Quiet Moments for Dogs

Calming SupplementQuiet Moments offers support to your pet during periods of anxiety, nervousness, tension or stress such as traveling, grooming, thunderstorms, 4th of July, or trips to the veterinarian. Contains all natural active ingredients.

NaturVet Quiet Moments - Calming Aid Plus Melatonin (60 Tabs)
NaturVet Quiet Moments - Calming Aid Plus Melatonin (60 Tabs)

($16.90)  $14.99
2-PACK NaturVet Quiet Moments - Calming Aid Plus Melatonin (120 Tabs)
2-PACK NaturVet Quiet Moments - Calming Aid Plus Melatonin (120 Tabs)

($29.99)  $27.99

($13.99 Each)

6 PACK NaturVet Quiet Moments - Calming Aid Plus Melatonin (360 Tabs)
6 PACK NaturVet Quiet Moments - Calming Aid Plus Melatonin (360 Tabs)

($103.99)  $79.99

($13.33 Each)

Naturvet Quiet Moments Calming Aid for Dogs & Cats (65 soft chews)
Naturvet Quiet Moments Calming Aid for Dogs & Cats (65 soft chews)

($11.99)  $8.99
NaturVet Quiet Moments Herbal Calming Spray - Canine (8 oz)
NaturVet Quiet Moments Herbal Calming Spray - Canine (8 oz)

($14.99)  $8.99
NaturVet Quiet Moments - Calming Aid (30 Tabs)
NaturVet Quiet Moments - Calming Aid (30 Tabs)

($12.99)  $10.99
NaturVet Quiet Moments Calming Aid Plus Melatonin (70 Soft Chews)
NaturVet Quiet Moments Calming Aid Plus Melatonin (70 Soft Chews)

($11.99)  $10.99
Try Bonies Dental Bones - Calming FormulaQuiet Moments by Naturvet offers support to your pet during periods of anxiety, nervousness, tension or stress such as traveling, grooming, thunderstorms, 4th of July, or trips to the veterinarian.
  • Helps Reduce Stress and Tension
  • Great for Travel, Thunderstorms, New Environments, Fireworks and Grooming

  • Naturvet University Product Education Calming Aids (PDF) Untitled Document
    Give recommended amount once daily 30 minutes prior to stressful situation. Do not exceed double the daily amount in a 12-hour period.

    Weight Amount
    Up to 26 lbs. 1/2 tablet
    27 to 50 lbs. 1 tablet
    51 to 99 lbs. 2 tablets
    100 lbs. and over 3 tablets
    Beta Carotene, Dicalcium Phosphate, Magnesium Stearate, Maltodextrins, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Natural Flavoring, Non-Fat Dry Milk, Peanut Butter Flavoring, Silica Aerogel, Stearic Acid, and Vegetable Oil.

    Chamomile Flower 150 mg
    Passion Flower 100 mg
    Thiamine Mononitrate 100 mg
    Ginger 50 mg
    L-Tryptophan 30 mg
    Melatonin 120 mcg
    (Above ingredients time released)
    4.45 rating based on 11 reviews
    Featured Reviews for NaturVet Quiet Moments - Calming Aid Plus Melatonin (60 Tabs)
    Yum, yum, yum. by moi03/05/2013

    My little love simply gobbles these up with no side effects. It's possible that she is calmer, but there's not a very conspicuous difference.

    It's Helping! by Maggie'sPackLeader from NC10/16/2013

    We have an ACD who doesn't like to stay in our outdoor kennel if we leave for the day. We would have to take her by the leash to get her in there. The first time I gave her one of these Quiet Moments tablets, I also filled her kong with carrots and a bit of peanut butter. She followed me right in, altho she still dug while in there (her kennel now sits on a border of concrete!) The second time I gave her this, she was sitting in the kennel waiting for me to get there......mind you she still tries to dig out, but all in all, I feel better when I have to leave her in there if we are out for the day. I will continue to use this product.

    works for thunderstorm anxiety by dory07/17/2012

    My dog developed severe storm anxiety. I gave this product to her today and she did not shake and pant during a thunderstorm. This product does not seem to have any side affects and my pet did not suffer through another thunderstorm today!

    Chill Out by Darnell from Boulder City, Nevada07/28/2014

    I love the Quiet Moments. I keep this in the vitamin cabinet for my dogs all the time. There are always those moments you need some calmness in your pets whatever the circumstances. Thank you Entirely Pets for providing this great product!!

    by from 11/13/2012

    Our seven year old rescue dog has lived with us for 10 months and is very aggressive towards strangers and anyone coming close to myself and my husband. She looks out our windows and barks incessantly at anyone walking by. Her behaviors lead us to believe she came from an abusive situation in her first home of 6+ years.

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    great product by Natalie H01/26/2013

    This product is wonderful. I use this whenever my dogs are put in stressful situations like parties and going to the vet. I find this works best if I give this to them at least 30 minutes before the event and follow it by a nice walk.

    OK by pet lover from NW corner of CT04/07/2013

    I have a 13 year old Brittany and when we leave her she is upset. the Quiet Moments helps a little

    Quiet Moments - Works Great by Stress Free Mommy05/31/2010

    I've been using Quiet Moments for the last couple of years on my Shiba Inu who is afraid of thunderstorms. As long as I give it before the storm hits, they work great and he is able to make it through without much anxiety. If I'm too late giving it, it doesn't work quite as well.

    Quiet Moments Works! by clear from Monroe, Ohio06/19/2012

    I use this on my aussie shep and boy does it work. It is great for preplanned events or inadvance of storms. She definately calms down and the anxiety is decreased. With storms or on the spot issues it works with some cuddle time involved say 15 minutes of a 60 lb lap dog who wants loving but it still works and at those late night storms when she shakes the bed 15 minutes up rather than 1 hour is a god send.

    Great product! by Holly03/16/2009

    Thanks for such a great product! It helps keep our dalmation from getting so much anxiety.

    Perfect by J01/23/2008

    I love this product! It works so good! Give it to them 30 minutes before the event is to occur and they are OUT and CALM! I use it for Travel especially and during the 4th of July! It even calms my little pit bull!!!

    Featured Reviews for 2-PACK NaturVet Quiet Moments - Calming Aid Plus Melatonin (120 Tabs)
    Great product by Dal lover06/20/2014

    Quiet Moments help my Dalmatian stay a lot calmer! She is 10 years old, but still gets very excited! Calms her down, but she still has her sweet personality!

    Great Product by 4 legged Mom from Hereford, AZ07/26/2012

    This product has helped my 10 yr old Heeler Mix. At about 8 yrs old she became extremely nervous about sounds and loud noises. I started her on Quiet Moments and have seen continued improvement over the years.

    This product works by Dog Lady from Hereford, AZ03/07/2012

    My heeler mix is getting more sensitive to sounds as she ages. She is often anxious with normal house sounds. One tablet a day has taken the edge off her anxious behavior and makes us all happier.

    Works Wonderfully Well by hon from Bedford, TX01/28/2012

    Great for the dogs to keep anxiety down.

    know more fighting by stalkergranny from McIntosh ,NM04/17/2013

    I have two male that would stare and then start to fight for king of the yard I guess. I ordered quiet moments -calming aid ,that a friend told me about but different brand. this one works the best. now my two males don't fight and sleep on the same couch . my chow is very afraid of thunder and this calms her down so she doesn't shiver and shake. thank you for this

    Great Product! by Pet lover from NM01/19/2012

    I use these to calm down my dalmation! They work great! She get upset when we go, even for a little while. The Quiet Moments help to keep her calm. She doesn't dig the yard up when we are gone anymore! We are happy with the results!

    wonderful calmer by Missy from Hereford, AZ06/11/2013

    This product is great for my older dog that gets nervous easily with a vacuum cleaner running, air compressor, etc. I use it daily for her to take the edge off. I have also started giving it to my dog that likes to wander off our property in spite of a radio fence. She had been staying home since being on this product daily. They both still have tons of energy, just seems to take the edge off.

    No Nail Clipping Please by BG from Texas06/17/2013

    We tried these, so that one of our Yorkies would not fight getting her nails trimmed. She is like trying to hold a wild cat. These did not work for us at all.

    Featured Reviews for 6 PACK NaturVet Quiet Moments - Calming Aid Plus Melatonin (360 Tabs)
    My anxiety-prone dog is much less stressed! by Sammy's Mommy03/05/2013

    My dog has separation anxiety issues, and I use a mobile groomer instead of leaving him at a grooming shop. He gets 2 tablets a day, usually mid-day, especially if we're going out, and on grooming day he gets them in the morning, about an hour before his appt. He is perfectly calm and well-behaved throughout his appt! I even gave some to my mother-in-law for her pug before the annual Christmas party - Her one dog is a maniac, jumping all over everyone, etc., but she was much better this year!

    Featured Reviews for Naturvet Quiet Moments Calming Aid for Dogs & Cats (65 soft chews)
    Will not buy again by Dallas62!07/13/2014

    There musst ba an ingredient in this product that my pup does not like. She loves treats, however, she has turned her nose up the couple of times I have tried to give them to her.

    Calming aid by More from Kansas03/30/2011

    This product did not work on my dog. I was so disappointed. It cost $11.00 and I thought it would be worth it if I could calm her down. She is so afraid of storms and the car. Can you help with this? Thank you

    disappointed in product by sunshine from piqua OH08/14/2012

    First time I tried this product. Was told it was chicken flavored. Our lhasa apso will not try it. Have disguised it with his food but no success. The sample that was sent with the purchase he liked. Was told - no exchange since it had been opened.

    Not so sure by Jewels321 from West Chester, OH11/19/2012

    For the price, this is worth a shot. For us, I've noticed little difference. You give a half hour before the stressful event, in our case "leaving the house", and it's suppose to take the edge off. Our dog has severe separation anxiety and hates her crate, barks like crazy. Probably needs to see a vet, but if your dog/cat has a mild case, this may help you. I think our dog's anxiety is too much for something like this but I was hoping for a small miracle I think. Still worth a shot, like I said. Good luck to you!

    didn't work by ml from Central Coast, CA06/20/2013

    I was excited to try this product but unfortunately it seemed to have an opposite effect than what we wanted.

    Love ! by Mariah from Wisconsin06/26/2014

    I love these treats ! I have a 14 year old husky she gets a little anxiety after it gets dark due to vision loss due to age. They work great she gets 3 and with in a few mins.

    okay by pupmom from westerville, oh08/01/2012

    Product works but my pup doesn't like the taste so I wrap them in processed cheese. I have a picky pup and she will not even try them without the cheese.

    My cats won't eat this by HChan11/29/2011

    I have four cats, only one of which I was really hoping to eat this. However, none of them seem to consider it food. Since the chews are pretty large (for a cat) and you need to break them apart to get a correct dose, it's really not feasible to pill a cat with these when they refuse to eat them. I can't say whether they would work on a cat; I can only say that 4/4 of my cats won't even try them. I bet dogs would be more excited by the smell, but I don't have a dog to test it on.

    haven't received by mindy01/13/2013

    When I ordered the product, I was told it was being held to complete a back order of another item I ordered. It has been over one month and I haven't received it yet.

    Not a big fan by steelcitygirl from Tampa,Florida08/04/2012

    Sorry my dog is so picky. He is so afraid of thunderstorms and fireworks and such i thought this product would be perfect, think again! He will not eat them. None of this reflects on what a great company you have i just have a dog that thinks he's a human !!

    Quiet Moments Calming Aid by mike from ohio01/01/2013

    These help calm my poodle but he does not like the taste. Have to put them in something else to get him to eat them.

    These appear to work by In Virginia03/05/2013

    These appear to work but after about two weeks it was like my dog was on to me. He would take the treat then spit it out - like "augh she is drugging me." I stopped giving them to him for a few days and while he is always a bit neurotic after being gone for only 15 minutes he was out of control. My other dogs will eat them (but they don't need them). I have to wrap in a pill pocket for him to eat these now. I am going to try composure.

    by Nana from NewJersey11/19/2013

    no luck w/this one either gave him 4 and it took a long time to kick in

    Great product by izzy from Kokomo,In.08/03/2012

    Have a Chinese Crested, very few teeth, this soft chew is a blessing, it really works. Keeps him mellow during stressful times. Would highly recomend this product.

    We like it! by DeeDeeJewel12/28/2011

    I bought this to help my Pomeranian with her first flight. I gave her a total of 4 chews for each flight, each chew staggered about 30-45 minutes apart, the first one about a half hour before we left for the airport. She's not super-hyper, but she does get very nervous with unfamiliar sounds so I wanted something to take the edge off, without drugging her. I did not notice any adverse effects and she napped through most of the 2.5 hour flights. She got a little antsy waiting for our delayed flight, but shortly after another chew, she settled right down.

    This product actually works by pugmom4 from San Diego, Ca04/13/2010

    I purchased this product for my senior pug who has canine cognitive disorder (canine dementia). We have been using Anipryl and I had to face the fact that it is not working. I have been giving him valium almost every nite because he barks incessantly. I could no longer justify giving him the valium - it did not seem fair. This supplement worked far better than expected. He is calm and quiet but awake. I recommended this product to my friends on FB.

    Works well by Bettye from Mechanicsburg, PA05/29/2012

    our dog goes into a panic with thunderstorms, when it is just rain, we give him these, and it calms him down...for the full-blown flash-crash storms, we have to give him Xanax, so these help for the lighter storms

    Best Calming Aid Ever by Lou Lou from Lodi, CA03/12/2011

    I have tryed other calming aids but none work as well as these for my hyper Great Dane. I give them to her at night so that she sleeps better. the price can't be beat, even with shipping Entirelypets has the best price.

    Oh, poor baby. by moi03/05/2013

    They gave my little furry baby diarrhea:( Maybe she's just sensitive.

    Disappointed by BG from Texas06/17/2013

    We got these to help our Blue Heeler with storms. Even though we gave them to her in plenty of time, and brought her inside, we saw no difference.

    Worked great! by BellesMom from Stuart, FL08/13/2013

    Did not work for long car rides, but absolutely great for thunder storms and other mild stresses!

    These work great! by Daladog Mom03/18/2013

    My dog has to spend the day outside. She has a spacious pen with an overhang and plenty of room to play with get sister Chloe. She's a happy girl but seems to suffer from anxiety. I give her 4 of these chews in the morning and she stays quiet all day. I have tried DAP (pheromones) and other calming aids but nothing works like these. I'm so glad I found them!

    Works well by BBoop10/20/2011

    This product works wells for my Westie. He is very clam now when going to the Vet.

    Great for calming by droberts11/11/2011

    Have used for over 16 months. excellent product. schnoodle. able to handle thunderstorms now.

    calming a Jack Rissell by dmq1945 from Hamden,Conn.11/07/2012

    I adopted a very traumatized and injured dog. She had been on the streets for 2 years and when finally brought to the hospital she was operated on and had a long recovery ahead of her. I also own a Jack Russell, I ordered the Quiet Moments for him. I couldn't have him jumping all over the place with her so ill. They worked just enough to keep him quiet so that I could tend to my sick dog. I highly recommend them, if they can calm a Jack Russell they can calm any dog. My adoptee healed well and she is now "mothering" my J.R. The Quiet Moments were great.

    I have no idea! by Toni01/01/2013

    I have no idea what this product is like I ordered it but Entirely Pets NEVER sent it to me!!!! All I EVER got from them was a request to review the products I NEVER got!!!

    Does work very well by KimsSporty from Seymour, CT09/15/2010

    We adopted a Pitbull Mix that is now 14 months old. Our Blue Heeler Pyrenees Mix is the same age and yet so much more relaxed. These treats calm the Pit down almost immediately when we give him the recommended amount. Its the terrier in him that makes him ansy and this works well for terriers of all sizes. Ive tried the bottled calming aids and they don't work as quickly as these chews do!

    by Danelove01/03/2013

    I give 3 treats to my 150 pound Great Dane about 20 mins before I have people over or any situation he has anxiety. They really work well. Seems to be the only thing that works for him to stop his whining & relax him.

    Featured Reviews for NaturVet Quiet Moments - Calming Aid (30 Tabs)
    Works well! by DSW03/31/2008

    This product works very well for calming our 10-month old puppy at night so he sleeps quietly in our room. He enjoys the flavor and gobbles them down. I would recommend this product to calm pets down before bed time.

    not for small dogs by dogloverinaz from Washington06/11/2010

    The info for these tabs did not include dosage directions so I compared ingredients to the quiet moments calming aid soft chews. Our dogs weigh only 20 pounds and the tablets would overdose them big time.

    great product by gail from florida03/28/2012

    Seem to make a difference for my dog and she looks forward to having it each day.

    definitely helps! by pupmom from westerville, oh03/17/2012

    Recommended by my vet to try for thunderstorm anxiety. It does help take a bit of the edge off of a very anxiety prone pup. It works especially well for milder anxiety situations like wind, loud noises, separation anxiety, etc. If you prefer to use natural based products vs prescription it is worth a try.

    Peace and Quiet - Except for the Snoring by FurIsFlyin' from New York05/22/2014

    It seems like my dog sundowns. Every evening he becomes a hyper loon with strange behavior. It seems like he is stressed. One of these little pills and he calms down in a short time. Thank goodness for Quiet Moments.

    by from 01/13/2013

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