• Petstages Big Squeak Gator

    Petstages Big Squeak Gator

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    Let your dog chomp as much as he wants with this durable, Big Squeak Gator from PetStages. This dog toy contains no stuffing for your pet to ingest. It has a tough middle to help keep its shape, even if it is punctured. The double squeakers make different sounds to grab your dog's attention. The different textures will keep your dog's interest longer. The Big Squeak Gator is the appropriate size for medium to large breed dogs.

    Product Features
  • Innovative design replaces typical stuffing
  • No stuffing = safer plush toy
  • Multiple plush textures keeps dogs interest
  • Easy to carry
  • For larger dogs
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    Gator by Gordon Setter lover from Gorham, ME07/31/2014

    This is the 3rd gator that I have ordered from Entirely Pets. It does last a long time! My dog(Gordon Setter) loves this toy. She gets a lot of exercise and we throw it to her so she can play a game of catch and retrieve. This lasts a while. We do pick up and put away after a short time as it will last much longer if she is not left alone to chew on it. It is durable and a lot of fun for our dog. Made of 2 plastic inserts that won't puncture as long as you retrieve from your dog after a short while. This has lasted longer than any other toy she has had in her 5 year old life.

    Keep them coming! by Beezy11/03/2011

    This is about the 3rd one I have purchased for our golden retriever mix puppy! He absolutely loves this toy more than any of the others we have gotten him! If we are watching a favorite TV program, we can be sure that Jake will decide that is the time to play with this toy, making it squeak noisily in the different "pitches" and loving every minute of it! We always have a new one on hand, because eventually he chews the covers off! But as long as you carry them, we will be buying them!

    big squeak gator by cookie from chicago, il.12/29/2012

    loved the no stuffing, but with in less then a hour of play time a foot came off and it has a hole, so we had to take gator away.

    Anyone want a quadraplegic gator? by Gigi from Halifax NS03/06/2013

    My puli tore off its feet within two minutes of removing it from the package. Other than that minor detail, he seems to be enjoying the crunchy squeekiness of the remains of this gator-like creature.

    best squeak toy ever by FLVetTech from Florida10/22/2012

    2 different big strong squeakers, tough fabric, my dogs' new favorite toy

    petstages toys by buddy03/09/2013

    Shipping WAY OT HIGH Paid $3.99 for the same toy here in Canada...and 4 from you (2 mini) cost me $50. Will probably not order again because of shipping costs.

    by from 11/07/2013

    My bulldog is completely obsessed with these toys. He goes through one a month, so for Christmas, we buy him an entire box to last the year. All you have to do is say the word "crocodile" to him and he runs to the cupboard that we hide them in!

    weren't by so from expensive,I


    Loves to play by Boxers Rule11/02/2011

    We have a 4 year old boxer named Thor he loves to play and loves to play with his Gator/ it is so much fun to watch him play with his Gator all by himself/we have already recommended this toy to others.

    Fun Toy with a Big Squeak by Tigger & Bodie from California12/14/2012

    This toy is pretty durable for the price. It has no stuffing so it doesn't make a mess. It keeps squeaking after it's been pierced by my dog's sharp canine teeth. My dog loves the loud squeak and he loves this toy.

    still intact after 3 days! by smilnacres from Readstown, Wi03/11/2012

    so far so good with this toy! It is very cute and so far our big chewer hasn't wrecked it. She did take some of the felt off, but the rest is still going strong.

    TOY by PENNYLOAFER from UTAH08/28/2013


    dogs favorite toy by weejun from UTAH09/02/2012

    this toy only lasts about two weeks with my little silky but the joy he derives during those two weeks brings me tears of joy.

    On my top five list. by cookie03/20/2013

    Had this for about 6 weeks and still a favorite toy for her and for us. We get a thrill just listening to her play with it. (Normally she destroys ALL toys within days, if not hours. We returned a non-destructable within 1/2 hour of purchase once.) I'd recommend and will order more.

    fun but didn't last long... by Steph11/22/2012

    My wolfdog pup loved this toy for the ten minutes it lasted... She ate a bunch of the outer furry cover and puked it up later... :P For a dog that isn't a serious chewer this would be a great toy..

    by dot03/24/2013

    products great...or I would not have gone to the trouble to order them.....however I will probably not order again as the shipping to Canada is WAY TO HIGH.

    A favourite! by Gitanjali from India06/18/2013

    Originally was purchased for my great dane puppy. When I got my little cocker spaniel, she took it from the great dane (who had outgrown his toys by then). It was huge for her but she loved it. By the time she was 1 year old, it broke so I threw it in the bin. She mourned over the bin! So I had to buy her a new one!

    Neighbor's dog stole the first one! by Gigi from Halifax, NS10/20/2013

    This is the second time I am purchasing this toy for my dog. I swear - any dog that touches this gator is absolutely mesmerized by its squeaks - they cock their heads, poke at it with their noses and paws, toss it in the air - go crazy playing with it! My neighbor's dog loved it so much, we think he's the culprit who stole my Puli's beloved toy! So I bought another one to replace it. I would have enthusiastically given it 5 stars - but once again, my dog managed to rip off its feet within hours of the toy's arrival - so for that, it's getting a respectable 4. Still love it and will buy it again and again if I have to!


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