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ProLabs Clear Ear (2 oz)

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This item has been manufacturer discontinued. We recommend trying Otiderm® Ear Cleanser for Dogs & Cats (8 fl oz)

Clear Ear is a solution by ProLabs for Healthy Pets for dogs with chronic ear problems.

 Clear Ear is intended for healing or preventative care and helps maintain healthy ears. The solution clears the ear canal and sooths irritation and itching caused by infection and yeast.

Clear Ear functions by restoring the ear epithelium through improving the animal’s metabolic functions with zinc, which also eradicates odor-causing bacteria. Taurine and L-lysine work to reduce itch and both synergize with boric acid to restore infected ears to a healthy state. Clear Ear is also pH-balanced to ensure that it does not sting or cause any additional irritation whilst being applied.

Clear Ear is easily applied through its standard eye/ear dropper container. Clear Ear is great for managing chronic yeast and staph otitos and works to resolve itching and bad odor. It is also non-staining and maintains a composition that is neither greasy nor oily and is free of steroids and antibiotics.

Key Features:
  • Resolves itching and malodor
  • Prevents chronic ear problems
  • Manages chronic yeast and staph otitis
  • Does not contain steroids or antibiotics
  • Non-staining and is not oily or greasy
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