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    RenAvast Kidney Support for Cats (60 capsules)

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    RenAvast™ is intended to support healthy Kidney function in your cat.

     RenAvast™ is a nutritional supplement composed of a combination of amino acids and peptides. Clinical studies have shown that a cat's health can be improved mere weeks after starting the supplement. Some of the improvements include a decline in vomiting, improved appetite, and a healthier coat. No side effects or adverse reactions have been reported in cats that have been using RenAvast™ for both short-term and long-term use.

    Cats can take RenAvast™ for the full duration of their lives and it does not require refrigeration. With a shelf life of five years and daily administration, you won't have to worry about RenAvast™ expiring. RenAvast™ can be easily mixed with food to make daily consumption a breeze for your pet. RenAvast™ bottles come with 60 sprinkle capsules to provide your cat with 1-2 months of daily doses. Get it today and watch the general well-being of your cat improve within weeks.

    Key Features:
  • Improves kidney function within weeks
  • Easily administered by sprinkling on cat's food
  • 5-year shelf life, no refrigeration needed
  • Comes with 60 capsules
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    Usage Information

    Mix the capsule contents with a small amount of wet food to ensure that your cat eats the entire dose. If your cat eats dry food, the food may be moistened with a small amound of water to ensure the capsule contents stick to the food.

    Cats under 10 pounds - 1 capsule sprinkled on food twice daily.
    Cats over 10 pounds - 2 capsules sprinkled on food twice daily

    Long-term maintenance
  • A two-year clinical study revealed no shot-term or long-term adverse reactions to RenAvast™.
  • Administration can be for life.
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    Contains amino acids and peptides.

    Customer Reviews

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    5.00 rating based on 2 reviews
    by from 06/10/2014

    My 16 year old male cat was diagnosed with kidney problems serious enough that my vet at the time recommended sub q fluids twice a week. Several issues had me switching vets and my new vet suggested we try Renavast. I was not impressed with the pamphlet she gave me (the company touts Renavast as almost a miracle cure to solve kidney disease), so I did some research. Nowhere in my research did I find reports of Renavast causing issues, so I decided to try it.

    on by it from twiceSnoopy


    Happy New Year for Bella by Katie01/31/2014

    We are so happy to have found this product. A year ago we thought we were losing our little Bella. Our vet even thought it was time to let her go. We decided to try one more thing, the Renavast. Our vet said it couldn't hurt as it's only amino acids. We are so frickin' happy we gave it a try!!! Bella rebounded, and with the help of fluids every other day, she is still with us and doing well. Happy New Year, indeed :-)

    RenAvast saved my cats lives! by Anne from FL07/19/2014

    I have two cats who are brothers who were both diagnosed with CRF, chronic kidney disease around the same time. My amazing vet suggested RenAvast and immediately my cats were feeling and looking better. I love that it is easy to give (I mix in a teaspoon of chicken baby food) and it is affordable. I will never stop giving my boys RenAvast!!!!

    Great Site Great Product by AngH from Ft. Lauderdale, Fl05/24/2014

    I started our Smokey on RenAvast after our vet diagnosed her with CRF. Our vet recommended azodyl and ranavast. She went over with us how to administer both. The renavast just went on Smokey's food. We had to pill the azodyl. In both cases our cat accepted both easily. It's been three weeks and she seems to have more energy, her coat looks better and her appetite has improved. We have a follow up for blood work and we are looking for a good outcome.

    Very pleased with results from RenAvast by Joanie from Hudson Valley, NY05/27/2014

    Cats are eating better, hair looks better, less throwing up and more energy. We were so worried when our cat was diagnosed with chronic renal failure but no RenAvast has given us hope!

    Trying Renavast by Cindy Kay from Colleyville, TX09/19/2014

    My cat Maggie is 18 and has been on one capsule a day for the past two weeks. I wanted to try it out first with one capsule to see how she would do. No problems so far. I mix it with some liquid glucosamine and give it to her in a syringe. Tonight I tried it in some of or canned food and she ate it. So I will be trying the two capsules a day starting tomorrow. She also gets sub q fluids ever other day and she is on K D wet and dry food. She is slightly elevated on her blood levels but nothing to out of range. We will be checking her blood once a month. I will let you know how this goes by mid October!

    This product saved my cats life! by PattyM from Naples, FL05/14/2014

    Almost 2 years ago my 15 year old cat was diagnosed with chronic renal failure (CRF). Her creatinine was super high as was her BUN. IN addition to what the blood work showed she had lost weight, was not eating very much and her hair looked terrible. I was shocked and so sad how how fast this seamed to have come on. My vet suggested a new product called RenAvast. She said that it was fairly new at the time but she had used it on a few other cats who were doing very well. I was willing to try it since it was safe and easy to give. I am SO GLAD I gave it a try. Within a few weeks my girl was back to herself...eating, playing and grooming. Her blood work improved after a few months as well. Now 2 years later she is stable and happy and so am I! Thanks you RenAvast...you saved my cats life.

    Working Well for Wooster by JayDee02/18/2014

    I put my little guy, Wooster, on Renavast after my friend told me how she thought it really helped some cats at a sanctuary where she volunteers. She gave me an empty bottle so I could do some of my own research on the ingredients listed. I'm quite satisfied that it's a safe, natural product and my little guy eats it with his food, no problem. He's become much more playful in the last couple months and I'm convinced it's due to the Renavast, as I haven't changed anything else. He just seems happier and I can't wait to take him for his checkup in a few months and see what the vet says.


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