• Miracle Care QuickFinder Saftey Deluxe Nail Clipper

    Miracle Care QuickFinder Saftey Deluxe Nail Clipper

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    Miracle Care QuickFinder® deluxe™

    by Miracle Coat is the only nail clipper that takes the guesswork and trauma out of trimming your pet's nails by sensing the correct cutting depth, preventing you from cutting into the quick--the sensitive tissue below the nail line. Upon inserting your pet's nail between the clipper's blades, a built-in sensor distinguishes between nail tissue and the quick and lights a green LED when a safe trimming depth is reached. A firm squeeze of the easy-to-grip handles cleanly and painlessly clips the nail in one smooth motion. Designed for large or hard nail breeds.

    Our patented design utilizes sensor technology to detect nail differences between the live blood of your pet's quick, and the dead skin of the nail and claw. QuickSensor senses with a circuit-board precision,

    The QuickFinder® deluxe™ is designed for high volume usage (e.g. grooming salons, veterinary offices, or animal shelters).


    Usage Information

    How it Works:
    QuickFinder® deluxe™ works on amazing Quicksensor technology that senses your pet's quick and gives you visual clues as to when it is safe and when it is not safe to begin clipping.

    The patented QuickSensor (fig. 1) detects the changes in frequencies in your pet’s nail due to sensing of the blood vessels and nerve endings in the quick. When the blood vessels or nerve endings are detected, the red light will illuminate.

    As you move the QuickFinder® slowly toward the tip of the nail, the light will change to yellow (caution) and finally to green - safe to cut.

    The QuickFinder® deluxe™ is battery operated and includes two (2) LR44 (AG13) batteries.

    How to Use:

    Step 1: Keeping nails, fingers, and paws away from the clipper sensor and cutting blades, turn the clipper on by pushing and releasing the power button (see Illustration 4). When the unit is turned on, the YELLOW light will blink on the frosted signal strip and will continue to blink for several seconds (see Illustration 5). When the unit has self-calibrated (the sensor has readied itself), the YELLOW light will turn off and only the RED light will remain on. Then release the safety latch. If you release the safety latch before powering on the unit, the unit will not calibrate properly. (Power on first) The QuickFinder® deluxe™ is now ready to begin clipping your pet’s nails.

    Step 2: With sensor ready to read the quick and with the sensor facing the paw, insert nail tip through cutting blades. Be sure the nail is positioned toward the sensor. The clipper and sensor are designed to operate correctly when the cutting blades are at a right angle to the nail. Keep the nail at a right angle to the clipper blades throughout the process. The sensor registers blood in the quick, but will also register blood in your pet’s paw or in your own finger. It is important to be sure only the quick in your pet’s nail is being detected and not the blood from your hand or your pet’s paw. Be sure to keep the paw and your hand and fingers away from the sensor.

    Step 3: With the tip of the nail inserted through the cutting blades, move the clipper toward the paw to the base of the nail (see Illustration 10). The light will remain RED even after it has detected the quick. Once the QuickFinder® deluxe™ has detected the quick at the base of the nail, begin moving cutting blades back toward tip of nail (see Illustration 11) until the frosted signal strip illuminates GREEN indicating you have cleared the quick and it is safe to cut. (The YELLOW light may briefly illuminate as the blade and sensor approach the area of the nail near the quick. It is not safe to clip when YELLOW or RED lights are on.)

    Step 4: While maintaining position and angle (90º) of clipper, squeeze handles together in firm swift motion to avoid crushing nail. It is normal for GREEN light to turn off at end of clipping action after blade has cut through nail. If RED light stays on, power off device and restart clipping process (Step 1).

    The QuickFinder® deluxe™ will automatically turn off in open position (Handles not depressed).


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    DO NOT Waste your money!!!!! by Czar from Maryland09/23/2013

    While the concept is good this product is not. Setup is easy but the sensor does not read the quick in the nail as described. I have three large dogs and it did not work on any of them. Maybe it would do better with smaller dogs with thinner nails??? For the high cost of this product you can purchase a set of quality trimmers and still have money left over for a Happy Meal!!!

    by from 02/07/2012

    The two biggest problems with this clipper:

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    of by the from battery2)


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    cuts well, does not find the quick by casey from NH02/23/2014

    I used this clipper on medium size dogs. The light is either constantly yellow or red. When I finally got it to turn green, it cut the quick anyway. A waste of money.

    by from 01/16/2013

    I originally purchased this item from Entirely Pets. However, I received an email that it had been backordered. When I called to verify when it might ship, I was told it was actually not going to be ordered at all. My order had been cancelled. However, I was able to get the item from dog.com.

    the by item from inOnce


    Miracle Care QuickFinder Saftey Deluxe Nail Clippe by Laura from NC09/27/2013

    The special thing about these clippers is the "Quick Finder". Well it doesn't work. The actual clippers are great! But the quick finder doesn't function well and the battery cap keeps popping off.


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