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Puppy Kong

Puppy KongAll Kong Puppy toys are specially designed for a puppy's mouth, promoting healthy development and good chewing behavior and soothing sensitive gums at the same time.

KONG Puppy  - LARGE (upto 65 lbs)
KONG Puppy - LARGE (upto 65 lbs)

($14.99)  $10.79
Puppy KONG Puppy Teething Stick - SMALL 2-9 Months
Puppy KONG Puppy Teething Stick - SMALL 2-9 Months

($4.99)  $3.49
KONG Puppy Binkie - MEDIUM (2-6 Months)
KONG Puppy Binkie - MEDIUM (2-6 Months)

($6.99)  $5.19
Puppy KONG's Flyer
Puppy KONG's Flyer

($6.99)  $5.19
Puppy Kong Squeaker Toy Large
Puppy Kong Squeaker Toy Large

($10.30)  $7.39
Puppy Kong Squeaker Toy Blue Small
Puppy Kong Squeaker Toy Blue Small

($7.99)  $5.59
Soft rubber encourages teething relief. Fun Kong shape bounces and holds a biscuit inside too. ONE FREE Ziggies treat inside! Available in assorted colors, please allow us to choose for you.

  • Specially designed for a puppy's mouth
  • Promotes healthy development and good chewing behavior
  • Soothes sensitive gums
  • 5.00 rating based on 1 review
    Featured Reviews for Puppy KONG Puppy Teething Stick - SMALL 2-9 Months
    by misfit1382604/09/2013

    The puppy liked it but it is a lot bigger them him so he lost interest in it real quick. I didn't add any treats to it otherwise I know he would be haveing a field day with it.

    Featured Reviews for KONG Puppy Binkie - MEDIUM (2-6 Months)
    by from 03/27/2012

    The product is OK, not a real favorite for our new puppy, but the shipping speed is HORRIBLE. It took 3 business days for them to even get the order out the door and I did not receive it in their stated 3-8 business day arrival.

    ordered by from from EntirelyPetsI


    Well made and perfect for puppies. by didsx3 from saint louis, mo03/05/2014

    My dog is a little small for this right now 15lbs, she is a border collie and can only chew on the handle end right now but she loves chewing on this. it has a bit of a bounce, really nice rubber, and it keeps her busy. She's about to start teething soon so I am so thankful for this.

    Great toy by Baileysmom from florida08/07/2013

    This was larger than anticipated, but I'm glad it is as my puppy is growing like crazy. She's a black lab and when she grabs it by the front it lookslike a big pacifier. I will be ordering more as my other dogs try to take it away from her. It has a hole in the bottom that can be filled with peanut butter. Only problem is that it doesn't float.....when she drops it in the pool we have to go fish it out....but it's worth it for the fun she has with it and the laughs we get watching her. Great toy!

    Featured Reviews for Puppy KONG's Flyer
    by steph10/14/2013

    Kong makes amazing/sturdy dog toys. Money is always "WELL SPENT" when purchasing KONG! Flyer path remains 'true' throw after throw.

    cute little frisbee by junior from honolulu01/02/2013

    it suppose to be for puppies but i use it for our labs & staffy . they love it , mix using it with about 4 different frisbee which the dogs love

    Puppy Kong Flyer by Debi from Reno02/05/2013

    Angelina loves these Flyers! Thank you for having them at such a great pruce. I purchased 7 of them!!!

    Kong Puppy Flyer by Arkie from Conway, AR02/13/2013

    As always Kong has a great product. We have several Kong toys for our 9 month old poodle. She loves this Flyer and even if we are not throwing it to her, she will put in her mouth and toss it to herself and play with it. She also enjoys chewing on the flyer.

    Featured Reviews for Puppy Kong Squeaker Toy Large
    Perfect for older dogs too! by Calpidu05/04/2014

    I love these. The squeaker lasts forever and my older pup adores her pink squeaky Kong.

    by from 07/25/2013

    Great squeakier toy. The very best in the market.

    finding by it from inHope


    by from Thanks"


    Loves it! by lap from Dallas11/11/2011

    The dog can play with it for hours. It's awesome.

    dogs favorite toy by mac111 from scranton pa11/14/2013

    purchased this kong for my chocolate lab. He;s a very aggresive chewer. He's destroyed numerous toys but has yet to put a dent in this squeaker toy. It's very durable, squeaker still works. Kongs are only toys he doesn't destroy.

    Featured Reviews for Puppy Kong Squeaker Toy Blue Small
    great toy by Lauren10/04/2009

    I got this toy for my new puppy which he loves, and my 70lb adult female that destroys every toy cant break this one. Both of them love how it squeaks. Its a great toy!

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