• Wild Alaskan Salmon Treats (4 oz)

    Wild Alaskan Salmon Treats (4 oz)

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    This item has been manufacturer discontinued. We recommend trying Wild Alaskan Salmon Treats (8 oz)

    Wild Alaskan Salmon Treats (4 oz) by Green Pet are naturally smoke flavored to satisfy your dog's appetite while providing Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that support healthy hearts, coats, joints and skin.

    Only 6.5 calories per treat

    Guaranteed Analysis:

    Crude Protein (min) 15%
    Crude Fat (min) 1%
    Omega 6 Fatty Acids* (min) 0.40%
    Omega 3 Fatty Acids* (min) 0.10%
    Crude Fiber (max) 1%
    Moisture 29%


    Usage Information

    Feeding Directions: Feed as a treat to your dog. For smaller dogs break into pieces.

    360 view of individual treat:



    wild Alaskan salmon, wheat flour, glycerin, propionic acid, natural smoke flavor, citric acid, garlic, calcium carbonate, natural mixed tocoph erols, rosemary extract.

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    Salmon Treats by Elizabeth from Izmir, Turkey02/02/2012

    I thought these treats were for cats, but it turned out the treats are for dogs. It didn't matter, my cats love the taste anyway!

    Sam the lab loves them! by PJ from Mooresville, NC07/17/2012

    I purchased another item from Entirely Pets and received a packet with the Salmon treats as a bonus. Sam loved them, so I purchased a bag. Great way to try other products you offer

    by from 12/18/2012

    Not as good as the oil by ellrig from Atlanta11/28/2012

    Our dog likes these treats, and they sure smell better than the oil & are not as messy, but I don't think they really help her coat. Her skin is very dry & itchy.

    LOVE IT by elska from pittsburgh, pa01/23/2013

    Elska Loves the salmon treats. She does tricks I didn't know she knew! Also, she chews them instead of "wolfing them down" - I like to think she is savoring them. :)

    Good, wholesome purchase by Kathy from Springfield, MO02/01/2013

    I've used this product in the past, and have always been glad I bought it. My dogs (all 3) are NUTS for salmon, and this product is everything they have been dreaming (and drooling) about. If they had their way, my guys would have me handing them Wild Alaskan Salmon Treats all day long. Yes, I will buy again !!

    Best treat by Gernie from Littleton, CO12/05/2012

    My dogs love these Salmon treats better than any other treat I've given to them. My daughter's dog is very fussy about the treats she eats and she doesn't even hesitate as soon as she knows it's a Salmon treat. Great product that is healthy and irresistible.

    Apparently these are YUMMY! by redhead from Greensboro, NC10/10/2011

    All three of my dogs thought these were the best treat ever. I do think that it also helped with their skin as well. Not too terribly smelly although you do want to wash your hands after feeding them!

    My Dog loves them by Terriermom from Austin,Texas03/26/2010

    My dog liked them right away, she is picky. Great packaging,good product. Will buy again.

    healthy by mariew from long island, ny07/29/2012

    it's nice to have a healthy treat that my dog likes.has omega 3's, low in calories, no added salt and he loves them.

    Great Treats by LuAnn from Cincinnati, OH07/05/2012

    My dogs love these treats. They are all natural and the best part about them is that they are made in America so no need to worry about additives or preseratives from other countries.

    My dog's favorite treats by Gernie from Littleton, CO07/16/2012

    These treats are nutritious with omega fatty acid from the salmon. My dogs go crazy over these and I've given them to a friend's dog and he too loves them. The dogs act disappointed if they don't get their favorite treat if I substitute it with something else. My only complaint is that these treats are frquently out of stock. This time the more economical 8 oz pack wasn't available so I had to order the 4 oz package.

    Salmon treats by Maizey1215 from VT11/06/2012

    My dog loved them, but remember to shut the bag because they have a fish stink to them!

    by Kats from Esmond, IL06/30/2012

    If your dogs like fish they will love these. They are soft, so they are easy to chew, for the seniors. All our dogs love them. They are a good value.

    Excellent in every way! by FurIsFlyin' from New York02/13/2013

    The size is perfect as a training treat. They crumble so I did a dumb thing and crumbled one into my dogs dry food. Now he won't eat without a salmon treat crumbled into it. I crumbled one for the cat. She loved it! This is an all around winner. Even if it's the garbage parts of the fish used it's very healthy for all animals. I guess I'll be buying boxes of these salmon treats! Good thing I got 4 pouches now.

    W A salmon Treats by jobiej01/28/2013

    Dog loved them and price was great, wish I bought a bigger bag...fast easy sale/shipping.

    My dogs love it by Elaine from San Diego, CA08/21/2012

    I have a very picky German Shepherd, who spits out just about everything. He LOVES these.

    Dogs love these by Bella's maid from Ohio11/06/2012

    They have a very strong smell, but maybe that's what the dogs like about them. No weird ingredients in them.

    Treat with benefits! by Happy finds from Waltham, MA12/10/2013

    My boy has always had some dry, flaky skin. Not itchy, thank goodness. I've always added omega oil packets to his food. These treats add a bit more to his diet, and he loves them.

    Disappointing by stevesil3 from New York, NY01/06/2013

    This product has many other ingredients other than salmon and appears gummy and adulterated.

    Favorite Treats by Jackson's mom12/18/2012

    Our Westy dances for these. If he won't come inside, we just rattle the bag and he comes running.

    Delicioso! by rileybug from Stockbridge, MI01/28/2013

    My 3 German Shepherds love Salmon Treats. They stop whatever they're doing and sit in a nice line. I can see in their eyes the pleading that says that they always just want one more.

    Very Tasty and Healthy by Jaxsons Mom from Spring, Texas08/14/2012

    All 5 of my dogs love these treats. They are a little smelly since they are salmon but I think that is what makes my pets interested in them. They are loaded with good nutrients and seem to be very tasty. They all line up for the treats when they hear the jar lid clink!!!! I recommend these to anyone who wants to provide nutritious and tasty treats to their pets.

    Even Smells like Salmon by kimwon from Littleton, Colorado12/14/2012

    My dogs love these, I give them one a day like a vitamin. No problem eating them up!

    improved by Flatcoatfun from Orlando FL05/12/2014

    I have ordered these twice. The first time they were very crumbly and only a few kept their shape. this time there were very few crumbs. Not sure of the difference, but much improved.

    great value by Airedale's Mom from Los Angeles, CA12/11/2012

    I only give my dog 100% natural treats. She loves this salmon. She offers all kind of special tricks for this treat.

    Dog thinks are great! by Wheaties01/08/2013

    The dog got these for Christmas. She loves them. My only concern is where they were made. Until I can find out, will not get them again. Want this type of product made only in the USA and not China etc.

    Smelly and Soft treats!! by ksaw44 from Washington11/13/2012

    These are great treats. My Dachshunds and my Coonhound love them.

    Salmon Treats by Lylah11/01/2012

    They smelled like fresh Salmon and my little dog loved them.

    Great Product by Kelly from Texas01/20/2013

    Best Product Ever.... my older dog has very bad skin problems, since we been adding Wild Alaskan Salmon Treats to her diet, she is doing a lot better and her coat is shinier.

    Great buy by luvmyrussells05/24/2014

    My dogs love these! They can't get enough!

    our dog loves them by BJ from Kansas12/12/2011

    Our dog loves the crunchy texture. I hide treats for her when I leave for work to give her something to do. She eats the salmon treats first. They are a little smelly but I don't find them offensive at all.

    Great treat by Krans from Indianapolis01/07/2013

    My dog loved these, and I feel good getting some seafood into her diet. They are a little soft, so these would work even for dogs with dental issues.

    Best ever by cam from Magnolia, Texas01/23/2014

    My 3 dogs went wild over these treats. I'll definitely be getting more!

    Contains Wheat by Puppurchaser from Staatsburg, NY04/06/2013

    This would be a great buy for dog who isn't sensitive to wheat. I guess I didn't check the ingredient list. I gave the bag to a friend.

    Wild Alaskan Salmon Treats (4 oz) by Ginich10/23/2012

    My dog thinks they are great! Not too fishy smelling either!

    It's my dogs favorite treats/ by dog lovers from Scottsdale, AZ05/15/2014

    Excellent treats for dogs. My dogs love them. Thank you Entirelypets.com

    My Dog Turns Flips by janetsue01/08/2013

    I can't believe something made of entirely natural Salmon can smell so non-fishy. My dog sure knows they are 100% salmon. Best and healthy treat he gets. Have give lots as gifts too. Well received.

    by from 11/06/2013

    Disappointed by Vic12/28/2012

    The treats are great but half the bag was nothing but crumbs. Not sure who's responsible for quality control. Too expensive to only get half the product that was usable. Buyers beware!

    Excellent treats!! by Debi B02/12/2014

    my dog loves these and she actually has to chew them up. they last longer than other chewables!


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