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2-PACK PREVENTIC Collar (25") - For Dogs OVER 60 lbs

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The NEW Preventic 2-pack gives you the convenience of 6 months of protection and you save money as well. The PREVENTIC Tick Collar by VIRBAC is the only tick collar that detaches and kills ticks effectively. Each collar is effective for 3 months and is a good complement to Advantage or PROGRAM flea control when tick protection is also required. Recommended for use on dogs OVER 60 lbs.

DIRECTIONS: Place the collar around the dog's neck, adjust for proper fit and buckle in place. Cut off and dispose of excess length. The collar must be worn tightly enough to contact skin and so the dog cannot remove it.

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Tick prevention by Susan from Illinois/Massachusetts05/16/2013

I have used this product for years and I have never found an engorged tick on my dogs. I have found dried up, very unhappy ticks but no well feed ones. I use this product on tick invested Cape Cod. I wish I could wear it along with my dogs!

Great item by Renee08/09/2009

I have not found any other product that kills ticks as well. I have used these during hunting season for several years now. They usually never have ticks. If I find one, its dead. This is also a great price compared to purchasing from the vet.

Does Not Work by Jeff from North FL10/26/2011

I have used this product twice on my 60 lb. dog and ticks continue to latch onto her within inches of the collar and beyond. Considering the health risks to anyone touching the collar and the fact that it does not work as advertised, I will neither buy it again nor will I recommend it.

No more ticks!! by lbinsanc from San Clemente, CA10/23/2012

My vet suggested this collarand while I don't like too many chemicals I was desperate cause the ticks were just awful this year. Now the only ticks I find are those climbing off the dog to die and none of them have fed. Just little tiny, no blood ticks trying to escape for the first several days and now I haven't seen a tick in weeks. 100% effective for us.

No more ticks. Period. by Pat10/23/2012

This is by far the best tick control AND preventative I've ever used! I adopted a stray, and tried baths, Frontline, and tedious hand removal of hundreds of ticks. Then a friend recommended this collar - ticks were gone! Recently, we ran into ticks again, and NO ticks after I put this collar on my dogs.

still waiting by Bill from Miami, Fla02/22/2012

I have not received this product. It was in back order and I am still waiting.

Great Product by Shaunna10/30/2008

I could never get rid of the ticks on my three dogs until I used the preventic collars. I would spend so much money on Advantix and Frontline and it wouldn't even phase the ticks. I used the preventic collars on all three dogs and no more ticks within a month or two. This is the best product I have found for ticks.

Works great! by leafwd12/28/2011

I have an inside dog that loves to go outside and run the woods. This collar lasts at least 3 months and keeps the ticks off of him.

No more ticks by Maria P07/22/2008

My Golden Retriever was full of ticks, I try everything even fumigated the yard and still had them , I took him to a vet and they recommended the collar and a bath , It has been 3 weeks without finding one tick, Thaks for the product

Only thing that works by Jim S05/08/2008

We have the most stubborn ticks here in Virginia. Despite using Frontline Plus, my Lab would still get ticks regularly, and as a result was diagnosed with erlichiosis. Now, we use Preventic religiously on all of our dogs, and haven't pulled a single tick off of any of them. The only drawback is that as the collar ages, it turns yellowish...and looks horrible. Fortunately, the regular collar covers it most of the time and i'd trade looking at an ugly, yellowing collar over dealing with erlichiosis or lyme any day.

WORKS!!! by lori c.04/15/2008

the ONLY product for killing ticks and keeping them off that has ever WORKED for my dogs. I tried frontline, advantage as well as numerous sprays, and this is absolutely the BEST!!!

Preventic Collar by excellent tick product from Georgia07/17/2013

Satisfied with these tick collars for my dog. They seem to work real fine here in the Southeast where ticks are numerous.

great service by sflorida from ft lauderdale fl12/10/2011

I bought the preventic two pack tick collars. They arrived promptly and here in south fl it is the only thing that works to keep ticks from spreading into your home. I would definitely reccommend this product and this company

Best tick problem solution by greg07/10/2014

I got the first of these from my vet but then Pfizer quit calling on them so I went to internet. Anyway we take our dog to a country lake where he's convinced he's the county sheriff on patrol. Once he returned with 100+ ticks which I had to get the vet to remove. Haven't seen a tick since and I provide one for visitors who bring dogs and they have no problems either. They say no swimming with these but dog does and no problem.

Wonderful Producet by Lance from North Georgia01/19/2010

I am already buying for the coming spring. I have two large dogs and moved to my cabin in the mountains 3 years ago and this is the only thing that seems to work well. The ticks are terrible here in the spring and even though I do occasionally find a live one on them, this product works better than anything else I tried. It is worth the money.

by Fluffy from Ft. Pierce ,Fl06/20/2012

Great product.We have a bad tick problem in Fl this summer. So far my dogs are tick free.Great price too!!

Great decision by Rob from Northeast PA12/11/2011

Our dog has a huge tick problem. I have never seen it this bad. In one day, we took 5 ticks off of him. With the collar, we haven't found one. And believe me, we have looked. Thank you for the wonderful product.

Best Product Ever by Lorraine from Alabama10/23/2012

I have never liked ticks, but when our dog picked up a few after walks in the woods. I call our vet and his receptionist suggested the Proventic collar. She told me that, hunters use these collars on their hunting dogs and would not use any other collar because they work. It works, I have not seen any since.

Hail to the BEST tick collar there is. by Jose from Puerto Rico02/05/2013

Recently I rescued a SATO wich was completely covered with ticks of all sizes. After taking him to the vet to check everything was OK, the vet placed the collar snugly on his neck. I LITERALLY saw how in less than one hour ticks were crawling away from the dog (and dying). In little more than 24 hrs the dog was tick free. The ones that couldn't get off (the big nasty ones) where, needless to say, dead and dry as straw. I was so impressed with the effectiveness of this product I bought two more for a friend. Be advised, this product shouldn't be used on dogs who live with cats as it is TOXIC TO CATS.

Good product! by DTB from PA08/26/2013

Recommended by a veterinarian, I have used this product along with Frontline Plus for the past 3 years. No ticks!

Preventic tick collar WORKS! by M.A. Floyd11/06/2012

This product has been a life saver for us - we live in a heavily wooded area and our Standard Poodle has free access to the outdoors, so ticks can be a big problem. But not when he's wearing this collar - so long as we change it every 3 months, our doggy is tick free.

Really Works! by gloriam05/11/2013

These tick collars were recommended by my petsitter. Greatest collar ever!

Great Product by Bo from Miami, FL07/24/2012

I have a 10 yr old Chocolate Lab and I had never had a tick or flea infestation before. A few months ago I noticed my dog scratching a lot and to my surprise I saw these disgusting ticks crawling over him. At that moment I panicked, took him to the groomer's, had him dipped, shaved him down and used Advantix. I did this for 2 or 3 months but the ticks were still there. Finally my coworker told me to try Preventic and after 2 weeks my dog had no more ticks. This was about 2 months ago. I am really happy with this product and I make sure I am stocked up so that my dog won't ever get infested again. This was the only product that actually worked to get rid of the ticks.



Ugh by Megan01/18/2012

The last two tick collars I got did not work. They did not have the normal white layer on the collar which usually shows it has the medicine on it. After putting the collar on I was still pulling ticks off of my dog for days! Over the last week and a half I have noticed no change in the amount of ticks on my dog. The collar did nothing and I am super disappointed in the product. Watch out because this product might get to you and not do a thing!

preventic dog collars by zegarpta05/05/2012

I have a lab that is allergic to most tick medications and live in a high tick population area and camp in Rhode Island and Connecticut April to November. This product has an immediate response to the ticks and has been a must in our home and many of our friends homes with dogs for more than 10 years. If you want a product that truly works this is the one you want if you have labs that love the outside or do alot of camping in New England with your pets as we do, you will not be disappointed.

Simple, economical, and it works! by twogoldens11/30/2011

I've used Preventic tick collars on my dogs for years. Much easier to use than the other apply on fur products! It works and they are very economical - last 2-1/2 to 3 mos.

Something I can count on by confusedcandy05/30/2012

I am very happy with these collars. I have 1 dog with health problems and want to keep her as healthy as possible. I also feel better about using this on my other 2 dogs also.

Works on All Three of our Dogs! by uppitywoman05/08/2013

Our three dogs have been using Preventic collars for over a month now and I have not seen a single tick on any of them. Ticks are rampant in our neck of the woods and we usually pick at least several off each dog every evening; it's a huge relief to find them tick-free these days!

Effective collar by Ping from Loleta, CA01/27/2012

Our veterinarian recommended this collar years ago for one of our stock dogs. We have used it on other dogs since and it is very effective keeping ticks off them.

Preventic Collar by Laurie03/04/2013

I would recommend this product to all who own a dog. The collar can be cut to size and it smells so good when your pet is wearing it. Great price too from Entirely pets, it's the lowest price that I have found.

caused allergic reaction on both my dogs by Mastiff lover07/14/2013

Both my dogs (English mastiff and chocolate lab) developed a rash right where the collar rested on their neck!

by from 07/26/2012

We have a very large yard, surrounded by woods and inhabited by lots of wildlife, plus loads of ticks. In the past, we've had problems with ticks on our dog and in our home.

ago, by our from vetAbout


A Tick Collar That Works! by ImADogLvr02/20/2013

I had to switch flea/tick treatments because Frontline started to not work & my dog was infested with fleas. Someone recommended the Preventic collar & it seems to work pretty well. Not 100% foolproof but better than others I have used. I now use Trifexis for heartworm & flea prevention & Preventic collar for ticks. I do use it year round.

Life saver by Vicki from Orlando, FL08/13/2012

We were over run with ticks. We couldn't get rid of them no matter what we did and with a new baby in the house, it was paramount on my list. Within a couple of days of putting the collars on the dogs, the ticks were gone. I am so thankful for these collars.

by from 10/20/2011

We are in south Florida, and if you don't take care of your yard for pests and use this collar, you are in real trouble. Especially if your neighbors have animals that don't do what they should, you can protect yourself, animals and family from disease.

the by best from onPreventic


Preventic Collar by Dog Lover from Florida07/25/2014

AMAZING - These things are fantastic. I live in Florida and have three dogs that wear these collars. No fleas or ticks in or around them - ever. Best product I have ever used.

Tick Control by My Buddy from Miami, FL11/29/2011

Preventic is the best tick control my pets ever used.... in reality, I think is the only one really effective!!

so reliable by kimnanc from florida05/27/2013

i've been using preventic for over 15 yrs, especially when i lived in a highly concentrated deer tick area in PA. This collar kills the ticks every time. Don't take a chance without it

So grateful you have this product! by Mimi from Lake Mills, Wisconsin06/04/2013

Our furry child Riley has a skin condition called atopy, which makes applying flea and tick medication a scary prospect. Living out in the country, the necessity of having something on him also makes it a life or death situation. Consequently, he is only able to tolerate a mild version of flea and tick preparation. But that means he still gets bitten. Our vet recommended the Preventic collar as an add-on, and we've been pleased to see the incidence of ticks diminish tremendously. Your website is one of the few that continue to offer this product, for which we are forever thankful!


We live in the county with wooded areas and cow pastures. Preventic keeps my 3 dogs tick free!

Great and Effective Porduct by RAM in Miami from Miami, FL10/27/2011

At first, my wife was concerned with any possible strong, toxic smell which might bother our dogs. No smell and it works !!! The ticks will still hitch a ride but soon after, they fall off. Since I put the collars on our three dogs, we have not seen one tick living on them except on the floor and mostly dead. Fully recommend the collar, just keep an eye on the pet to see if there are any adverse effects. Buy the 25"since you can always cut them down to size and I hide the left over pieces in their bedding.

Easy use by blondie06/26/2013

This product is convenient and easy to use; is effective and does not cause an allergic reaction compared to the topical (liquid) product.

Preventic collar by Kris04/24/2013

Best Collar ever, my dog has been using this for years and he never gets ticks on him with it! Highly recommend it!

Great product by ShirleyMaeH from Palm Coast, Fl11/16/2011

I was advised to use this product on my dog by his vet. It was twice as much at the vet's than at Entirely Pets. I am very pleased with the price and especially the product.

Rapid Response by Kekoa from Palm Coast FL11/08/2011

Received Tick/Flea collar within three days of purchase. Easy process. Thanks

I hate collars! But this thing rocks! by papafrog from northern calif04/29/2011

I have a fear of collars. I know of a dog that drown because she got snagged on her collar, but this is the best tick preventative ive ever tried. In hopes to cure the snag problem I took the first collar, cut it into 2 inch pieces. I drilled different size hole in each piece. then I used a pull scale to see how much weight broke the collar. I went with the hole that broke at just under a quarter of her weight. not perfect but it ups her chances.

Great product by Yogi from Maine07/15/2012

We have been using these collars for about 4 years now. We will continue to do so. They are effective and another tool to use in the fight against ticks. Although not 100% I'd give these collars a 90% on helping our two dogs deter ticks. We still check daily however it is rare when we find a tick. Overall, these collars are worth the money and do as stated.

AWESOME stuff!!!!!! by Momof9dogs from Arkansas05/09/2010

We live in Arkansas on 13 acres (3 cleared and 10 in timber). We have been taking in dogs since we moved here in 2008, and our total is up to 9. Three of our babies live inside the house and go outside to play and potty. We have been battling ticks every year with some sort of spray or another with very little success. We found Preventic while searching on the Internet and decided to try it. BOY ARE WE GLAD THAT WE DID!!!!! Our outside babies were covered in ticks before we got the Preventic collars. Within 2 days, all of the babies were tick-free!!! This is an amazing product, and we HIGHLY recommend it!! We know that we will be ordering these again and again!!

Great product. by semperfimom from Chattanooga, tn09/18/2013

This was the first year my three dogs did not have a problem with ticks. I was using Frontline for years. It was not working. I have three inside dogs. I like the collar. It has no odor. It's easy to use and it works!

Ain't No Tics on My Boy by Sheltie Mama from Sylva, NC05/17/2011

I have been using Preventic Collars for three years now. Tics in our area are everywhere and we could not go out without having one on me and one on my Littleman, Sheltie soon to be 3 years old. The first year was the worst, but even tics that got on Littleman failed to attach and when I checked him out I could just take them off. Last year tics weren't quite as bad and he had no problems at all. I put his new collar on him today so we are ready to get out there. Depending on where you live, the length of your warm weather period you may need 2 collars. These prices are fantastic so using 2 a year is no problem. This same collar is $25 at my vet's office. You'll feel better about your pup when he has this collar on.

Worked great by philbb from Phoenix, AZ08/02/2013

We have lived in our house for 16 years. We have had two dogs that we got a month after we moved in (the two Lhasa Apso Shitzu mix) and another dog (the mutt) a couple of years later. For years everything was okay with the dog pests. Then, about six years in, we got ticks. We would find, easily, five to fifteen ticks on each dog per week. We spent the next several years trying to deal with them. We tried various brands of over the counter flea and tick collars. We tried regular flea and tics baths. We tried industrial strength outdoor pesticides. We tried Frontline and Advantage. We still had ticks. Somewhere in my research I heard about PREVENTIC and decided to give them a try. Just a few weeks later we noticed that there were no ticks that we could find anywhere on our dogs, on our floors, on our walls, etc... We've been using PREVENTIC ever since and haven't had a tick problem worth mentioning.

Great collar by Orange from Alabama06/30/2012

If you live in an area where ticks are a problem, this is the collar to have. You will not have ticks on your dog.

by jazzyb11/18/2011

at first the dogs still had ticks but i think after about 5 days they were slowly disseapearing so its ok but not as good as i thought it would be

Expensive but work by Desert Run from Az02/17/2013

Have purchased multiplies. and do so because they do work. Would be nice if you got a discount for multiples. Don't smell or make the dogs smell. Thanks for a product that really works.

by LM from Providence, RI10/23/2012

I use this product along with Advantix or sometimes alone. Works great either way.

No more ticks by jakes mom04/23/2013

I first bought this collar after a neighbor had a tickfestation while our dogs palyed together in her yard. I was terrified this would happen at home, as well. This collar combined with a heartworm/flea pill once a month and regular baths, has made my home and my Jake totally bug-free...


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