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Rena Air Pump 400 (upto 160 gal)
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Rena Air Pump 400 (upto 160 gal)

Item: API02
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This item has been discontinued.


This item has been MANUFACTURER DISCONTINUED. We recommend trying Air Pumps & Accessories

Rena Air Pump can provide additional aeration and filtration which will reduce your aquarium maintenance. The innovative use of the expansion chambers, curved casing and tight fitting base makes the Rena Air the quietest air pump yet. All Rena Air range products have noise suppression chambers, long-lasting diaphragm and unique precision locking base. Air pumps can be used with an under-gravel filter system for increased biological filtration, general aeration and gas exchange and to power underwater ornaments or bubble displays for added enjoyment of your home aquarium.

  • Aeration kit ready for use.
  • Powerful and constant aeration for you aquarium
  • Designed to be ultra-quiet
  • Upto 160 Gal. (605L)

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