• Four Paws Potty Mouth (120 Tabs)

    Four Paws Potty Mouth (120 Tabs)

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    Coprophagy problem? try Nixit

    Four Paws Potty Mouth (120 Tabs) Coprophagia Prevention
    Four Paws Potty Mouth, as the name instantly communicates, is a remedy to stop pets from the horrible habit of consuming feces (in the trade this is a common problem known as Coprophagia). The Four Paws Potty Mouth formulation contains ingredients that will quickly stop pets from consuming feces.

    Feed your dog or puppy one tablet for every 10 lbs. of body weight every day for 2 weeks. If the problem continues, double the dosage for two more weeks. As a preventative treatment, continue to feed one tablet daily.

    Ingredients: Brewers yeast, Cayenne, Biotin, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Niaciamide, Iron & Copper.

    Also try Nixit for veterinarian strength formula.

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    Potty Mouth by Ron10/30/2013

    Stopped dogs from eating the wrong thing. Best product on the market.

    Didn't Work by Jack09/20/2010

    Dog eats these pill shaped units like treats but still eats feces.

    Four Paws Potty Mouth by Cat04/13/2012

    I have tried many other products and nothing seem to work, this product works, I put one tablet in with her food and she eats it without hesitation and I keep feeding it to her as maintanence.

    Not effective... by soulman from VA11/07/2011

    I wish this had worked better but it seemed to have little to no deterrent effect. I switched to Deter and it has worked well so far. Also the large number of pills that you are required to give a large dog make it somewhat cost prohibitive....

    Dog NO LONGER eats his feces by NSHORT from Arizona01/22/2011

    This is an great product! Our dog is two years old and used to eat his mess. We tried MANY other products. Some give him HORRIBLE GAS. But not Potty Mouth. It REALLY works without any nasty side effects. Try it, you won't be sorry.

    Disappointed. Can I get my $40 back? by disappointed02/07/2014

    Only served to constipate my pet and then when he did poo it was hard and tarry black. Afraid to give him any more. Used for three week at one a day.

    Works Mostly by MLP from Northern California06/01/2014

    So, my Chihuahua mix puppy eats her stool. Never heard of such a thing until I saw it actually happen. I read up on it and apparently it's somewhat "natural" for dogs to eat their stool. Tried Forbid from the vet - it didn't work. So I tried Potty Mouth. I have to feed it to my other dog as well. 3 for him and 2 for the Chihuahua. She still picks it up and thinks about swallowing, but doesn't. At least her breath smells better. Yuck. Price is no object when it comes to this, but Entirely Pets has good prices and good shipping rates. I'll keep buying. :)

    Great purchase by Calvins Mom from Gilbert AZ10/12/2011

    Calvin is one of those dogs who can't get enough to eat. He gets treats and toys but likes to sneak out at night and eat his feces. YUK. These Potty Mouth tablets are easy to plop in with his food and he gobbles them right up. It has definitely almost stopped the problem. Make the stools turn almost black. I recomment them !!

    Sissy Eats these Like they are Treats! by Sheltie Mama from Sylva, NC01/10/2012

    These have been completely ineffective. We adopted a senior female Sheltie, Sissy, age 9 years. She had problems eating feces and other things such as mulch, etc. She had oviously lived where there was insufficient food and her "pet parents" did not see to her needs. I purchased this product in hopes it would correct the coprophaghia. At 1 tab for every 10 lbs of body weight, Five tabs a day there was absolutely no improvement. As suggested by the directions I have doubled the dose, but still see no improvement. Unfortunate!

    Sadly no change. by Jen02/25/2014

    I've used almost an entire box with giving my cocker 4 pills a day. No progress.

    It works by Lizzie from Waupaca WI12/01/2011

    I have a dachshund and a basset hound. It works good for the dachshund but for the basset instead of giving 1 pill a day I have to give her 2 pills per day forever otherwise she goes back to eating her stool.

    doesnt work:( by julie04/27/2010

    My dog ate her poops just as much with this product - waste of money

    Product not effective by 2hotdogs from Vermont02/24/2014

    "Potty Mouth" does not make any difference in squashing the desire or appetite for eating feces in our two puppies.

    Worked for us by Tmahaffey from Aurora, CO05/15/2013

    I started using Four Paws Potty Mouth because my bulldog was eating my other dogs poo. When I fed her the pills per the package directions (1 pill per ten pounds of dog) she would vomit in the morning. I decided to go down to one pill twice a day with her meals. This seems to be working. She has had a couple of relapses but nothing major. I had previously tried adding pumpkin to their food, I had tried adding pineapple to their food. I tried giving her green beans with her food to make her feel full but none of it worked. Four Paws Potty Mouth has.

    It was a good product by Lucy from waseca, minnesota06/20/2013

    The product was o.k. It seemed to make her have to go outside a lot more. When I called your company to ask them if I could return the tablets. He gave me a number and said all I had to do was refuse the package which I did. I still haven't had my money credited.


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