Busy Buddy Puppy

Busy Buddy Puppy

Busy Buddy Puppy Squirrel Dude - Small
Busy Buddy Puppy Squirrel Dude - Small

($9.50)  $2.79
Busy Buddy Puppy Squirrel Dude - Medium
Busy Buddy Puppy Squirrel Dude - Medium

($12.50)  $4.69
Busy Buddy Puppy Twist N Treat - XSmall
Busy Buddy Puppy Twist N Treat - XSmall

($4.99)  $3.29
Busy Buddy Puppy Twist N Treat - Small
Busy Buddy Puppy Twist N Treat - Small

($9.50)  $5.99
Busy Buddy Puppy Twist N Treat - Medium
Busy Buddy Puppy Twist N Treat - Medium

($12.50)  $7.99
The Puppy Squirrel Dude Small features the Treat Meter™ which randomly dispenses kibble and treats as your puppy plays. Left to their own devices, bored puppies can cause a lot of damage. Satisfy their need to chew with the Busy Buddy line of puppy toys. Made with puppies in mind, these toys feature softer rubber that's soft for puppy teeth, but durable enough for extended playtime.

3.00 rating based on 2 reviews
Featured Reviews for Busy Buddy Puppy Squirrel Dude - Small
Best. Dog Toy. EVER. by Alyssa from St. Paul, MN12/06/2011

This is definitely both of my dogs' favorite toy. It's a Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude chew toy. It's the size Small, which is perfect for both of their mouths & jaws since they're small breed dogs. It's an absolutely AWESOME toy! It keeps them busy for HOURS, and allows me to get homework done without constant "squeeking" from other toys, and allows me to leave them kenneled while I'm at school and not feel horrible for leaving them bored for a few hours! I've also noticed that it has really helped stop the destructive puppy "bored" behavior in my 8month old dog. It's comparable to a Kong, except (in my opinion) better. It's got little stopper-like sections that keep the treats from coming out of the bottom, unlike an open bottomed kong toy, and thus requires the dogs to work harder for the treats and keeps me from going through so many treats. It's also great because you don't have to use high-in-fat liquid treats - like peanut butter, cheese, or Kong's squeeze-can liver. I use Nutrisentials Lean Treats or the Lean-Beef Pupperoni dog treats. The little pieces make for perfect sized treat stuffing. Plus, this toy is virtually indestructible and dish washer safe. I've had mine for months and despite the bite marks and constant use, it is completely in tact (which I can't say about any other toy I've ever owned) and I know I can always get it very clean and bacteria free in no time with little work on my part. (because hand-washing it is a pain in the rear) And being it is so much cheaper than most dog toys, it has by far been the best toy I've ever spent my money on & I HIGHLY recommend it. For ANY breed of dog.

Way too large for a small dog by Linfork from New Jersey07/09/2013

Although this is supposed to be for a small dog, it is way too large for him to get his mouth around. We had to give it away to larger dogs.

Featured Reviews for Busy Buddy Puppy Twist N Treat - XSmall
twist and no treat by critterkeeper08/14/2012

When the two halves of this toy are fully screwed into place there is such a tiny dispensing area that I have never seen a treat, nor kibble, that could fit through the opening. If the halves are left loosened, they're too loose and the kibble dumps out entirely at once. There doesn't seem to be a happy medium here.

Not Busy enough by millie from Tampa, FL08/14/2012

This didn't last very long. I believe within a few hours he tore apart.

great for our chihuahua mix by mom6 from Illinois12/12/2014

This is the best dispenser we have found that our small dog can get treats out of but yet be a challenge. She is 10 lbs and does not chew or tear things up. They make these larger and for DOGS that are stronger. We chose puppy so it would be more flexible. We buy more whenever we see them since they tend to get lost. We put meat treats in when we leave and it keeps her occupied and we just have it partway open.

Featured Reviews for Busy Buddy Puppy Twist N Treat - Small
Keeps them busy by Pup-mom from El Paso, Tx07/23/2012

I would recommend this toy/ aid to help puppies busy safety. Our new addition, is a new 3 mo old puppy and we had to re-learn puppyhood all over again. I most use this toy when crate training or when I need to to be busy so I can jump in the shower. It's multi functional, I've used goat cheese, peanut butter and kibble in it, works good and it's fairly easy to get clean.

nice idea but material is too easily chewed by olive from Upstate NY12/29/2012

We have an aggressive puppy (8 month old English setter). This toy was more interesting to chew on than get the treats out. We have other toys like this made of hard plastic that she plays with to get the treats out.

by Malt mom from Los Angeles03/06/2013

This is one of the best interactive toys I've ever used. It comes small enough for tiny dogs too. I put my Maltese puppy's kibble in it and put it on the floor on the kitchen. She loves rolling it and watching the kibble come out, eating each one along the way. A very fun way to feed your dog.

by Ranee08/17/2011

I spread peanut butter on this. My dog loves it, and my neighbors dog is obsessed with it.

Featured Reviews for Busy Buddy Puppy Twist N Treat - Medium
Excellent product by terrier woman from Harrisonburg, VA07/10/2012

Not only have I used the Twist N Treat for core muscle development, I have two dogs who "gulp" their food. Breakfast and dinner is served in their T/T's and that way I know they have actually chewed their food!

Love it by dogloverC from Clifton, NJ05/31/2012

My dog is very active, it took her a long time to figure it out how to get the treats. After she was done, she was exhausted...nap time!

Worked well but better for smaller breeds by Sandi from Stuttggart Germany12/28/2010

I bought the Lrg one for my doberman and it worked well but he was still able to chew it up within about 4-5 months also it is pretty easy to get the treats out. But I could see this toy being great for a smaller dog .

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