Pyoben Shampoo (16 oz)

    Pyoben Shampoo (16 oz)

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    For the treatment of infected skin in dogs, this shampoo contains 3% Benzoyl Peroxide in a shampoo base. Contains Glycerin to soften the coat.

    Usage Information

    Directions: Shake well before using. Wet the coat with warm water and apply sufficient shampoo to create a rich lather. Massage Pyoben into wet coat, lather freely. Rinse and repeat. Allow to remain on hair for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with clean water. Frequency of use: initially two to three times a week for four weeks, then reducing to once a week, or as directed by your vet. May be used on cats and dogs of any age.

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    Superior product! by Michelle from Honolulu02/25/2013

    I have never believed in shampoos as a potential cure to skin conditions. In the past, medications were ultimately required. I adopted a 2 1/2 year old Doberman. Within the first two weeks his hair was falling out, leaving the appearance of some kind of skin condition. My vet has never ever suggested a shampoo in the past for my other dogs. He did recommend this one, though. I was skeptical but followed the directions on the bottle. HONESTLY, i could tell a difference within the first 24 hours. The condition completely cleared up and i will only use this shampoo forever. It is amazing. It also decreases natural hair loss through shedding. My dog's coat is so amazing that people often comment on it. The shampoo leaves a coating after it has been rinsed that is extraordinary. I have recommended this shampoo to many friends who Love it, too.

    Great Product by Maddie's Mom from Olympia, WA03/19/2013

    I use this weekly for my little sheltie. She has continuing problems with staph dermatitis. The vet recommended Pyoben Shampoo for her & she rarely has outbreaks of the dermatitis now. The cost of purchasing the Pyoben from the vet was $24.00; the cost of purchasing from Enitrely Pets is $14.00. Considering I give her a bath weekly, it's a huge cost savings over the period of a year.

    Must-have for schnauzer owners by OasisShack from London, KY11/18/2013

    If you have battled schnauzer bumps for years and tried everything else, I can tell you that this is the shampoo that will end your quest. I saw immediate results after the first bath and by the third bath the bumps were all but gone. For the first time since my oldest miniature schnauzer was born, she actually relaxes when she is at rest. This shampoo has actually changed her personality. She will now curl up in your lap and enjoy being touched without reacting to every sensation. Having tried shampoos that smelled worse than they worked, Pyoben is a refreshing change. Though I would not consider it to be fragrant, I can say that the smell of this shampoo is mildly tolerable and certainly affords the opportunity to use a deodorant spray without fear of an odiferous clash.

    good purchase by Renie from PA., USA12/10/2012

    I have been using Pyoben shampoo for many years for skin fungus on dogs. It is the best shampoo that works really fast in helping to clear the situation up, since it is an extremly itchy problem. The dog feels relief almost immediatly. Years ago, the only way to purchase pyoben shampoo was thru a vet and many vets did not carry it. I am so glad I can now purchase it online.

    Wonderful medicated shampoo by Sue03/14/2013

    The vet originally prescribed this for the dermatitis on our Jack Russell's ear flaps. The secret is to leave it on for the full 10 minutes before thoroughly rinsing (by dunking the earflap in a glass of water). Had to use an e-collar for that operation! I use it for our labradoodle's all over dandruff, but less frequently. I only use it when the problem appears; not routinely. It works wonders.

    The Best for Hot spots by snootyshopper from Buffalo, NY02/05/2012

    My dog suffers from allergies and hotspots. Unfortunately antibiotics and expensive vet visits are a norm. I've been using this on her for years. Its the only shampoo that I've found that provides relief and treatment of her hotspots. It also does not irritate her skin like other shampoos often do. When caught early, this stuff does the trick from a full on outbreak. I regularly use this as her weekly shampoo, but when she starts showing signs of skin irritation, I wash 2-3 xs a week and it usually does the trick from turning into a full on outbreak. The smell is pleasant and mild, and it lathers very well. It's good stuff!

    Works well. by ksfarm from Kentucky11/17/2013

    Our black lab has a flea allergy that causes her to scratch continually. Her skin was scaly and oily. This shampoo relieved her itch and scales. Would highly recommend this product.

    Exceptional Medicated Shampoo by schaalchick from San Francisco04/27/2014

    Pyoben provides the much needed relief to my Aussie Shephard for his persistant allergies. It's easy to apply, non fragrant and very easy to rinse off. With consistent use the allergy symptoms have been greatly reduced.

    So far so good by Ruley05/30/2013

    The shampoo I ordered for my schnauzer seems to be working on the rough places on his back. I was very pleased with your web site and delivery was fast and efficient. If I need other products entirelypets is my choice!

    Works along with prescription meds by jaba from Wisconsin02/19/2014

    Our dog has Demodectic mange, which takes months and patience to treat. In conjunction with the prescribed meds, this shampoo works well to make our dog more comfortable. We give a bath at least once a week. The shampoo helps flush the follicles out, and with the 3% Benzoyl Peroxide, it helps supplement the work of keeping the infections under control. The shampoo can be kind of drying, so we use a oatmeal based conditioner afterwards to help with the itching.

    Pyoben by Judie01/13/2013

    Love this product. My dog has big time allergies and diabetes. He gets very resistant sores on his belly. A combination Pyoben and ketochlor shampoos 2 times a week, along with his antibiotics knock the sores out. Impossible before these shampoos.

    GREAT RESULTS by DOGMOM2708/26/2014

    First I want to say that the first bottle of this I got from the vet because my White Standard Poodle was having some serious skin issues. I was instructed to give him a bath two or three times a week (yay!) which is a major undertaking around here but the results were immediate. Obviously, the 8 ounce bottle wasn't going to last long so I ordered these larger bottles for us. I'd like to add that if your vet prescribes this item, go to the drugstore and buy a net-type loofa and use it with the shampoo - it will go a lot farther. And one last thing. This is not a beauty-type shampoo - it's medicine (contains peroxide) so get your vet's OK before using it.

    super shampoo by Beckaroo333 from Oregon outback07/03/2013

    We use this for our little dog that has a skin allergy. It really helps his skin. It is great for all the dogs.

    Did the job by k9nosework from Southern California02/01/2013

    I have two miniature schnauzers who are both prone to breaking out in "schnauzer bumps", which are basically dog blackheads. I use the Pyoben on a weeekly basis & neiither of my dogs show signs of the schnauzer bumps. The shampoo is not harsh at all & they are easy to briush after their bath.

    Best Purchase Ever by sc girl from SC12/14/2012

    I use this shampoo once a week on my little dog .It is the best medicated shampoo I have ever purchased.

    Best Shampoo by Miss Teagan from Ocean View, DE10/29/2011

    Without this shampoo I'm not sure Miss Teagan would be with us today. She had terrible infections on her legs and hips. Miss Teagan has a condition in that her body creates too much Keratin. This results in some wiry hair that feels like a staple, and hard rocks (some as large as a pea) of keratin beneath the skin. This shampoo helps open the hair follicles to facilitate the excess keratin growths to come through the skin without getting infected. We love it.

    Remarkable Purchase by Sandy from Wisconsin12/12/2011

    Beats the prices from any vet ( even with delivery charges), wonderful product, keeps Max clean and free of allergy itching. Plus,prompt service right to our home.

    Great Shampoo for skin problems by sandy05/30/2012

    Keeps our pooch's skin clean and not dried out. Since we have to shampoo her legs every day this is an important feature. Opens her hair folicles and this permits the excess keratin growth from getting infected. We love it.

    Best price ever by Molly from Calgary Alberta11/06/2012

    I Have been buying this product for 5 years, but have never found it at this fantastic price. I won't buy this anywhere else. Thank you.

    by from 05/28/2014

    My dogs started having little reddish bumps popping all over their bodies, it made them smell bad and they kept scratching a lot. My vet recommended bathing them with Pyoben twice a week. By the end of the first week we started seeing improvement and the bumps were going away. Now by the 3rd week they are almost completely gone and they barely scratch themselves as they were, and the bad smell is gone.

    great by on from myPyoben


    Wonderful product by Debbie11/21/2012

    I have a Mini Schnauzer who gets those dreaded Schnauzer bumps and this product is, by far, the best!!

    pyoben shampoo by shelgold209/08/2013

    really improved skin & coat on dog with severe seborrhea

    Pyoben Shampoo by Buster from Arkansas01/22/2013

    An absolutely life saver for a pet with severe skin allergies. Follow the directions, and after the second application, let it sit for 10 minutes prior to rinse.....Instant itch relief for several days. Pyoben is fabulous!!

    Excellent Shampoo by Bulldog Lover from Denton, Texas06/09/2012

    This shampoos helps control allergic skin conditions and leaves the coat soft and silky.

    It really works by DawgMom from NE PA10/11/2013

    My 3 year old English Mastiff had an issue with crusty little skin bumps. After using Pyoben Shampoo one time it cleared up his skin and left his fur nice and soft. I've tried other shampoos but never had the results that I did with Pyoben.

    Very happy with product by Tess from France08/26/2014

    Very happy with product have been using it for about 5 years. Unfortunately very disappointed my order wasn't despatch for 3 weeks. The reason I was told was you were waiting for information from me, which I gave you on the day you requested it. I requested further information on this but nobody got back to me.

    works great by Westiemom3 from Peoria, IL06/19/2014

    My Westie gets pyoderma (staph) from time to time and I use this for the medicated baths. It works great and I would recommend it for dogs that get follicular infections or pyoderma like my dog.

    Pyoben shampoo simply the best! by Shayna from Key Largo, FL12/31/2012

    We would never have known the benefits of Pyoben shampoo if it had not been recommended by our vet. Our cockapoo has had issues with dry skin and itching and Pyoben has not only solved the problem but she smells phenomenal and her coat is like silk to the touch. It costs a bit more but the investment is in the results. And Entirely Pets has the best price in the market. A win-win for us and our pet.

    Pyoben Shampoo by Allen from Georgia08/08/2014

    Pyoben Shampoo is a very good product for dogs with sensitive skin issues and summer heat. You can also use it full strength as a lotion. The active ingredient Benzoyl peroxide is the key.

    great product by robin from Buffalo, NY08/17/2012

    this is a great product esp. if your dog has bad allergies. It was dr. recommended & since I have used it on my allergy-ridden dog his itching has been reduced. And also, Entirely Pets has this product available at the cheapest price. We will return over & over.

    Itchy skin by Josey from CA04/12/2012

    Although I don't like baths very much, this shampoo sure made my coat nice and soft and shiny. I'm still itching a bit but it is much better now and I think all my itching will go away with one or 2 more baths. And I really like to chew so maybe my skin doesn't itch as much as my mouth likes to nibble!

    Great shampoo by Shar from Ocala, FL09/20/2013

    If your pup has allergies and itches all the time, this shampoo is awesome! It really helps!

    Good Prices and Service by Ruby08/14/2012

    My vet recommended this product because my dog had an staph infection. The price at the vet's office was over twice the EntirelyPets price. My order came quickly and in good shape. I am very satisfied. Thanks.

    Great price! by Bentley's Mom from Channahon IL05/30/2012

    My Bentley has demodectic mange for which my vet has recommended Pyoben shampoo to keep his "follicles" squeaky clean. It's hard to purchase this product without a prescription. My vet has a housecall only practice so he doesn't stock products. This was very convenient and the shipping was super quick, ordered on Friday from IL and received Monday from CA. Doesn't get any better than that!

    great shampoo by sue08/21/2014

    very expensive from my vet, when I found it through entirely pets for a lot less I was thrilled

    EntirelyPets are awesome by Alex from Dallas, TX12/12/2011

    We have been using this product for over 4 years and it does the job every time!!! Our boxer/bulldog mix has very severe allergies when playing outside and he has outbreaks every now and then. After having tried many shampoos and conditioners, our Vet back in Hawaii suggested we try Pyoben. Since we moved to Texas none of the pet stores we checked carry this stuff. So I shopped online and decided to try Entirely Pets. Price was very fair and shipping was very quick.

    great anti-itch shampoo for dogs by ddm241 from Burbank, CA06/06/2012

    We have a German Shepard who is itchy--washing her every week with this Pyoban shampoo (and giving Benedryl) had kept her comfortable. Excellent shampoo.

    This One Seems to be Working by Leo S from Orlando, FL12/09/2013

    I tried a few products to reduce a skin infection that seems to be coming from the yard - we have already eliminated food. This is the first product that seems to be working. My dog is white and her skin is very sensitive. The skin is a little red after using but she doesn't seem to be bothered by it, and the itch is gone. I've used it twice per week in the last two weeks and the rashes are pretty much gone.

    by from 06/28/2014

    Excellent shampoo and the one I highly recommend for any dog, I've tried other brands and my 3 year old dog (Boxer) feels better when I give him a bath with this shampoo

    smooth by and from shiny"His


    Best Purchase by Hershey from New York10/23/2011

    My dog has a skin condition undiagnosed although the vet says she has a thyroid condition. This shampoo has helped to rebalance her skin and helped her to stop scratching. I purchase this a regulary to care for her and keep the skin condition under control.

    best shampoo i ever had by dee dee from rocky mount va06/14/2013

    this shampoo does wondes on my dogs allergy.she scratch so much her stomach had welts on it Using the shampoo as directed did wonders. She still scratches some time , but not like she use to. I would recommend this shampoo very highly.

    Works very well by Debbie12/07/2011

    Nice product. I have a Mini Schnauzer that gets Schnauzer bumps on his back & this works very well to manage them!

    Great follicle cleaning shampoo by bob03/03/2012

    My Yorkie has inherited hair loss and allergies. He gets frequent skin infections. This is the first time I have tried Pyoben and it really works (better than vet shampoo!).



    Yeast infection eradication by Two J's from Nebraska03/18/2014

    Sir Fritz was pleagued with yeast infections on his paws, groin area and one front leg pit (that is what I call it anyway). After the initial two week every other day routine, the infection cleared up and has not returned, his coat has grown back and I still bathe him with this product once a week. I am very happy with the results. Thank You!

    This one did the trick!!! So happy!!!! by YorkieMom from NJ09/24/2013

    Years of dry, flaky, crusty, and pimply skin has disappeared in only 6 weeks!!!! Vet told us to use this religiously and nothing else, no conditioner. We used it twice a week for 6 weeks on both our boys. One is highly sensitive and allergic to dust mites and flea bites, and is so itchy, that he bites his paws until they are bloody stumps, even with socks and boots on!!! The other boy was always filled with crusts, all over, but mostly toward the back. Has not had one crust in all this time. Great for getting hard damaged skin off. We are now down to once a week. Boys look and feel so much better. Tried so many others, but this is the one that did what the vet said it would do!!!

    worked great by joy from Plantation, Fl.05/25/2013

    Joy had a coat and skin condition after two weekly baths had cleared significantly and now after one month it is gone. We have found our familys new shampoo. Thank you.

    Shipping by Von06/03/2012

    I waited two weeks for this shipment. First time Entirely Pets took so long to ship the product. Customer Service was not very friendly or helpful.

    Best Shampoo for Skin Problems by Westie Owner01/11/2014

    This is the shampoo that most vets recommend to shampoo dogs with chronic skin problems. It works deep at the skin level to remove the grease that develops with the irritation. I have used this shampoo for over 6 years to help control the skin problems for my westie girl. When you have a dog with chronic skin problems you must bathe them once a week to keep their skin clean. It is not drying and she always has a nice coat. Much cheaper to purchase here than at the vet office.

    by harvak from st;louis mo07/18/2013

    purchased after suggestion of our vet. seems to help with our welsh terriers extreme dry scaly skin. but certainly not a cure all, that said it was purchased thru your site at a much lower price than I could get thru my vet,

    Love my molly by Poor Westie 110/20/2013

    My Westie will always have issues with her skin. The first shampoo my vet have me try did a good job but she though this might serve her better. After the first wash those little bumps washed away. I continue to use it and with each wash I can see the scale from her skin rise up through the lather. I need to wash her every 4 days and I leave her to sit after washing 10 min. twice. This has gone on since 9-8-13. Hopefully soon I can shorten that to once a week. I don't get much lather but that might be because her skin gets so greasy or maybe this shampoo doesn't lather up like some do.


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