it, and fighting me to take it, I discovered Pill Pockets. I knew about them before but did not try them. Well I wrap the pill completely and my cat eats it and no more hastle. So give it a try.

Life is easier by Roz from michigan10/23/2012

Getting the medicine down your cat's throat is now easier. I may be using the pill pocket in a different way than intended but the net is, pilling is easier now. I wrap the pill in the pocket and then push it down the cat's throat. I'm not sure that he would eat it on his own after he potentially tastes the medicine inside. Before this product, the cat could taste the medicine and he would start salivating with anticipation of receiving a nasty surprise. But now he can't taste the medicine so the cat isn't upset before I can even get the pill near him. One of my cats likes the flavor of the Salmon so much that he gets the pill pocket as a treat after I give him his medicine (a pill that doesn't taste bad and he swallows easily).

Easy Pill Cure by kittyfreak from Cadillac, MI02/28/2012

This was the easiest way ever to give a cat a pill. No mess. Just put their pill in the moist cat pill pocket and they gobble it right up. I actually cut the pill in half and gave each cat two pocket pill cat treats. They eat one and look for another one! If your cat loves moist cat treats this is the only way to go!!!

Great concept by catlady16603/06/2013

I was eagerly looking forward to the pill pockets. I have three cats and not one of them would eat them.

Great Product by DCAUSTX from Austin Texas06/26/2012

Although my cats don't normally eat these with a pill in them, it makes it much easier to poke it down their throat.

Use for my diabetic cat by Mama Cat from NY NY04/24/2012

I use Pill Pockets to give my diabetic cat his pills... which it makes so easy for me to give him meds this way.. and he thinks he's just getting treats...

by from 12/29/2012

If you ever pilled a cat, you know how frustrating it can be. Recently I learned that I would have to give my cat Tuxido a quarter of a 2.5MG Amlodipine tablet every evening.

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My cat loves the taste. by Barb06/13/2012

This works great for a cat that is difficult to pill and she thinks she is just getting a treat.

by from 12/06/2011

My one cat has to take heart medication. Its not easy to give pets pills.. Well luckily for my husband and I my one cat loves these pill pockets (both flavors) we put in 2 half pills into one pill pocket and give it to the cat daily as a treat.

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Great Help by Sandy from Glendale Heights, IL03/20/2013

My one cat has to take pills for the rest of his life and these pill pockets come in so handy. He'll be sitting there watching me get his pills ready and he stll eats it with no problems.

Featured Reviews for 6-PACK Pill Pockets for Cats CHICKEN 9.6 oz (270 pockets)
Pill Pockets Easy to Use by trailwaif from Lake Elizbeth01/23/2012

You can even tear them in half or thirds, and they go farther that way.

great product by sunsetreef from Redington shores FL10/28/2011

We give the pill pockets to both our dogs for taking there pills

Pill Pockets Are Great by Scooter's Dad11/21/2011

Our cat Scooter will soon be 17. We give him medication morning and evening. Thanks to Pill Pockets, I guess they taste good, he pops them down. Put away the butter and cheese this is the way to go.

Best Pill Time Solution for Cats! by Cyn from Richmond, VA05/11/2012

When my cats needs medications, Pill Pockets are the answer for us. They love them. Even if your cat won't eat the Pill Pocket outright, their smooth texture makes it quick and easy to swallow once placed in his or her mouth. No getting stuck in his mouth; no frothing or spitting up. Less mess and stress. Pill Pockets make it easy for both cat and owner. Comes in 2 flavors. The best solution for giving pills to cats!

Good value by Don03/21/2012

The 6 pack is a very good value, and the cat loves them.

Worth the money! by Zena11/29/2011

I have three cats on daily pills, two twice daily. Pill pockets have simplified my life so. They are so convenient. Pilling isn't an issue and I know the cats are getting their medicine. I am very grateful for the product. Cats don't care if the flavor is salmon or chicken!



Big help with the Fur Family by Fur Mama10/31/2011

Since 7 of my cats take medication, Pill Pockets have been a time and stress saver. I enclose their meds & they take it right down. No more chasing them. They come to me every morning & beg till they get theirs. It use to take an hour to give them all now it take 10 minutes at the most. Don't ever stop selling them.

Wonderful Product by Helen from Santa Fe, New Mexico10/23/2012

My Chihuahua has to take seizure medication three times a day. She loves the pill pockets and always looks forward when medicine is due. I am so thankful that they make a product for pills!

MUST have for pets who take meds!!! by Lisa Arkus04/21/2008

I have not tried this brand, but since it is from Greenies, it can only be better than the other brand. Before I discovered pill pockets, giving medication to my cat/s was such a hassle that usually left me a bloody, scratched up mess. With pill pockets, giving medication is soooooo incredibly easy. You put the pill in the pocket, pinch the pocket around the medicine, give to your pet, & he/she thinks that he/she is getting a treat. Even my kitten who is not on medication has to have pill pockets every morning because she will eat the pill pocket with the medicine for her sister!!!

by n/a from Fullerton CA04/17/2012

i use this product for my dogs small pills , they great and she dosn't know shes had her meds.

Speedy Delivery by PatO04/10/2012

I am very satisfied that they packed and shipped the order so quickly. I have shopped with EntirelyPets before and have always been satisfied with the products and timely delivery.

WONDERFUL!!!!!!! by Gail09/22/2008

I have a cat with a heart problem.He has to have 2 pills twice a day.Pill pockets are so easy to use,the cat loves them.Makes my life and my fingers SO much easier.A MUST for pills givers& thier cats.!!!!!!

Pill Pockets for Cats by specialK05/11/2013

If you ever have to give a cat medication in pill form, USE THESE!!!! My cats thru the years ALWAYS struggled with taking pills, including my current cat. She recently had to go on 3 pills a day for heart problems, and sure enough, she just about took my hand off when I tried to medicate her. My vet gave me a sample of Pill Pockets to try....and she LOVES THEM, and now looks forward to pill time!!! WOW, USE THEM!

So easy to use. by Irene Norcross11/29/2011

My lab has Addison's Disease and takes Prednizone daily along w/ an antacid. Since she was diagnosed in Feb., I've been putting the pills in her throat ea. morning which neither of us enjoyed. I heard about Pill Pockets and purchased them from you. She now happily takes her meds inside this tasty treat. After researching the product, I bought them from you because you had the best price. This is important because she'll be taking the meds for the rest of her life. Thanks so much for making our lives a whole lot easier.

Great Product - Cat loves them by Kitty Mom11/21/2012

We have a cat on daily meds & he readily eats these. We cut them in half along with the pill and he inhales them. If our other cat is around when we give him his pills we have to give him one too as a treat! Great Price too!

Pill Pockets - chicken flavor by Sandy from Westchester, NY10/23/2012

Pill Pockets are excellent for administering pills to my dog, especially when the pills are large.

Greenies Pill Pockets by Sandy from Glendale Heights, IL12/08/2011

These pockets are great! My cat has to take 2 pills multiple times a week and when I found these pill pockets it was a life saver for me. Now when I give him his pills he actually comes to me and waits patiently while I get the pill in the pocket to give to him. It also doesn't seem like he'll be getting sick of the flavour any time soon.

Great Product by Mims from Richmond, VA11/07/2011

This product is the best! Our cats take their pills in the Pill Pockets every day, and they love the flavor! Also, I like to order from Entirely Pets because the price per package works out to be half the price of the local pet store!

Fantastic!! by Sapphire from Mass.11/05/2011

This product is the greatest ever. My cat thinks he is gretting a treat, its an easy way of giving him his meds! Thank you..

kitty's favorite treat by LP06/02/2012

My elder cat is ailing and her appetite is iffy. She takes stomach medicine in Pill Pockets and practically attacks me for the pockets... doesn't mind at all that one has a pill in it. She loves them.

by from 12/06/2011

My one cat has to take heart medication. Its not easy to give pets pills.. Well luckily for my husband and I my one cat loves these pill pockets (both flavors) we put in 2 half pills into one pill pocket and give it to the cat daily as a treat.

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by from 12/16/2012

My kitty has to withstand so much poking, I can't bear to torture her more by forcing a pill down her throat.

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by from 12/17/2012

My 16 year old cat has developed a tyroid condition and has to be on two tyroid tablets each day for life. He loves the pill pocket and when finished looks for another. It is a releive for me to know that I do not have to pilll him.

Paul by from Paul

Pill Pocket

Wonderful by JB06/02/2013

What a great way to get my cats to eat their pills. Apparently they are really tasty.

by CSS08/14/2012

My cat loves these pill pockets! They make it so easy to get my cat to take a pill! I am glad I found these.

Feline Pill Pockets - The BEST by Cameo12/12/2011

I am a finicky cat but I always take my pills with chicken pill pockets! Tastes like a treat. Also, Entirely Pets makes them very affordable and their fast efficient service can't be beat!

Great cat treats by SpokaneCPT from Spokane, WA01/21/2013

We started with Pill Pockets the traditional way... to give our cats their medication. They loved them so much, we now give them one or two pockets as treats. One cat in particular "asks" for them daily as he sits by the cupboard and stares me down. He's definitely better at the game than I am!

by Sallycat06/26/2013

First class product - wish we could buy them from a UK shop

by Zoe from CA11/02/2011

My kitty needs to take a pill 2x day and this is the ONLY way they go down...she actually looks forward to pill time!!!! Thank you!!!

pill pockets by cresence03/18/2013

this is an awesome product in itself. we all have tried to create a "pill pocket" of our own, but with not great success. this product makes it simple, easy and convenient. the fact that entirely pets can sell this product so much less expensive than other vendors is wonderful. i appreciate that but also that the process of ordering, and subsequent delivery, is so quick and efficient. i recommend looking into their site for other items.

Great Buy! by Gatorville28 from Alachua, FL04/22/2012

Not only is the product excellent, but so is the service! A+++++

pill pockets by tara from holliston, ma06/25/2012

i love pill pockets. i have two small dogs and prefer to purchase chicken for cats as they are just the perfect size for their medications (multiple), and contain less calories than the larger dog pill pockets. the pricing for this multi-6pk. definitely less expensive than other venues and i will repurchase from entirely pets....and also look into their other products because of this.

Eexcellent product! by jbclocker11/19/2011

Makes administering pills to my feline friend suffering from Thyroid problems, possible. He anticipates his meds. A very positive aid!

THESE ARE GREAT!! by janalee0919 from West Chester OH06/19/2012

These literally are life savers. My cat is on several kinds of medicine and these are the only way I can get it in her. Thank goodness for pill pockets!!

Value in Volume by Ralphbob from Tundra-MN11/28/2012

I use these cat pockets for my dog's thyrozine pills which are small and required 2X day.

Featured Reviews for 6-PACK Pill Pockets for Cats SALMON 9.6 oz (270 pockets)
A Must for Cats by Lauri in Alaska07/23/2008

These are the perfect means for giving your cat pills and for avoiding the usually accompanying trauma. If the pill is large, break it into pieces first, and you may have to squish *two* pill pockets together around the pill fragments. (I don't mind using two; it sure beats forcing pills down!) Warning: finicky cats won't eat the chicken flavor, but I haven't met a cat yet who won't eat the salmon flavor. Cats don't get sick of them either, like they do with other treats. I have a cat on heart medicine who's been eating pill pockets for two years and has yet to say "no."

Great Product! by Holly10/23/2008

My cat has a fatal heart defect and needs a lot of cardiac meds. He loves Salmon Pill Pockets and munches them up with his medications every day. I don't know what I'd do without them - they make a bad situation bearable - Thank You!

No stress pill giving by CR from Houston, TX01/18/2012

It was always a battle to get a pill down my cat's throat and not have her spit it back up. With the Pill Pockets, this is no longer an issue; it's like kitty candy to my cat.

Fast shipping! by tfisher576 from OH-IO02/08/2013

I have 3 cats that take pills and we go through these pill pockets pretty fast. We needed to buy in bulk and EntirelyPets had the best price! The items arrived safe and sound (great packing guys!) and fairly quickly. Thanks so much! Toni and cats Dusty, Booger and Baby Girl

Pill Pockets by Terry03/09/2008

Makes a difficult task for a finicky cat easy--They are easy to hide the pill in and the cat loves them!!

Pill taking made easier by Cat10/23/2012

I have 2 cats that need regular medication. They both love the pill pocket and don't eat around the pills. One of my cats is allergic to chicken so the Salmon version is perfect for her.

by Lynda from Eugene, OR02/15/2012

These pill pockets are fantastic, especially when it comes to giving multiple medications per day. It simplifies the whole procedure for both my cat and me -- it is NOT a time of fighting to get the pills down now. I am so thankful! I am also VERY PLEASED with the service I get from Entirely Pets -- fast and signature required so package does not disappear off the porch.

satisfactory purchase by chewie from Peterborough, On12/26/2012

price was right & delivery was timely. Thank you.

It Worked the First Time!! by Lynlar from Oxford, NC08/13/2012

One of our three cats needs daily medicine that he'll only take in the salmon flavored Greenies Pill Pockets. They're getting harder and harder to find, and when we do find them, they're so expensive! An on-line search brought us to your site, and our first order for a volume supply of the Pockets in Clancy's favorite flavor -- and at such a terrific price -- was a complete success! Great value, on-time shipping -- we're totally sold! Thanks!

by cat keepers10/15/2011

Have 8 cats, one on Lysine for life. These pockets are great. Barnie gobbles his pill rather than we trying to stick on the back of his tongue.

Good value, great packaging by Anna02/08/2012

Very good value. Package comes excellently packaged which is very important for pill pockets. They need to have a lot of room so they do not get squashed.

Yes, Virginia, you can give medicines to cats! by Pamela of Georgia04/05/2009

The genius who developed this idea obviously had cats! Until Pill Pockets came along, giving my kitties pills was right up there with root canals. The worst of it was that after a day or two, they were hip to the routine and ran to hide every time I called "Kitty." Stressful for them and for me! The only flaw, I have learned, is trying to convince my terrier that they aren't for him! My Vet now uses them also. Thank you from me and my 2 cats and dogs! As usual, GO GREENIES!

Best Purchase Ever by Mary11/03/2011

Thanks to Greenies pill pockets giving my 17 year old cat his thyroid pills is much less stressful! In fact, he sits patiently waiting for his pill every morning and night!

A life saver by Claire Allan05/25/2009

These little pockets have made life far more pleasant for my cat and me. It was a major battle to give him his twice daily pill. Now he sits still and lets me pop it in his mouth. Occasionally get a little dry towards the end of the packet but a drop of water in my palm when I the pocket around the pill seems to help.

Good price by Ollie01/22/2013

Can't compare with brick and mortor retail store. But hate to pay for shipping and handling.

Cat Pill Pockets by ADAKMARY from Adak, Ak04/13/2012

They crumbled and split when pinched shut pocket and my cat after three times figured out that the pill was in there will not even touch the pill pocket now with out the pill in it. So I'm stuck with 225 pill pockets I can't use

Could not live without it! by Betsy from New Jersey10/07/2011

My cat has a heart problem and takes a pill twice a day. We could not do this without pill pockets!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for helping save my cats life!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best way to help pill a cat by Pats02/18/2013

These pockets really help pill your cat and make them feel like they are getting a treat at the same time!

Pill pockets by Eliza from Sydney, Australia04/07/2013

My elderly cat just loves these and it is the only way we can get him to have his medication without him scratching and biting. He mooches up to us every evening demanding his meds because of the pill pockets! The cylinder shaped pockets hold the tablets and he eats it straight from the palm of the hand. Both the salmon and the chicken flavour are equally good.

Great product by mattie100008/01/2012

My son and I use these every day for our cats - makes it so easy to give a cat a pill!

Great Product by rsnyc from NY, NY01/31/2013

My female Maine Coon is on 2 meds a day. These pill pockets make pill taking a snap!

Pill pockets by Bettyg12/13/2011

I love pill pockets. It is the only time my cats want their pills. I sometimes use them as treats for training.

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Vita-Soothe Aloe & Oatmeal Shampoo (17 oz)

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