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Preventic Tick Collar 18" for Dogs up to 60 Lbs - SINGLE Collar

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The PREVENTIC Tick Collar is the only tick collar that detaches and kills ticks effectively. It is effective for 3 months and is a good complement to Advantage or PROGRAM when tick protection is also required. Recommended for use on dogs/puppies 3 months and older.

DIRECTIONS: Place the collar around the dog's neck, adjust for proper fit and buckle in place. Cut off and dispose of excess length. The collar must be worn tightly enough to contact skin and so the dog cannot remove it.


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Preventick collar by katie07/30/2012

Product is the same as the one I've gotten from the vet in the past but less expensive and it arrived within a few days.

Excellent by PRKitty59 from Homestead, FL05/04/2012

The collars have worked like magic. Our puppies are doing great. Thank you for the great product you have available.

Really works by Dog Lover from Calif10/24/2012

I work my dogs in a large field and have had many ticks removed from there ears until I started using this product. It really works. I had used other dab on products that were for ticks and fleas which did not work. This one is great .

Preventic Collars for Dogs are life savers by Pete S from Orlando Florida03/27/2012

As much as I believe that this is the best collar product for fleas and ticks. I'm very disappointed that these have been on back order since I ordered them with no confirmed arrival in site

Help for Barney Beagle by BB from Brighton, TN07/10/2012

This has been a ferocious year for ticks in West Tennessee. With 8 dogs and 2 cats (all rescues), we have to be very vigilant about keeping ticks and fleas under control. Barney Beagle has made this a challenge. Barney likes to roam the fields near our house. These fields are rife with ticks. I was routinely removing 20-30 ticks from Barney several times a week. One day I removed 85 ticks from Barney! With the use or Preventic and Pet Armor, we have significantly decreased the number of ticks on Barney. I don't know what we would do without these 2 products.

Never Received the product. by Diane from WPB, FL03/15/2012

I have purchased supplies from this company for over 10 years with no issues. This time, I never received any of the items I ordered and did not hear from the company why. 3 weeks later I finally called the company and they said some of the items were back ordered. I still have not received any items I ordered! 4 weeks ago, or any contact from the company. Terrible customer service! Why weren't the items that were in stock not shipped?

Great Collar by zoejoy from Nazareth, PA11/17/2012

No stinky smell like some of the store bought collars.

Works Great! by Al from Florida Panhandle09/24/2013

I live out in the country and my dogs are constantly in the woods. Preventic Collar keeps the ticks (almost completely) off of them! When I first moved out to the place I had to check my dogs for ticks twice a day, I found a few dozen each time! Since using the Preventic Collar I have found a few (I would say a total of 5) ticks crawling on them and the few (about 4) that I find attached to them are dead, that's only a few within a three month period! Going from finding a few dozen attached LIVE ticks daily to finding a few crawling and dead attached within three months, I would recommend this collar to anyone that has a tick issue with their dogs.

Veterinary approved by Cape coral04/04/2013

Vet prescribed and could not find anywhere locally this was a fantastic way to get the product needed . Wish it would have come in a box instead of receiving only the inside pouch but having said that the product appears to be doing its job . So convenient !

It works by Dee Beck12/16/2008

If you have a serious tick issue - get this collar. But be aware in a multi dog household that you MUST ensure one dog doesn't grab or chew on another's collar.

Preventic Tick Collar 18" for dogs up to 60 lbs. by Pete12/30/2013

great product ... great seller ... do business with these folks! A+++++ !!!!!

Preventic by indysmom from Gainesville, FL06/16/2012

Before we learned about this collar, we had a spell where our puppy had several ticks, and we found ticks in the house. As soon as we started using the collar, the tick problem disappeared, even this summer where ticks are said to be especially bad.It is easy to use and has caused no problems for the doggie.

by art from Kissimmee, FL02/13/2013

I have been purchasing 3 Preventic Tick Collars for the past year now and find them to work very well. Since I have started using them my dogs have not had one tick on them. They last the 3 months and well worth the price.

Excellent Product by Andie from North Florida02/12/2013

We live on a wooded two acres and last spring and summer the tics were unbearable. We couldn't take our two dogs out without having to remove two or three tics as soon as we came back in; that is, if we could even spot them. Frontline was not enough. I saw Preventic at a grooming facility in a vet's office and purchased. The best pet purchase I have ever made. No more tics! I was glad to find the product here at Entirely Pets because the cost is significantly less than at the vet's office ($20 per collar).

Excellent Product by GR11/13/2011

We had a terrible problem with ticks. In one day, we found about 10 on our dog. We bought the preventic collar and in a few days, the ticks were pretty much gone. We found a few on the floor but they were either dead or dying. I would recommend this product to anyone!

Life saver by Vicki from Orlando, FL08/13/2012

We were over run with ticks. No matter what we did, we couldn't get rid of them and with a new baby in the house, it was paramount on my list. Within a couple of days of putting the collars on the dogs, the ticks were gone. I am so thankful for these collars.

Tick Collar by puglover from Homestead, Fl.01/23/2013

Excellent Product... Would buy again....

Works great! by Marisa from McAllen, Texas03/16/2012

We were having such a hard time controlling the ticks at our house. Our dogs are mostly indoors but we would remove at least 40 ticks at a time everyday. We tried so many products and nothing worked till this one. Just know that the ticks will drop off at first and you might see them crawling around your house but be patient and eventually they will be eradicated. We have a boxer, french bulldog and two mixed breeds and they did not have any adverse reaction to the collars.

Awesome product by Bluebelle from San Antonio texas03/25/2012

I live in the country with lots of tick issues even though used frontline plus. I added this collar and it really keeps the ticks off.


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