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Root Beer Twists 10" Rawhide Braided Roll (2 pack)

Item: PA29209
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This item has been discontinued.


This item has been manufacture discontinued. We recommend trying Rawhide Brand Natural Braided Rawhide Roll - 9"x1" (3 pack)

Root Beer Twists 10" Rawhide Braided Roll completely natural without chemicals, preservatives or bleaches like other chews.

They are made from natural grass fed beef hides. The patented marinade process evenly distributes flavor throughout the chew and does not come off on the dog or carpet.

Other rawhide chew products in the market place are basted which is merely a sticky, messy surface coating. Rawhide Braided Ring's patented application of glucosamine and other nutriceuticals put rawhide in the hotter than hot functional chew category.

  • 2 - 10" rolls
  • Three times the weight of industry rawhide
  • Coated with a clear, non-staining formula of Glucosamine
  • Ingredients

    100% rawhide, collagen, glucosamine, hydrochloride

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