Petsafe® Busy Buddy™ Treats

Petsafe® Busy Buddy™ Treats

Busy Buddy Gnawhide Cornstarch Rings - Medium (16 ct.)
Busy Buddy Gnawhide Cornstarch Rings - Medium (16 ct.)

($6.99)  $5.99
Busy Buddy Gnawhide Ring Refills - MEDIUM (16 treats)
Busy Buddy Gnawhide Ring Refills - MEDIUM (16 treats)

($12.99)  $5.99
Busy Buddy Gnawhide Ring Refills - LARGE (16 treats)
Busy Buddy Gnawhide Ring Refills - LARGE (16 treats)

($14.99)  $7.99
Premier Busy Buddy Gnawhide Rings Rawhide - SMALL (16 treats)
Premier Busy Buddy Gnawhide Rings Rawhide - SMALL (16 treats)

($5.99)  $3.99
Petsafe Busy Buddy Treat Rings Plus Benefits Dental Support - Size A Refills
Petsafe Busy Buddy Treat Rings Plus Benefits Dental Support - Size A Refills

($5.99)  $4.49
Petsafe Busy Buddy Treat Rings Plus Benefits Dental Support - Size B Refills
Petsafe Busy Buddy Treat Rings Plus Benefits Dental Support - Size B Refills

($9.99)  $7.49
Petsafe Busy Buddy Treat Rings Plus Benefits Dental Support - Size C Refills
Petsafe Busy Buddy Treat Rings Plus Benefits Dental Support - Size C Refills

($11.99)  $8.99
Petsafe Busy Buddy Treat Rings Plus Benefits Joint Support - Size A Refills
Petsafe Busy Buddy Treat Rings Plus Benefits Joint Support - Size A Refills

($5.99)  $4.49
Petsafe Busy Buddy Treat Rings Plus Benefits Joint Support - Size B Refills
Petsafe Busy Buddy Treat Rings Plus Benefits Joint Support - Size B Refills

($9.99)  $7.49
Petsafe Busy Buddy Treat Rings Plus Benefits Joint Support - Size C Refills
Petsafe Busy Buddy Treat Rings Plus Benefits Joint Support - Size C Refills

($11.99)  $8.99
Premier Busy Buddy Gnawhide Constarch Strips One Size - (16 treats)
Premier Busy Buddy Gnawhide Constarch Strips One Size - (16 treats)

($10.99)  $7.99
Petsafe&reg Busy Buddy Natural Rawhide Treat Strips - Small
Petsafe® Busy Buddy Natural Rawhide Treat Strips - Small

($3.99)  $2.99
Busy Buddy Gnawhide Cornstarch Rings - Medium (16 ct.) by Premier
are made to fit the Bouncy Bone and Bristle Bone interactive dog toys. Completely irresistible and good all on their own. Medium size includes 16 treats. Net weight 5.8 oz.

Cornstarch, Rice Starch, Sorbitol, Maltose, Non-Animal Based Bacon Flavor (starch, hawthorn seedoil, triethyl citrate, vanillin, methyl cyclopentenolone).

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein: 0.5% (min)
Crude Fat: 0.2% (min)
Crude Fiber: 2.0% (max)
Moisture: 13% (max)
4.83 rating based on 18 reviews
Featured Reviews for Busy Buddy Gnawhide Cornstarch Rings - Medium (16 ct.)
by Sunny from North Carolina01/27/2014

My dogs love these. They can't have the regular gnawhides so the cornstarch rings are perfect!

Easy to Use by Judester11/13/2013

Our dogs stand at the counter waiting for me to open the bone and add the rings. They get hours of good chewing and brushing with this product.

by Daisy11/22/2011

My dogs love these treats! They keep them occupied, but not long enough, as they have mastered how to pull them out of the bones rather quickly so they can devour them and come back wanting more.

Our Airedales Bedtime Snack by Rhonda from Grosse Ile, Michigan07/16/2012

Bought the Bouncy Ball toy and it came with 4 of these tasty gnawhide rings to be applied onto the toy. Have been giving this treat to my 2 Airedales for 5 yrs,...everynight. They can't wait to get their bedtime snack.

my doxie LOVES these by doxielove10/23/2012

thanks so much! i bought a ton becuase my doxie absolutely LOVES these with his busy buddy toy. and this site has them for cheaper then other stores

My dog loves these! by Mare06/04/2012

Gracie brings me the bone every night to fill it up. She goes crazy if I ask her if she wants a "chewy". I bought the bigger ones which last all day now instead of minutes with the small size. After chewing the disk down, she'll bring little bone over to transfer the disk onto. She is not dumb!!!!!

Keeps them Busy! by GSDs Rule10/30/2011

Busy buddy bones are the best thing ever for large dogs who love to chew!

Great vs rawhide due to restricted diet! by Boiler in Cheeseland03/11/2012

My dogs cannot have rawhide anymore due to the restricted diet associated with seizures. Cornstarch is a great alternative and I'm sooo glad they can chew again since they used to chew rawhides all the time! Gnawsome bone is great too!

BETTER THAN A PACIFIER! by Kool Nana from Carrollton, TX09/03/2013

We have two small dogs that just love these. If I ran out of them I'd be in trouble.

Excellent product by ST from Texas03/27/2013

My dogs love the bacon smell of these rings. We use them as their evening treat. They look forward to it all day long.

Quicker than expected by bon from Davie, FL06/25/2012

I was having trouble finding these treats for the treat bone toy in all of the local pet stores. THis site not only had the best price, but had lots of them in stock. They were shipped quicker than they said they would be, and my puppy is quite happy!!

We love our Busy Buddy! by Bella's Mom from Hopkins, MN07/17/2012

At our house, we have to limit the consumption of busy buddy treats to once a day because Bella loves them so much....she gets to have it at 7pm each day and is right there with the bone waiting to have the refill rings put on it. Of course she tries to get it earlier and more than once a day That's why we have to strictly limit it! We give it an A+++++++ rating at our house!

Not so good by Linda08/28/2013

The regular Gnawhide ring refills are much (MUCH) better. When I used these cornstarch ones, my dog couldn't get half of it out of the ring. They don't break up like the other kind do, so my dog can't get at the parts that don't stick out of the toy.

Busy Buddy Gnawhide Cornstarch Rings by 5 star from Acworth, Georgia01/12/2012

My dog enjoys these as well as the rawhide rings. When she sees me go to her treat drawer and get our the sandwich bag that holds them she runs to where her ring holder is located and waits for me to put them on so she can enjoy them.

Gracie's FAV! by Graciesmom from Lilburn, GA08/07/2014

I have used both the rawhide and the cornstarch and have found that Gracie will chew these much farther down than the rawhide. She really loves these the BEST!

Treats for Buttons by Lady Dodger from Acworth, Ga09/20/2014

My dog LOVES these rings and gets so excited when she sees me go to the ziploc bag I keep them in. She takes off to the sofa and waits for me to bring it in and put it on her bone shaped holder. She will oversee my every move until I finish and tell her she can have it. Would recommend to everyone with a dog...........

Entirely Pets: Please get these in the large size by Sunny from Lillington, NC03/29/2012

Hey, Entirely Pets, can you please get the cornstarch rings in the large size? I get the mediums for my dog with liver shunts; she can't eat a lot of beef products. But I keep stocking up on the cornstarch, even if they're only medium sized because I can't find them anywhere else!

Just what I wanted by Dixie from Houston07/24/2012

My 2 small dogs love these. They do not like the rawhide that was in the pack whe purchased from the store. Thank you for having them packaged this way!

Busy Buddy discs by shopper02/04/2013

Not always easy to find but can be ordered and delivered to your door step! Quality is uniform!

Featured Reviews for Busy Buddy Gnawhide Ring Refills - MEDIUM (16 treats)
on sale @ $5? by Linda from Maryland from MD03/07/2011

The so called "sale" price is out rageously high so forget about my ever buying them. My daughter bought 8 of the small bones for my dachshunds. With eight dogs I need to buy in bulk by the pound. Lower your GD prices its just rawhide and I can give my babies filet mignon steak (8.99 Lb from my butcher) cheaper and it doesn't have any sorbitol which dogs do NOT need. insanely priced

Busy Buddy Gnawhide Ring Refills - MEDIUM by theboysgrammy from Deltona, FL03/26/2012

My little girl, Danni, an Australian Shepard, is far too smart for her own good! She regularly unscrews the Busy Buddy unless I really crank it down! lol But she thoroughly enjoys getting her gnawhide rings every morning on her Busy Buddy.

a favorite! by kb05/30/2012

I have a bully and a greyhound -- if they are bored, this really gets them interested. I especially like it for the grey because he is not a chewer and really needs it for the teeth...

She loves these by Lady Dodger from Acworth, Ga01/16/2013

My dog simply loves these rings and looks forward to getting one. Was unable to find locally so very glad we have found them online and can order as many as we want.

continous Excellent Service, & Product by dickinmcdonough from McDonough, Ga07/24/2013

Our 100lb Shepherd is addicted to these treats! Receiving very prompt service of this item at a very fair price is what true "customer service" is. We've ordered this treat several times from Entirely Pets and received the same excellent service, packaged so it arrives in pristine condition each time.. Entirely Pets also keeps us advised as to order confirmed, order shipped and via which carrier and anticipated delivery date. There's nothing I could ask Entirely Pets to change or improve upon. A "Well Done" and " Thank You" to them. We look forward to a continued relationship.

My dogs have an addiction problem" by Theresa from Shelby twp MI12/18/2012

They love those rings that go on the 'bony ball'! My hound will beg for a bony ball and literally throw his toy at your feet to draw attention to his 'needs'. They love those rings!

Best Entertainment for Jumping Dogs by Krazy Katie from New Jersey07/11/2012

I have three small dogs and they are very ill mannered when someone enters my home because they jump all over them. Once they see me getting heir busy bones ready they cannot be bothered with my guests. They are the best entertainment for all three of them. It is the greatest thing because I would need to leash them and hold them until my guests entered, but now I just give them their busy bones and it turns them into well behaved dogs. I love the busy bones because they have made my life and my babies' lifes happier!

Busy Buddy Gnawhide Ring Refills-MEDIUM by Katie from Parlin, NJ10/24/2012

I love the Busy Buddy Rings. I have 3 dogs and they keep them busy! I give them to my dogs when I am having people walk into my home so they don't get all excited. They lay in their beds, eating their Busy Bones & do not pay any attention to my guests walking in the door. I don't know what I would do without them!

My dog loves these! by LEM05/16/2013

My dog loves these. I stopped buying these since they are a little expensive and they are made in China.

by from 03/14/2012

My dogs love these! by wcmom from Dayton, OH11/08/2012

I put these on the bristle bone and it cleans their teeth and they have fun!

Lasts a longer than a liver treat by Mastiff Lover from Brookfield, WI02/02/2013

I never bought the thing they're supposed to go on, I only buy the refills to use as a treat. When I want to give my girls a special treat that will last longer than most but less than a big bone this is what I turn to.

Excellent, good price by Jsbird07/20/2012

Our dogs love these! The best teeth cleaning/treat around!

Life Saver by buttons from Milton, Florida03/12/2013

I bought these 2 yrs ago for my dogs to give them something to chew on that would not hurt their digestion when eaten. Today I have a 5 month old that is teething and a 4 yr old that dearly loves these. I put them on the busy buddy bone and they cannot wait for me to finish and give the bones to them. Occupies them for 15 to 30 minutes so that I have time to clean up the kitchen,etc. in the evenings. Thank you for carrying them.

Great product by Murphy's Mom from Florida02/20/2012

Busy Buddy's gnawhide rings are wonderful treats that fit on the Bristle Bone which is designed to clean the dog's teeth and promote dental health. Our dog, Murphy LOVES these ! He brings his Bristle Bone to us daily so we can put the rings on it. He really enjoys chewing the treats off the bone and doesn't notice that he is brushing his teeth at the same time. Murphy has beautiful teeth thanks to the Bristle Bone and the gnawhide rings.

Great service, great prices! by PatB from Michigan05/20/2013

This is the first time I have used this site and I am so pleased that I will return again and again. Prices were great and delivery was prompt. My dogs love this product and being able to get it at a reasonable price is important to me.

Busy Buddy Gnawhide ring refills by Tink from Las Vegas, Nv08/08/2013

Yes! This is exactly what I was searching for. I have a great Busy Buddy toy these fit on and my dogs teeth have never been cleaner! Your price was $3 less than I have found in retail stores. Thanks!!

We love our Busy Buddy! by Bella's Mom from Hopkins, MN07/17/2012

At our house, we have to limit the consumption of busy buddy treats to once a day because Bella loves them so much....she gets to have it at 7pm each day and is right there with the bone waiting to have the refill rings put on it. Of course she tries to get it earlier and more than once a day That's why we have to strictly limit it! We give it an A+++++++ rating at our house!

BETTER THAN A PACIFIER! by Kool Nana from Carrollton, TX09/03/2013

We have two small dogs that just love these. If I ran out of them I'd be in trouble.

by Roxy from illinois06/21/2012

Like the product--wrong size for the toy I have.

Puppies love by deb12/15/2011

They love this refill toy!!! I bought the refills for the ball/bone & they love them!

Busy Buddy Gnawhide Ring Refills by 5 star from Acworth, Georgia01/12/2012

My dog enjoys these very much and looks forward to her treat nightly.

My dog loves these by Miranda03/24/2013

I have an English Springer Spaniel and he absolutely loves the busy bone. These replacement rings are great but I do wish they were a little cheaper.

great treats by lester07/20/2012

my dog just loves these treats. They go in her gnawhide and she has fun chewing it out.

Good product; good price by BetsyBrady04/03/2013

My dog loves these treats and your price is very competitive. Thanks.

dogs love them by Trailer5802/28/2013

Great service price and fast shipping. Dogs ask for them every night!

busy buddy by ruby from Lewis Center ohio 4303506/23/2012

Busy buddy bouncy bone, my dog Ruby loves this toy and chew bone. Shes spends hours with it and play with it all the time. Long lasting toy with add on rawhide rings for a treat. You should try this out. 5 stars

Bus Buddy Bone and refills by Shadow's Mom from Michigan06/27/2014

This is an amazing bone with gnawhide rings. Instead of just giving your dog a treat, it has too work at chewing the gnawhide and it cleans the dog's teeth with its bristles. Fun treat toy.

Great Occupier by Coda from Halifax NS03/15/2014

My Cairn Terrier will take his toy with the Gnawhide Rings and chew on it for hours. Not only does it occupy his time but cleans his teeth. We both love it.

Best Treat Ever by KonaRoo from Pagosa Springs, CO06/06/2013

My husky/timberwolf loves this toy. He brings it to Daddy every night to fill it up with the treats. I'm definitely re-ordering these refills. Thanks!

Absolutely the best by Joseph from Phoenix, az12/18/2012

The purchase was easy and pleasant, the savings tremendous, The delivery very speedy and our Puppy Loves the treats

Pups love them! by rannie from virginia03/03/2014

I've been buying these for my standard poodles for years. They love them. It is their favorite treat. My male will bring both toys to my lap because he knows then I will go get both of them refilled. They wouldn't be happy without Busy Buddy Gnawhide Rings and toys!

Dog loves them by Nicole12/10/2013

I call these my dog's crack. She absolutely can't get enough of them. She enjoys chewing the nylon bone too

All the dogs LOVE this product!! by Sammy from Atlanta, GA06/19/2014

Best thing to end the day. My dogs knows it's bedtime when they get buddy ball!!!

good by bruce from las vegas nv03/06/2013

my dog loves to have these ,she would eat them instead of her food if we let her.

Excellent product by Archie from California07/08/2011

My dog loves his bristle bone. It cleans his teeth while he gets a treat. I can't recommend this enough.

Love them by Oshay03/19/2013

Our Golden Lab and Golden Retriever love these chews so much they now think every time we are away for a few hours they deserve one. They spend a bunch of time on these since they are inserted into a nyla bone.

Excellent purchase by ST from Texas03/27/2013

My dogs love these and look forward to having them each evening as their treat.

Good Quality Product by Dog Girl02/11/2013

Our golden retriever loves the gnawhide rings. At the end of each day, he gets this treat and spends about 10 minutes chewing it up. He has a need to chew on things and this toy treat is perfect. He loves it.

Busy Buddy Treats by Shadow's Mom11/10/2013

This is an enjoyable treat. It keeps our cocker occupied for a short time and also helps in keeping his teeth clean when used with the Busy Buddy Bone

Busy Buddy refills by dog lover12/05/2013

Our dog loves this toy and activity; he brings his bone to us every evening at 5:30 sharp!

Best Toy for a Chewy Dog by santa fe shrink10/23/2012

The BusyBuddy Bone is the only toy that our new dog really likes and it is holding up well in spite of some really rough use. The rawhide rings are a little tough to get on at first but it is well worth the effort. This has proven to be a much better toy than the Kong line of toys for our dog.

BUSY BUDDY RING REFILLS by KOOL NANA from Carrollton, TX02/07/2012

I have two small dogs and they would not know what to do if they didn't get their Busy Buddy's every day. I try to keep an order doing all the time so we never run out. Best treat for the money that I know of and I have VERY picky little girl doggies.

Busy Buddy's Bristle Bone treats by Murphy's Mom from Florida01/03/2013

What a great product ! It's a fun toy and a wonderful teeth cleaner in one. Murphy brings his bones to us and puts them in our laps waiting for us to add the gnawhide circles to them. He loves the treats and the challenge of getting them off the bone. The Bristle Bone and gnawhide circrles are his favorite goodie and do an amazing job of keeping Murphy's teeth beautifully clean and healthy. We highly recommend this to all dog lovers.

Busy Buddy Discs by shopper02/04/2013

Having a handy way of getting a hard to find the chewable discs for the Busy Buddy is great.

good treats by lester from chicago01/22/2014

great treat. my dog loves them will buy them again and again

Busy Buddy Gnawhide Ring by Mollie from DC10/11/2011

Lexi is my 80 pound female German shepherd who will not touch many toys. This toy, which I bought on a whim is now her favorite- she loves the Buddy Rings in her Busy Bone, Bristle Bone- or just as a quick treat. She has never had any digestive issues with this product-- and that says a lot for a German shepherd! Entirely Pets has teh best deal, so much more reasonably priced than the big pet chains. I'll order them through EPs going forward.

Love it by Linda03/06/2013

This is a better price even than Walmart's and my dog LOVES the sturdy chew toy that I put these into for her when I go to work. I bought 5. When I get home she is very excited to see me, but won't put this down. It's like sharing the love........ So cute!

Great product by Brenda01/11/2014

If you have a puppy who loves to chew, this is the product for you. Our dogs love these and bring me the empty bouncy bone every night so we can put another gnaw hide ring on their bone. I recommend this product!

Best price anywhere!! by Onyx's Dad from North Carolina12/05/2011

I save at least $4 each pack compared to buying it in my local pet store. I usually order 6-7 of these and 6-7 of the cornstarch ring refills to get the free shipping!! The shipping is fast also!!

gnawhide rings by DJ from Coarsegold,Ca.01/29/2013

My dog loves the gnawhide rings. He brings the ring holder to us to put rings on it for him.

Good taste & value by BetsyBrady from Framingham, MA07/24/2013

I buy these regularly for my terrier Brady. He loves them. Great price.

by Heidi from Fraser, CO04/14/2013

Heidi bring,s her bone to be filled twice a day and it's her favorite.

by Terri11/01/2011

These are a nice treat to keep your pet busy for a while. Our dog knows she gets one every evening and starts begging for them 15 minutes before its time.

right product for Busy Buddy Bone by Canadian Corgi from Rothesay NB Canada05/29/2013

Hard to find these refills in retail pet stores...Right refill for medium size Busy Bone and great price

Entertaining and Good for Gums by Zozie from California03/01/2013

I use these discs in the gnawhide bristle bone chew toy for my dog. She loves them and the bristles and rubber protrusions in the toy help to keep her gums healhy and teeth cleaner.

Featured Reviews for Busy Buddy Gnawhide Ring Refills - LARGE (16 treats)
Enjoys! by Tyler from Fairmount, IN01/23/2013

The 55 lb Doberman-Labrador these were purchased for enjoys these! It is a favorite treat for her. 2 of them on her bone last about 15 minutes.

by Vicky from Indpls, In07/09/2013

My dog Tater loves it. Keeps him busy and helps keep his teeth sparkling white.

by Boomer03/05/2012

The Busy Buddy Bristle Bone system using the Gnawhide rings does a great job cleaning my dogs teeth!

Busy Buddy Gnawhide Rings by Jake09/04/2014

These are my Golden's favorite treat. He loves to gnaw them out of one of the Busy Buddy toys.

Busy buddy by Rosie's dad02/12/2012

A thoroughly engaging toy for my golden. Refill gnawhide rings are a bit expensive, but it's for Rosie, so I'll just drink cheaper wine.

Great Service by MLPanek from Michigan02/16/2013

excellent product and great service.....

Great Product, Great Service by boxermom01/12/2012

Our dog can't get enough of these gnawhides. Thanks Entirely Pets for selling them at nearly half the cost of the local pet store. Fast shipping, too!

by Grams08/10/2013

Best treats ever! He loves these and looks forward to them every night.

Yummy by Pepper from North Carolina03/11/2012

My mom ordered the rawhide rings that fit on my Bouncy Bone. She and my dad give them to me sometimes when they leave me alone at home. They are very tasty and keep me busy for a few minutes. I wish they would leave me home alone more often so I could get more of these delicious treats.

Can`t have enough of these! by Molly12/27/2013

I usually buy 4 or 5 packages to go along with the Busy Buddy Toy. I usually load up the toy and the dogs are busy for quite awhile trying to get every last piece. Wish there were more in the package and lasted even longer, but I wouldn`t be without these

Buddy bristle bone. by Rugdog13 from Arizona10/09/2013

Our vet suggested the, "Buddy bristle bone," for dental hygene. I believe it has helped reducing the tarter near the gum line. I would recommend this product.

Keeps the dog busy by Bailey12/04/2012

My dog loves these rings in the busy bone. It will keep your dog busy for hours!

great busy treat by TandemAcres from Rutland VT02/02/2014

my dog will work on this for hours if we let her and it is a great busy toy that helps keep her teeth tartar free too

Wonderful chews! by Suzie from Laramie, WY11/05/2013

My dogs love the taste of the Busy Buddy Gnawhides and I feel much more confident giving this product to them because I don't worry about them choking on it as much as I do regular straight treats. The Busy Buddy Funny Bones and the Busy Buddy Bouncy Bones are wonderful as the dog can't get the entire treat into his mouth and it takes longer to eat the gnawhide around the bone. My dogs love this product so much that I have recommended it to family and friends and their dogs enjoy the gnawhide treats as well. The other night, my dog brought his empty funny bone over, dropped it on my foot, & both of them stared at me until I went and put more gnawhide sticks in!!

My dogs love them! by Desertdeb from Colorado12/02/2012

My dogs love them. Even my finicky eater loves them.

Great chews! by Molly's Mom from Fairfax, VA02/12/2013

A true lifesaver to keep her actively interested in something that taste great and that gives her something to chew on at the same time (with the Busy Buddy bone).

Busy and pricey by Kat from Vermont06/24/2014

These are the greatest idea ever. I have several different busy buddy's to put them in as well. They just seem like so much money for what you get.

a morning ritual by mountedsailor02/13/2013

The dogs love the rawhide chew on the bone and my vet has said my Lab has amazingly clean teeth due to the vigorous chewing he does with this toy.

They really like them by Ponytender from The Cowboy Capital of the World06/08/2013

This product adds to the bristle bone, making chewing more attractive, chewing the right thing not my house. I have a young dog that is working her way to learning about living in a home and not on the streets. She is a rescue. This is the ONLY thing I have found that she has not destroyed within minutes. I truly appreciate this product.

Featured Reviews for Premier Busy Buddy Gnawhide Rings Rawhide - SMALL (16 treats)
Dogs love these by chlte07/04/2012

In addition to using with the Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone, I put one in the JW Pet Hol-ee Roller - Size 3.5. Keeps the pup busy for quite some time!

anditeddi by anditeddi05/31/2013

My westie loves them. He can get them off and eat them in 20 seconds!!

My Dog Loves Them by Great interactive treat! from Granite Falls, NC10/18/2011

This is the refill treat for the busy buddy small bone. Gypsie has learned to go get her bone and bring it to us to put a treat on! It's the only toy she will go get!!

Your Dog Will Love Them! by Bonnie from Granite Falls11/07/2012

These rings are used with the small size "busy bone" and is the only interactive chew toy my dog has ever played with. I even taught her to bring me the bone if she wants a treat. Entirely Pets has the cheapest price for both the bone and rings.

BusyBuddy Rings by BudaBert from Kendall Park, New Jersey01/10/2013

These are the best toys to be used to keep a dog happy, I have a GrandDog-Beagle that chews everything in his way. But it seems these really keep him busy.

Featured Reviews for Premier Busy Buddy Gnawhide Constarch Strips One Size - (16 treats)
by Jodi from Ontario Canada12/26/2013

Great product and service. Prices could be better seeing a I'm having to bring to Canada, but I guess that's not going to happen

by Juliette from Ontario, Canada07/21/2013

Quick delivery, coming from the states....awesome!!!

They are the best chew toy by threehound10/22/2012

It keeps them occupied longer than a rawhide chew. The best.

Wonderful treat! by Suzie from Laramie, WY12/19/2012

I have used the Busy Buddy Funny Bones with several dogs and they all love the gnawhide strips. These were such a hit with my dogs that I have recommended them to several friends and family members and their dogs loved them as well! It is nice to give them something to chew on and the Funny Bone makes them last longer because they can't get to the entire strip.

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