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2 PACK Preventic Tick Collar 18" for Dogs up to 60 Lbs

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The PREVENTIC Tick Collar is the only tick collar that detaches and kills ticks effectively. It is effective for 3 months and is a good complement to Advantage or PROGRAM when tick protection is also required. Recommended for use on dogs/puppies 3 months and older.

DIRECTIONS: Place the collar around the dog's neck, adjust for proper fit and buckle in place. Cut off and dispose of excess length. The collar must be worn tightly enough to contact skin and so the dog cannot remove it.


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No more ticks. Period. by Pat10/23/2012

This is by far the best tick control AND preventative I've ever used! I adopted a stray, and tried baths, Frontline, and tedious hand removal of hundreds of ticks. Then a friend recommended this collar - ticks were gone! Recently, we ran into ticks again, and NO ticks after I put this collar on my dogs.

Proven tick bite prevention by Patsy from Fairfax, VA10/25/2011

I've been using Preventic collars on all my Standard Poodles for the past 15+ years and have been 100% satisfied with them. We live in the Mid-Atlantic region where ticks are abundant and my dogs are out in parks and wooded areas everyday. I've never found a tick on my dogs when they are wearing their Preventic collars. I recommend them to friends and students all the time. I trust them completely.

Works Great by Debbie08/26/2013

I use this product for reoccuring demodex mange , it work great at keeping mange in control

Great Item - Low Price by CoCo from New Jersey01/16/2012

This Tick Collar is hard to locate in local pet shops. Entirely Pets had it easily available at a low price.

Preventic Tick Collar by Predsfan from Mount Juliet, TN06/18/2013

All I can say is AWESOME product. Used this collar along with Trifexis for flea & heart worm prevention. I gave up on Frontline over a year ago. I have 4 dogs and it has helped me even save money.

a miracle product by Jessica from Meredith, New Hampshire08/05/2013

Just moved to an area where ticks are very prevalent. My two dogs suffered with ticks to the point I would not let them out to play where they loved to run. After wasting time and money with other tick collars I did some research and decided to take a chance on the Preventic Tick Collar. After three days of wearing the collars neither dog has had any ticks! The first couple of day I found a few on each dog but they were not alive. After that TICK FREE! I have never been so thrilled with any product...and my dogs are happy too!

Really does the job! by phyllist from Pittsboro, NC04/28/2013

The Preventic Tick collar does all that it claims. It's the only thing that I've used that keeps all kinds of ticks off my dogs, including the tiny deer ticks. I've used these collar for 3 years, and ticks haven't built a tolerance to them, unlike some of the other products that I've used.

Great defense against ticks! by Sophia06/19/2012

I have two standard poodles with very thick fur. My house is also on several acres of fields and woods. It's a paradise for the poodles and their tick friends. Of all the products I have tried, this is by far the best. Since I began using this product, I have not found ONE tick on either dog. A week before, as I was grooming one of them, I had found over a dozen ticks. This product is a necessity for my pet family!

Tick prevention by JJH05/29/2012

This product has been the most effective treatment to keep our dogs tick free. By far the best product of this type on the market.

Finally...something that works! by Jim from Somerset, KY10/26/2011

Have used the Preventic tick collar, on both our dogs now for over a year. We live on a mountain top in Kentucky, (lots, and lots of ticks), all year round, and guess what; at last....a product that really works, and works good. The dead ticks just roll off their backs, with no harm to the dogs.

Purchasing Again by Desert Run from Az02/17/2013

I purchased these last year and was very happy with the results. They really work. Just wish they lasted longer than 3 months.

Quality Product, Fast Delivery by Jimoats from Jermyn, PA05/29/2012

Single piece price on other websites, $18-$24. Got this 2 pack from Entirely Pets for the price of one. Thanks Entirely Pets... for keeping my dog free of ticks since we put on the collar.

Great ! by Cin from N Ft Myers, FL05/31/2012

works great on one of the dogs, not as good on the other, still find 1 or 2 once in while

Excellent Customer Service by Wingscal3906/11/2012

We received product in a very timely manner. Also, we were extremely pleased to see that the tick collars sent to us had an expiration date 15 months out and were very reasonably priced. Definitely would recommend EntirelyPets.com to family and friends!

Preventic Tick Collar by Judy from Houston, TX01/02/2013

The Tick Colllars intially were a bit slow in preventing ticks. After about 3 weeks all the ticks are gone.

Great product by Darcy10/22/2012

My vet recommended this tick collar several years ago and this is the best product for tick protection. I have 2 dachshunds and 3 cats and use the collars instead of the once a month products since the dogs and cats interact closely. It does a great job. There have been few if any ticks and most never attach. I highly recommend Preventic Collars.

Great for ticks by Abby01/20/2013

When we lived in an area where we didn't have fleas, only ticks, Preventic was a great way to keep the dogs tick free. We used to walk the dogs in a field where ticks were plentiful. I never had to pick a tick off of them because the preventic worked so well.

Great buy by AuntKat from Gainesville, FL03/21/2013

We moved to Florida from the upper midwest and rescued a puppy. We had all kinds of trouble with ticks, ad the vet suggested Preventic. It worked immediately with no ill effects. Now we can mail order from Entirely Pets and get it quickly at a much better price.

Awesome Tick Control by Wendy from Longview, TX06/13/2012

My tick problem has been horrible this year. Frontline Plus has not been able to keep the ticks off they are so bad. I bought one of these collars for each of my three Shih-tzus. It is week 4 and I have found only one tick that has latched on between all three dogs. I am amazed.

Excellent product by Kathrine04/24/2014

These work very well here in Arkansas. Because the Tic problem is severe here we also use a monthly, topical flea and tic product. My only complaint is that they run a little small. 25' should probably be used starting at 50 #s.

Best Prices by jcl in florida from Daytona Beach Florida04/07/2013

We had a real tick problem several years ago and even though we use the topical tick.flea stuff we also put a tick collar on our dog. The first few collars I purchased at the Vet and it was quite a bit more costly than Entirely Pets. The service is very prompt and since using this collar we haven't seen any ticks on her

Extra Protection by DTB from PA04/15/2013

I use the Preventic Tick Collar regularly in North Central PA where the deer ticks are a threat. Along with Frontline Plus, my dogs are protected year round. Entirely Pets has consistently kept these collars in stock and affordable.

vet recommended for a reason by lymehater08/02/2011

My dog's vet recommended this collar when she contracted lymes disease. She plays in the woods all the time and I was always taking ticks off of her. I thought the drops I put on her back warded off ticks, but they did not. Since she started wearing the collar, I have not seen one tick on her and I am about to purchase her third collar

Collars do work well by Gene Thomson05/09/2014

Before using these tick collars, there were ticks on both dogs, in their beds, and in the house. We are on our fourth set of collars, and I have seen just one tick. They certainly seem effective.

Preventic by rmbwill from Daytona, Florida01/06/2014

This collar has been on the market for some time now. I used it for my dogs that have since passed away and I bought it for my 10 year old peke-a-poo and it works great. Not one tick since I put the collar on her.

not weight but lenth by priso09/23/2014

Not weight but lenth my guy is 60 pounds which was the collar i ve got and it was to small i send it back and no refund was ever given.

Preventic Collars Work! by Setter Mom from NC08/08/2012

I have 2 (outside) dogs that both wear these collars...neither dog have ever had a tick problem...Except for once when their collars had expired! Entirely Pets Express mailed me 2 new ones that I received the next day!

only thing that worked! by tampadoglover from Tampa, FL02/20/2011

We had a problem with ticks for 6 months and tried everything! Sprayed the house and yard several times and used topical and sprays on the dogs. We put the collars on them and haven't seen them since! I highly recommend this collar.

by ANONY06/17/2012

Was pulling 6-7 ticks/day off each dog while using Frontline. Switched to these collars and it is 1 tick every couple of days. Effective, but a little smelly.

Never Had a Tick by Pheasant Hunter07/09/2012

My dog spends a lot of time running in the fields and has never gotten a tick with this collar.

VIRBAC Preventic 18'' by Ozzie from New Jersey08/04/2013

Virbac is another excellent LAB that offers quality products knowing it will work and delivery health and wellness to your pet. I use every summer the collars and after few days, NO pests at all. Excellent.

Preventic Tick Collar by katygal06/06/2013

I've used these collars for years and they are great at keeping the ticks off my dogs. Entirely Pets is a great web site to order from. They are so much cheaper than at a Vets office and the service is excellent. They arrive very quickly once I order.. I will always continue to use Entirely Pets.. Thank you.

Tick Problem Solved by Pat from Fayetteville,NY10/14/2011

I live in an area that is quite heavily infested with ticks and had a real problem with them liking my dog. My vet told me about the Preventik collar and did not know how well it worked but said that hunters buy them faithfully! I had nothing to lose and bought one from the vet and 3 plus years later, I still have not had a tick on our dog. They are replaced every 3 months and that is it! Best product ever!

by Ginger01/29/2012

These collars were the only thing that controlled the ticks on my dogs. Advantix did not work as well as these did. Don't pay the money for Advantix...just get these collars. They work!!

Excellent item by ethomson1@cfl.rr.com08/06/2013

We haven't seen a tick in about one years use of these collars. Very effective.

I have recommended this to many by Vickie08/09/2014

We use these for hiking with our dogs. The ticks just die & you brush them off.

Best Buy by Trish from South Carolina11/12/2013

First time I have found these collars 2 in the box. Great Sale.

by from 05/15/2013

I know the product I bought is good, as I use them regularly. Unfortunately, I ordered small tick collars when I needed large, my fault.

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prevent Tick collar by the doc from Hudson,Ma.05/22/2014

Excellent product and speedy delivery. I use them all the time.

Great Tick Prevention by gloriam from Phoenix, AZ07/26/2013

Preventic Tick Collar is a great way to keep the ticks at bay! I had a horrible problem with dog ticks, and my petsitter recommended this collar. Once I put the collars on, my dogs were tick free within 24 hours. The ticks stay away for at least 60 days!

Great product by Talquin05/31/2012

We have two small dogs who love to play in our Florida woods where ticks can really be a problem. These collars work wonderfully. Ordering from EntirelyPets was easy and quick.

necessary by tilemom10/11/2011

My dogs use Revolution and Preventic adds the missing protection that they need.

by from 05/10/2013

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tick problem solved by fd03/01/2012

We live here in Florida. Ticks all year round. 2 years ago, tick infestation in house and on 6 dogs. Besides fogging the house , preventic collars were the only way the tick problem got solved. Since then, dogs wear collars, and no more ticks have been spotted in house or on them!!

Great collars by sally11/12/2013

the preventic collars are excellent, they really work!!!

best purchase ever! by missp10/29/2011

we are using this collar on our 2nd set of shelties, and find it is much better than the topical agents.

Found just what I needed by Kaye08/23/2013

Tick preventive collar is exactly what I needed for my pet. The flea treatment that I use includes preventive for whip worms, heartworms as well as other parasites but does not deal with tick prevention. Adding this tick collar completes his preventive maintenance. Thank you.

won" change by sheltie mom from albany ny05/18/2013

Been using this product for 10 yrs with 1st dogs, and now almost 5 yrs with 2nd dogs! Never had a problem, and has been very protective!

by Puglover from Cutler Bay, Florida11/30/2011

Love this product. much cheaper then buying from the Vet Office....

WORKS WELL by spider1006/12/2013

Have 2 small dogs in an area that has both dog and deer ticks.They go for a walk every day in grass and near big trees .Never a sign of a tick.I change collars every 3 months religiously and have not had a tick on them in 3 years.

The only tick prevention that works by Spen from TX01/25/2010

We tried everything else...shampoos, topical applications, sprays, spraying the yard and the house...and STILL had ticks. This worked. After the collar was on for about 3-5 days, we didn't see a live tick for two and a half months. Please carry these forever!!

Preventic Collar by Dog Lover from Flroida07/25/2014

AMAZING - These things are fantastic. I live in Florida and have three dogs that wear these collars. No fleas or ticks in or around them - ever. Best product I have ever used.

Worth buying by Lisa from Vassalboro, Maine10/31/2011

This collar has been very effective in keeping ticks off my Jack Russell Terrier. We've had a real problem with ticks in the Northeast, where we live. I would highly recomend this collar for anyone, that lives in an area with ticks. I also use this collar while using Frontline Plus drops on my dog. I will continue to use this collar on my dog.

Good product, strange pricing by fran8678 from Redwood City, CA12/30/2012

I sell these tick collars at my grooming shop because I think they are effective and safe for most dogs. My usual wholesale vendor no longer sells them, so I bought from Entirely Pets. The product is identical, but the pricing is high and rather strange, since the larger size is offered at a six pack discount but the smaller size only has a two pack discount. This means that the smaller size is more expensive than the larger size, which doesn't make sense to me (or my customers.) These are not actually six packs or two packs, just single collars sold together for the discount, so why not offer a six pack price break on the smaller size? Other than that, the order was delivered quickly and I had no problems with the transaction.

Preventic Tick Collars by 1coffeegirl from Belews Creek, NC01/09/2013

This tick collar was recommended to me by my vet. I love them. I live in a heavily wooded area where I was having a real problem all year with ticks on my 4 dogs. This collar solves the problem. It says it kills ticks for 3 mos. but I have found that it works closer to 5 mos. if you don't get it wet. Highly recommend this product.

works as it says by nana91109/07/2013

We were told about this product by the Vet. We live in the country and have tough ticks! Since putting these on the dogs, we haven't seen a tick on them. I am happy and relieved to get them some comfort!

Worked great on my Scottie by Jeanne06/24/2008

My Scottie was coming back from walks in woods/tall grass with lots of ticks. They would attach, even though she is on Frontline Plus year-round. I added this collar, and it works! She had no skin reaction to it, and once on her, the buckle stays tight and never needs readjustment. You can even get the collar wet, although I take it off when I bathe her. She is on her 4th collar now (I stop during winter months), and each one I;ve used has lasted the full 90 days promised. I still occasionally find a tick, but they are either already dead or don't attach at all. My vet also approves of this combination of Preventic collar and Frontline Plus. Highly recommend!

Preventics Flea & Tick Collar by emulvey05/31/2012

the only brand my vet and groomer recommend. found the best price here, from entirely pets and the collars were delivered really fast. the expiration date was well into 2013. i had heard of other companies that sent the product with expired merchandise or just-about-to-expire dates. great service, great price. i will definitely shop here again!

Excellent by Lynn04/14/2009

I have used these for the past 2 summers and they work great. A few ticks got on my one dog but I never found a one on the other dog and the ticks have been terrible here in the mountains the last two years. I highly recommend this product.

by Alan08/06/2012

While it's too early to give a complete review of this product, after several weeks of use, no sign of ticks have occurred on either of two dogs.

Preventic Tic Collar for Dogs by MM from Johnston RI10/03/2013

Best investment ever. Before using Preventic Tic collar, I was using a well known well advertised product, and my dog still would get tics. The Preventic Collar not one tic and we live in an area where they are plentiful!

Good Deal by Charles-Maine from Maine06/14/2013

They work and are much cheaper then the same product from our vet.

No Fail Solution by Pat from Fayetteville,N>Y>08/01/2014

I had been recommended this product by a vet tech because he said that hunters swore by its' tick repellency. I have used it for 6 yrs and cannot believe how effective it is as we live in a deer environment!

Worked great by philbb from Phoenix, AZ08/02/2013

We have lived in our house for 16 years. We have had two dogs that we got a month after we moved in (the two Lhasa Apso Shitzu mix) and another dog (the mutt) a couple of years later. For years everything was okay with the dog pests. Then, about six years in, we got ticks. We would find, easily, five to fifteen ticks on each dog per week. We spent the next several years trying to deal with them. We tried various brands of over the counter flea and tick collars. We tried regular flea and tics baths. We tried industrial strength outdoor pesticides. We tried Frontline and Advantage. We still had ticks. Somewhere in my research I heard about PREVENTIC and decided to give them a try. Just a few weeks later we noticed that there were no ticks that we could find anywhere on our dogs, on our floors, on our walls, etc... We've been using PREVENTIC ever since and haven't had a tick problem worth mentioning.

Definitely Works by Crazy Woman06/09/2012

I have ranch dogs who have ticks every year. These tick collars are the first I have tried that actually keep their ears tick-free. I would highly suggest anyone give them a try.

keeps ticks away by kw92206/23/2014

I always use these collars. I live in NY where ticks are really bad. I hardly ever find a tick, and if I do find one it is dying.

Product OK - Ordering Difficult by JTR01/12/2012

Entirely Pets website "froze" during order processing and locked my CPU. Had to reboot. Assuming the order did not go through I re-entered the order. Then got two confirmations of the order ... the first frozen order had gone thru and so did the 2nd. Called immediately to cancel the second but was told the order was on its way and could not be cancelled. This was minutes after placing the order. Was told to refuse delivery but would have to pay shipping. Could not refuse and so had to call for an R/A and eat the shipping both ways. Very poor handling by all ... I included ... but ... there has to be a better way ... check with L. L. Bean for guidance

a must have by mary from new your01/27/2013

When field training or walking in woods or tall grass I add the protection of this collar . Even though I use Frontline , I still use the collar

Best Tick Prevention by art from Kissimmee, FL08/06/2013

I have been using Virbac Preventic Tick Collar for Dogs for a year. Since I started to use Preventic I have not found one tick on my Havenese. She was picking up at least 3 to 4 a week. Now I do not find any on her. My sister also uses Preventic on her two dogs and has had the same results. She lives in an area with a great deal of wild life and had a difficult time with the tick problem. We are so happy that we have found Preventic. Changing the collar every three months has become part of our grooming routine for our pets. I would recommend Preventic to anyone who owns a dog.

Great Product! by Juno05/29/2012

The collar works well. Since using it we have seen a decline in the number of pests around our house and on our dog.

Preventic Tick Collar 18" for Dogs up to 60 Lbs by Laura from NC09/27/2013

We live in the woods, these collars work well.


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