Lixit Dog Water Bottle (32oz.)

    Lixit Dog Water Bottle (32oz.)

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    Dog Water Bottle

  • Easy to Install
  • Water Stays Fresh & Clean
  • Premium Quality, Stainless Steel Tube with Double Ball
  • Easy to Fill and Clean Wide Mouth Bottle
  • With Quick Release Spring Bottle Holder (Include Inside the Bottle)

    Filling Instructions:
    Water bottles work on a vacuum lock. When bottle is filled and first inverted, press the control ball and let water trickle out until vacuum develops before placing bottle in holder. Occasional dripping due to temperature caused expansion of the bottle is normal.
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    Leaks by Mrs. M.07/11/2014

    My bulldog is kennel trained and I've been looking for a water bottle that doesn't leak so I tried this one. It leaks :( I still use it for now, but I have to make sure I put a towel at the front of the kennel and on the floor just outside of it to catch the excess water. The bottle leaks from the moment you turn it upside down, but at least my dog has clean water throughout the day. If you're looking for a no leak bottle, this IS NOT it.

    by from 12/12/2011

    This is the first water dispenser that I have found that is compatible with my black lab puppy. Everything else she either splashes in or lies in or drags around. It took her no time to learn to use it.

    is by that from IMy


    by suz from PA.01/05/2012

    The spring that holds the bottle is difficult to attach and detach. I've managed to get one of my dogs to use it, but the other will have nothing to do with it. I even put peanut butter on it to encourage her.

    Leaked all over by vicki from La Jolla, CA03/21/2013

    I tried everything but it just kept leaking and was not usable.

    Best investment for your money by XBailler from Texas04/02/2013

    Easy to clean and works fine. Recomended that you get spare parts for the tube and blue ring.

    Good, big bottle, but... by Hawke from Twin Falls, ID03/27/2011

    I've used this bottle for my pet hybrid raven. It's been perfect for keeping his water clean and secure. Unfortunately, after only about 9 months, I can no longer get the lid to fit securely and it leaks like a sieve. That said, I'm looking for another because it has worked so well for my bird!

    Been using this bottle for many years by Bectoria11/22/2014

    I wouldn't raise a dog without this bottle! We've always used these as a solution for our dogs in their kennels overnight. It's NOT an alternative for a fresh bowl of water available to them all day when they aren't in their kennels. We live in a high rise condo, and walking our dogs is not always convenient (rain, ice, snow, etc). So it's important that during the day, they have a regular schedule for their walk. This bottle makes it possible for them to "wet their whistle" overnight without drinking enough to need an urgent walk when we are asleep or not at home. The vacuum tube with ball is very tight & effective, but the tube can become warped if dropped or knocked around a bit in shipping. I just re-ordered for the first time in 10-15 years because continued normal enthusiastic use over many years has warped the tube in one of our bottles and it has lost its seal. But we have had many medium to large dogs over the years, ALL of whom have loved these bottles. One of our dogs now prefers it to the bowl and will get into her kennel to have a drink instead of lapping it up from her bowl. Puppies usually catch on quickly and learn to expect it as part of their kennel bed setup. I can't say enough good things about this item.

    great product by wendys from Cape Town, South Africa11/19/2012

    The bottle works very well for my ShihTzu's. Great for keeping faces dry.


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