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6-PACK Preventic Tick Collar 25"

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The NEW Preventic 6-pack gives you the convenience of 18 months of protection and you save money as well. The PREVENTIC Tick Collar by VIRBAC is the only tick collar that detaches and kills ticks effectively. Each collar is effective for 3 months and is a good complement to Advantage or PROGRAM flea control when tick protection is also required.

Recommended for use on dogs/puppies 3 months and older.

DIRECTIONS: Place the collar around the dog's neck, adjust for proper fit and buckle in place. Cut off and dispose of excess length. The collar must be worn tightly enough to contact skin and so the dog cannot remove it.

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Best Product Ever by Lorraine from Alabama10/31/2013

My vet recommended these collars. We have a friend and his dog had a lot of ticks. We gave him one and since then no ticks. Our dog and his dog are wearing their second collar.

disappointing purchase by net from SC05/06/2012

Since we put the collars on about a month ago, we have not seen ticks, but the fleas abound as they did before. This is not acceptable.

same song, second verse by stillwaitingfordelivery from Kanehoe, Hi03/29/2012

I just vented about the Advantix II that was ordered and back ordered and never heard from again. The same thing is happening with the tick collars.

Great Deal Great Product by griffindoggy12/02/2011

Thanks for the tick collars. They work well and the price was great.

We're from the South, ya'all! by DotStar from Houston,. Tx07/18/2012

Being from the hot, humid South, we rarely get to romp in the wild. The darn ticks here are teeny, tiny critters, so Big Mama ALWAYS makes sure we have our potent tick collars on and the very best are the Virbac tick collars for the four of us. Gracious, Scarlet, most folks don't give a #$%^&^, but Big Mama loves us to death and only the best will do!!! Alex, Baggins, Casey 2 and Nacho

How to control ticks in Hawaii by Poodlelover from Kaneohe (Oahu) Hawaii02/01/2013

I live on the windward side of Oahu in Hawaii; this is the rainy, wet - but gorgous side with rain forest, orchids, and beautiful flowers. But along with that come termites, mold, and ticks. (But no fleas - go figure). We have four standard poodles; and have had occasions when all of them were infested - over 200 ticks per dog! We use K9 Advantix II but the real key to success is the Preventic Flea Collar. It is reliable for three months as advertised; it's pricey compared to others, but this works and the others have not for me. I do recommend it.

Preventic tic collar by toobeme09/20/2010

This product is fantastic. I have had a brown dog tick problem for a few years. Tried everything I had house treated, cleaned 2 dogs. Put on Preventic collar and advantic. So far, no problems (2 weeks later.) Unbelievable. Highly recommend!!

ticks by rick from abilene texas11/21/2011

i have had ticks for years and my dogs have them bad have paid pest cotrol companys 1000 of dollars and still have ticks got some of these collars and 2 weeks later no more problem best thing out there they are worth the money

by from 08/05/2013

We've used these Preventic collars along with other products that are applied to our dogs' necks, and the Preventics are far more effective.

a by high from tickWe


It works! by Dkremer from Orlando ,FL02/06/2013

This collar actually works. Just does not work for as long as said. 2 weeks tops!

Better than nothing by mwhitme05/22/2013

I answered that I would recommend this product but only because tick born diseases are such a dangerous thing. I don't like using chemicals on my dog but ticks are not to be messed with. I found the collar was fairly effective the 1st week it was on and after that it was less and less effective. I would say that 2 weeks was the maximum use that I felt it was helping my dog be safe from ticks. Maybe for city dogs it would be slightly longer lasting because they aren't exposed to the tick areas like my dog is. I track her but the rest of the time try to keep to mowed short grass areas.

by Lynn06/21/2012

We live in the country where our dogs roam in the woods and fields and there is no way to prevent them from picking up ticks. Our vet recommended this tick collar and it works like a charm. Occasionally we'll find a tick on their tummy but that's about it. We replace it every 6 weeks instead of every 3 months because ticks are so bad this year. Love the product!

preventic collar by sally01/29/2013

This collar is excellent it really does the job of keeping ticks off our dogs!!! Excellent product!

EFFECTIVE! SAFE! CHEAP! by racindog from Louisville, KY12/31/2013

I love Preventic collars. Simply put they are effective and IMO much much safer for the dogs than the alternatives. And the price is more than competitive. I have greyhounds and other dogs and it is even safe for the hounds. I was surprised actually at how effective they are too. Apparantly they are repulsive to ticks in some way because there were very few ticks that even got on the dogs for the collar to kill. Like I said me and the dogs love them.

Preventic Tic Collars by Ron03/30/2012

We have used this product on our dog for approximately 4 years. We live in the woods and ticks are very prevalent. I end up with about 5-6 ticks on me in a year and the dog has remained essentially free of them. Only problem is getting the from EntirelyPets. I have ordered the 6 pack of collars some time ago and I have not received them and tEntirely Pets states they do not know when they will be able to get them or ship them!

Good Deal by Charles-Maine06/14/2013

They work and are much cheaper than our vet for the same product.

by elia04/18/2013

product filled my expectation. free mailing did not. I had to wait 20 days for delivery but was not informed that it was not sent airmail to Puerto rico. will not order again

Really Work! by Desert Run from AZ02/17/2013

These collars really do work! They do not smell like flea collars do. Easy to work with, size to dogs neck, cut excess and they are good to go. With in 24 hrs. you notice the scratching stops. Have purchased multiples and will purchase again.

One of our better purchases. by sikiehound from Deltona, FL07/09/2013

We rescue Greyhounds. Must be careful of type of collar used on them. Preventic collars are excelent. Last much longer than the advertised 3 months.Seldon, very seldom do we find a tick on the six Greys we have here at our house. Very, very satisfied with the purchase.

Repeat Purchase by Dog Lover from Arizonia11/15/2011

These collars work!! Have purchased so many items that do not live up to their claims. Have multiple dogs & when ticks invaded us for the 1st time in 25 years I was horrified! Came across these collars & was so glad I decided to make the purchase. This is my 3rd purchase. I am keeping them on "the girls" for added precaution. Thank-you for a excellent product.

This product works by Tracy from Sierra Nevada Mountains, California05/08/2012

We live at an altitude where there are no fleas, but the tics can be a real problem. Until I found this product, we used flea and tic collars, but I was still pulling tics off of our dogs. Since we placed the collars on the dogs we have not had a single tic!

by BB03/12/2012

I gave this product a poor rating as it has been almost a month and I still have not received the merchandise. Supposedly the preventic collars are on backorder from the manufacturer.

Beware of expiration dates by earl04/15/2014

I have two dogs and have used Preventic collars for years. They are very effective. However, while the pricing of Entirely Pets is very competitive, the expiration dates are not. Recently, I purchased a 6-Pack and the expiration dates are such that 2 of the collars will expire before they can be used, and the others were at the end of their shelf life. So, beware and inquire about expiration dates before you buy.

Good product for tick control by fran8678 from Redwood City, CA12/30/2012

I have sold this product for many years in my grooming shop and it has an excellent track record for safety and effectiveness. I think it is better than topical preventives because it can be used when needed and removed when exposure to ticks isn't a problem. Here in Ca. flea problems are worst in the summer and early fall when it is hot and dry, but ticks are most problematic in the late fall, winter and spring rainy season. I think it is unnecessary at best, and unsafe at worst, to use topical treatments for multiple pests that don't infest pets at the same time of year. I have not seen any serious adverse reactions to the tick collar but I have seen numerous, sometimes severe, adverse reactions to topical flea/tick preventives. That said, be aware that all pesticides are effective relative to the level of exposure, and no product will be 100% in an environment that is heavily infested. Pet owners must be vigilant in checking for ticks in areas where exposure is high, since several species of ticks can transmit serious diseases to pets and humans.

best tick repellent by dobergirl from Southern NH06/16/2012

We use these for our two big dogs rather than the drops on the neck stuff. Nothing works better for ticks. Plus, if your dog has an adverse reaction to it you can take the collar off. With the drops there is no backing out. Shipping was fast and we got what we ordered for a great price.

Amazing by Eek from MN03/06/2013

We use this on the weekends when we are up at our cabin. I put them on on Friday and take them off when we get home....and store them in a plastic bag until the next weekend. They really work for ticks. We have a horrible problem up North but this really works. I haven't found any attached ticks on them since beginning the use of this in conjunction with Frontline Plus as recommended by an area vet.

short expiration date by as07/04/2013

I ordered the 6 pack to save money, but the expiration dates were all the same and the product will expire before I can use them all.

Excellent as always by debk9!!02/10/2012

I have ordered from Entirely Pets many times over the past few years, and I am always extremely pleased with the merchandise and service. The orders always arrive promptly, accurately, and in good condition. The Preventic tick collar is an excellent product that works for months to kill ticks before they attach on the dogs. They are a godsend for those of us with multiiple dogs who live in places where ticks are prevalent. Entirely Pets has very competitive prices, and the website is easy to navigate and the ordering straightforward. I recommend them.

Awesome Product!! by Tambra from Fair Grove, MO08/05/2013

We bought these collars on a recomendation from a friend. We were skeptical that they would work, but nothing else was helping and our dogs had SO MANY ticks! These collars really work!!! We have 3 Catahoula's and now we rarely find a tick on any of them!!!!!

Never received the order! by Diane from Florida03/15/2012

I have purchased supplies from this company for over 10 years with no issues. This time, I never received any of the items I ordered and did not hear from the company why. 3 weeks later I finally called the company and they said some of the items were back ordered. I still have not received any items I ordered! 4 weeks ago, or any contact from the company. Terrible customer service! Why weren't the items that were in stock not shipped?

Preventic Tick Collars really work by Ninedogs06/21/2013

The Preventic Tick collars do work, and they work for a minimum of 3-4 months. If you are having a problem with ticks, I would suggest this product. I have used them for years and have not had any problems with them.

by owd from West Monroe, LA (home of Duck Dynasty)06/27/2014

Great Product. I have used for many years on my water dog retrievers with no problems. Since I train Retrievers, I recommend this product all the time to my customers.-something I would not do unless I am 100% on the product.

tick collars by Mindy07/23/2012

These are the best tick collars on the market! My 3 big hunting breed dogs never get ticks while wearing them. Believe me we have a huge tick problem out here in the country where I live. I always get them at a great price and with quick shipping from entirely pets.

Most economical purchase for an excellent product by Myrna from Puerto Rico01/16/2015

Preventic dog collars are used by myself and a group of 4 friends who rescue and foster street dogs in Puerto Rico while awaiting their adoptions. We depend on a great tick prevention in that they are taken in to our homes. Preventic is our choice for its effectiveness and value. This product is sold by veterinarians at over double the cost offered by Entirely Pets. All our costs are out of pocket for each one of the rescuers.

best tick collar out there by Kramerfoundation12/15/2013

I have used this on pets to search dogs and it is, by far, the most effective tick collar out there. I have tried many of the much more expensive ones and they don't come close to the coverage of the preventic collar

Didn't receive by Bird Dogger from MO03/15/2012

The collars work great but I really am not sure why I got a request to review the products when I did not receive them. Didn't receive notification except that when I looked at the tracking it shows "not available" so ordered them some place else.

exchange with no problems by sally from palmview, tx06/17/2012

They exchanged my collars even if the pkg was open with no problems!

Backordered problems by Mike03/02/2012

Tick Collars work great...the problem is they are backordered and I've been waiting a month to get them from entirely pets.

Happy Dogs by Nalei from Waianae, Hawaii08/01/2012

Great product at a great price....dogs are happy!!!


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