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Flea killer

and control is a necessity for puppies and dogs, especially when they reach the age to run around outside and mix with other dogs at the local dog park. While the outdoors are great for canines and give them plenty of exercise and fresh air, exposure also comes with various risks and pests that can make a dog very sick and irritable.

Fleas are commonly found in just about every location of the country, so quality flea control on a dog is a must. With

Program for Dogs Flea Control

, a dog owner can break the cycle of infestation and new egg-laying in a dog’s fur by stopping flea larvae from developing. The medicine has its greatest effect at the egg development stage, so if adult fleas get on board a dog, they won’t be able to establish an infestation in the canine’s fur.

Program Flea Control

is provided to a dog as a flavor tablet that is ingested. Over a few weeks’ time the medicine becomes systemic within the dog, rejecting the establishment of any flea eggs on the dog. Served to a canine monthly, the tablet can be easily mixed with dog food so the animal has no idea what it is outside of good-tasting food. Packaged in 6-month sets, Program Flea Control can easily take care of a dog for a half year before another dosage needs to be bought.

Dosage can be bought for a full-year treatment if desired and Program Flea Control is also available for cats as well. Customers should make sure to match up the right Program dosage with the weight of their dog to apply the right amount of medicine as needed.

6 MONTH PROGRAM RED For Dogs 11-20 lbs and Cats up to 6 lbs
6 MONTH PROGRAM RED For Dogs 11-20 lbs and Cats up to 6 lbs

($81.99)  $50.99
12 MONTH PROGRAM Red For Dogs 11-20 lbs and Cats up to 6 lbs
12 MONTH PROGRAM Red For Dogs 11-20 lbs and Cats up to 6 lbs

($159.99)  $100.99

($50.49 Each)

6 MONTH PROGRAM Yellow: For Dogs 21-45 lbs and Cats 7-15 lbs
6 MONTH PROGRAM Yellow: For Dogs 21-45 lbs and Cats 7-15 lbs

($84.99)  $52.99
12 MON. PROGRAM Yellow For Dogs 21-45lbs and Cats 7-15lbs
12 MON. PROGRAM Yellow For Dogs 21-45lbs and Cats 7-15lbs

($166.99)  $104.99

($52.49 Each)

6 MONTH PROGRAM White: For Dogs 46-90 lbs
6 MONTH PROGRAM White: For Dogs 46-90 lbs

($88.99)  $67.99
12 MONTH PROGRAM White: For Dogs 46-90 lbs
12 MONTH PROGRAM White: For Dogs 46-90 lbs

($172.99)  $132.99

($66.50 Each)

This item is has been on MANUFACTURER BACKORDER. We recommend trying Capstar Flea control medicine - Capstar for dogs

PROGRAM Flea Control for Dogs

PROGRAM (Lufenuron) flea control for dogs comes in the form of Flavor Tablets. This product controls Fleas by breaking the flea life cycle at the egg stage and prevents flea eggs and larvae from developing. PROGRAM Flavor Tabs contain Lufenuron, the active ingredient of PROGRAM, is an insect development inhibitor that stops the development of immature stages of the flea.

Flea Cycle

Female fleas feeding on treated animals will produce eggs out of which no larvae will hatch. The interruption of the flea life cycle results in a long-term, very effective flea control on the animal as well as in the environment. It is important that all pets in the household, both dogs, and cats should be treated with Program Flavor Tabs to effectively kill the flea cycle or else fleas will hop on to untreated pets and continue to lay eggs.

Effectively eliminates the flea population!

Program Flea Control is administered once a month oral tablet given with dog food. It may not work effectively if you don't give Program tablet to your pet with a full meal. Since Program Flea Control works at the egg stage, it can take several weeks to work at its full benefits. Program Flavor Tabs does not have effect on the adult fleas but it does control flea populations by breaking the flea life cycle at the egg stage. Each packet includes 6 tablets providing 6 months of total protection for your dog. The new Program Flavor Tablets are tastier and easier to administer.

Flea Pyramid

PROGRAM Flavor Tabs is EPA approved and registered. It's guaranteed to be the exact same product sold by your Veterinarian. Click here for more information on EPA-approved pet products.

PROGRAM Flea Control
for Dogs up to 10 lbs
  • PROGRAM Suspension is safe and effective in preventing and controlling flea populations
  • Immediately starts working to breaks the flea life cycle
  • Can be used with Capstar Flea Treatment Tablets to kill adult fleas
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Flea Facts You Should Know

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Program helps dogs with flea problems
Program is available in:
Dogs (0 - 10 pounds) Dogs (11 - 20 pounds)
Cats (0 - 6 lbs)
Dogs (21 - 45 pounds)
Cats (7 - 15 lbs)
Dogs (46 - 90 pounds)
6 month
12 month
6 month
12 month
6 month
12 month
6 month
12 month

PROGRAM Flavor Tabs is 100% safe and effective in preventing and controlling flea populations and is usable with other flea products. Flavor Tabs provides month-long protection against flea infestations.

Simple to Use

Always give PROGRAM with a meal to ensure proper absorption. Make sure all pets in your home are protected against fleas.

Recommended Dosage Schedule
Body Weight Dose Lufenuron Per Tablet
Up to 10 lbs One Tablet 45.0 mg
11 to 20 lbs One Tablet 90.0 mg
21 to 45 lbs One Tablet 204.9 mg
46 to 90 lbs One Tablet 409.8 mg

Dogs over 90 lbs. should receive the appropriate combination of tablets.


Lufenuron is stored in the animal's body fat and transferred to adult fleas through their bite. Adult fleas transfer it to their eggs by its presence in the mother flea's blood, or by the larva feeding on pre-digested blood. This breaks the flea life cycle.


After biting a PROGRAM Flavor Tabs treated dog, the female flea ingests Lufenuron which is deposited in her eggs. Lufenuron prevents these flea eggs from developing into mature adults. This safe and convenient approach to flea control effectively breaks the flea�s life cycle and controls flea populations.

Main Purpose

To break the flea life cycle and stop further infestation.

Active Ingredients Amount
Lufenuron 45 mg

To prevent harm to you and your pet, read the entire label and enclosed directions before each use. Follow all directions and precautionary statements carefully. Avoid contact with eyes, and wash your hands thoroughly after each use.

4.76 rating based on 29 reviews
Featured Reviews for 6 MONTH PROGRAM RED For Dogs 11-20 lbs and Cats up to 6 lbs
Program is great by Winston from Patterson, CA02/05/2012

Winston has been on program for 17 years and we have never had a flea problem with him. And, he loves to eat them!

Do you really? by Sue01/18/2012

Does not work, simply as that.... >( expensive for what it does....NOTHING!!!

Featured Reviews for 12 MONTH PROGRAM Red For Dogs 11-20 lbs and Cats up to 6 lbs
Great Product by PDKWIK from Puyallup, WA10/22/2011

Program works great on both my dogs. When I tried the topical solutions my dogs would not feel well for days they were so adversely affected. When I use program no problems. On the few occasions (very few) that a flea has found them I keep capstar tablets on hand. Between the two products my dogs are happy and healthy.

Featured Reviews for 6 MONTH PROGRAM Yellow: For Dogs 21-45 lbs and Cats 7-15 lbs
by from 12/06/2011

by kb03/01/2012

Always a pleasure dealing with Entirely Pets. Prompt delivery every time. Reasonably priced.

Program is the program for no more fleas!!! by Rubymoons from Manchester, Michigan01/25/2011

We have 3 dogs and 2 cats and last summer they became infested with fleas terribly because Mr. Boo, the 18 year old kitty, would continually bring them inside. So, we heard about a "pill" that would rid pets of all fleas within 4 hours! Amazing!! So, along with the Capstar, we purchased a 6 month supply of Program, which prevents the flea larvae and eggs from developing. We had to purchase 3 different kinds of Program since they go by the weight of the animal. We have 1 Rottweiler, 1 Pit Bull, 1 tiny Yorkie and 2 cats weighing less than 25lbs. This was amazing!!! No more fleas and no more infestation!!! Yeah!!! We will definitely purchase this product again in the spring and summer of 2011!!!

by toots01/24/2012

no complaints- could be cheaper- but then what couldn't

Love It! by Good.Apple from Florida08/02/2012

I've been using Program for my dogs for 20 years and absolutely swear by it! For our first dog, fleas disappeared within two weeks and after the sixth pill, we didn't have to buy another round of meds for 5 years (yes, I said years). We had no fleas or ticks! Same story for his second and third round of meds (he lived to 15 1/2 years old and only needed 3 (6 month) packages. Our most recent dog experienced the same results for her first five years! This last month, fleas are nutso because of the warm winter we had. We tried other meds and topical treatments and it might as well be flea invitations! I'm going back to Program! It works!

Great flea-control method by Eve from Portland, OR01/15/2012

Program protects my dog from fleas without getting any messy chemical liquid on my hands. We have been using Program for several years and have not had any flea issues. Another bonus is that my dog loves the taste.

wonderful by WP08/26/2008

In the Southern Mississippi heat of summer fleas build up quick on pets and in the yard, This was the only solution to get relief for our dog, once we had him feeling better we treated the yard and house and now have them under control.....

Good product by Jim from Medina,TX02/25/2012

Ihave been using Program for my dogs for several years and it keeps the dogs Flea free

Program is the answer to your flea problems! by Pat02/27/2012

We have been using Program for our dogs since it was introduced into the marketplace. It may seem expensive, but it does the job like no other product. We were silly enough to try other products and ended up with an infestation of fleas in our house this winter. After a week of being back on Program and spraying the house to rid the place of existing pests with other products, no more fleas and no need to use any other additional method! Our dog is flea free and so is our furniture and carpeting!

Program by bjm11207/02/2012

We have used Program with no noticeable side-effects. It is unavailable elsewhere.

Featured Reviews for 12 MON. PROGRAM Yellow For Dogs 21-45lbs and Cats 7-15lbs
Not the best seller by GSPKurt from Gainesville, FL12/16/2011

Product is fine, but having to wait for the UPS driver so I can sign for flea meds for my dogs is a pain in the a**. WHY do I have to sign for them? I don't with any other seller.

A wonder against fleas by BiloxiMiss from Biloxi Ms05/25/2010

This is the best product on the market for fleas, The dog has no ill effects, its easy to administer and best of all its once a month and you are good for 30+ days of flea free dogs. I intially used it following a knockdown treatment with Capstar and within 2 days had a major infestation under control and a flea free dog within a week.....

Wonderful Purchase by Catey10/27/2011

I was so glad to find this website on the internet, and I was able to get exactly what I wanted. Only have used it for one month, but so far liking the results =)

Great Flea Control by Choochnjo01/22/2012

The Program Yellow is part of our flea control regimen. I partner Program with Capstar pills. The Program Yellow are in pill form which is easier to administer to my cats than the liquid form of Program for cats. It's important to not break the regimen since it is birth control for fleas. I haven't used anything else since I discovered Program.

Featured Reviews for 6 MONTH PROGRAM White: For Dogs 46-90 lbs
Lo uso en perros y gatos by [email protected] from Montevideo, Uruguay02/24/2012

En los persas es ideal para combatir los hongos y en los perros los parasitos

Works for me by Pam from St Petersburg, florida10/26/2011

When the topicals stopped working. I tried Program. Once it started to work with the fleas life cycle. I love it. I have 2 dogs and this products is still working after 3 years. A lot longer than a topical.

by rdnkgrl12/12/2011

seems to work well,,I gave it a 4 because my dog hated the taste,we had to trick him,lol,,but I like that there is no mess !

Works by Ken HUtson07/15/2008

I have 4 large dogs that stay outside in sandy NW Florida and this product works great for me.

Works great by diamond from Kelso, WA03/07/2011

My dog has been on this sence the day that we got her and she is 5 years old. She is a lab/mix and she goes in and out doors so I know that the fleas love her and I would tell all my friends to use the program tabs.

Consistently Great by ttBrendaRose from Nanaimo BC Canada12/04/2011

I have always used this product and always will. It works!

Best service by ganmagrigar12/13/2011

entirely pets have many coupons and the service is great

Featured Reviews for 12 MONTH PROGRAM White: For Dogs 46-90 lbs
Great!!!! by Peggy04/03/2008

I really like the Program Pills for my dogs. 2 years ago we had a real flea problem, they were biting me. I had used the application and spray on products in the past and didn't like the hassle of trying to hold my dogs while I was trying to part their hair. I was always afraid of losing some of the product during the process. I have several large and medium sized dogs and we live out in the country. I keep most of my dogs in a big fenced in yard. They don't even where collars anymore and sitting still is not always their best trick. Another thing I don't like about the liquid application products is my dogs always looked at me like I was punishing them after I put it on. They ran to try to roll in the grass or on the carpet and get it off. They spray on Frontline even caused one of my dogs hair to thin and fall out. She was old and never completely recovered from this. At last they all seemed to quit working. I decided to try the Program in conjunction with Capstar. I have been pleased since. I was using the Capstar and also bathing my dogs to keep down the expense for the first couple of months. Also Raid flea carpet spray. We got our fleas under control after about a month and very well after 2 months. Now from early spring until fall I give the Program pills to my dogs with no hassle just food and we are all sratching a lot less around here. One other note the longer I have used the Program the less I have to use the Capstar and have that extra expense. As I stated earlier I live in the country and 4 of my dogs go hunting on our farm so I don't expect to have every flea gone but the Program has certainly brought our pest population down to a minimum.

Program for dogs by Jeff12/13/2011

My dog always had a negative reaction to the Frontline when we applied it. We switched to the Program flea control and so far, have had no problem. This is the first application, hopefully it will work every time he takes it. No more scratching, yea!!!

Best Product by Susan03/09/2009

I have given this product to my Labrador Retrievers for a number of years. They swim almost every day in the summer and so topical products are a waste. Nary a flea with Program lo these many years. Wish it had a some anti-tick properties too but you can't have everything-- Frontline made my dogs sick.

by from 11/06/2011

I have had dogs all my life, I am 69 so that is a long time. I have 3 dogs Big Shot a chocolate lab 100 lb, Gidget a Catahoula 70 lb , Mitz a Schipereke, and Program is the best thing I have found to keep the fleas at bay, and Entirely pets has very good prices on their products. It is easy to shop with them and you have your order in just a few days.

Soquel, CA by from Aida"


by KB03/01/2012

Always a pleasure dealing with Entirely Pets. Prompt delivery every time. Prices reasonable.

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