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ProMotionProMotion MegaSale! Stock up! ProMotion is a new highly palatable nutrient and antioxidant dietary supplement for joint maintenance in dogs. Each tablet contains 700 mg glucosamine. The nicely shaped tablets are tasty treat!

ProMotion EQ (180 day supply)
ProMotion EQ (180 day supply)

($188.49)  $144.99
ProMotion EQ (60 day supply)
ProMotion EQ (60 day supply)

($78.50)  $49.99
ProMotion for Med/Large Dogs (120 tablets)
ProMotion for Med/Large Dogs (120 tablets)

($41.99)  $34.99
ProMotion for Med/Large Dogs (60 tablets)
ProMotion for Med/Large Dogs (60 tablets)

($49.45)  $19.99
ProMotion for Small Dogs/Cats (120 tablets)
ProMotion for Small Dogs/Cats (120 tablets)

($36.00)  $21.99
ProMotion for Small Dogs/Cats (60 tablets)
ProMotion for Small Dogs/Cats (60 tablets)

($14.50)  $10.29
6 PK ProMotion for M/L Dogs (720 tablets)+ FREE Joint Treats
6 PK ProMotion for M/L Dogs (720 tablets)+ FREE Joint Treats

($270.99)  $207.99
ProMotion EQ (180 day supply) in convenient crumble form.
Promotion EQ by Animal Health Options is a complete palatable antioxidant joint nutrient formula for horses containing the potent antioxidant, Bioflavanol, high levels of Glucosamine and Hydrolyzed Collagen. For use in the nutritional management of joint disease, maintenance, and repair for supporting orthopedic post-operative recovery

Recommended Usage:

Maintenance usage: Add two (2) servings (scoops) of Pro-E.Q. Joint Formula as top dress to feed per day (based on 500 kg horse). For smaller and larger breeds, adjust accordingly.

Initial Usage: Four (4) servings (scoops) per day for the first five (5) days.

One rounded scoop equals 8.75 grams.

As product is a food supplement, response may not be noticeable for up to 3-4 weeks. Response depends on each animal.

Ingredients: Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal, Wheat Middlings, Gelatin By-products (source of Hydrolyzed Collagen), Glucosamine HCL, Grape Seed Meal (source of Bioflavanols), Yucca Schidigera Extract, Manganese Amino Acid Chelate, Zinc Amino Acid Chelate.

Promotion EQ Details
5.00 rating based on 1 review
Featured Reviews for ProMotion EQ (180 day supply)
Hidden Treasure by dbranch from Posey, Ca.06/05/2012

I saw an add for the Pro Motion EQ a few years ago & have been using it ever since. Both of my horses are pretty sound. They are both 26 years old. Hopefully it's due to this product! I like to order from Entirely Pets because sometimes in their e-mails I receive a 10-15% discount & also receive free shipping with my order! They also ship very fast. Thanks Again!!!

Featured Reviews for ProMotion EQ (60 day supply)
Pro Motion EQ by Jennifer08/06/2009

ProMotion EQ took my pony from not being able to follow through with his back legs (robotic motion) to being able to trot and canter in the paddocks! He blew out both suspensories and Pro Motion Eq. let him regain him self! He is back to great condition. I recommed this to every horse owner that has a horse with an issue!

Pro Motion EQ by LATISHA WILLSON01/17/2008


Good stuff! by GVPC from Colorado10/28/2011

I have a Peruvian Paso with DSLD. This has improved her condition.

Works the best for my horses by hayburners from Utah08/11/2012

I've used several brands of joint products for horses. This one has been the best by far. Using it on hard working schooling horses and speed event horses. Not every horse will eat it, but mine seem to relish the taste. I know within days when a horse is taken off the supplement.

Excellent product! by Cindy from Oregon01/29/2012

I tried this on my 14 yr old Mustang mare and she is a lot more comfortable especially with all her arthritis issues in our colder climate. She moves nicer and I like the fact it has Biotin in it for her hooves. My vet who does her acupuncture/chiropractic treatments said her body responded to it better than a previous product she had recommended. This is definitely a product I will keep her on.

Featured Reviews for ProMotion for Med/Large Dogs (120 tablets)
Great supplement for my dogs. by rick03/13/2013

I started using this for my small dog that has had a chronically reoccurring back issue. I give it to both of my dogs the small one has had less frequent problems and both my dogs love them, they think it is a treat that they get before breakfast.

by from 02/20/2013

I used to buy this product in Japan which cost about $50.00 for 60 tablets.

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by from 12/08/2012

I have two Dobermans sisters - over 100+ lbs each and they take this supplement every day. They would sometimes limp on one of their front legs after laying down. No problems now!!

buy by it from forWonderful


Lives up to its Reputation! by eli01/09/2013

I have four dachsunds ... they are prone to back/joint issues! Have been using this product for years ... I am convinced it has heped resolve numerous issues with some of them and helped prevent others from developing issues. They love the taste and eat the tablets readily. Very easy to administer!

by darcy05/28/2013

Searched web and Entirely Pets had the best price on this product

Recommended by Vet by Water Dog from Arizona11/18/2012

This product was recommended by our dog's vet. We have a working class dog that is extremely active, and this product helps to keep him moving, and thus, happy!

ProMotion - Fantastic by Jorgen from Clifton Park, New York06/12/2012

I have a 6 year old 100 lb. Red Doberman (Trinka) who became lame after even short walks. I was so concerned I took her to the vets. X-Rays did not show anything however the Vet said most likely the begining of an arthritis condition. I saw an article about the folks who make this product and bought it right away. Within 1 week Trinka was back to her old self and that was 4 months ago. She will be on this for life but its sooooooooooooooo worth it. Please buy this product for you dog! NOW! :)

Great Supplement by mjaneway01/17/2013

I have been giving this to Bella since September 2012. Bella (GSD) sits and waits for her Pro Motion when I open the bottle. She loves the taste. Her movement has never looked better. She has improved performance in her agility competitions partly because of good food, nutrition, and the addition of ProMotion.

Love this product by Cocker Diva06/19/2012

My 10 year old cocker spaniel has felt so much better since she has been on this product. She use to have difficulty jumping, running and getting up, but now she is like a different dog. This supplement has helped to manage her arthritis. She is getting around better than ever and will be 11 in a few months.

ABSOLUTELY DELIGHT REPEAT CUSTOMER by Chewy from Virginia03/11/2012

Promotion was recommended to me by my vet -at the price of $80 directly form them. However, being a great vet, she took me aside and told me I could find them online for much less. That led me to Amazon, and Entirely Pets - I get the same great product, at a price I can afford. I order a week before I need them, they ship immediately...my dog loves them and is happy and healthy. GUARANTEED REPEAT CUSTOMER.

Best supplement I have tried. by Cathy from Texas11/20/2012

My veterinarian recommended ProMotion for our large and aging dogs. We have one GSD and two Labs. All are older now and experiencing joint issues. I feel like ProMotion is really making a difference, particularly in the 12 year old lab. They all have increased mobility and flexibility. Great product!

solid product by Jim from Black Hawk CO01/25/2013

helps keep canine joints limber and enhances their activity levels

Seems to be working! by Alamo_New_Life from Alamogordo, NM02/26/2013

My 9 year old shepherd has a bone spur on her rear left knee. She seems to be in less pain and able to walk better. So, I believe it is working....it's worth a try!!!

Great Experience by Steve from New Mexico02/12/2013

I recently placed and order online with Entirelypets.com and this was my first time in dealing with them. The transaction was flawless in both the product received and the timeliness. Thanks for providing good service and a good price.

I have not received your products by YU CHAN LEE04/28/2013

I ordered your products last month, but now I have not received the package. How can I share my feedback? It is over one month since I ordered online. I want know when I can get the package.

Great Product by Cathy04/13/2012

I have an older lab with lower joint issues (not hip dysplasia). After trying several different forms of glucosamine, my vet talked me into trying ProMotion. I saw a noticeable difference in her ability to move without pain fairly quickly that I had not seen with other products. I now give this supplement to my other lab and GSD as a preventive measure. I cannot recommend this product highly enough.

Love what this does for my dog by Jennifer10/23/2012

My lab had both of her ACL's replaced as a puppy. Promotion has been great to keep her moving and pain free. Great Product and easy way to buy it.

Featured Reviews for ProMotion for Small Dogs/Cats (120 tablets)
product by tracey09/21/2009

my 11 year old bichon has been on this for two years and thinks that she is a puppy. she shows no physical signs of arthritis pain. great stuff

ProMotion by Sue from Houston TX06/07/2013

This product came highly rated from friends in rescue. My hound Barney had an issue with his back several years ago. Since he has been on this he has not had another "spell". A friends dog that takes this is over 13 and her vet cannot believe what good mobility, etc. she has.

by from 03/06/2013

I think because these have some of the same ingredients that I take for joint health maintenance, that they are also helping my sixteen year old dog.

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Cheapest place to purchase by COShopper from CO08/13/2012

My dog is on ProMotion as a preventative motion. Entirely Pets has been the cheapest place I have found to purchase it from and they always ship it quickly.

Featured Reviews for ProMotion for Small Dogs/Cats (60 tablets)
I have not received your products by Yu Chan Lee04/28/2013

I orderd your products last month, but now I have not received them. How can I share my feedback. It is over one month since I ordered online. I want to know when I can get the package.

Good Product by Bimini1301/16/2012

This was recommended by our vet for our aging cat who started having a hard time going up stairs and sometimes limped. The supplement has really helped her - no more limp and no problem with the stairs.

by Bimini1302/07/2013

This supplement has worked really well for our cats

Featured Reviews for 6 PK ProMotion for M/L Dogs (720 tablets)+ FREE Joint Treats
Has been a constant in our household for 10 years by Tiki's Mom from Dulles, VA01/14/2013

Great supplement. Can really tell when my dogs have missed a few doses. Have several older dogs who truly benefit but my puppy benefits as well.

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