POOP-FREEZE Aerosol Freeze Spray (10 oz)

    POOP-FREEZE Aerosol Freeze Spray (10 oz)

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    This item has been manufacturer discontinued. We recommend trying URINASE Odor & Stain Eliminator

    POOP FREEZE is the first freeze-spray aerosol made for animal waste pick-up.

  • Completely Non-flammable
  • Cools surfaces down to -62° F
  • No CFC's to destroy the ozone
  • Does not harm vegetation
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Totally environmentally friendly Spray... Wait 10 seconds... and a white crusty film solidifies the waste. A Clean ... Easy ... Quick ... Affordable solution to nasty waste clean-up problems.

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    by from 11/26/2011

    This product is Basically SPC TECHNOLOGY DIAGNOSTIC FREEZE, AEROSOL Not meant to completely freeze, but used in electronic diagnosis. That is why it is not that effective.

    Waste of Time by TechnewsOrdered


    "NOT"-FREEZE by Scoop from NJ06/22/2012

    Spray is a cold air/gas but it by no means freezes the dog waste to make clean-up any easier. Instructions said to spray for 5 seconds then turn the droppings over and repeat, resulting in a frozen clump to be easily removed. Well, not only didn't the waste freeze but the entire can was only good for about 8-10 uses. That's 4 or 5 days max, and at $16 per can it woud amount to approximately $90 to $100 a month to pick up dog waste. I think not. Definitely a one timer at best.

    Fecal Freeze by Sanduneboy from San Jose, CA06/22/2012

    You would have to wait till (that place where no one wants to go) freezes over before this stuff would work. I must have wasted half a can before I gave up. Don't buy it. It doesn't work & I am stuck with two cans of it.

    Chilled but not frozen by ickfactor from Long Beach, California06/29/2011

    Tried this for a small dog. Tried this in the grass. Really liked the concept. Alas, I will need to pass. Expected frozen on a stick but ended up with chilled ooey gooey pooh. It is now a bathroom novelty because of my frivolity.

    does not perform as advertized by dog lover from florida03/05/2012

    the item just makes the droppings ice cold but does not freeze it to pick it up so the loose droppings are still loose just ice cold. so no help at all for what it was advertised to do

    Missing a step on instructions by Rainman08/05/2008

    It seems obvious to me that the instructions should include the insertion of a popsicle stick before spraying the load. Then you would not even need a scoop to relocate the poopsicle.

    I love this product. by Hiram Doody06/22/2008

    This product is amazing. The best part is when it forms the white, crusty film right before your eyes. It also came in handy recently when grandpa had an accident in the middle of my daughter's graduation party. Her friends were impressed.

    I would recommend it by Jason03/07/2008

    I'm guessing that if I were to use Poop Freeze, it would be by far be the best Poop Freezer I've ever used and would thus recommend it.

    by from 07/25/2012

    ouaoua by spiros10/30/2008

    is really really good..

    It Works by Ron08/21/2008

    Not only does it work but it's fun to use too. I took it with me when we visited relatives. It really came in handy.

    Great product for many other uses by AA10/22/2012

    I use this product to chill hot glue applications during production of silicone molds.

    Wonderful Product by Martin Hash07/13/2009

    Love it - perfect for those accidents in our home.

    Less than expected by Sammy from Las Vegas, NV06/05/2010

    We bought a can a couple months ago. Under the understanding that it would freeze "runny" messes. You see, my husband and I don't mind picking up our little bears left behinds. However he has a weak stomach and we thought this would help as it said...a bit over 10 dollars later and we find it does nothing but but make a cold (and maybe even harder to clean up!) mess.


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