• PureBites Chicken Breast Dog Treat (11.6 oz)

    PureBites Chicken Breast Dog Treat (11.6 oz)

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    PureBites® are made with only 1 ingredient; 100% Pure USDA Inspected Chicken Breast in the USA.

    Dogs love the taste of PureBites® because our treats are freeze dried RAW to lock in the aroma, texture and freshness they crave. Dog parents love PureBites® because our treats are 100% pure and rich in nutrients for a happy and healthy life.

  • Made with only 1 ingredient; 100% Pure USDA Inspected Raw Chicken Breast.
  • Proudly Sourced and Made in the USA.
  • 100% natural, pure and easy to digest without any added preservatives.
  • On average 3 calories per treat and high in protein.
  • Ideal for dogs with health issues or pets that are overweight, diabetic, have allergies, gastrointestinal disorders, or are on a restricted diet.
  • Made using a delicate freeze drying process that preserves the nutritional integrity of RAW fresh whole food. Only water is removed, preserving all the characteristics and natural nutrition of fresh raw chicken breast.

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    Usage Information

    Guaranteed Analysis
    Crude Protein 74% min
    Crude Fat 3% min
    Crude Fiber 1% max
    Moisture 5% max

    Calorie Content (Calculated)
    Metabolizable Energy 3709 kcal/kg

    Feeding Guidelines: Feed as a Healthy Treat or as a Training Aid for your dog.


    100% Pure USDA Inspected Chicken Breast, made in the USA.

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    by JL from California07/12/2013

    I give this product to my cats for rewards and treats, they love it and they all fight for each little piece. I keep several bags on hand and use it as treats for my show cats when we are at shows.

    PureBites Chicken Breast Dog Treat (11.6 oz) by kiki11/06/2012

    Wonderful for both kittens and puppy; they don't feel jealous of eachothers treats now.

    Great for dogs and cats! by PJ03/17/2012

    The only treats that I'll give my pets. Thank you for shipping to Spain! We really appreciate it.

    Best price for this product by cybersailor from Hilton, NY01/16/2013

    My ferrets love this treat and am pleased with the price and how fast the delivery was.

    by renee10/20/2011

    19 year old Yorkie Poo loves this !!!! Will continue to purchase this product and mix with his other food:-))

    Dogs love it!! by Barqman from ILL03/08/2013

    My 3 pugs love them! Too bad as you get the the bottom of the bag they are fairly small and a lot of dust. I just put it into their food.

    PureBites by Pat from Lake Suzy FL02/12/2013

    Our two Bengals, age 3.5 love the PureBites chicken flavored dog bites. We had to buy them in the large dog bags since there is not anything comparable for cats, size-wise. They always know when it is 8pm and time for "treaties". Thank you for a great product!

    My cats love these by Susina02/13/2013

    My cats love these treats. They are healthy with no additives.

    Healthy Pet Treats Dogs & Cats Will Love!!! by PJ from Puerto Banus, Spain05/30/2012

    I give these high protein, no carb chicken treats to my dog and two cats. They love them! I put them on my dog's food to get him to eat. They are all natural and low in calories. Great for diabetic cats that shouldn't eat carbs. Thank you Entirely Pets for shipping to Spain!

    Pure Bites by catchaos09/03/2013

    The chicken I bought was labeled for dogs, but I got it for my cats. It's much more economical, and I just break up the big pieces. All my cats love it.

    Best Purchase Ever by Gail from Burnsville, Minnesota03/06/2012

    I had tried a small package of the PureBites Chicken for cats and our cat, Sophie, absolutely loved them. So when I saw I could get a large bag for dogs (same product as cats) online I started ordering from Entirely Pets. Our cat will cry until we give her a treat - appears to be a nice healthy snack!!!

    by from 12/03/2012

    The best! by jax22 from Cherry Hill, NJ05/07/2014

    Best and healthiest treat for dogs or cats. It's the only treat I can give my diabetic cat. They all go crazy for this stuff. Much cheaper in this size and from Entirety Pets!

    Awesome! by HeatChick from Coral Springs, FL09/03/2013

    My dog loves these treats! I sprinkle them on his dry dog food or just give them as treats!

    The Best Treat Ever by Kate from Montreal09/01/2014

    My dog will not eat her dry dog food without having some chicken sprinkled on it (she is on a special diet, and the food is rather bland). She can eat this all day. And the cat comes running when I open the bag, and gobbles everything she sees. Great treat, great price!!!!

    Great but addictive treat for cats & dogs by baribari from NW Pacific Coast10/25/2011

    Actually this treat suits our 6 kitties and 1 dog to the ultimate taste treat. They are simply addicted to the chicken leaving me holding bags of other treats for them to ignore. So beware, they will love it once they have tasted it.

    by amygirl09/17/2013

    I have 2 shih tzus and they both love the dried chicken. It is good for them and all natural. It is the only treat that I trust to give them.

    great product by none from Florida,06/10/2013

    Dogs really like this treat. Great training aid. Only problem is it gets reduced to crumbs. Still I guess you can put over dog food for flavor.

    All-Time Favorite Snack by Jessepoo from MD06/15/2012

    I have to by these giant bags to keep my toy poodle happy. Other snacks come and go, but this one has always been a favorite, and I feel good letting him have this because it's pure chicken breast. Nothing else...

    Best Price by km05/27/2011

    My cat was diagnosed with FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) May 2010. This is a fatal disease but with a diet change to a pure protein food that doesn't contain any vegetables, fruits or preservatives, and homeopathic remedies my cat is still alive. I was frantically searching for such a food and someone recommended Pure Bites. Knowing that she will be eating this for the rest of her life I had to search for a store that carries it for a reasonable price. I found Entirely Pets has the best price. I place an order once a month and it helps that they offer free shipping.

    Just Crumbles by Debbie07/07/2014

    I purchased this because I like that idea that the only ingredient was chicken. Most of the bag is just tiny crumbles and for the cost of the bag, there are very few bite size pieces I can use as treats. It is supposed to be 100% satisfaction guaranteed, but the company hasn't returned my call. I thought it was odd that I had to leave a message for customer service and hope that they call back.

    Best purchase price by cybersailor12/02/2012

    Checked oter places and this is the best price for this product

    Great !! by Beatrice04/05/2013

    This is our dog Ru-dee's favorite treat.

    Best Treat Ever by Scooter from Minnesota03/07/2014

    I purchase this treat for my cat - the 11.6 oz bag is more reasonable in price than the smaller ones recommended for cats. She loves the chicken treat and meows loudly where the treats are located to get our attention to feed her one!!! And they appear to be healthier than most other treats.

    A favorite by Margie09/18/2014

    My dog loves these "bites"-----I love the fact that they contain nothing but chicken----no additives of any kind! There are less calories in a piece than in a dog biscuit, so I can "treat" him more often. My only complaint would be that in transit some of the contents end up as crumbs in the bottom of the package.

    Healthy, Yummy Treats by coonielover from Vancouver, BC10/22/2012

    Great healthy, natural treats. Highly recommended. My felines love these but they don't make the 11 oz bags for felines so I purchase the ones for canines. Exact same ingredients - just freeze dried chicken.

    freeze dried chicken treats, PureBites by catsitter01 from Fairfax, VA03/18/2014

    I buy the large bag in the dog section but they are for my cats (I don't have dogs). Since they only seem to have the small bags in the cat treat sections, I need a larger bag. My one cat wakes me every morning with a paw to the head saying "HEY, give me my PureBites treats NOW" I break them into smaller pieces. Not only do MY cats love them, I own a professional cat care company and give these treats to our client's cats as well. Big hit with the sitter making us #1 in the business.

    It saved my cat's life! by Smokie'sMom from NJ08/24/2010

    Once a diabetic about-to-die cat due to improper food (cat is in essence a carnivore, not a grain eater, so the usual dry food is not exactly a good option) my cat was saved due to this (freezed-dry) natural product and other natural products (canned), so watch out what you feed your beloved furry friend! Thank God for one more life saved! :)

    Best Purchase Ever by Dodie from henderson, NV01/01/2013

    My cats love this product - they want this more than the canned filets and they are so picky they won't even eat the pates. They watch me break it up for them then start shoving my hands out of the way to get to it. Love it.

    by from 10/23/2013

    The best by Joan10/22/2012

    I use these treats on top of their food to get them eating. LOL they love them. And Entirely Pets has the best price around.


    I have been through so many treats and want to avoid anything with added grains- NOT much on the market. I came across this product at the local feed store. All I have to do is open the cabinet where I keep the bag and both dogs and cat come running from all corners of the house. Dogs you expect this from but my cat is so independent she doesn't move for anything except these EXCEPTIONAL treats. I have recomended these treats to eveyone I know whom has critters large,small, cat or dog.

    Good for cats too by Debbie from Philadelphia, PA01/14/2013

    I feed these to my cats. They are great alternatives to cats treats with carbs and my cats love them. It is much cheaper to buy them in the large dog bags and then break them apart to feed to the cats than buying the small bags marketed for cats. If your cats are off carbs these are great all protein treats recommended by my vet.

    MY dogs love these by leehampton from TN09/26/2014

    I love ordering from Entirely Pets, first rate service, great products!

    Chicken bites by Norman from Huntington, NY06/20/2014

    Loved these treats the same as the Liver Bites

    Magic Dust! by Little Ms. Kitty05/19/2013

    This product is the bomb. I always say I'm going to find my dehydrator and make this but I have not as yet so I depend on it to sprinkle on top of the premium wet or raw food I feed my kitties and they go nuts over it! I don't think they would eat as much if I did not use this product. I do not use dry food so it's a must that they eat enough wet for their body weight. I could not be without this product. I order the largest bag and four at a time! My neighbor is now using it for the kitties she has which three or the four she adopted from me since I rescue!

    Product is great by Joan H from Sussex, NJ09/09/2013

    The shipping leaves something to be desired. I once again received sawdust instead of bites. ask for a box when you order.

    Mmm, mmm, great!!! by temphier from Vancouver, BC06/21/2012

    Love this product - it is the premium choice in healthy treats for your furry loved one. Rather than using ones with fillers, these are pure protein. Great for weight maintenance while still allowing room for treaty delights!

    The product is fine. by Charlie from Schaumburg, IL01/29/2012

    Not satisfied with packaging. I asked for the product to be bubble wrapped and all they did was put 2 pcs. of flat plastic in the box. So the Pure Bites were smashed.

    My pets are crazy about Purebite chicken treats by maineloonatic10/11/2013

    Both my cats and dogs love freeze dried Purebite chicken treats. They can't get enough of them and the best part is they're healthy treats!

    Good price by mario.corbin from Lac des Aigles, Québec, Canada02/11/2013

    Je n'ai pas recu le colis encore.... Ididn't receive the parcel yet; still waiting...

    Snack for my cat by pumpkin the cat11/06/2012

    I keep these in a tiny bowl as a snack for my cat. Some pieces are too tough for her to chew but most of them - like 98% - are fine and she loves them.

    healthy treats by phylnow09/18/2013

    my pets love these chicken treats.....100% pure chicken breast, and made in the USA!

    PureBites Chicken Breast Dog Treats by Deafcats from Rochester, NY04/16/2013

    I give these treats to my 4 cats. The bites are bigger because they are for a dog, but I break them up. My cats gobble them up. It is a great product for my mothers diabetic cat. High in protein and no fat or sugar. Whenever I give Rocky his insulin shot, he runs to his dish for these great treats. Also great for my other 3 cats who are on a diet !! I highly recommend them and Entirely Pets is a great website.

    by from 03/06/2011

    Bought several Pure Bite products listed on your web site, and everything is held or backordered. If I had known this, I would have shopped either someplace else and given up the savings, or split the order into something that was available. Please put a product availability notice on your items pages in the future.

    to by me from andProduct


    They Love It!! by pief12/10/2012

    I recently purchased a 11.6 oz. bag of PureBites Chicken Breast Dog Treats and it's one of the best purchases I could have made! Although they are for dogs, my cats LOVE them! I have on very particular kitty who usually takes a few bites out of her food dish and then stops. I found that if I put some of the chicken treats on top of her food, she will gobble it up! I'll need to keep these treats on hand!

    by from 09/08/2013

    Our 6 y.o. collie is very fussy when it comes to treats, but you should see him lick his chops and salivate when I take these out! And we love that they're JUST CHICKEN -- no added junk!

    buy by these from againWe



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