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Rapid-Care G.I. for Dogs & Cats (60 cc)
Rapid-Care G.I. for Dogs & Cats (60 cc)

($16.50)  $8.99
Ark Naturals Gentle Digest  (60 Caps)
Ark Naturals Gentle Digest (60 Caps)

($10.50)  $7.99
FortiFlora FELINE - Box of 30 (1 gram packets)
FortiFlora FELINE - Box of 30 (1 gram packets)

($29.99)  $21.89
Geneflora by Cycles of Life for Pets
Geneflora by Cycles of Life for Pets

($27.99)  $23.99
3 Pack FortiFlora FELINE - Box of 30 (1 gram packets)
3 Pack FortiFlora FELINE - Box of 30 (1 gram packets)

($71.98)  $62.39
Vet Solutions Pro-Biolac for Kittens (200 gm)
Vet Solutions Pro-Biolac for Kittens (200 gm)

($15.99)  $11.69
Pro-Pectalin Anti-Diarrheal Gel for Dogs & Cats (15 cc)
Pro-Pectalin Anti-Diarrheal Gel for Dogs & Cats (15 cc)

($14.99)  $11.29
Pro-Pectalin Anti-Diarrheal Gel for Dogs & Cats (30 cc)
Pro-Pectalin Anti-Diarrheal Gel for Dogs & Cats (30 cc)

($18.99)  $14.29
Pro-Pectalin Anti-Diarrheal Tablets for Dogs & Cats (250 Tabs)
Pro-Pectalin Anti-Diarrheal Tablets for Dogs & Cats (250 Tabs)

($62.99)  $48.09
Pill Pockets for Cats

Proviable-DC - 80 capsules for Cats and Dogs
Proviable-DC - 80 capsules for Cats and Dogs

($38.99)  $33.99
Syner-G® Digestive Enzymes
Syner-G® Digestive Enzymes

Vet Classics Enzymes & Probiotics (4 oz)
Vet Classics Enzymes & Probiotics (4 oz)

($16.99)  $13.69
Vet Classics Enzymes & Probiotics (8 oz)
Vet Classics Enzymes & Probiotics (8 oz)

($28.99)  $23.09
Vet Classics Enzymes & Probiotics (16 oz)
Vet Classics Enzymes & Probiotics (16 oz)

($49.99)  $39.89
Homeopet Plant Enzyme with Probiotics (100 gm)
Homeopet Plant Enzyme with Probiotics (100 gm)

($16.99)  $12.99
There are many reasons your dog or cat may experience diarrhea. Loose stools can be the effects of over eating, sensitivity to certain foods or even garbage gut. Gastrointestinal upset can also be caused by your pet’s age, from stress associated with traveling or other changes, use of antibiotics, or in the case of very young pets, weaning.

Rapid-Care G.I. from Pet Health Solutions is a safe solution for these gastrointestinal maladies. Rapid-Care G.I provides rapid relief to your dog or cat from diarrhea caused by a variety of food indiscretions.

Diarrhea is certainly no fun for your pet, and it can create a mess for you. It can also lead to stress for the both of you. Keeping an easy to use tube of Rapid-Care G.I. handy can provide rapid relief to minimize the negative effects of gastrointestinal dysfunction. Rapid-Care G.I. is administered from a tube and comes in a tasty paste form that pets seem to love. Giving Rapid-Care G.I. to your dog or cat at the first sign of stomach problems can shorten the episode of diarrhea considerably, and help return your home to normal.

Yeast extract, primary yeast dehydrated, mucilage, vegetable oil, dried apple pectin pulp, carrageenan, silicon dioxide, dried lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation product, dried enterococcus faecium fermentation product, dried lactobacillus casei fermentation product, dried lactobacillus plantarum fermentation product, dried aspergillus niger fermentation extract, dried aspergillus oryzae fermentation extract, dried bacillus subtillus fermentation extract, yeast fermentation solubles, polysorbate-80, d-calcium pantothenate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, and riboflavin supplement.

Size of Pet Amount Per Day
Up to 10 lbs 5 cc 2 times daily
11 to 20 lbs 5 cc 3 times daily
21 to 30 lbs 10 cc 3 times daily
31 to 50 lbs 15 cc 3 times daily
51 lbs & Over 20 cc 3 times daily

Guaranteed Analysis Per 10 cc Serving  
Vitamin B2 1 mg
Pantothenic Acid 10.5 mg
Vitamin B6 2.5 mg
Aspergillus Oryzae 1.3 x 10^5 CFU
Bacillus Subtilis 3.8 x 10^5 CFU
Saccharomyces Cervisiae 3.4 x 10^6 CFU
Mixed Lactic Acid Bacteria 1.3 x 10^7 CFU
4.14 rating based on 14 reviews
Featured Reviews for Rapid-Care G.I. for Dogs & Cats (60 cc)
This stuff worked for our boy by Wendy from http://us.macmillan.com/author/wendywahman03/14/2012

Our standard poodle had hepatitis and was battling diarrhea. Rapid-Care G.I. helped him - big time. I think it also helped with his vomiting. The ingredients are natural and act to slow down and soothe the gut. I'll always keep a tube of this in my doggy/kitty medicine cabinet.

Rapid Care G I by Peanuts from SE Wisconsin10/22/2012

Great product I have used this for 3 years and it has saved my dogs life. Thanks to the Vet for telling me about it and Entirely Pets for a great price. I would reccommend this product and will continue to use it on my 16 year old Yorkie-Poo.

Rapid-Care G.I. by Dog product shopper04/06/2013

I have used this paste for a number of years and I have just switched to this brand. This works exactly the same as many others on the market, It is half the price of the other brands and you get twice as much 60 cc instead of 30 cc. As soon as I see loose stools out with the paste, within a day we are back to normal depends on the severity of the problem. Fewer visits to the vets and not using prescribed antibiotics constantly. I always have it on hand. I have recommended this product to many people they wondered how they ever managed without it.

Rapid-Care G.I. for Dogs & Cats (60 cc) by Wagsnpurrs from North Augusta, SC12/12/2012

My dog has a delicate stomach and this seems to do the trick every time. Acts quickly. And the dogs ask for the product everyday! They love the taste! Great Price!

Works Great! by WJW01/11/2011

This paste works better than any other product that I have tried and our dogs like the taste!

This works! by Judith from Millsboro, DE02/10/2013

My rat terrier has bouts of strange noises in his stomach from time to time. During these episodes he will not eat or drink and he acts very strange. The vet said Maalox, which we did, but with very little help. One dose of Rapid Care G.I. and he was back to his loving self. This is easy to administer and it must taste good. He licked it off my finger and looked for more. Great product and easy to use too.

Working well so far by Vi10/05/2011

I have been using this product for about 10 days along with NaturVet Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics for my cat who has had chronic diarrhea for over 4 months and am very pleased so far. Previously I had used other probiotics, hypoallergenic food, steroids, and 4 different antibiotics from the veterinarian, and nothing helped. His stools became more normal after only a couple of days on the Rapid-Care GI and NaturVet products.

Rapid-Care G.I. for Dogs & Cats (60 cc) by injoie from Orange County California10/25/2011

both of my Huskies hate it, i purchased 10 and I used just one...i'm stuck with 9

by Trish02/27/2012

I used this paste for 2 weeks, as directed, for a cat with terrible diarrhea. The cat LOVED the flavor of the paste, and ate it very eagerly. So the plus side is that the product was easy to give and quite paletable to a feline. Unfortunately, the paste did not resolve the diarrhea for the cat in question. Since diarrhea can be caused by many things in cats (parasites, liver disease, bacteria, IBD, etc.) I am not too disappointed that the paste didn't work. I bought it figuring it was worth a shot, because if it worked it would be a simple, inexpensive fix. I'd recommend giving this paste (along with a thorough deworming) a try before running straight to the vet to rack up a big bill for bloodwork, fecal tests, and abdominal ultrasounds; but be prepared to do just that if the paste doesn't work for you.

by Bobbye-Anne from Morganton, NC02/28/2013

This product seemed to help the first day and a half but was then questionable . I continued to use it but eventualy felt it was not helping . I thought it was worth a try .

RAPID GI by crazecatlade10 from North Carolina11/30/2012

I have to keep this on hand - usually have 2-3 tubes of this stuff. 10 cats, 3 dogs - someone is bound to have an indiscretion. Even with tummy upset with a dog, works fast. The cats don't really care for the taste, however they take it. For the amount and size of tube, you can't beat it!

Excellent Product by Elizabeth from Victor, NY11/05/2011

This product is a miracle! It is a natural way to firm the bowels and eliminate odor. My cat has been diagnosed with IBS. After hundreds of dollars in vet bills I found this site. Thank goodness. Just after 3 days his stools are firmer, less odor, his appetite has increase, and he is playful again. No more blood in the stools! I had to experiment with the application of this. I found that putting the correct dosage in a small bowl and mixing in some dry potatoe flakes to make a paste that I can roll into pea sized nuggets is the best way. I then drop the nuggets into this mouth like a pill and he can't spit it out otherwise it can be very messy. I am very pleased and highly recommend this product.

It's Awesome! by James10/27/2009

This product is awesome, my cat ate something from the yard and it caused her to have major diarrhea for 2 days and Rapid-Care really helped stop it and made her feel better. Would recommend to others out there.

For Sarah by Adonna from Walland, TN06/01/2013

Sarah, my Old English will be 15 in August. What a miracle. She has incontience, auto immune disease and heart failure. She takes pred., Digoxin, Rimidyl and antibiotics for possible bedsores she may get. Sometimes her tummy gets out of wack and I turn to Rapid-Care G.I. I have used it for years and she love it. It keeps her tummy in check.

Good for Emergencies by MiaMama12/20/2010

This works well for the occasional problem my dog has with very loose stools. There's usually a big improvement after only one dose. But you have to use quite a bit of the product at one time, even for a small dog. It's also not easy to administer by yourself. The container is large and awkward, and I found it very difficult to dispense into the mouth of a squirming dog. It's still a great product though. Maybe other pets like the taste enough to just lick it up, but not mine!

Featured Reviews for Ark Naturals Gentle Digest (60 Caps)
Ark naturals Gentle Digest is the Best! by C4Pathology from Jacksonville, NC01/04/2013

Ark Naturals is great for Any digestive problems! Inside the bottle are capsuls with powder inside each. For the dogs we give them whole in a piece of cheese. For the cats we tilt their heads back and break open the capsule and pour the powder in. We use Ark Naturals Gentle Digest for trips, we have two dogs Happy (a 65 lbs Walker hound) and Jellybean (an 18 lbs Transylvanian Hound)(when pets seem to get upset stomachs-they will not throw up on this stuff), We have two cats with irritable bowel syndrome and even thought of having them put down-before we found this wonderful product! (Cat poo outside the litter box in diarrhea form is totally disgusting) with Ark Naturals Gentle Digest-we no longer have a problem with the diarrhea -the medicine actually stops all diarrhea in one day after one dosage! Totally amazing! Our family loves Ark Naturals Gentle Digest and we will continue to use this product! No other product compares to it!

effective product by she11/21/2011

This product keeps my 2 rescued cocker spaniels in good health. Both like to eat whatever they find in the yard - lizards, dirt, etc. - plus what shows up during the daily walks.

Great product by MC from Miami, FL12/06/2010

My 13 year old cat had frequent big hairball spells. I tried this product for the first time and it really helped. His hairballs intervals have greatly diminished and when he does have one it is a small one. The Pre and Probiotics are helping his digestive system. I definitely recommend this product. You can't beat the price either.

Ark Naturals Gentle Digest by Ellie05/28/2013

Best pet probiotic for the price!! My cats have very sensitive stomachs & they really needed a probiotic to help calm their tummy problems. I just open up the capsule & mix in the powder with their canned soft food. My cats don't even know they're getting a little something extra healthy!

Good Product by catman from Miami, FL05/27/2013

My cat started having loose stools and Gentle Digest took care of it. His stools are back to normal. A great product and very inexpensive. It also helps the cat when throwing up frequently.

Featured Reviews for FortiFlora FELINE - Box of 30 (1 gram packets)
FortiFlora Feline by Liz10/22/2012

My kitty is a super picky eater...she has to take some meds occasionally...and not only does this product straighten out her stomach if an issue..but she loves the flavor...and that is a miracle

Fortiflora by MJNFL from Florida07/01/2012

Great product and price. Also fast service and shipping!

really works! by stella02/29/2012

the fortiflora feline and canine were given to my by my veterinarian, and it stopped the diarrhea within hours. It's a tasty product you mix with a little warm water to make a gravy, and add it to the pet's food. Usually one packet does the trick at stopping diarrhea, and normalizing the animal's digestive tract. It's all natural, and is great to keep on hand for pets that get diarrhea easily..like my schnauzer. It saves costly visits to the vet. We recently had our dogs vaccinated, and they had a little diarrhea, and this all natural medication fixed it.


We live on a small farm... for some reason that lends all my four legged friends the opportunity to explore and eat things that would not be part of a normal environment. They eat weeds, gophers, dead birds, mice anything that has met an untimely death!! Just because things are ingested does not mean their stomachs are welcoming such items. Upset stomachs are the norm, and this FortiFlora FELINE has been a life saver.. keeping tummies settled and helping to recoup what was once balanced.. a must for the hunters in our home!

Helpful by jv12/14/2011

This product is helpful for the cat's digestive system. It arrived quickly after being ordered

by from 01/27/2012

Prebiotics Work for Animals as well as Probiotics Due For Humans.

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Great product and terrific price! by Barb07/17/2012

This product will be added to our kitty's life forever. She feels better since the Vet prescribed it, and I feel better paying a much lower price than thru the Vet's clinic.

Good for cats with intestinal issues by maisie from tacomaWA12/07/2011

Encourages cats to eat and is helpful with irrritable bowel.

Great Product by Malice from St. Louis, MO02/10/2012

Two kittens with Feline herpes. Vet suggested we put them on a probiotic. This seems to be keeping their symptoms at bay.

by from 12/07/2011

Like candy for our "girls" by barb12/13/2011

Our two cats LOVE the FortiFlora!! Though they are largely on a dry-food diet, our vet had recommended a small amount of canned meat each day for the moisture. They wouldn't touch it till we added the FortiFlora (originally added to aid one of the cat's digestive system). Now they don't leave a speck in their dish. Healthy additive, and they love it!

Good value by Esiuol from St. Augustine, FL.06/08/2012

I purchased this product for my cat who was having some tummy issues. It helped him and my other cat seems to like it also. So everyone is happy in the litter box. The price was 1/2 of what I had paid from another source. I need all the savings I can get, so I will return to Entirely Pets for additional purchases.

Can't do without it by Gail from Franklin,MA06/19/2012

My cat Susie was having digestive problems. Her veterinarian recommended a stool softner. On my own I decided that FortiFlora Feline might also help her. (I take probiotics myself). She has been taking it for over six months. It not only helps her digestion..she is a very fussy eater. I put the FortiFlora in a salt shaker, anything I sprinkle it on, she will eat..She loves it! If I don't sprinkle some on her food..she lets me know..she crys and won't eat until I do. This FortiFlora is a godsend..I would recommend it for any feline family member.

Third review for an awesome product!! by Roz from West Fargo, ND01/27/2013

You may have seen my former 5-star reviews on this product. Our two rescued cats were adopted 9 years ago, along with giardia and clostridium overgrowth. The first causes puddle-like stinky stools; the second causes soft stools with mucous and blood. Every time there was a flare-up, our vet prescribed Flagyll twice a day for one week. It is the most bitter tasting med that most cats, including ours, detest!!! About 2 years ago I decided to treat them with FortiFlora, and I have not had to put them on a med since! Whenever there is a flare-up, I give one full pack twice a day mixed with about a tablespoon of water, and they LOVE it!! The intestinal problems clear up completely! After that I return to one-half pack twice a day for each cat. This way it is always in their system. I am reviewing once again because our Gabe left a puddle in his box yesterday morning, and tonight his stool was back to normal! :)

Really works by Sharon from Florida06/29/2012

Our 15 year old mainecoon has had IBS for several years---this is the only thing that seems to help him as he only likes moist food and has a reaction to all brands---we have tried them all. He can now enjoy his food and not have such a bad after effect to it.

Great product! by SNB from WA01/02/2012

One of my kittens had a really bad diarrhea and nothing worked. Finally, our vet recommended FortiFlora. After about 1 months of giving him FortiFlora, he is back to his mischievous self again. Definitely recommend this product.

Excellent Product. Worked like a charm by Yvonne12/09/2012

Very pleased with the product and the prompt delivery.

Always a good purchase from Entirely Pets by Tina from Oregon08/02/2012

My sweet kitty needs this for her tummy and what is so impressive is how fast they get it shipped to your home. I was so amazed. That is wonderful customer service. I will buy again.

by from 05/04/2013

My vet recommended this after my cat had a bout of diarrhea after helping himself to some extra fine dark chocolate. He had been ill for over a week and within 2 sachets of this product he was back to solid poo.

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Neubber loves this stuff by Neubber's Mom from Bath Pa08/07/2012

Our cat loves this stuff. It's like a treat to him. He stares at the box until I add it to his food and then gobbles it up

Works great by Francis from Texas03/06/2012

My vet prescribed this for my new cat when all her tests showed up negative for critters causing her diarrhea. This works in no time. I have ordered the Bactaquin and will try that also as it is much less expensive.

Pet Pro-biotics by tgibson from Northglenn, Co01/09/2013

Good product for giving a pet the pro-biotics they need. Their needs are different from humans and can easily be addressed by sprinkling this powder on their food. Have not had a problem with the taste, I even mix it with my raw food diet.

excellent product by catisboss10/28/2012

works wonderful to entice cat to eat boring prescription food and for other cat who prefers to hunt

FortiFlora by Hennie08/20/2012

I was delighted when I found your website and was able to purchase FortiFlora on line. The medication was delivered promptly and I was very happy with your services. I will definitely tell my friends about your website. Thank you so much for the opportunity to get the medication necessary for my "feline" family and also to save some money.

finnicky digestion by psychopat11/01/2011

My Ragdoll cat, prone to digestive upset, perhaps even pancreatitis, has benefited a great deal from adding probiotics to her diet.This product does not need to be refrigerated, which is a big help.

Good product by SkylarMia from Austin, TX01/24/2012

Given to kitten with diarrhea problems as well as an adult. Not sure if it solved the diarrhea problem, but the cats like the taste and it certainly can't hurt them. Also good for getting a cat to transition to a new wet food.

Great Product by miyochan from Kailua, HI03/20/2013

We use this product to help increase appetite for our renal failure cat. We sprinkle it over her renal diet so that she will want to eat it. It works great!

by molly10/18/2011

Worked well on kitten with loose stools, kept things moving towards a more solid stool even with 2 antibiotics being given. Nice to have one more tool to use when you need it.

Tastes nummy to cats. by spayneuteryourpets from Washington State05/31/2012

I have 20 rescue cats. I use FortiFlora to get sick cats to eat. I sprinkle a little on their food and they gobble it right down.

much better for my cat than steroids! by Sam03/13/2013

rescue kitty needed some help with her digestive problems. Vet recommended an ongoing dose of steroids. I tried FortiFlora in hopes it would help. It has! Much better for this cat than having to deal with the cost and side effects of steroids. Great product.

worried about proper shipping by Monty08/19/2012

I like the product and the price was great, my concern is that although it does not have to be refrigerated, the product should be kept cool in transit--which is was not. I'm afraid it may have been compromised--there are live active cultures among the ingredients--hope they are still alive! I will call next time to ask that a cool pack be included...

Awesome Product by Cindy04/03/2013

I have used FortiFlora for Felines for over a year for my 19 year old kitty LuLu. It has improved her bowel movements. They used to be small and really dry like stone. Now she does these big long poops! It great. Only disappointment is every time I order it which is every three months the price goes up. I mean when is it going to stop?

very effective, inexpensive treatment . . by skysky78 from pleasanton, ca05/17/2010

. . . for feline colitis. Our cat loves the taste as well.

by from 11/02/2010

Both of our 7-year-old cats were rescued from the mean streets as kittens, They brought us not only their silly, charming ways, but also chronic cases of giardia and clostridium (an overgrowth of intestinal bacteria). The clostridium (also known as the "C" in "C-difficile" in animals and humans) rears its ugly head a few times a year. We know it is back when we notice either blood in the stool, on the floor, or on their bottoms!! A stool sample always confirms this.

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Definitely Helped A Lot by GatsMack from Chicago, IL01/08/2013

I would've given this 5 stars but, I think that the positive outcome my 12 year old cat received who's had an undiagnosed gastrointestinal problem for over a year, is a combination of this fine product and changing his dry food from prescription Science Diet I/D to Natural Choice Indoor Mature (Senior). All in all I think it helps him a lot and he's only been on it for about 2 months. I forgot to mention it firmed up his bowel movements and reduced the odor.

Great for my cat by Bob11/06/2012

I sprinkle one packet of FortiFlora on my cat's wet food daily. Have been doing this for several years and it maintains a healthy digestive system and no wet stool.

It REALLY works! by Syd from Williamsburg, VA06/26/2011

Our older cat has had IBS for a while now and our Vet suggested we try this, after B12 shots, change of diet, blood tests and several visits to see her. After four days we noticed a direct change in the bowels habits of our elderly cat and a return to her normal routine. Life seems to be good for ALL of us now. AND it's MUCH cheaper online than through out Vet!

A+ product by sandi from south carolina11/06/2012

great for upset tummies. I use it to sprinkle lightly on canned food for any cat who needs encouragement to eat a prescription food. it works like a charm. one envelope can be used if sprinkled lightly over food for at least four meals.

Great price by Patty from Jacksonville, FL06/24/2013

I have a feral American Bobtail kitten named Mario and his tail is about 2 inches long and he has a very sensitive stomach. And the my vet says that's part of his makeup. Adding this to Mario's food daily has really improved his health.

wonderful by Rebecca from Hammond, IN03/14/2012

I have two cats both with IBS and I give them each a packet of day sprinkled over their Prescription ID food and in combination with the food and a little daily pumpkin puree they are issue free. Great product, great price - cats love it!

Like magic by socalstoker from San Diego, CA10/23/2012

Someone gave me a few packets of this to try when a cat had bad diarrhea due to antibiotics, and it cleared up almost immediately. When she again developed moderate runs out of the blue a few months later, I started putting it in her food for a few days, and again, the problem cleared up. I wouldn't be without it. Very effective.

Kitties love this and it works by Six cats and counting from Maine12/10/2011

All six of our cats love this stuff and will eat it from a dry dish, no wet food needed. It is really helpful for occasional diarrhea and keeps them in tune. The price on this site is much better than at the vet's (they charge list price) so Entirely Pets makes it easy to keep a box of 30 packets on hand.

Astounding delivery by Spydie from Canton, Ohio01/22/2012

fortiflora is great but I was amazed at the quick delivery. Ordered on Saturday, delivered on Tuesday.

Helpful by tgl11 from midwest07/25/2012

We have two cats with chronic illness. FortiFlora boosts their immune systems so they have fewer relapses, trips to the vet and rounds of antibiotics. Plus, Entirely Pets offers it at the best price I have found.

FortiFlora by Lisa from Irving, TX11/26/2011

My cat loves the taste of FortiFlora. It helps him stay regular - which saves him multiple trips to the vet and me a ton on vet bills. Very satisfied customer!!

Great Product by Craftlady from Northern Kentucky04/27/2012

It really works and since both dog/cat formulas are same it saves money only buy one box. One dog takes packet daily with morning meal. Use for others "as needed basis".

Very Good Product - Our vet recommends! by Piccolo from Pittsburgh, PA11/01/2011

After our vet prescribed this probiotic for our kitten to help with GI disorder, we found your website. Your price is HALF of what we paid at the vet!! Since our kitty will be on a probiotic for a couple of years, we were glad that we could get this product cheaper! Thanks!!

Great digestive aid by marghm02/22/2011

A vet recommended Fortiflora for my 13 year kitty with who suddenly developed some very smelly poops. Not only did it get rid of the smell she loved it as does my 12 year old male cat. I sprinkle it on their dry food and both are clearly eating with more vigor and having good solid poops with no problems. This is worth trying.

by Lillylover from USA06/12/2013

Easy to use product which seems to benefit her digestive system

by Monty12/29/2012

I'm glad there is a kitty probiotic and it's a much better price than at the vet

it works by larrypizza from commerce,ga.12/17/2012

my cat was having trouble with a soft and runny stool. We gave him this product with a can of cat food, and after a week he started to have a regular bowel movement.

FortiFlora for Felines by Peaches from Ellenwood, Ga10/13/2011

I have a new kitten that has an intestinal enzyme problem. The Vet recommended that I start using FortiFlora in her food. After one packet was used, her problem was immediately corrected. I continue to give it to her and she does not mind it in her food. Your price was much better than the Vet's price. I would recommend this product to anyone whose pet has a digestive problem.

excellent product by SusieQ04/22/2012

Our cat vet originally suggested this as a digestive aid for our 20 yr. male cat who had progressive stomach disease; it helped him quite a lot for the last 2 years of his life, but we also began feeding it to our 2 much younger females. One of them is a chronic "puker" with a sensitive stomach. The other had very bad smelling stools. Both of these problems are completely gone! Even the vet was surprised at how completely the vomiting problem has been eliminated. We'll continue to feed this product for each of them indefinitely!

FortiFlora doesn't work by irishcats from Boston, MA02/28/2012

This did nothing for my cat's diarrhea. I ended up at the vet getting prescription meds for him.

Best products and best service ever!! by wasabi from Brooklyn NY12/12/2011

Very very fast delivery! Very very nice service! I love it!

My cats love this stuff by HChan11/29/2011

I am not sure whether probiotics really do great things for cats, but I continue to use them because it seems logical for good health. I give this 5 stars only because all of my four cats love to eat this stuff, so it's a very easy product to give. I originally got this brand because of my vet's recommendation; I have one cat with IBD and she thought it would be helpful for that.

by jls from Kalamazoo10/20/2011

Good supplement, that was suggested by my vet.

Really helps with my cat's sensitive system by Jessica from Phoenix, AZ01/06/2012

My cat was having consistent issues with diarrhea, which would inevitably lead to urinary issues. As long as he takes his Fortiflora, he is regular. We can tell when he even throws up one time and doesn't digest his Fortiflora, he has diarrhea within a day. This keeps him regular and our vet bills are less for it!

This product works by Josephine from Naples, Florida01/23/2013

My cat needs to be on a long course of antibiotics, but the vet said he must stop if he gets diarrhea. I bought a box of this from my vet and it worked great mixed with wet food. I had to start with only half a packet till my cat got used to the taste. When I needed another box I bought it here because it was much cheaper then what my vet was charging.

Fortiflora feline by cowbirdcat from newmexico02/13/2012

No problems with order or shipment, product works well for cats.

by Dusty02/15/2013

Trying this product on my cat who has chronic intestinal issues. Gave a whole packet in some canned food the first time...not a good thing...too much flora for my cat. Have been adding this slowly to "Baby's" food 3 times a day. She's starting to put on a little weight but still has stool problems so far. I am hopeful that over time this product will help this situation.

Good find by MJ02/06/2012

My cats needed FortiFlora, and you are the only online pharmacy I could find that carried it. The cats love it and eat all of their food with FortiFlora on it. They even lick the bowl!

Recommended by the vet by Kitty mama01/04/2013

The vet recommended fortiflora for my cat with intestinal lymphoma. She is finicky and will eat this product on her food.

Back to Normal by peggythecat from Niagara Falls, NY07/16/2012

After have both constipation and diarrhea, my vet suggested that I use Forti Flora for my 17 year old cat. This was the solution to keeping her from having either problem. The price Entirely Pets chargers is substantially lower than what I pay at the vet's office. Also, I order this on Saturday using standard shipping, and on Monday my order had arrived......WOW.

great product by Linda12/09/2011

my 21 year old cat had been vomiting and this product seemed to eliminate it. Great for lower digestive problems too!

I have no idea! by Toni01/01/2013

I have no idea what this product is like I ordered it but Entirely Pets NEVER sent it to me!!!! All I EVER got from them was a request to review the products I NEVER got!!!

Sensitive GI tract by maureen05/26/2013

FortiFlora was effective in helping calm the upset GI tract of my 20-year-old cat.

Life-saver product by bengalgirl2 from Fort Wayne, IN12/06/2011

We had dealt with an irritable bowel problem with our cat for years until we hit on the magic bullet of food with Fortiflora. I had ordered this and given it to the cat two days before his Vet appointment to schedule a bowel biopsy. My Vet was please to say that our cat had firm stool during his exam and he has been fine now for a few years. I continue to use Fortiflora daily.

Vet recommended by MaryJr8808/07/2012

My vet recommended this product for my older cat that has some GI upset. He really likes it mixed with his canned cat food. It is too early yet to tell if it will help his GI problems, but I am optimistic since he likes the taste.

by Numminum11/26/2011

Cats absolutely love this probiotic. I sprinkle it on top of their dry food and they eat it up!

Our cats love it and it seems to work! by Cowbirdcat from Albuquerque, NM04/26/2012

Prescribed by our cat veterinarian for chronic vomiting in our approx 10 yr Abyssinnian female, it has, with non-allergy food, lessened the problem to a considerable degree. Of our 3 cats, 2 love the Fortiflora and wait for it to be sprinkled before they eat.

Outstanding Product! by Georgi from Tallahassee, FL03/07/2012

My veterinarian wanted my male cat to go on yogurt to clear up some diarrhea issues he was having. I could not get my cat to eat the yogurt no matter what I tried. I found this product through on-line research, and purchased it in hopes that he would eat it and it would help. I received the product in a couple of days. That's amazing because it shipped from California to Florida in that short period of time. I sprinkled a packet on my cat's evening meal and he darn near licked the color off of the bowl! In a matter of two days, his diarrhea was gone and he was acting like a kitten, once again. Not only will I recommend this product to a friend, I have recommended it to my vet. He is amazed and so am I. Thank you, Entirely Pets, for carrying such wonderful products for the pets that we love.

Great Product by Aimee from Jacksonville, FL06/26/2013

I had foster kittens w/ bad diarreha. This cleared it up within 5 days. worked great and would definetly use again!

Very Fast Shipping by kittylover from Arizona06/21/2012

This product was first sold to me at my local vet at more than twice the cost of Entirely Pets. I was very happy to find this company who also ships very quickly.

Wonderful product by RoseyO from Greenough, Montana10/25/2011

I purchased this for some adopted kittens that just would not get over diarrhea, even after trips to the vet. This has worked brilliantly. They are improving every day. Highly recommend!!

by from 01/28/2013

Forti Flora helps my kitty with her digestive issues as it did my previous kitty.

it by here from fastEntirely


This stuff really works! by SuperE6711/17/2011

This product helps with diarrhea and it is in a flavor the cats really love. Just mix with a little water or sprinkle over canned food.

My cats love it! by ViVi01/17/2008

The vet seems surprised about this, but 2 of my cats love the FortiFlora. They eat it, dry, right out of the package. Our third cat doesn't really need it and doesn't enjoy it as the other two do, but he does eat it within wet food (I'm thinkin' it probably won't hurt him to ingest it though it wasn't prescribed for him). When we stopped giving the cats FortiFlora, one of our little guys got really sick so it looks as though we'll be feeding them this for quite some time. Thanks for making this more affordable! ViVi, Bill, Sammy, and Raphael

seems to work by dozer10/06/2011

Have been giving this to a 5 month old kitten with diarrhea. It seems to be working--his feces are begining to have some form, but they are still stinky as heck. However, he does not like the taste at all. He will not even eat it in canned food, which he normally loves. I have been making a paste of it and either rubbing it on his forelegs for him to lick off or drawing it into a syringe and squirting it into his mouth to get him to take it. I also tried Bene-bec, which he likes but it does not seem to be working as well. Probably depends on what their actual problem is.

no more diarrhea!~ by desi12/03/2008

Our 2 year old feline, had diarrhea for about 4 days, before we decided to take her to the vet, to be treated for it, and at the same time, be treated for a simultaneous infestation of fleas. Our vet gave us a box of Fortiflora. Though Fleas can cause a cat to get diarrhea, once we mixed this powder with her food, within 24 hours, her diarrhea was gone. The fleas, treated with a pill, and liquid flea control on the back of her neck, are under control, as well. She, and our other feline, who is 3, love the taste of this powder, almost smells like chicken boullion powder. They will eat it dry, as well, but I mix it into their food, and they clean their bowls, like I hadn't fed them in days. Stuff settled her gas, and diarrhea, and will use it a few times a week, to maintain happy stomachs~

miracle in a packet by Sari04/17/2008

Following a radio actice iodine treatment for hypothyroidism my cat experienced frequent bouts of diarrhea. This was prescribed by my vet and my cat has never looked or felt better!

FortiFlora by K Vanni02/16/2009

This Product has helped all my cats. It is wonderful. Thank you.

Miracle by Robin12/06/2008

My cat has pancreatitis and inflammatory bowel disease. He had been on Prednisone and Metronidazole and was cranky and hungry all the time. My vet recommended FortiFlora and within three days, my fun, affectionate cat returned! And My cat loves the taste!

Fortii flora box of 30 by cali05/12/2013

love this powder supplement for my persian cat with gastro issues....it really works and now she is fine...............thank you

It's worth a try by qwertyz12 from Columbia, MD12/26/2012

A number of Vets recommended this to try to improve my kitty's really soft stool. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to help him. But further investigation turned up some thyroid problems, so we'll see what else will help. He does eat it just fine mixed in with his food. And service from Entirely Pets was great - quick delivery.

Fast by Mel07/11/2012

I really like this product. It makes my cats healthier. I was very pleased how quickly the product was delivered! Good Job Entirely Pets!!

excellent product by yadi from Orlando,Fl08/19/2012

I have been using fortiflora for 2 years and i have seeing great results in my cat. She is more energetic, happy, and her coat is soft and shiny.

Great Product by Hudsongrl from Raleigh, NC01/03/2012

Fortiflora works great for kitties with sensitive tummies. Our kitty used to have problems with her tummy, but one packet of this per day keeps her regular. She also loves it on her food, it's her magic garnish! I've been using this for about a year now and she has not had any trouble at all. I would highly recommend it!

Featured Reviews for Geneflora by Cycles of Life for Pets
will use this for life by jlkelly from Nova Scotia, Canada04/04/2013

This probiotic supplement is so easy to use. The powder is very fine, odorless and tasteless. It has gone a long way toward reducing yeast related, and digestion issues with my dog.

by from 04/04/2011

My cat was having problems with diarrhea for a couple of reasons. When she doesn't have diarrhea, she's constipated. I can't seem to find the happy medium for her. I was at wits end with remedies, and came across this product on the internet. I decided to give it a try because it also contains gelatin to help joints. I had already tried two other probiotics, but they didn't help her problem. My cat has a little bit of a pop in one of her knees and I was giving her another supplement for it. I stopped the supplement once I started Geneflora, but the pop came back.

product by is from greatBottom


Stable, Reliable, Easy to Use by DoctahJ12/08/2012

Geneflora is a godsend for pet owners needing a probiotic. It does not require refrigeration, it's easy to dose properly, animals ingest it easily, it's an excellent probiotic and it is reasonably priced. Unlike SerraPro, which was great but impossible to get reliably, Cycles of Life so far has been producing regularly and reliably. This product works well for my dogs both to help rebuild the digestive tract after stomach upset and antibiotic use, and it helps to minimize halitosis. It's a dream come true in my household.

Excellent treatment for ear problems by HavHavs12/05/2011

Helped control yeast problems in our dog who is susceptable to infection from thick ear hair.

An effective product for your pets by Amy L, Spokane03/28/2008

?I have 6 Dachshunds. One of them has had a chronic ear infection for years. I had tried everything I could find to help, and nothing worked. Another dog has a nervous disorder and vomits quite a bit. I have worked in a vet clinic, and have been a dog groomer for 23 years. I saw an ad for Geneflora? for Pets and thought why not give it a try. In 7 days the ear infection cleared up, and after 4 weeks, the other hasn't vomited once. I'm glad I tried it, it worked where many other products did not.?

This is a great product! by Lisa B, M03/28/2008

?I have a fifteen-year-old Pomeranian named Spunky and the vet said for us to expect his passing at any day. He was sick with pneumonia and suffered from bad breath and severe arthritic problems. I started to sprinkle Geneflora? into his food and during the next few weeks the dog was "reborn". He was no longer severely sick, his bad breath cleared up, and he was jumping around like a brand new puppy! Thanks to Geneflora? for Pets he is truly ?Spunky? again. This wonderful product brought back so much life to my pet, that I know it will help other pets in need.?

Tear Staining Removal with This Probiotic by Jane B from Tampa, FL10/30/2012

I've tried at least a half dozen different ways to control my pedigreed Bichon Frise's tear staining. Last product I tried before this one made it so much worse. I know this is not the main thing that this product was made for, however, I saw an article about probiotics for dogs which recommended using them to control tear staining. I've used it for a little over a month now and it's made a big difference. She was groomed last week and it looks much better. The groomer and I thought with maybe two more groomings the tear staining would be under control completely ... at which point, I'd give it 5 stars. Also like that I don't have to refrigerate it. I mix a level scoop with a tablespoon of wet dog food and mash it up well. She loves it and stands on her hind legs to get it.

Stopped Vomitting Problem by Rolf D, Tuxedo NY11/13/2008

We were having a problem with our rescued St. Bernard. She had colitis and had a very sensitive stomach. She couldn't handle her Glucosamine & Chondroitin supplements in her food, she would vomit almost daily and she couldn't walk very well with out taking it. We were in a dilema. She needed her nutrition and supplements, but she wasn't able to keep her food down consistently enough to help her. Geneflora? settled her stomach down to where she now keeps her food down and she benefits physically from consistent feeding with her added nutritional supplements. She now walks better because of the Glucosamine & Chondroitin and she can handle it digestively because of Geneflora?. Thanks!

One word...Wow... by Lily&Casper from Baytown, tx04/23/2012

Geneflora is so much more than just a digestive aid. It strengthens immunity, reduces yeast and bacterial growths, helps control allergies and keeps my pets' health in great condition. Their hair is super shiny and has an added gloss that regular nutrition can not provide and they've never had digestive problems like constipation of diarrhea. I give them a scoop every other day or so and it works great. Will always buy.

by from 03/28/2008

I thought you and other readers might be interested to know what I used to clear up bad ears in my Boykin Spaniel. He had a chronic problem with yeasty ears. I?ve used a product for several years for my own struggles with yeast, and decided to use the product on my dog. The product is called ?Geneflora? for Pets ? and it is a wonderful probiotic that does not have to be refrigerated. It comes in a capsule that can be opened so you can sprinkle the contents on food.

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product. by It from hasI


Palatable and convenient! by DoctahJ from Chicago IL09/25/2012

My finicky Pekes have no problem taking Geneflora. I mix it into their food and unlike many other products, they do not turn their noses up at it. It has aided their digestion and reduced the horrible breath one of the dogs had. My vet recommended it for maintenance, and I have to say, it has paid off!

geneflora by judy11/13/2011

very stable and easy to use couldn't do without it helped my westie with skin problems(mallasezia dermatitis).

Excellent Product by stephanie from New Paltz, NY07/01/2012

I wrote a review on 4/1/12 about my beautiful white Pit Bull named Ava. I wanted to give an update. It is now July 1st and she is still looking great!!!! I know Geneflora made all the difference with her skin allergies. By now she would have been full blown with rashes. I used to feel bad taking her for walks cause people would look at her and think she was in a lot of fights because her skin was so beat up. If anyone has a dog or cat with skin allergies, I highly recommend Geneflora!!!! I will update through the rest of the season. Hope this helps.


I buy GeneFlora for my cat with irritable bowel and food allergies. If I do not give to her, she has loose stools and even has blood in her BMs, and it smells bad. As long as I give GeneFlora to her consistently, her BMs are much better. She has to be on a good diet (Blue Buffalo) with high-quality protein, however, but most cats do. We can't feed our cats grains (chicken food) and expect them to not have a reaction, right? They also should have moist food daily as they need moisture in their diet. I mix GeneFlora in the wet food for all of my cats because they need the enzymes anyways which are cooked out of the food we give them. This product works! I always stock up on this because with multiple cats, I go through it quick. What's good about GeneFlora compared to most enzymes is that it only takes a small amount once a day to make a difference. Start out slow, and I bet, you will notice a difference after a couple of weeks. If not, then you need to change your cat's food or take them to the vet to make sure nothing serious is going on. Do the research on picking a better food with protein as the first few ingredients! Don't feed your cat chicken food. It's so wrong!

Allergy Relief, finally! by Ahhhhhna from Columbus, Oh11/16/2011

My German Shepherd has allergies and would get rashes. My vet suggested giving him Benadryl every day but this did not seem a great option. I looked around and found Geneflora and decided to try it. I noticed the spots start to go away within a week and now they are completely gone. Geneflora has been a miracle for us.

WONDERFUL Product!!! by KookieKids04/12/2012

Geneflora is a must have product for anyone who has a pet that suffers with digestive problems and/or ear infections. Noticed an improvement in our dogs (two terriers) health immediately!!! Plus, their coats are shinier, energy levels up, and no more expensive vet visits for ear infections. Three year happy user.

good product by Barbara06/25/2013

I use it everyday 2x a day in my 3 goldens meals...

Simply the BEST! by Fleabags from Milwaukee, WI10/25/2011

Geneflora is THE best probiotic I've ever used for my cats and dogs. It's easy to administer in food and they don't seem to mind the taste. I've tried other probiotics for irritable bowel syndrome in my cats and none have worked to stop their diarrhea like this product. I use this product daily on my senior cat and it works better than any fiber I've tried before. I'm never without this product in my house!

It firms them up! by bumblebee02/11/2011

Was happy to find this. Within a day or two, depending, two of my dogs who have sensitive stomachs these days have firm bowel movements after using, and that's after some serious mucous-y diarrhea. The first working day they don't go at all, then the next day is a healthy one. I'll use it with a chicken&rice bland diet if things are really bad, but sometimes I'll just put it on their regular food and that brings them to normal again. I just ordered more. No refrigeration required, which is convenient.

Recommended by Suzanne from Seattle Wa.06/15/2012

Recommended by breeder of my Golden Retriever puppy.

Was Satisfied by Gracie08/09/2012

I have injured my one hand so I can only use one, so this will be brief: We are satisfied



This Product Works for Lexis Paris by Debski from Carson City, NV03/15/2012

We have been giving Geneflora to our Poodle/American Eskimo mix pet child for about 2 years now. She tested positive for many allergies (chicken, beef, oats, corn) and has a very sensitive stomach. I make her food (pork, rice, potatoes and veggies) and we sprinkle the Geneflora on every morning. She rarely has a stomach upset now and her stools are firm.

Geneflora by Marnie from Brighton, CO08/25/2012

Great product for dogs who have a sensitive stomach.

!!!! by Plissken Kuato11/06/2012

Cleared my German Shepherd's allergies. No more skin rashes!

She eats it! by Pepper from Berkeley, ca11/14/2012

My very finicky dog eats this on top of her food!

Two Birds with One Stone by Dora from San Diego, CA03/19/2012

This probiotic will not only irradicate my two Boston's yeasty ear infections that keep coming back, but help them in their digestive quest for excellence! Thank you EntirelyPets!!

Great product by bittersweetgsp from St louis MO01/07/2012

I have used Geneflora for many year. My dogs benefit by having stronger general health, resistance to infection, slowed aging, reduced gastrointesinal health etc. Their coats glow, their teeth sparkle, their intestinal function is resistant to anything they might ingest inthe field and their ears never have issues with mites, odor etc. Never have to clean them. Great stuff.

Our pets deserve the best! by Chris05/08/2013

Probiotics help in humans, and they work in our pets too! My dogs have not had stomach problems nearly as often since using this wonderful product!

great product by stephanie from New Paltz, NY04/01/2012

I purchased Geneflora for my beautiful, sweet, white Pit Bull. She suffers from seasonal skin rashes which usually starts in May - Sept. but is now starting in April and lasting into November. She looks so awful and is so uncomfortable. Vets wanted to do expensive tests and put her on steroids. We said no to the tests but tried the steroids first. Not comfortable with putting my pets on meds. Steroids was a temporary fix and it made her nuts. We stopped that and last spring I started her on different supplements from another pet company, which made a difference but not completely healed her. So I started doing research and read that it is a yeast infection and you need to start from the inside ( the intestines ). This made a lot of sense to me because her skin was always clammy to the touch and she also had a very bad rash around her private area year round . I came across Geneflora a couple of months ago and figured I give it a shot. The price is great so why not? I recieved it and started her on it right away. I mix it in 1-2 tablespoons of plain yogurt or plain yogurt with probiotics. I have been giving my dogs the yogurt everyday so I know what made the difference in her. Within 2 weeks her private area completely healed and her skin was not clammy. It really helped with that so I'm really hoping that she doesn't suffer this season. I will try to give updates on her and I'm very hopeful that the Geneflora will make a huge difference.

excellent product! by greyhoundlvr04/02/2013

Works wonders with the digestive system and poops are firm too! One heaping scoop with each meal does the job for my greyhounds.

by SJ04/01/2013

I did not order this product from you as it was back ordered. I preferred the product before they made changes. Not liking the granular consistency and since being on it previous symtoms related to yeast have returned in my dog., The longer handle on the scoop is nice.

Featured Reviews for 3 Pack FortiFlora FELINE - Box of 30 (1 gram packets)
Great Product by Steve from Renton Wash.01/22/2013

The FortiFlora seems to help my 18 year cat and she also likes it. I put some on her canned food and she goes right for it!

Fortiflora by Sherry12/06/2011

This product keeps my cat's problem under control.

by from 11/14/2010

Sure enough, after I wrote my review (please see "initial taste test") in the 'single box' product, one of my cats showed up with bright red blood on his fur, right out of the litter box!! Usually I would run a stool sample to the vet, an overgrowth of clostridium would ONCE AGAIN be diagnosed, and they would prescribe the dreaded Flagyl!! Rather than paying $39 (to be administered twice a day!) for a compounded form of this foul-tasting liquid, which incidentally causes both our male 7-year-old cats to cry and foam at the mouth, I decided to try FortiFlora instead. I added three teaspoons of lukewarm water to the contents of the packet to make a 'soup', and Buster happily lapped it up! I was amazed to see that over the next few days Buster produced a normal stool with NO blood in it, on him, or around the litter box!!!! It has now been one-and-a-half weeks, and so far, so good!! As this is a chronic problem with Buster, I am thinking it best to just keep him on this product!

few by days from afterWouldn't


by from 03/06/2012

Good product, great delivery by Spydie from Canton, Ohio11/06/2012

Fortiflora is great for my cats...dump it on their food and their immune system says 'thank you'. Entirely Pets gets it here in the blink of an eye.

heart problems by zak01/11/2009

Zak is doing so well with his Fortiflora. Don't know what is in that stuff..but I want some. It really works.

Excellent product by meowmom from CC Bay Rags Cape Cod MA03/13/2013

As a breeder I use this with my cats and kittens. They love it and I feel confident giving it to them. It was recommended by my vet and I would recommend to anyone.

Love this by Julie11/08/2008

This is AWESOME. My cat was VERY sick and not eating. Now my buddy has his appetite back and waits for this to be put in his food. The best way to describe it is "spices" for cats!

Seems to be working by JennyC from Dallas, TX03/12/2012

The best thing I can think about this product is that my cats will eat it. It is hard to medicate a cat, but this seems to blend well with the food, and they don't refuse it. It seems to be helping their digestion, so that is good too. I like being able to buy in bulk to save a few bucks.

Great product! by RAGDOLLMOMMA11/01/2012

I have used feline Fortiflora for a few years now with our 3-yr. old Ragdoll who has a chronic digestive problem. The Fortiflora keeps his digestive tract healthy, and the diarrhea totally under control. A far better solution to tablets, liquids, etc. He LOVES the taste! He has grown into a huge, strapping, healthy boy, and I would highly recommend this product for cats with similar problems.

Fortiflora by Nancy from Grand Isle, VT11/28/2012

This product is great. Not only does it actually work, my cats love it!

Feline diarrhea by Henri from Pittsburgh, PA08/18/2012

When we adopted Samson, our Maine Coon, he had terrible diarrhea. We were at our wits end trying to figure out what to do. With a long haired cat, this is a huge problem. Our vet had exhausted all options, when he suggested FortiFlora. Within two weeks, the diarrhea disappeared. I give him a pack a day mixed with warm water equal to the packet. He anxiously awaits this daily and thinks it is a treat. This product is absolutely amazing.

Very effective by TLMyers03/14/2012

I've found FortiFlora very effective in eliminating diarrhea and restoring normal bowel function in our rescued cats.

prompt service by geebee01/18/2012

my order was shipped promptly. received in good condition. appreciate the service

Well worth the price! by Pam K. from Seminole, FL10/23/2012

I've been using this for years now and give it to my cats as a preventative measure to keep them healthy. At first started using it to control diaherra which worked great, but I just continued to give it to my kitties on a daily basis just like I take probiotics myself to keep healthy.

Best Purchase - Best Value by catlady from Pittsburgh, PA04/19/2012

Great stuff! Highly recommend! Great price at EntirelyPets!

Outstanding Product - Great Price & Service by Three-Cat-Family from Delaware02/22/2011

Recommended by our vet during a food change to a low-carb diet. The new food irritated our cats' digestion causing soft stool "issues" in the box. Adding this to their new food resolved the issues! And our cats are eliminating much more regularly and firmly. It must help their bodies eliminate better, similar to probiotics for people. The price and service from EntirelyPets.com has been exceptional. We purchased 3 boxes for less than the price of 2 at the vet's office (which adds up when you feed 3 cats!) and the order arrived promptly and well packaged. The product is always fresh, with a long expiration date, not that it take us too long to use it!

Great product by sas05/01/2013

Keeps my slightly overweight kitty regular. All 3 of my cats like the taste when sprinkled on their food. I would recommend this product to everyone.

Best Product Ever by Dex05/30/2012

My kitten had a terrible problem. He could clear a room like a grown man. No one could believe it was this cute little kitten that smelled so bad. I tried various foods, took away all treats, but until I switched to Fortiflora - nothing worked. Now I give him one packet in the morning on his food. It works wonderfully and he loves it. Now everyone can enjoy him!

Feline forti flora super stuff! by Tootsie from MA11/07/2011

My ferrets get this daily in their soups and knock on wood have been pretty healthy, have been using it for at least 2 years!

Forti Flora works! by sasas from Massachusetts10/23/2012

I was recommended to give this product to my cat by our vet. It cleared up her intestinal problems and she likes the taste! When I ordered it the price was cheaper than the vet and the product arrived very fast! Thank You!

by from 03/05/2012

This is an excellent choice to use for ferrets who have diarrhea, prior to instigating more intense treatments.

cases by - from seeAs


Healthy GI tract by Jessie05/30/2012

Been purchasing this for years for several cats and it works wonders for 'd' issues. Easy to use, sprinkle and mix into can food for them. Excellent service, speedy delivery. Appreciate the lower price compared to the vet office prices! I could not afford the supplement at the vet, but Entirely Pets makes it possible to take care of the cats. The vet's prices are astronomical.

Forti Flora by Audrey06/18/2012

We use this once a day for out elderly cat with IBD; he is much improved with it's use.

Very pleased by Aberdeen Animal Shelter from Aberdeen Mississippi01/29/2013

Product was as discribed and delivered in a timely fashion. Price was lower than most.

Great for IBD! by Kek07/02/2012

We have 2 Persians and 1 Himalayan, all adopted with IBD. FortiFlora really helps to keep their digestive systems healthy. I highly recommend this product.

great price by lululingren from pittsburgh, pa02/01/2012

I saved more $s on this product going through ebates.com that linked me to entirelypets.com. I saved on this product through entirely pets compared to what I paid at our vet's office.

I have no idea! by Toni01/01/2013

I have no idea what this product is like I ordered it but Entirely Pets NEVER sent it to me!!!! All I EVER got from them was a request to review the products I NEVER got!!!

probiotics for pets - a good thing by cat-a-tonic from Ohio10/20/2011

Again, this is a vet recommended product. Had a cat with loose stools and this was part of the treatment. Probiotics are a big health plus for us - don't know why I hadn't considered it for the furry kids. Forti-Flora helps with all the gastro-intestinal stuff. Helps keep stools firm, cuts down on SBD kitty gas, and helps quiet the tummies of two cats who had a lot of gurgling going on. As with us, especially important when your pet has been on antibiotics which kill all bacteria, even the good bacteria needed in the stomach and intestines.

The wonder powder by Dressageup02/24/2010

I have a cat who is allergic to everything and will lick off most of her coat. She was doing good on allergy medicine (neoral) but I added the Forti flora her coat looks like she is a malamute!! Amazing!

by from 12/11/2011

I have an older cat that has been throwing up several times a week for a couple years. Two vets have been unable to offer a solution. Our new vet suggested this product and in the last 2 months, i have had one kitty puke to clean up. one!

impressed by with from theI


Very quick delivery by Monsieur07/29/2012

Adopted a Maine Coon cat and the vet recommended sprinkling one package of FortiFlora over his food daily. Has totally controlled his diarrhea. I am thrilled with this product and continue to use it.

Really great product by lindiwe from San Diego, CA05/18/2013

I started my cat Kiawe on this shortly after her renal failure diagnosis in January of 2012; @ the time she had been on and off of anhtibiotics and her stool was not perfect as a result. My vet suggested probiotics and she liked the Fortiflora. I began straight away and Entirely Pets had the best prices of course. She took it without hesitation. Because she had been on cosequin as well I chose to make this her first offering of the day in a TBSP or so of her food which at the time was Hill's RX K/D. Always compliant without hesitation and almost immediately her poops became and remained perfect!

by from 05/07/2013

I initially used forti flora to sprinkle on wet food when converting from dry to wet food. Cats seem to like it and was the only way they would eat the wet food. I continue to sprinkle it and their bowels are always normal. On occasion if they do get diarrhea (too many hairball treats), it clears it up within 3-4 days.

get by it from asSo


Best Purchase for the Money by Christine from Pittsburgh, PA06/19/2012

Great product - really helps with diarrhea. Best price is the 3 pack from Entirely Pets!

good product by wyhiker from colorado and wyoming07/25/2012

We give 1/2 pack to our little kitty (7 lbs) every day on her wet food. She loves it, and it keeps her digestion in top shape.

fortiflora feline by BAP03/16/2012

Great stuff - really helps with digestive issues. Only problem is that one of four cats absolutely adores it and opens the packages himself - the others will eat it only when mixed with favorite moist foods.

Best Appetite Stimulant by Cat Mom from Chesapeake, VA03/24/2011

I was introduced to this product when one of my cats was hospitalized and would not eat. The vet at the hospital used it as an appetite stimulant, not to control digestive problems. She shared with me that the veterinarians in the practice called it "kitty crack" because cats cannot resist it. She was right! Over the years I've used it to entice my cat with chronic renal failure to eat enough to maintain a healthy weight. I previously had to force-feed him with a syringe, something we both hated. Now I sprinkle a little FortiFlora on his food and he eats well at each serving. This product is a godsend for those who struggle with getting their cats to eat a healthy meal.

FortiFlora by Audrey30 from Houston, TX12/24/2012

Very good for our cats with IBD. I has eliminated diarrhea completely. We put the powder on their wet food every morning.

Works great! by Aggie from Renton, WA06/06/2012

This product resolved an issue with our cat's loose stools. Works best mixed with wet food, but can be sprinkled over dry. VERY palatable!

by from 03/07/2012

Going grain-free on their food really helped, but it didn't solve all their digestive issues. This stuff has not only made my kitties' stomachs much happier, it's saved my carpet. Let your imagination run wild, bump it up a notch or two, and that should be pretty close.

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Excellent Product by FluffyV11/18/2012

First given to us by our vet for our cat's stomach issues, FortiFlora cured everything. The cat is happy and I am happy. Price from Entirely Pets was great and less than the vet's office. Will definitely order again.

Fortiflor- Feline by MS from Camas, WA10/22/2012

Our cats love this product. They will eat this along with food they don't like as much. They have not had any digestion problems since we started using this product a long time ago.

Excellent product for intestinal problems by JR from Tigard, OR07/11/2012

ForteFlora powder packets alleviate the issues associated with intestinal upsets arising from the herpes virus which our cat contracted from his mother. Excellent product. I have been using it for 2 years.

Okay Product but; by Tamisman from Southern, CA.05/22/2013

I use this product because of my Bengals sensitive stomachs. But the amount of the product from one envelope to the next differs each time. we wrote to the manufacturer and they said that was impossible! I told them to look inside their product sometime, Also my last shipment from Entirely Pets took 6 weeks, and that's after calling 3 times and being told they would overnight it to me, and receiving it 5 days later. I emailed the company president and never heard back from anyone.

Love this product by Tex from Suburban Philadelphia, PA03/04/2012

Our male cat went through a bout of pancreatitis two years ago and the vet recommended a change in his diet, as well as adding probiotics. We have been using Fortiflora ever since and it has helped so much with his digestion. I highly recommend it to all cat owners, with the consent of your vet, of course.

FortiFlora for Felines by Zoe Vanilla from Rural E. Texas04/19/2012

I have a cat who is on antibiotics on an ongoing basis and I selected FortiFlora in order to keep her intestinal flora intact. Hint: if a cat if "off" their diet, it's a great appetite stimulant too. (I have to be diligent about keeping the product away from jaws and paws behind closed doors/drawers or the critters will decimate the packaging to get to the product and gobble it up.

by from 11/11/2011

I use fortiflora on my Bengals food every day of their lives. It helps with their digestion and bowel movements. They also love the taste.

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A very helpful product!! by leolady from Santa Barbara, CA03/01/2012

My vet recommended this for my 13 year old cat that vomited almost every day. Now she rarely vomits and seems a lot more comfortable. What a relief not to have to clean up those messes and I'm happy my kitty feels better.

Good product, bad price by They raised the price from Southampton, New York12/12/2012

It gets only 3 stars because I was buying the 3-pack online for many months, then was surprised to see Entirely Pets raised the price on them! I won't be buying them here anymore, the new price isn't competitive. It's a good product but you can find it cheaper elsewhere.

by from 02/12/2013

Forti Flora by cat women from So. Cal.04/04/2012

Excellent product! I would recommend this product to everyone.

Cats love the taste! by Lynn11/28/2012

All 4 of my cats love this product and it seems to keep their tummies happy. My only reason for only giving 4 stars is the price--it's quiet expensive.

FortiFlora forever by judyaustin from Boise, ID07/31/2012

One of our (4) cats has inflammatory bowel disease. FortiFlora--recommended by our wonderful vet--has helped stabilize him, and he is eating much better (plus keeping food down, which he hasn't always been able to do).

Great Stuff! by catsrus11/15/2012

My eight year old kitty suddenly developed an issue about a year ago with diareaha. I sprinkle a packet of ForiFlora on his food each day and it controls the problem. Don't know what we'd do without it. If he doesn't get it, problem returns.

FortiFlora by Tams from Torrance, CA12/28/2012

My cats love it. They seem to be happier.

Makes kitties healthier! by bittlebug from Kentucky10/23/2012

I have been giving this product to my kitty that has chronic nasal infections. He has had many antibiotics over the years to help with that problem. He was very thin and I worried about his well being. FortiFlora was suggested by a vet and I started adding it to his food. I mix it into his wet food and he laps it up with gusto. He has gained weight and is thriving. He is now my eager eater! I started this product with the idea it couldn't hurt. Now I'm convinced that it is a vital component in my kitty's overall health.

Cats love it by Chris from Jacksonville, Fl05/11/2013

All my cats love this so I sometimes use it to "flavor" food that has meds in it. Seems to make it more palatable to them.

Glad to have this product by Cathy from White Plains, NY02/28/2012

I believe the price was good for what I got - also the cats (3) love it and it's good for them, especially 1 cat that when she uses the litter box there is some blood in her stool. After using this product for a while, it has cleared up and the other 2 cats eat it too.

The Best by Bob from Plymouth, Ma07/30/2012

Great product to eliminate chronic diarrea in cats. Makes litterbox cleanup much easier and cat doesn't need to be washed every day, sometimes more frequently.

Great delivery by Spydie from Canton, Ohio06/13/2012

I use FortiFlora for my cats. Unfortunately, my last order was comandeered and then eaten by my monster dog (with no ill effects, except to my wallet). My reorder was in my hands within 4 days and I did not order on a rush basis. I am very impressed with "Entirely Pets". FortiFlora does help my felines with their digestive problems.

Pretty good stuff! by cowbirdcat from Albuquerque10/22/2012

Both of our cats like and look forward to it. Our sensitive-stomach Abyssinnian never has a problem with it and our underweight 1/2-outside DSH gobbles it down.

by Mary08/05/2012

Excellent product!! Have referred many others in the US and overseas and they love it as well!!

FlortiFlora Feline Nutritional Supplement by KittyKat11/06/2012


Good stuff by caczep from Jacksonville, Fl04/06/2013

I use this any time my cats need something to enhance their intake. This apparently tastes pretty good because they'll eat nearly anything I mix it in!

Good Stuff by 4qatz4me from GA02/07/2012

I have been using this for my cat with IBD for two years now and it seems to help along with the homemade food I prepare. I made the mistake of stopping the use of FortiFlora for a while and that made the IBD much worse. It obviously does help...

Best Treatment for IBD by chey from Burlington, VT01/25/2011

My vet recommended this for my cat's Inflammatory Bowel Disease. By adding this probiotic to his food he has gone into remission and stayed there w/o prescription meds. A life saver!

Fortiflora by Monica from Florida02/24/2011

I have two sphinx kittens with Devon Rex Myopathy and this product has made a huge difference in their lives.

by from 11/01/2011

This product saved my pets! I found myself constantly going to the Vet for IBS on all pets. I was put on Fortiflora a pro biotic and it was getting very expensive. Entirely Pets not only carried the amazing product but at a great price.

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Repeat Customer by MJ from Springfield, Ohio05/30/2012

EntirelyPets is the place to purchase Fortiflora for cats. It is offered at a good price and the product has a long expiration date. As always we will make our next purchase right here.

Tried and True!! by Cats Cradle Shelter from Fargo, ND06/27/2013

We always keep a supply of FortiFlora at our shelter, the product is fantastic. AND, we always buy from Entirely Pets. They are professional, ship quickly and their pricing is the best on the block!

Great product by Catwoman06/15/2012

was recommended to me by a vet cos cat was having serious diarrhea... this took care of the problem when I added it to dry food for sensitive cats by Blue Buffalo

works well but a bit pricey by TM from Arizona12/21/2012

I keep a few 30-packet boxes of FortiFlora on hand to treat diarrhea in our rescued cats. The cats readily eat the product when mixed with their wet food...it seems to enhance the flavor of the food. Almost always, the FortiFlora cures the symptoms. Sometimes just a couple doses mixed with their food will do the trick; other times it takes longer. Once in a while it doesn't seem to halt the diarrhea. Four stars because it is a bit pricey, but when Entirely Pets has a particularly good sale, I stock up (the shelf life is sufficient in our case).

great flavor by mschief from Canton, Ohio01/20/2012

Not only is this a great product for promoting good intestinal health, but my cats and dogs love the taste. It can also be mixed with medicine (crushed pills or liquids) , add a little water, siphon it up into an oral syringe and it becomes palatable for your pet.

FortiFlora Feline box of 30 by maroope from payson, il08/16/2012

The easiest medicine to give that I have used. Just sprinkle it on some wet kibbles and they chomp it down. It has helped to settle his system down and the diarrhea has lessened. Still using it.

Fortiflora by Tams from Torrance, CA07/06/2012

Love this product. Our cats digestion has improved so much!

Great Product by miyochan from Kailua, HI03/05/2013

This helps our cat that has kidney problems eat her kidney diet food. This stuff is great. !!!!

FortiFlora by agmdm03/28/2012

This stuff is great, helps my cat with gastrointestinal troubles. And Entirely Pets has the best price around!

Feline Fortaflora by Matteo from Oranga County, CA.06/12/2012

We have been using feline Fortaflora since our Bengals were 3 months old. It has helped in there digestion and improved their overall health. The only thing we have a problem with is the amount of product in each envelope is different from one envelope to another. We have written to the manufacturer about this and have never received a response back.

Best Purchase Ever for my Feline Samson by Henri from Pittsburgh, PA11/20/2011

We adopted Samson 2 years ago and he had a serious problem daily, diarrhea. The only thing that took care of his diarrhea is FortiFlora. Our vet tried everything for about 3 months and then suggested this product. Within 2 weeks problem resolved. I put the packet in a bowl and add a packet of warm water and mix it. He thinks it is a treat and cannot wait for me to get home from work and give him the FortiFlora Feline. It has resolved Samson's problem. We could not be happier.

excellent for FHV digestive symptoms by JR from Oregon01/09/2013

good product for control of our kitty's digestive issues relating to his Feline Herpes VIrus

by Lynda from Eugene, OR02/15/2012

I am very pleased with this product and it is so much cheaper here than at my Vet's office. Both cats like the taste which helps tremendously. I like how Entirely Pets is quick about shipping orders and require a signature.

Vet's recommendation by judyaustin from Boise, ID10/30/2012

for our cat JP, who has inflammatory bowel disease. It has made a huge difference in his health--his ability to eat regularly and well without vomiting. He takes a prescription drug as well, but FortiFlora is the icing on the cake.

by from 07/31/2012

This stuff works great - clears up the trots - and also works great when I can't get Morgan to eat.

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Helps the kitty tummy! by Bethie from Massachusetts06/30/2012

Great product for my 2 cats and I get a great deal buying from Entirelypets.

Amazing for FIP infected cats!! by Pretzel's mother11/13/2010

Keeps my FIP positive cat in top health.

Great product! by RMD01/26/2012

I have a 14 year old cat with asthma who started having problems with diarrhea. The vet suggested using this product for several days and stopping to see results. The diarrhea started back up after I stopped using the product, which meant the vet wanted to start doing tests to find the problem. After checking with the company to make sure it was safe to do so, I decided maybe he just needed probiotics as he was aging, to keep him balanced. I was right. As long as he gets the entire dose daily, we have no problems, but he does need it daily. The price here is the best price anywhere, the shipping is super quick, and it has saved me hundreds in vet bills. Well worth trying before agreeing to put my cat through tests I knew he would not like. He has been on this almost a year, no issues with health, his blood work was perfect, even at 20LBS. On top of all this, the product must taste great as I have to watch to make sure my other two cats don't steal his wet food when I mix it in or simply put it on top. All around, simply a great product at a great price.

by Loveragdolls07/11/2012

My vet recommended FortiFlora for all of my cats after they were diagnosed and treated for an intestinal parasite. This product is great and EntirelyPets has the best price on this product.

Great Product by Bingoman from Connecticut07/10/2012

Have been using this product for almost 2 years, since our vet. recommended it.

FortiFlora a hit! by Beth from Newport, RI12/20/2012

My cat has digestive problems, and the vet recommended probiotics as part of his treatment. He's apretty finicky eater, and the FortiFlora has made his food much more appealing, as well as serving his health and nutritional needs. Buying from entirelyPets has cut the cost by about 1/3 over what I was paying locally.

Best Money Ever Spent! by Gina from Jacksonville FL07/19/2011

My tiger tabby Mimi was diagnosed with IBS, and I was told she would have to take steroids for the remainder of her life to keep it in check. Thank goodness for FortiFlora!! After three months of once a day treatment, her IBS is under control and she no longer takes the steroids. Thank You FortiFlora!

crucial for my cat -avoid steroids by sam from spokane, WA05/28/2012

As long as we continue with the FortiFlora, we can keep our cat off of the steroids recommended to control her stomach problem. She loves the taste and it can be mixed with warm water and adminitstered with an eyedropper for those cats who only eat dry food.

digestion issues solved by maisie from tacoma wa04/24/2012

My older cat had problems with digestion(diahorrea ?) and my vet recommended this powder to put on her food It worked and now she won't eat without it!!

Wonderful Stuff by Sombra10102/05/2012

FortiFlora is a great all purpose compound for feline health. In addition to using it for my own pet that has Irritable Bowel Syndrome, I work with rescue groups and we the FortiFlora whenever a cat has loose stools or an upset stomach. I also find it usually can interest a cat that is not eating well due to a stressful situation to try some of the food. And the price is great at EntirelyPets, since some Vets office charge as much as $40.

Even your sale prices are more expensive! by Becky from Washington, DC11/23/2012

Found this item at another vendor's regular price for $2 less than your discounted "Thanksgiving Sale" price!

My cat loves it! by Crosstown cat lover from Southeast Missouri01/06/2012

This product has a very reasonable price and my cat loves to eat it. I just spread it over his moist food, and he eats every bit of it. He is an old cat, with a lot of stomach problems, and was losing weight. He is gaining about 4-6 ounces every month.

FortiFlora Feline by Ginger & Nyla's mom from Austin11/11/2011

My cats tend to get intestinal bacterial infections which has to be treated with antibiotics. I started them a regular regime hoping to prevent reoccurring infections. They love the way it tastes and so far so good. Also, my vet charges $1 a packet, so it is much cheaper here.

Featured Reviews for Vet Solutions Pro-Biolac for Kittens (200 gm)
good product/bad packaging by shipper by Katie from RI10/21/2011

Have used this product in the past. It is a good product. However this arrived with the inner seal opene. I will not feed my kittens anythign open!! Contacted with no reponse.............Spent 84 dollars on products and cannot use some of them............

Product is great, service was horrible!! by KittyMOM's Rescue INC from Kalispell MT06/14/2012

I have ordered this product from other companies and it is great. I would not recommend ordering from this company. I ordered because they advertised free shipping over $85.00. My order qualified but they didn't tell me it was too big to be shipped in two days so 10 days later it arrived! I was feeding orphan kittens and really needed it quickly. They were very unconcerned when I called looking for my order, I was all out of formula at home. We live in a rural area and I need to be able to count on timely delivery. I was very unhappy with this company and their customer service.

by from 09/15/2011

Vet Probiolac for kittens/cats is FAR SUPERIOR to any other milk supplement, particularly since it contains probiotics, as well as Colostrum and excellent fat/protein.

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other by "milk from replacers"Compared


Just in time!!! by manycats11/12/2012

I foster many cats and kittens and when I receive a kitten who needs to be bottle fed quickly I call and my order is quickly sent to me. I usually keep Pro-Biolac on hand because it is a good quality formula for the young ones and I also use it for frail nursing moms and any young orphans who need a boost in their feeding. I also purchased last year a microwave heat pad called SnuggleSafe. I have used this so many times that I need to purchase a few more so I can spread the warmth. Thank you for your products and service.

Product is great but company is NOT! by KittyMOM from Kalispell MT05/31/2012

This is a great product for kittens but Entirely Pets is NOT a good company to order it from. I paid for 2 day shipping and after 8 days it is still not here. I was cut off three times trying to call this company and they had changed my order to ground shipping and didn't notify me!! I would not do business with this company again and want to warn others out there that the customer service is very shabby!

Featured Reviews for Pro-Pectalin Anti-Diarrheal Gel for Dogs & Cats (15 cc)
Excellent Value by Valentine from Columbus, OH02/01/2013

Works great and easy to use. Vet recommended and was great but costly. Much better deal by purchasing through Entirely Pets.

Featured Reviews for Pro-Pectalin Anti-Diarrheal Gel for Dogs & Cats (30 cc)
Great Service by twade04/08/2013

I've used this product for several years for a cat with a very temperamental intestinal tract! All tests revealed nothing but a bad case of anxiety so the vet recommended this product. It works great and is gentle on the animal too.

Half the price my Vet charges by Sandi10/23/2011

I love Pro-Pectalin Anti-Diarrhea Gel, I can use it for both Cats and Dogs digestion problems. Buying online at Entirely Pets was much less expensive than my Vet.

Good Product by Jim11/18/2012

All 4 of my cats had intestinal parasites, abdominal infection and diarrhea and were on metronidazole and albon for 2 weeks which made their diarrhea worse. The pro-pectalin along with probiotics twice a day for 3 days helped them get back to normal after the antibiotics.

Antidiarrheal gel by mzee from Michigan02/03/2013

This was prescribed for our 5 y.o. Brittany last spring when he contracted C Diff. This is a paste consistency which is very easy to give orally inside the lips-its premeasured for the right amount each day. Worked great. Just ordered a tube to have on hand for the 'next' incident. Much cheaper here than the vets office!!!!

Best treatment for IBD! by hastybakeking from Tulsa, OK07/03/2012

I've been using Pro-Pectalin for 3 years now. My 11 yr. old schnauzer has Inflammatory Bowel Disease, occasional diarrhea and bloody stools. This always clears up the problem. It's the only medication that he'll easily swallow. I sometimes use it while adding other pills to the dose and he swallows it fast because he likes the taste.

Great by SueCque from Killeen, Tx01/19/2012

Got the product quicker then expected. My Cat appriciated that and so did I :).

GREAT STUFF! by tanyad from Louisiana06/17/2013

I have a Yorkie and pro-pectalin has soothed her upset stomach many times!! I will not be without it.

Excellent item by TAB from Melbourne, Fl12/09/2012

My Vet sold me these at much higher price. I won't be without them.

Best One! by LYL04/14/2013

Pro-Pectalin is the best anti-diarrheal med. It always works!

Best Gel on the Planet by Gab from FL11/06/2012

Pro-Pectalin is one of the best products I ever used for my dogs and cats, there are no side effects. One or two dose for either cats or dogs will take care of the problem.

Pro Pectalin by kitkat from Nebraska04/06/2013

I got this gel for my Oriental Siamese.It's worked very well or his sensitive stomach.

Best Product!! by lias01/02/2012

When nothing else worked for my dog's diarrhea, this did!!! I tried pepto bismol, immodium, pumpkin, yogurt--nothing worked until a friend told me about this stuff. It's natural and it really does work!! It's a life saver and I pass on the name of this whenever I can!

Doggie-Immodium! by JennyluvsRebaandDixie from Cape Cod, MA05/27/2010

My little Papillon, Dixie (1.9 yrs old) has had the typical small dog issues with her stools since she was a pup (who ever decided to breed a small breed dog with long butt hair wasn't really thinking "practical"! I like to compare it to a woman trying to go to the bathroom in a wedding dress!) and about 1 year ago she had a BAD bout of Pancreatitis that landed her in the Emergency Hospital for 6 days (a pretty penny- about $2700.00! Thank goodness for Pet Insurance!). This product has been a life saver for both Dixie and me! Ofcourse no over-the-counter medication is an equal replacement for veterinary care if your dog is ill, but this is a great product for every pet owner to have on hand! It's great for the occasional upset stomach and when your dog gets into the cat food, trash, etc. It's also been great with the history of Pancreatitis, if Dixie gets an upset stomach after my regular vet's office hours, it works almost immediately and it helps prevent the dangerous symptoms associated with moderate to severe diarreaha such as dehydration (it doesn't take many loose bowel movements for an 8lb. dog to get dangerously dehydrated), vomiting blood and bloody diarreaha from an irritated G.I. tract, etc,. This has helped by me time to get through the night without having to take Dixie back to the outrageously expensive Emergency Hospital and calms her symptoms until our regular vet opens. It's worth shelling out the few bucks to have this on hand rather than the costs of an emergency visit! It's some sort of Doggie-Murphy's-Law that your pet only gets sick at 2am... I call it Doggie- Immodium, it really does work great and my vet said it's great to have on hand and perfectly safe to give your pet. It says on the label (or somewhere in the advertisement) that your pet will love the taste and the review from "Snoozer" before mine said their dog liked it, but unfortunately I have them beat with "picky-dog factor" Dixie HATES it! The good thing is that because its a nice thick paste as long as I get it somewhere on her muzzle (she puts up a fight like you wouldn't believe- but that stems from being treated poorly and force-fed as a puppy, it's not the products fault) she does lick it off and gets enough medicine in her system to be effective! So overall, I highly recommend every dog and cat owner to have this in your home, even if your animal doesn't have a history of GI issues! Most people have Immodium or pepto in their medicine cabinets, shouldn't you do the same for your pet? PS- the cats LOVE the taste! They even lick the paper towel I wipe my hand off on after giving it! Reba, my Pomeranian (also a picky eater- just not as bad as Dixie) doesn't mind the taste and it's easier and more pleasant than shoving a pill down their throats!

Excellent product by Corinne from Summerville, GA08/12/2012

I am a breeder. I use this product to help transition my puppies from nursing to eating puppy kibble, Without this product they tend to have diarrhea while weaning, however with this product we have no problems with soft or loose stools. It's also good for older dogs who's digestive track gets off keel.

WONDERFUL PRODUCT by Debbie from Belleville, IL02/26/2013

Our Schnauzer had watery diarrhea while on vacation. 1 dose checked his diarrhea. Not only do I LOVE IT, but so does Buddy!

Very Effective by Cat owner06/01/2012

I had a litter of kittens with diarrhea, was giving them Forti-Flora and Bactaquin. Plus pumpkin/sweet potato, and rice in their canned food. Pro Pectalin works the best of all these products for curtailing the loose stool!

Best product for pet stomach distress by Angie B02/05/2013

This product is excellent for stopping diarrhea in dogs. You can squirt it directly into their mouth. My dog actually likes it and licks the end of the syringe to get every bit of it. I use Purina Forti Flora too. Usually I use baby rice cereal and sprinkle the Forti Flora on top. Our dog is 12 and has a very sensitive stomach.

what I expected by quiltlady07/21/2012

The item was as advertised and arrived in a timely manner. Thank you

This stuff really works! by Sharon from Lewisville, TX02/27/2013

Our 11 lb. yorkie has had chronic gastro-intentional issues since she was a pup. The Pro-Pectalin Anti-Diarrheal Gel really helps to ease her distress. On top of that, she really likes the flavor. We thank you and so does our yorkie!

Great!!!!!!!!! by Shooter from Valley Mills, Tx.01/23/2013

This stuff is the best! Our 140 American Bulldog has stomach issues, every few weeks we have to give him a couple of doses of the Pro-Pectalin and it gets him back on track! Zeus thanks you for the fast shipping too!

very good value by linny03/31/2013

I have been using this for a cat with diarrhea and at first purchased from the vet. Expensive! Then I found another pet prescription website which was cheaper. THEN I FOUND YOU AND THIS IS THE BEST PRICE ANYWHERE!

Great product by peg from louisiana05/06/2013

Our vet had given this to our dog, and it really worked, but expensive at the vet's office found it on here half the price, just bought some more. Worth the money

Effective, easy dosage/admin by Snoozer from Washington DC02/24/2010

A sick dog isn't eager to chew big tablets, or at least mine isn't. But the Pro-Pectalin gel is easy to measure, isn't hard to get into the dog's mouth, and apparently doesn't taste bad (says the owner of the pickiest dog on earth). It combines traditional stool firming ingredients, kaolin and pectin, plus probiotics to help get the gut back on track. There are other effective products out there, but if it is hard to get IN to the dog, they don't do much good.

Featured Reviews for Pro-Pectalin Anti-Diarrheal Tablets for Dogs & Cats (250 Tabs)
Worst Customer Service & Communication Ever by Roy10/04/2011

I was not advised until a week after placing the order that one of the products ordered was not in stock & back-ordered. Being out of stock is understandable, but not shipping the other product I ordered on time is not acceptable. I paid for express shipping & confirmed my order date 3 time with customer service. Service dept continued to tell me I was using the wrong order date and refused to credit my account for the wrong shipping costs: I should not have been charged express 2-3 days shipping when my order arrived over a week later. I should have been called and advised that my second product was not 2 weeks backed ordered, but in fact about 1 month. The extra 3 dollars I paid for shipping is NOT the issue or concern. It is the principle of getting what one pays for.

Excellent product by ileana from Washington State01/23/2013

Thanks for the excellent product and your wonderful service.

by from 11/06/2012

We originally learned of this product with our old senior dog (now an angel dog) at his pricey former vet. They worked and our new vet liked them so we've been getting them online here ever since for our current dogs. They are all natural and sometimes they seem more effective than other times, but they help to firm up their stool. It has pectin which is from fruit and good bacteria.

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Love this product! by Dana from Mcdonough, Georgia01/08/2013

With a new puppy his stomach gets upset from shots, anxiety and anything he can fit in his mouth! Pro-Pectalin works fast and I feel better knowing that it is an all natural product.

Might work better for others by banville from Cataula Ga.01/07/2013

The only way my 2yr old dog would eat them is if I busted them into powder & mixed it in his food. A very picky eater.

Really helps my Greyhound by DocD from Lakeland, Florida12/20/2012

My rescued Greyhound has significant bowel problems due to the rancid meat he was fed on the track. My Vet recommended this product to contain his chronic diarrhea...and it works very well.

Great value by cookiesmom from Nixa, MO06/16/2013

Same product we got from our Vet, but half the cost. These tablets solved Cookie's recurring diarrhea problem, and he gobbles them up like they are treats. Shipping was fast, too!

by from 10/30/2011

best purchase and excellent dealer by samsdox from Vancouver WA07/25/2012

Product is great but the service couldn't have been better. From start to finish my transaction was handled quickly and I received my order within a few days. I'll definitely be back!

Almost a miracle by Mom of three greyhounds from Illinois11/06/2012

Our senior greyhound had serious antibiotic-induced diarrhea and had lost her appetite entirely (except for things she really shouldn't have been eating!). She eagerly ate the Pro-Pectalin tablets, however, and her appetite returned within a day or so. Controlling the diarrhea took longer, but this product is definitely a lifesaver.

These tablets are amazing by AnnS from San Tan Valley, AZ06/29/2011

Here in Arizona we get really hot in the summer and my dogs can sometimes get diarrhea when they play too long on hot days. Despite available clean water and shade they often get dehydrated which is exacerbated by the diarrhea. Getting it under control used to be a battle I fought every summer and even though I restrict their outdoor activities to the cooler part of the day, they can still can get heat related diarrhea. I was skeptical about the efficacy of the Pro-Pectalin Anti-Diarrheal Tablets but to my surprise they work very well. If the diarrhea is really bad I may have to administer the tablets for a few days but most often it begins to get the diarrhea under control within 24 hours. The added bonus is that my dogs seem to like the taste of the tablets and think they are treats so I have no problem getting them to take them. I think it helps settle their digestive upset while reducing fluid loss causing further dehydration. I won't ever go another summer without having these tablets on hand! Great product.

For Stressed Dogs by hbk10/23/2012

I own a kennel so dogs are sometimes "out of sorts". At the first sign of a digestive problem I give them Pro Pectalin (either as a chewable or crushed). It usually helps right away. My vet said it is very safe. Of course you must always contact a vet if there are other signs of illness or it doesn;t clear the problem within a day or two, but I am a real believer and wouldn't want to be without it.

Wonderful Product! by Lynn from Lansing, MI02/27/2013

Nothing was helping our cat's smelly messy diarrhea until we tried this. We gave our 11-lb.cat 1/2 crushed tablet added to his food 2x day for a couple of days. However, it didn't completely work until we followed the instructions exactly and gave it ti him every 8 hours. Then a day later, things were back to normal. Thanks for a great product.!

Excellent Product by Chevy from Lake Worth, FL01/16/2012

Our 12 year old greyhound suffers from repeated episodes of diarrhea. The vet thinks it is irritable bowel syndrome. This is the only product of the many we have tried that will work quickly with no ill effects. The big bonus is that our non-food motivated boy actually will take this willingly. We always have this on hand and qive it at the first sign of a flare up.

Great product by josmum from Kentucky11/08/2012

My dog's sensitive system doesn't tolerate change, so she would develop diarrhea. I tried other medications, but none were as effective as this. I will always keep Pro-Pectalin on hand.

for those delicate tummies by hg10/24/2011

I give my Dog 3 tablets with his meals 2 times a day...every day! (1 for every 20 lbs) He considers them a treat...and likes them.

Best stuff ever! by asp from Chicago, IL03/26/2012

Best medicine on the market for dogs with an upset stomach!

by from 06/11/2012




by from 11/03/2012

The best product so far to treat mild diarrhea. Dogs love the chewable pill, the results can be seen right away after the first dosage and does help the intestinal flora. I have multiple dogs and one with digestive condition, so I have tried lots of products. It is also safe.

EP by is from unbeatableAs


Really helps my lab by Katherine from Mansfield, PA03/20/2012

My 10 yr. old lab recently had her spleen removed. Her digestive system has had trouble ever since. Various tests have shown nothing to explain her regular diahrea. This product helps her every day. I give it on a regular basis. There are no ill side effects and she loves it like a treat!

Great price for this product by Dash's Mom from Lakeland, Florida04/17/2012

I have been using this product with my Greyhound, Dash, for the 3 years since I adopted him. It works great to control his intestinal problems. I am so happy to have discovered your catalog as your price for this product is less than half of what I had been paying at the Vet's.

Effective by TM from Arizona12/04/2012

Purchased Pro-Pectalin as alternative to more expensive probiotics to treat diarrhea in cats. Within 48 hours of beginning Pro-Pectalin treatment in 3 cats, diarrhea in each individual had ceased to be a problem. Crushed and powdered (using mortar and pestle) tablets were mixed in wet food and readily eaten by all 3 cats.

poor,old quality product by crazy dave05/30/2012

these are large absorbant pills and i have ordered them before. normally they are easy to break in half and give to my small dog. however, this batch is hard as a rock. and can hardly be broken in half. my poor dog has already choked on them twice.

Featured Reviews for Proviable-DC - 80 capsules for Cats and Dogs
This stuff is GREAT! by peapod from Michigan01/03/2013

My dog has had some digestive issues. The vet recommended this product. It has helped a great deal. I appreciate Entirely Pets because of their prices, prompt shipping, and availability of products that help my dog stay happy and healthy.

2 Different Vets Recommended and Prescribed!!! by Yorkie Mom from Richmond, Virginia11/03/2011

Finally! My Yorkie has a healthy Digestive Tract! When my Yorkie was prescribed antibotics, this was especially helpful. Now, Proviable was vet prescribed to prevent intestinal upsets and overgrowth of bacteria that has led to 2 different vet emergencies. Daily use in only advised if directed by your Vet for serious problems, but keeping these handy will surely be helpful to restore intestinal flora during upsets after dietary indescretion and stool irregularities. I am thankful to have found a less expensive and fast and easy delivery alternative through Entirelypets.com. The package arrived safely and most importantly, the use by date is well in the future so I know I didn't get a product that's shelf life had nearly expired. Thank you ENTIRELYPETS.COM!!!

Better health by JH03/20/2011

My cat was ill with stomach problems. Taking proviable has made him feel much better. He is back to being a playful young guy!

Proviable works! by AgileBeagles from Alhambra, CA01/25/2012

We've been giving Proviable daily to our youngest Beagle for some time now for IBD-like symptoms, and it continues to work well. Our oldest Beagle developed some gastrointestinal issues related to cancer last Summer, and Proviable has helped her immensely as well!

Terrible Service by Kathy from Michigan12/07/2011

I was very disappointed because of the fact that no one emailed me or phoned me about the out-of-stock status on the product: I waited 10 days for delivery and finally called and found out that " the product was not available through the manufacturer"?? I was not pleased; my dog needed that product for his diet and I had ordered the product well in advance of running out.

by Tippy12/07/2012

Good product , easy to dispense and came in mail very fast.

Proviable - Heaven Sent by Ninja88 from North Las Vegas, Nevada11/07/2011

Proviable was prescribed for one of our Feline Kids, Zabione. He was having terrible stomach issues and diarrhea along with the fact that he is a mature boy the experience wasn't easy for him. After changing his food to Taste of the Wild and a daily capsule of Proviable he is nearly back to normal with the diarrhea completely resolved. This product is heaven sent for certain. Would recommend for canines or felines.

This is GREAT by lilmcmac from orlando04/04/2013

I love this product and what it does for my cats. I have one that has issues with Herpes, I adopted and she if FUSSY and likes this in her wet food. The others have shown improvement in stools and their digestion. This is a wonderful addition to their diet. And they like it!!

Great for all dogs & cats by amanda4904711/07/2012

This probiotic works wonderful and very quickly whenever my dogs need it for gastric upset or if they are on antibiotics for some reason. Also great for pets with food allergies because it has no flavor added, the small amount also makes it very easy to administer even to a cat. Highly recommend it and the price here is fantastic.

Excellent digestive support by Bob from Clermonet FL11/09/2012

Proviable really helps with intestinal distress and is a great everyday supplement.

Helped cat with UTIs by melissajkelly from Omaha, NE11/05/2011

My cat (over 10 years old) was having constant UTIs. Prescription meds weren't taking care of it. I finallly introduced this probiotic, and the UTIs stopped!! Now, I continue to give it to her because she considers it her "treat" and comes to me wanting it (she must know it helps).

Great by Susan from Rosedale, MD05/03/2012

I think that this product is helping my boxer--he has some digestion issues that we are hoping this will help with. Right now his stool is slightly better and that is good progress.

alternative to prednisone by Melissa12/30/2009

My vet wanted to put my German shepherd back on prednisone for his chronic intestinal issues. I pleaded for something else, since the prednisone had some horrible side effects last time he was on it. The vet had me give Proviable a try. Within three days my dogs liquid stools were firmer than they’ve ever been without any side effects.

Excellent Product by DAS from Sterling, VA03/06/2010

My cat Gulliver has a compromised GI system. His vet prescribed Proviable-DC and it has given him normal stools. I open the capsule and mix it into a small amount of wet food, then give him the rest of his meal after he finishes his medicine. Very easy to administer this way and solves a big problem. We are both happy!

Best product for my cat that has diarrhea by Extreme Cat Lover - ECL from Atascosa, Texas11/17/2011

This product was recommended to me for a cat that has almost constant diarrhea - I am giving this to her each day - I just open the capsule and empty it into her mouth and she does not fuss about it at all so she must like the flavor. She has not had diarrhea in two days after receiving 5 days of 1 capsule dose each day. I LOVE this product and I LOVE Entirely Pets - delivery of product is so prompt.

by from 10/23/2012

my dog has anxiety related bloody diarrhea heat, anxiety, stress will bring it on used this for 4 months daily 1 cap with meals recommended by my vet instead of Rx drugs

MIRACLE..... by from IT


works so good its a miracle by crazydogladyaz from azworks


great product by Mya the Berner01/23/2013

Proviable has changed my dogs digestive system and her life. I thought for years that she had food allergies and as it turns out, Proviable was all she needed.

Proviable DC Capsules for cats and dogs by Dink10/28/2011

My Standard Schnauzer had severe flatulence with a very unpleasant oder! My Vet prescribed an anti biotic along with the above Proviable-DC capsules and his gas problems were controled. After spending several hundred dollars with no success I finally found a product that works wonders for me and the dog. He is now on a daily regimen of this product and he is happy and so am I! I would highly recommend this product to any dog lover whose dog has a gas problem.

good stuff by karmom from seminole, Fl.06/07/2013

I have been using this for yrs now. Helps with loose stools along with pumpkin. She gets one capsule a day and aprox one tesp pumkin three times a day. My sphynx has had lose stools since the day I got her,yes has been tested for this and that. Also has skin allergies, and now eats z/d dry food. She is on 4mg antihistamine 1/2 in morning 1/2 at night. I got her here in Florida, breeder is gone. I was told by a friend that she was sick and is some where out of state. No help there, Uck!,so I do the best I can now. She is seven yrs old. What a shame we both have to go through this mess. .

vet recommended by caldog from California01/28/2012

Have used product for a few years at the recommendation of our vet. I was thrilled to find it at EntirelyPets because your price is less than that charged at the vet. A good probiotic is important to overall health. This one is excellent.

makes life better by mimi from Seminole Fl.11/05/2011

I have been using this for my cat for sometime now , she gets a capsule once a day half in the morning and half at night. Helps plus a diet of venison and peas.

Does the trick! by Rusty from Wylie, TX01/22/2013

Our female Pomeranian has arthritis and is on daily medication. Proviable-DC keeps her regular and prevents diarrhea. The capsule is easily broken open to sprinkle on her canned food or hidden in a piece of cheese. The 80 capsule package is reasonable priced at less than 43 cents per capsule. EntirelyPets has the best price that I have found and normally ship quickly.

probiotics by frady03/06/2012

I think overall my cat's digestion has improved, do not know how much is this product, but in combination, we are getting a few more good months out of our old cat. Don't want a new one, just happy to keep the old one going. And the purrsnickity animal eats it ok.

Worked wonders for my dog. Great product by Darlene10/31/2012

My Lhasa Apso was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease. She is 4 years old. She was very, very sick. When she came home from the hospital, she was on 3 medications and the Dr. wanted to put her on steroids. I put her on a strict limited diet of turkey, potatoes, carrots and peas. I immediately started her on Proviable-DC. That was 10 months ago and she is doing really, really well. She has returned to good health and continues her limited diet and Proviable-DC daily. We couldn't do without it. Thanks to Entirely Pets.

Huge improvement in my 2 dogs' GI health by IggyMom from Ann Arbor, MI11/23/2011

I have used Proviable DC for both of my dogs with great satisfaction. Cleo had terrible gas, constipation, & diarrhea as a consequence of kidney failure. After taking Proviable DC, as recommended by her vet, Cleo's GI normalized. Bella frequently had mucosy stools with intermittent diarrhea. Since using Proviable DC, all of her bm's have been normal. I love this product because it really made a world of difference in my dogs' GI health & overall well being.

Proviable-DC - 80 capsules by pweezil from NH10/29/2012

These were recommended by our vet to keep our dog's finicky digestive system working correctly. They work really well.

What my vet recommended by SK10/24/2012

A great price on the brand my vet recommended. I know the role probiotics have in the immune system, so I have kept my dog on these since he had surgery for liver cancer 2 years ago. It is life insurance!

More economical than at the vet. by Taysmimi from Orange County, CA06/21/2013

Our vet recommended this for our elderly Cairn Terrier who was having digestive problems. It seems to be helping to eleviate most of them.

Probiotics work by CJ02/09/2013

These were recommended by my vet for my dog who loves to scrounge in the yard and then gets an upset stomach. They really work and help rebalance her system. I give them to both dogs every day just to improve their health.

Courteous Customer Service by Kathy from Bellaire, Michigan12/05/2011

I talked to a rep this AM: EST 11:30AM: she was very nice and courteous in answering my question about the status of my order. Thank you.

Love it by Heidi06/18/2009

My cat has had contant diarrhea since Dec 08 and we've tried everything. This is the only medicine that has hardened his stools and the gel cap is very easy for him to swallow. I love it.

unbelieveable by Alex01/25/2009

My Veteranarian in Maine started giving this to my dog after months of mucasie stools, no mater the brand. This started after the food recall that killed animals. One day she would not eat and has been this way ever since, until proviable DC-80

Cheaper than vet's price by none from Texas10/23/2012

Your price is about $5 cheaper than the same product from the vet's office.

excellent product by maria12/20/2009

excellent product to have in the house until the dog can be seen by a vet.

great product by re from New Jersey12/09/2012

my 14 year old golden retriever had diarrah constantly this product has really helped relieve it, I simpley open the capsule and sprinke it on top of her breakfast

Superior product! by Cat lover from Red Feather, CO10/23/2012

Proviable DC has made all the difference in my cats' digestion! When I learned all the things probiotics do when they're specific to the canine or feline gut, I knew this particular brand would always be a crucial part of my animals' diet. They all crave it - very telling! And it's tasteless which is always nice. I love that each capsule comes individually wrapped to preserve freshness. I cannot recommend this one highly enough! I really love my animals and regardless of budget, I will always afford Proviable DC. Not to say it's expensive - I'm just giving it to 7 cats. Awesome product!

GREAT product!!!! by Judith from Connecticut06/16/2011

My elderly cat had been having diarrhea for some time now and we were baffled and just considered it part of aging. She begin losing weight so we brought her to the Vet who put her on a daily capsule of "Proviable". Stools are now solid!!! And she no longer cries when going to the bathroom. Just an FYI - My Vet also put her on Metronidazole. It could have been the combination of both. Either way, VERY, VERY, pleased with the outcome!!!


My dog ate a piece of algae from a lake, that night the diarrhea started and then the vomiting. Things got worse. So after 4 weeks on flagyl` without improvement I decided tp try Proviable KP, this was something I came across while researching my sick dogs symptoms. 30 minutes after the first dose she asked for food. Incidently she had been vomiting all day with bloody mucous stool, which also had skin in it. Its day 4 and she had a well formed normal stool today. This could have saved me the $800.00 at the vet if I would have tried this first.

by Jules from Austin, Texas06/17/2012

This product helps one of my cats who has chronic soft stools. The capsule makes it easier to give than the things you put in/on the food since you never know if they will actually eat it or if one of the other cats will eat it.

Helps the dogs a lot by Rosie from Wheat Ridge, CO06/17/2012

Both of my dogs have 'funny' stomachs, frequently upset (probably because of what they eat when we're out walking in the greenbelt). This product keeps their intestines in good shape, and I definitely would recommend it.

GREAT! by Milo's Mom from VA03/14/2012

Proviable-DC was recommended by my holistic vet for my elder yorkie, Milo. Milo had increasing episodes of severe HGE/gastroenteritis and this is the best thing we've tried to keep his delicate digestive system in check - no further distress since he has been on this probiotic. Its been a great way to promote healthy digestion and my peace of mind.

Great product by Queen Eva's Mom from Catskill Mountains10/25/2011

ProViable has helped my 16 month old kitten who has trouble absorbing the nutrients of her food. Between the diarrhea or the giant poops four times a day, I worried she'd never thrive. Taking ProViable every day has helped regulate her little body and she is doing so much better.

Keeps our cats healthy by Carl from Lehigh Valley, PA01/18/2013

At our Vets recommendation we have been using Proviable-DC for about one year. Our cats have never been healthier. Emptying the capsule contents into their moist food is easy and the cats eagerly eat the food and get all the benefits.

Great product and a good price by Dane mom11/29/2011

My Dane was put on the capsules after the paste treatment. They work great on keeping his sensitive stomach stable!

Awesome Med by Dani01/21/2012

I have a dog that has IBD, you look at her funny she gets diarrhea. I have her on the Proviable Caps once dialy and this helps maintain her GI balance. I would recommend these for anyone who is dealing with dogs with chronic diarrhea. This really does work magic.

Amazing Difference by Jessie11/28/2008

Our dog has intestinal problems with every type of food, no matter how good the brand, and even on prescription food. As long as she eats only her food and no other snacks or treats, this product keeps her bowel movements solid for the first time ever!

Cured our Problems by Marj from AZ10/23/2012

Our vet recommended Proviable-DC for our little chihuahua because she was having recurring digestive problems. It has simply eliminated the problems. Great stuff!

PROVIABLE ROCKS! by Traveled Woman from Portland, OR04/05/2013

We have been using Proviable-DC for YEARS for our many cats and our dog. It is an excellent probiotic product, much more effective than FortiFlora which was initially what our vet prescribed for our cats with GI issues. We have several cats with health challenges (which often happens when your pets are "rescues" which all of our animals are). Without exception, Proviable has helped all of them, and it's been especially important (just as in humans) when our animals have been on antibiotics. Also really excellent is Proviable-KP which comes in a paste form and works great if your pet has an acute attack of diarrhea. ALL the Proviable products have been great for our fur-kids!

Waste of money by JB12/28/2012

Used it on my kittens at advice of my vet to help resolve soft stool and develop a healthy digestive system. Gave them both explosive diarrhea. I used 2 out of 80 capsules and cannot return them. Out almost $35.

very good product by Hedy from Atlanta Ga10/29/2012

my dog " Lady is doing very well with this product. She is 16 years old and a border collie mix. Her appetite returned and she is feeling so much better. Would recommend it very highly.

proviable-dc by max from boston ma12/02/2012

I purchase proviable-dc from Entirely Pets and the service is fast and less expensive than when i was purchasing from my Vet. Max is a german shepard and is 10 yrs old. Most shepards have intestine problems but the proviable-dc and royal kanine hp kibble has solved his problem and he's doing fine. I also give him rymadyl and he is more active which is a anti-inflamatory.

Seems to be same as vet product by Sportsy from Houston04/04/2013

This product seems to be just as effective as purchasing form the vet & certainly @ a lower price!

Solid! by Max's Dad10/18/2011

Max (Labrador) has battled soft "stuff" for years. We tried everything and ended up having to give him kibble exclusively to keep him from going runny. NO TREATS at all, not even a little bit. The worst were the hard dental treats. He'd get runny immediately. After a week of Proviable I started introducing some chicken jerky and the like. A couple of weeks later I gave him a dental treat. No complaints. Great product.

Great price by Rudy's mom from Lehighton, PA05/09/2013

My 8-year-old golden retriever has Inflamatory Bowel Disease and one of the products he must take for the rest of his life is the Proviable DC. This is a great product and Entirely Pets definately has the best price.

Great Price by Cin10/27/2012

Our vet had put our dog on Proviable-DC as a maintenance drug to keep her stools firm. The vet price is quite "pricey". I am so thankful for Entirely Pets! They have saved me a lot of money!

Life saver :) by Milo's mom from VA10/22/2012

This product has literally been a life saver for me and my little yorkie. Milo suffers from severe HGE and finally a holistic vet recommended this product. Since being on this probiotic, Milo has had no episodes at all - NONE. His system has calmed down, his digestion is now healthy, and I'm a happy dog-mom! I sprinkle 1 cap on his breakfast kibble each day and it couldn't be easier. I would definitely recommend this product for anyone to try if their pet is experiencing digestion problems - just like with humans, probiotics can make a difference :)

Poor Quality Probiotic by DocJennyVet10/05/2011

Very low quality Probitoic manufactured to "legitimize" use of probiotics by putting a "Medicinal" name on them...sort of like Hydroxycut for weight loss..........just an amino acid ......

Great Buy by Pam12/11/2011

Our boston terrier was recently prescribed Proviable-DC. Entirely Pets price is half the price at the veterinarian's office. The ordering process was easy, and the product arrived quickly. We will definitely continue to shop at Entirely Pets.

Essential for your dog's health by Lord Byron from denver,co10/17/2011

I have been usignt his product for almost tow years... It is essential for creating good bacteria in your dog's G.I.

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