Pet of the Week
Pet of the Week photo Breed:Yorkie
Location:Nashville, TN
OwnerWendy Biorato
I had a poodle for 7 years who went out like everyday & never came back, he was stolen. I was completely heartbroken & did not want any other dogs at all. My spouse was remodeling a house when he came across a poor little dog tied up in the back yard, the poor little thing was completely matted, infested with fleas, dirty with long nails, and totally terrified of people. My spouse asked for the dog and took her home to me. It took work and effort to help out that poor little thing but she was meant to be in our life. She brings happiness to every day of my life, she's my little Princess. She's the best dog one could ask for and the biggest blessing. Princess has been in our life going on 2 years & we pray we get to keep her many years longer.

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