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3-PACK Wild Alaskan Salmon Treats (24 oz)

Item Number: SLMNTRTS8PK3
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NEW! Wild Alaskan Salmon Treats (8 oz) by Green Pet are naturally smoke flavored to satisfy your dog's appetite while providing Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that support healthy hearts, coats, joints and skin.

Only 6.5 calories per treat

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein (min) 15%
Crude Fat (min) 1%
Omega 6 Fatty Acids* (min) 0.40%
Omega 3 Fatty Acids* (min) 0.10%
Crude Fiber (max) 1%
Moisture 29%

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You probably do not have the Flash Player installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on the server!


Usage Information

360 view of individual treat:



wild Alaskan salmon, wheat flour, glycerin, propionic acid, natural smoke flavor, citric acid, garlic, calcium carbonate, natural mixed tocoph erols, rosemary extract.

Customer Reviews

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4.71 rating based on 108 reviews
I've Bought This Item For Years by Buster's Mom from South Carolina01/31/2012

I have given these treats to at least 70 different dogs (I'm a foster mom) and everyone of them have loved it. It's great to have something they like that is healthy for them and inexpensive for me.

The Best by Indigobleu from Yardley, Pennsylvania02/03/2012

I have been buying these for my Silky Terrier for years now. They are her very favorite snacks, good for her, and made in America. What more could you ask for?! And Entirely Pets is a great place to shop.

Dogs Love them by red25541 from Franklin, IN10/23/2012

I really liked this treat because it is made in the US. My dogs love it and its good for them.

My dog LOVES these treats! by brownie200004/01/2013

The title says it all. These treats are 3/4" square and about 1/8" thick. If you have a smaller dog, they can easily be cut into quarters, as they are soft. I use these for training and my dog loves them and suffers no digestive "issues."

Salmon Treats by Neise06/13/2012

These treats worked great training my young dog to come while she was off her leash.

My pug loves these! by amkling from Chicago, IL04/29/2012

These are the perfect treat for him -- he loves salmon, they are high protein and low fat, and bite sized.

This is no fish tale! by Cathy from Buffalo, NY05/29/2012

I am no seafood lover; however, my tri color sheltie, Amber, loves fish and seafood treats. When placing my order online, Entirelypets suggested that I try the Wild Alaskan Salmon Treats. I was hesitant ordering a 3-pack not knowing if she'd like it or not, but she couldn't get enough of them. They are not too hard, so I chose to hand feed them to her to control the speed of her intake. I do recommend some breath treat afterwards before you get rewarded with kisses!!

by EM03/12/2013

My business with Entirely Pets has been great. I have done business with them for years now and have always gotten my order promptly and as ordered. The Alaskan Salmon Treats are my dogs very favorite. She developed a wonderful shiny black coat after using these for about 2 months. I order them 2 (3 packs) at a time so that I have them on hand for her and my families pets that come to visit. Thanks Entirely Pets... you are great. Emelie

Can't do without! by BobbiB from Woodstock, Georgia10/11/2011

Our dogs are wild for Wild Salmon treats! They come running if I tell them they can have "a salmon" when they come in, and at only a few calories per treat they're not a diet buster. Great product--it's always on my re-order list!

Dogs considered these a special treat. by Hay Kay04/03/2012

My dogs weren't to sure of these at first, but once they tasted them, they became their favorite treat. It made their coats glow, and being Salmon, I felt they were a healthy treat to give them.

Not liked by my 2 maltese by Ellen from Herrin,IL02/25/2013

The title says it all. Neither one of my maltese would come close to eating these treats.I gave them to my sister that has 3 dogs and they didn't eat them either.I think she dumped them next to to the next to her house.Sorry. Ellen

A "Paws Up" From Lily by Sandra from Southern California10/04/2011

I originally bought these for the joint health of my dog Lily. Happily, she loves the taste of them. Just before my going to bed we play "hide and seek" with these treats. I put pieces of them in various parts of the house, she sniffs them out and devours them. It is fun for both of us and the treats are good for her.

My dogs loved these treats ! by cindercara from Boston Ma12/11/2012

I had read that Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids were very good for dogs so I purchased these. My dogs loved them and since they are low calorie, I felt even better about giving them to my dogs. They are getting a treat that is good for them and they are being rewarded for being good !

First try by Brittany 306/15/2012

First time I try this product and it is definitely a winner with my girls and with me. They like the smell/taste and I like the fact that I can cut the pieces in smaller training-size pieces.

only if you want your dog to have bad breath by ampc4211/28/2012

The dogs liked the treats OK, but the resulting horrible breath is awful. Dealing with Entirely Pets is absolutely the worst! They will charge your credit card and then never ship you the merchandise! $122 and 13 days later...I'm filing a dispute with the credit card company b/c Entirely Pets won't return phone calls at this point. NO way to do business!!

MMMMM good by Cappy105 from Easton, PA05/29/2012

My 11 year old golden just loves these & they are good for him!!!

My baby girl loves them. by Ms G from TX05/10/2013

I was not able to locate these locally at either of our major pet stores so I went online. The prices are good and the order arrived quickly. I will order again as my little Pomeranian is a big fan of these.

Love these treats! by Cockerpups11/08/2011

Our 3 dogs love these. I have been buying them for a long time. Sad to see they are on backorder. Our havanese is a picky eater, but will eat his food if we put a salmon treat in the food too! Healthy treat for our babies.

Dogs Love Them by Elaine from San Diego, CA04/24/2012

My male shepherd is very picky about his treats. He loves these.

by mmtorr2 from Evergreen, CO03/05/2012

My Akita, Ike, loves anything salmon so these are a great soft treat for him. Sometimes I break them up and put in his food bowl so he'll eat a regular meal instead of a bagful of treats.

3 Pack Wild Alaskan Salmon Treats (24 oz) by Doll Lee's Mom from Barrington, NJ06/18/2013

My dog loved them, but they do smell extremely fishy and you have to wash you hands immediately after giving this treat.

Great treat!! by Carolyn from Virginia10/24/2012

My pup loves these, but as a "last one" treat. I use this to get him to understand there are no more treats available although he would eat the whole bag if I would let him.

best special treat by our dogs love them11/16/2011

our dogs love them. we use as a special treat. say salmon, and they go directly to the cabinet.

Been buying these snacks for a long time. by Sal from Texas06/23/2013

Our dogs love these treats, and the salmon has made their coats shiny and dark and I'm sure it has improved their overall health. Still I wouldn't purchase them if they were not made affordable by Entirely Pets. This is a great deal.

Wild Alaka Salmon Treats by NJ Chris from NW New Jersey10/23/2012

Dogs love them and they are loaded with omega 3. Best thing is they aren't made in China or ingredients from China.

Excellent!! by Kathy from Shippensburg, PA04/25/2013

I highly recommennd this product. I have 2 labs, and they really love this product, it is healthly for them. Also, I have not had any issues with it, as you would other dog treats. Such as bowl issues, skin and allergy issues. Another great thing about this product is that my vet was amazed with the product and with the ingredients as well.

Good buy by golda11/06/2012

Easy to break into small treats for training. The dog love them.

My dog loves them, great product by gbuck from Toledo, Ohio02/07/2012

My dog has a lot of allergies, this is all natural which does not effect his allergies.

Great low cal treat by lmcg from Arizona04/24/2012

Dogs love these. Main ingredient is salmon and only 6 calories. Protein is natural for dogs and will continue to purchase these treats.

GREAT!! by Loving it in AL from Athens, AL10/12/2011

My 7-yr old beagle goes completely WILD over these treats. Don't mind him having them since they are good for his health. The only thing he loves more than these is his buddy, my son. So convienent to receive since I set this up for automatic delivery every 3 months.

Worst shipment of this product by kay from Albany, NY06/20/2013

We've ordered this product many times in the past and been very satisfied. This time, however, the pieces were extremely uneven in size. In the first three packages we've opened, at least half of each bag has been very fine crumbs, like coarse cornmeal. The larger pieces were, for the most part, less than a quarter of the normal size treat. Very disappointed with the quality of this order.

My dogs LOVE these!! by NorthbridgeBMD from Woodbridge, CT05/07/2011

I am always trying to find grain free treats that my dogs will like. I stumbled upon these by accident and all three of my dogs LOVE them. They are great for training since you can easily break them in half and I love fish treats for the extra oil. My dog's coats are gorgeous and shiny. I will definitely be buying them again.

WOW! by robinlouie from Kansas Ctiy05/07/2012

Amazing, my 5 year old Dobe just remembered all of her training commands learned 2 years ago when the sample treats were offered. She is usually given freeze dried liver treats but these salmon treats result in much better response.

My dogs go nuts for these by Mastiff Lover from Brookfield, WI10/23/2012

If these are in the cookie jar they camp out on the floor waiting for them. These are by far and wide their favorites. They're great as training treats, too.

Good Product by Sadie from Tucson, AZ05/28/2012

I break them up and put in my dogs' dry food. They love it. A good, nutritious addition.

Good Product by Woody from Wichita, KS12/11/2012

Murphy really enjoyed these treats. It was a change from the norm.

Mmmm, my dogs love this by Moose from Buffalo, Mn03/16/2013

This is a great training tool-love these treats!

pet lover by dukeon from Scottsdale, AZ10/03/2011

I seldom write review, but this is a really good treat for dogs. I have 4 labradors and all of them like it very much. The most important is they did not have loose stool eating the treats. I used it for their training and shows. I do not have to carry the wet chicken strip anymore. How nice!

Great snack by Sally from Columbus, Ohio04/05/2012

Haven't found any salmon bites locally that are as good as these and at a reasonable price

Excellent treat by Dr. Wayne Kirtland from New Jersey Shore06/26/2012

This product is a great treat and helps add a shine to my dogs coat. Buying it when it is on sale will save you some money. They run specials occasionally.

mmm good by deb from treasure island, FL04/26/2012

The poodles love these and they are good for them

Mikey loves them, but not the crumbs by lindadel11 from Philadelphia, PA01/17/2013

My dog will do anything for these treats, so they must be delicious. My only complaint is that the bottom of each pouch usually contains some crumbled treats, and one shipment in particular only had about 8 solid treats and the rest were crushed. This was for all 3 pouches in the shipment, so I feel that the shipping packaging may need to be improved. I don't know if this is on the manufacturer's end or Entirely Pets' end.

Fair Purchase by Pat06/03/2013

1/2 of the product is in tiny crumbled pieces. It can be fed in a bowl but not as a whole treat. Would not recommend as they are disintegrated.

by from 04/19/2013

No problem with the product. My problem is with your website. I placed an order but got no confirmation of order, notice of shipment, and no charge was on my CC. So I ordered again, this time getting confirmation etc . Then 2 packages showed up, 1 day apart. Obviously I was charged for both. I didn't need 2x as much product, nor did I need to pay 2x (esp. so close to tax time).



must be yummy! by westies' mom from TX02/12/2012

My Westies love these, as have all the the dogs I've fostered. The 3pack is an excellent value. Only concern is the packaging doesn't state where the product is made, & I prefer to buy American-made.

Crumbled by corgimom from Colorado12/23/2012

I have bought them twice. The first time they were wonderful. Nice pieces about the size of a quarter. The corgis loved them. I think I bought like 6 of the packs. Then they were "out of stock". When they finally came back in stock I bought 9 packs so I would not have to order more for a while. I am on my 4th pack right now. The 1st pack was over 1/3 crumbs. The 2nd pack was also 1/3 crumbs. The 3rd pack was over 1/2 crumbs. The 4th pack appears to be more of the treats & less crumbs. I don't want crumbs. I want treats. So I will not be buying these again. I really liked the first batch I bought and I haven't been happy at all that these were mostly crumbs.

Dogs like Salmon ! ? !!! by littledogsinger10/22/2012

Wow, my little dogs went crazy for these salmon treats. Nice small size, easily chewable. Who knew my Pomeranian and Cavalier King Charles Spanial would eat fish? Good healthy treat with low fat and good protein.

great but slow by tori4birds from dallas texas05/05/2012

I am most satisfide with all products especialyl the candy stick which are not available now. My dogs love them and will order a bunch when available I am not happy with the delivery-I twicepaid for 2/3 delivery and it was not given-about 7-8 days was when I received my orders. I am supposed to get refund on those two premier shipping orders-we shall see. Other than the slow delivery I give ***** stars for the products.

by from 07/29/2009

My husband loves giving our three big dogs treats. For years he purchased a 'vitamin' dog treat at the grocery store. I tried to explain that this was still giving our dogs the equivilent of junk food.

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Salmon treats by Abuelita from Anacortes, WA01/25/2012

These are the most sought after treats my shelties have ever had, except for freshly cooked salmon.

Excellent Price for a Tasty (but crumbly) treat by Caribou2u from Central Virginia02/12/2013

My dogs like these and the price was excellent. I'm happy with the ingredients too. These are not so good to use as training treats - they are too large and if you try to break them into small pieces, they crumble.

Dogs love it! by Maxthebadcat from Frederick, MD04/17/2013

This is a great product to use as a training treat. It's smelly, but not as bad as some, and it breaks easily. I use it as a very high value treat in my classes, and it works wonders with dogs who are losing interest. No fillers or preservatives - yea! The multi-pack was a GREAT value, so I bought extras to give as gifts. Haven't met a dog yet that didn't like this treat. Highly recommended!

Great quality for a good price! by MS from Maryland02/26/2013

These are probably the best treats around for dogs because they're loaded with fish oil and 100% natural. When I found I had paid more for them than they were advertised on another site, Entirely Pets matched the price - doesn't get much better than that!

Great treat. by Rich10/12/2011

Good little treats for training/rewards with very little fat.


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